Shoot people attending Milo Yannypopolous speech

Wtf guys? This is the type of shit that makes the general population support putting you in camps. Deserved I might add.

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Might is right Holla Forums

Might is right Holla Forums

He was a cuck too. Embarrassing.


cause i did this or had any control over these peoples actions

This is only the beginning bitch

It gathers support from people oposed to fascists, the only relevant group.

Your time is over.

Who got shot?
Who got caught with acid?
Reminder these are all people who thought Obama and Hillary were just fine and dandy (aka not leftists)

The word "who" implies a humanity of people who like Milo which is just not there. They are Other.

nobody cares what you think, Holla Forums.

An anti-Milo protestor was shot. There's no evidence that says he was shot by a leftist. Holla Forums propaganda.


Red Terror when?

try /liberty/, not /pol, you totalitarians

I am at a point where I hope Trump will put people that are this violent and have been excused for so long in camps.

Look above and below you.
You are their supporters.
Sure, "not every muslims/not every radical socialist", but you are their support base.

If families of islamic terrorists in Europe have not given information to the secret services in Europe A SINGLE TIME, then they deserve investigation.

you will have a cozy, cuddling time in your camps if that continues

you are literally taliban tier now

fuck you

very "tolerant"

lol ok

Looks the same to me.

I agree, American history and European history is full of evil. Oh well.

The weak must fear the strong.

Keep pushing it leftys I can wait till every good old boy starts pouring into the cities shooting and all four branches of the armed forces puts all you dainty numales lifestylists in your place.

So it's camps now? What happened to the helicopters?

your idpol holds no power here

But user you're the ugly virgins not us. Don't throw stones in glass houses, women don't even post on Holla Forums.

Ask the media any leftist figure to disavow this stuff?
Trump had to disavow people he doesn't even know of. Richard Spencer in the video he was punched was constantly being bombarded with "neo nazi" "kkk", etc he wasn't even able to hold an interview.

And by your reactions, you aren't disavowing any of this. You love this!

You are evil!

You could at least read the article you posted

And there isn't any info on the shooting, for all you know it was a guy carrying who got attached and defended himself, we really don't know.
Notice how in the article the police even says the vast majority of the protests were peaceful marches
And is there any evidence of bricks being thrown at people? The article staying so says it was just a statement by a police officer, link a video.

I agree

I'll believe it when I see it, cuck




the sources are in stef's video description as always

says the one who identifies violent savagery

and you don't even know me and call me evil, you insane bastard

I agree. Thats why we shot at you. Know your place.

Who went to space first

Say it

Wow what great analysis

Why don't you do it yourself then, if you're so gung-ho and we're so weak, you whiny cunt?

I agree with you


nice slave morality, faggit

Read the thread for my arguments.


I am for freedom and liberty.

It's not 1945 any more three quarters of your movement are rich white girls trying to feel "empowered" and then cowering behind that one numale ringleader and the remainder are guys who cut their dicks off.

three quarters of your movement aren't even white, and one whole of you won't have sex

Must be all that male testosterone that makes you a virgin bitch who talks tough then gets punched by cucks and threatens lawsuits



Yeah I looked at the sources. Read my post idiot

I didn't cause anything, asshole.

You could at least read the article you posted
And there isn't any info on the shooting, for all you know it was a guy carrying who got attached and defended himself, we really don't know.
Notice how in the article the police even says the vast majority of the protests were peaceful marches
And is there any evidence of bricks being thrown at people? The article staying so says it was just a statement by a police officer, link a video.

I really want to crack Molyneux's fat head open like a coconut


You got what you wanted now. Here come the consequences

furthermore I am an enviromentalist

A real one. That's why I am against immigration, because it further urbanizes my country.

I want big nature parks in my country.

I want less waste and stuff like that. I am just not a leftists who uses the guise of "enviromentalism" for his lefty policies. They are NEVER against bigger state power. They always want more. More misallocation of ressources, more waste in goverment.

Fuck you, you don't care for the enviroment.

Hmm can't seem to find any

So, a stink bomb
That's not the same as throwing acid at someone, nor is it poison gas

And it wasn't shooting "people", it was one guy, and there's no info. It could have easily been self defense

And there isn't video of anyone throwing bricks at the party, one person claimed that.

So all your claims are bs


Who cares. Let these "true freedom fighters" do what they want. Everybody else is smart enough to know most of the people they are attacking aren't actual Not Socialists. They are just going to isolate people with common sense.

I'm arguing against op

I'm imagining bougie right wingers and politicians who never actually got in a fucking fight in their lives crying and screaming about how capitalism is over because their fucking stupid sophmore high school dance got stink bombed

look it up yourself

also funny how you didn't mention the poison and just mention the things that you think can get you an "advantage" in this argument

It's not about the truth, just about your appearance


At least he will still make freedom possible and not impossible forever by importing millions of people who are incompatible with western values and would just be leftist voters.

Fuck you for trying to beat around the bush. That's what it's about. You want to convince me that it's for my own good to have thousands of people becoming citizens who vote against my interest and oppress me via the state.

I don't outright support violence, but your constant whining and bitching about it might change my mind. You're all hypocrites and you know it.





Freedoms is gone boss ;-;

We've been having this same immigration argument every presidential election

for over thirty years
and it was worse before that
fuck off and stop crying

All liberals will get the wall though, fam.

The only way your going to see that is either seizing or smashing the state. Also, pretty nature parks aren't enough.

Daily reminder that when there's violence, it has nothing to do with just disagreement, and more so to prevent policies. Yall niggas should burn banks.

It's already here, and it's pushed by the democrats.

I'm pretty much only in favor it when it's useful, TBH. Where Bill Williamson at?

You basically want all the good stuff, great! Now get your mouth of the cock of capitalists and actually understand how to reach these goals.

Pull your dick out of your mouth. That logic is fine and dandy when it refers to Fascists with political influence, but not when fascism is an umbrella term for "every body right to me". You know you are not just attacking with the viewpoints, but dissenters.

But jews are allowed to have their own ethnic state? Arabs? Africans? Only europeans aren't allowed that for the own countries they build.

still using the memeword neoliberal is utterly laughable

it doesn't exist outside the minds of you leftists

everything to the right of you is capitalism, while you don't notice that we already live in a very socialists state, a state, because you people will not achieve a stateless society with maximum coercion

Maybe try being succesfull in the semi-free market we have now, instead of being violent savages that need to be put down?


he didn't get raped by black people, so he didn't win, sadly

Yeah, but this time there is a good chance for the right thing being done.

Before that it was always corporatist and conservatives being complete mirror images of democrats. It was all cancer before.
The republicans have the "freedom rhetoric", but that's all they have. Once they get into power, they are just like the democrats, only with a bit more bible thumping.

I am not into corporatists. I hate people who use the state to socialize their business cost. Like free education for immigrants, so they don't have to educate them and make them into a semi-capable low wage work force. Or healthcare for their family in anatolia, so they don't immigrate here too.

You just don't see that, because you have certain battlecry terms, you don't see the meaning behind. Where you see capitalism, I see corporatism. It's the same thing.

I am against the state in the first place to get the players to play by the rules and not be able to change them on a whim.


Soon we will put those nazbol cucks in gulags just wait.


no, not really

fuck off Holla Forums you fucking autist

better than Hillary who would have given them citizenship and started confrontations with russia

I really don't like war hawks like her and Trump is actually much more doveish.

Are they officially called alt-rekt from now?

because he's a weakling and needs big daddy's cock up his ass to get enough motivation to do anything (nice digits btw)

muh not real capitalism argument

better than Hillary who would have given them citizenship and started confrontations with russia

I really don't like war hawks like her and Trump is actually much more doveish.

I am not Holla Forums ;_;

The calling cry of the victors of election politics

You knew what you did. If you didn't see the consequences coming from a mile away, it's your fault.

Only neocons like Trump support Israel and lick their ass.

Arabs? Saudi Arabia is 35% non-Saudis you illiterate, most of them Indians and Pinos.

but they don't have voting rights

that's all I ask, don't give them the vote

What you ask is what you shall receive

Bend over

It's just starting. Cry moar.

So you don't want to read the articles you linked
a stink bomb =/= poison gas or acid attack

Why are you putting words in my mouth?
I don't care about the spooks of other cultures either.

Take basic economics, faggot.

I don't define success as exploitation and being a classcuck for the "Job creators". The "free market" is just an ecosystem created for savagery.

TBF you seem more like liberal, which due to liberal idpol, makes them seem very similar. Here, A gift.

I am a top, not a bottom, but I get it

hatefucking someone of your opposite political ideology must be great

Shut up bitch



you mean economic authoritarianism?

that's what it is, socialism, corporatism, "capitalism", etc all the same thing

what liberal do you mean? american, classic or what?

You are pretty feisty. I bet I can shut you up with muh dick.

try again then, it's not like most people who reply to me even read the thread and expect me to respond to everything again

They are getting them soon… it's a backward country granted

The son of the King (kind of the real King) is working on implementing Green Card, and as he said the current immigration system doesn't benefit their economy much and they it should be like America when if you are able to contribute to economy to the most you are welcomed…

Still, I do agree in the voting right thing… totally agree…

My ideal world is an open border world with voting rights for only the indigenous people, so we will have a diverse world in terms of policy, society…

Lefties are cucks, the great purge here begins on Friday.

Commies are like dogs, if you don't rub their nose in when they something wrong they'll get uppity.

Sorry I don't fuck virginal cuckolds.

Alright. Prepare to see a lot of blacks who you're frightened as fuck of 24/7

Well that's why I support Trump and the AfD in my country. That's my goal and I hope to achieve it that way or at least come pretty close.

People don't get to win political discourse by mass importing foreigners and just giving them citizenship. That is just asking for later generation down the road to be ethno-nationalist revolutionaries.

It's short sighted. Like literally the whole democratic system.

I'd be very surprised if he gives them voting rights.

Still talking? Can't wait to have you gobble up my dick and have your nose be buried in my bush.

Does anyone have that pic of a kid commenting on another kids facebook picture and its like, "I want to bury my dick in you and call it king arthur"

I think it goes:
I want to bury my dick so far down your ass, whoever could pull it out would be crowned King Arthur.

And yeah, we can try that. I knew you would be kinky and into something like this.

have fun finding out what the establishment you love so much really thinks of your 'movement'

If I vote for one of these two retards, It'll all work out

shut up

Depends what branch of socialism we're talking about, and what we deem authoritarian.

You act your age


The system is falling apart, fam. If you want debate, make a debate thread, but the dialetic is in motion, and climate change is accelerating. Violence is coming, and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. We either have an authoritarian regime until extinction, EI the American empire, or seize what little time we have left to make a system with as little contradictions as possible. Besides, Antifa are week useful idiots and might even be controlled opposition. They aren't going after sections of government, let alone looting the buisness of the windows they break.

Not exactly a fan of violence, but it's only going to keep coming when peeps need a meal. I have no idea what else to tell you, other than buy some body armor, and maybe read some books.

If it won't be le ebul leftists killing you, it will be the planet itself. Win-win honestly.

You also need to learn about direct democracy.

Supporting a neocon for that?

AfD are just spooks. You are so dumb.

Death of a Trump supporter is a good thing for the world

But when it's a polyp who behaves like that, you celebrate him as a hero with threads like "antifa BTFO"

That reminds me, have some OC comrades sorry I'm too autistic to webm

We're going to get a story of an alt right faggot getting the cancer beat out their dental coverage every single week for the next four years


AfD is an inside job. Good work being controlled opposition.


well it won't work out, but I will give a big fuck you to the establishment and the generations above me

Authoritarian are state (coercive) action to control the economy or redistribute wealth or otherwise influence economic freedom.

I am full of potent virility, bro. Get ready to be fucked every single night.

true, I think it's kinda cynic to call the "western democracies" we have, where all we do is plant a single x on a list of parties every 4 years really democracy

well, I guess we fundamentally disagree on the right direction our countries should take tho

well I would have voted for a certain microparty instead if the AfD never existed

and it easily would have never existed if mama merkel wasn't retarded

I don't have much hope, but I hope that higher numbers for the AfD means the Social democratic/christ democratic Union will act a bit more sane.

Small hope I know.

Most of the marxists that are coming for you are hispanic, and truly, none of you are the fucking Aryan Brotherhood you claim to make up stuck in prison for meth.

You're going to choke on fists and cry about it, and cry about the overall consequences of complacent baby boomers allowing cold war policy

Everyone is going to make you their bitch for even wanting to fight against the rights of their families and wages

And it'll be just like you feared it would. Big, black, and long.


This is pathetic

Every fucking time. Like clockwork.

Eat shit and die.

All history is full of evil, going back to Gilgamesh and Enkidu

lol these right wingers are SO fucking dramatic.

Nice guilt by association. Keep it up.

give me 5 minutes and he will be lying in my arms and look like this

you literally associate with the violence though

most of the posts here are loving the violence, nice hypocrisy

Is that Richard Spencer?

I don't think lib socialist would argue for this. If we're defining a state as any coercive action, there is no getting away from the state. Societies as a whole have standards they enforce one way or another.

Yeah, you keep complaining about black on white crime faggot

Because the moment you reveal your politics you're becoming a statistic

Self improvement is a thing fam.

Time for some laernings of the new socialism.

What's funny is barbarians were a side effect of feudalism.

it can be, if you support white ethnonationalism and compliment him on his haircut

I like to define society as non coercive human interaction. If violence gets involved, it's often criminal or the state.

I have no idea what you're saying, mate.

no, the scat fetishists are the guys who oppose him

Hey man, you seem to be really into this. I can kinda dig it, too, and I'm gay. Let's do something, I don't really care about your political ideology, you can fuck me if you want.

And what the fuck is wrong with that? How do you think revolutions are waged

Are you sure it's that, or he can't even fight scat fetishists

Talk shit get hit. Only this time its towards the people you're targeting on the internet…people you claim have higher crime rates.

Such a smart idea, you really have your priorities straight phân chim trắng

please be in Germany

I am not Holla Forums though.

Nobody cares.

seems about right

then stop assuming that I support typical Holla Forums phrases and argue with "me" about them

If you're going to define society as any human interaction, what differentiates them from the larger body of human interaction? I think there's a fairly large distinction here. States don't simply appear without human interaction, therefore society creates the state, and society is capable of coercion. I'm not against limiting authoritarianism, but if we're referring to economic authoritarianism, why not start with removing the useless hierarchy of exploitation under capitalism?

woah mate, stop right there

I don't want to piss on your fellow comrade. I'm not into that. Don't worry.

Nobody likes your fucking ideas, you might as well go back to the board who tolerate your cancer

Pretty much no one cares. Seems to be a lolbert with a bit of idpol from his language. Guess we could always info dump.

We're not liberals, ya simp.
Who died and made you king of this debate?
Nope, that's you and your feels-over-reals failed ideology nobody's been dumb enough to try since it got three world powers' shit pushed in 70 years ago. I think you've got our scripts mixed up.

they are complete, autistic cancer. I can have reasonable discussion here, but they are just functionally insane

keep posting online, pussy. we may ignore your fascist history if you go back underground. we're coming, bucko.

your state isn't going to help you, just themselves.

Go piss on it faggot

God bless.

I'm on the phone from Freiburg bby. Where you at?

I said I am not into that.


More Russians want the Soviet Union than don't, why don't you go live in Eastern Europe and Russia first before you try and speak for it

1. one guy got shot not "people", and it may have been self defence, you have no idea. It wasn't a planned mass shooting as you imply
2. good
3. no evidence besides one statement, no video. if people were throwing bricks at a party there would definitely be one phone-video
4. stink bomb =/= acid attack, read the article you fucking linked
try again righty scum

You're German

Aww, a bummer. I am in the Ruhrpott.

that's racist and germanophobe

communist parties in eastern europe still get a sizable vote from old people that miss the old system where they were guaranteed housing, a job, healthcare and retirement

He's dodged every response that points out that what he's saying is bullshit before so your post was basically a waste of time

What's that?

Yes it is.


Pretend to be Syrian, I think the are mandated to suck them off in sexual emergencies

Daily reminder that the most capitalist countries let swarms of immigrants in, but far left ones had closed borders. Save yourself and become a Nazbol.

Get the fuck out faggot.

this smalls acts of violence are nothing.

I support working class terrorism against the rich and those bootlickers who defend them.

Who needs Syrians

All you need to do in Germany is drink a lot of water and promise to have body heat

Aw, sorry bby. I really wanted to meet you.

only if you're underage though

well you know the general location of someone that might qualify for that position

in another life maybe


you gotta try to live without that German bf

I am already there matey.

Then go outside when winters over, if at all.

Speak to a Slav sometime, they'll tell you how much they feel about their land.

I go outside. Unlike Marx and his sheepish followers, I have a job.

Try again, slutboy.

Shitposting isn't a job? Then why are you here!?

Cause I got banned for shitposting on pol.

No you don't Holla Forums

People in universities? People who know better? People who are going to put you on a leash these coming four years?

No you don't

I bet your parents and especially your grandparents would beat you again for your politics and attitude. Shame.

How many pennies they giving you?

What sort of business are you going to open with your Liberal Arts/Gender studies degree, fam?

€720 a month to pooppost in my spare time. I still get paid even if I'm banned.

Serves you right for trusting people with "jobs."

Everyone who doesn't like me is a liberal arts major you don't get it, even my fucking parents and grandparents

This is pathetic don't lie about having a job on the internet next time.

Marx never had a job. Marxists don't have jobs, hence why they desire a welfare state, otherwise they'll die of starvation.


We'll meet again -
Don't know where
Don't know when,
But we'll meet again some sunny day

False, try reading a book sometime, cuck.

It was actually a protester that was shot. Stop spreading fake news.



nice pic bro

Makes sense.


no, but if you advocate violence or a totalitarian system of coercion, you will face resistance


Fuck off statist. I can advocate whatever the fuck I want, as can you in a free society, as long as it's not material support for a crime.

No. A free society can only remain free as long as the unfree forces don't overpower it.

If you actually advocate for totalitarianism, then you should face resistance.

I am not a statist, quite the opposite.

Americans fundamentally see reality as a movie

Yeah, using some sliding definition of "totalitarianism" to silence any political ideology you disagree with. I'm sure this can't possibly be abused. I suppose you'll have no problem when I claim the same about capitalists and then jail them for advocating totalitarianism.


well you leftists use weird battlecry terms and get easily lost in semantic arguments

it's so ridiculous that you mistake a word that basically means free market ->economic freedom with economic authoritarian ideas

that is factually correct

again, the typical leftists attitude of assuming more than being said

I bet that sentence triggered a whole books worth of unrelated experience for you.

Oh go cry about another white woman you don't care about being beaten Holla Forums


"capitalism" and "free market" are two separate ideas. They are not synonymous and never were. (Think: why is "free-market capitalism" not redundant?) Try reading something more than just basic economics you economic illiterate.

Of course statists want to spread that idea.

They love to use freedom sounding terms to trick people into supporting them and not fullfilling that promise.

Look at free trade. Free trade often gets used to justify trade deals. Not free trade!

Capitalism is a fundamentally authoritarian economic system. Whether you have total free markets or markets with some decentralized planning is a different issue that I don't presently have the time to get into with you.

But just know that your system which defends existing wealth and property accumulated by state violence is neither libertarian nor anti-statist.

Yeah thanks, but we won't look for advice on how to distribute that from people who disagree that property even exists and support ideologies which always ended up as examples of completly totalitarians nightmares

Nice strawman. I bet you think private property is your toothbrush or your house.

I'm not a Marxist-Leninist you dense faggot. Also try reading more about different leftist ideas you criticize yet know nothing about. It might reduce your black-and-white thinking.


Private property only exists because it is enforced by violence

Not Catalonia
Not the Paris Commune
Not Rojava
Not Kampuchea
And i could go on and on.

And do you actually believe any place in this world has true democracy without the elites running everything in the end?
Stop drowning on memes and read a fucking book.

Great for not understanding my point.

Your talking points always are used by the totalitarians to build up their dystopian nightmare.
You might think high and mighty and think of yourself as superiors to mainstream leftists, but your very philosophy is used to justify their actions.

In practice, even if you're anarchist or whatever, it always ends up as authoritarianism.

And how can you blame us for fearing that, when your Noam Chomsky and other intellectuals and this very board cheers for unfree dictatorial states such as Venezuela, which despite it's oil wealth completly impoverished its population.

No. So if I came right now to sleep in your bed, would it be violence to refuse me?
Your bedroom is too large comrade, the council decided sharing is caring.

Yeah, that lasted long right? Not even talking about the civil war, but the internal divisions in republican spain.

Earlier in this thread you complained that people were accusing you of being a nazi for disagreement. But you're doing a similar thing here:
You are a hypocrite.

Nope. Wrong comparison.
I don't have a track record of creating the most unfree dytopian nightmares in the world.

No. Your main talking points of "no private property" is not only your foundation, but ALL communist ideas.

That is the thing that connects you to all others. Your moral system is obviously producing great injustices.

Step to our side, step aside, or be stepped on.

We outnumber them, and the only thing holding most back is coercion. The worst thing people can do is say it's stupid. I see that shit on Facebook (fake account) all the time. Everyone saying the protesters/rioters are stupid or they need to grow up. I often ask if they'd say the same about the Boston Tea Party or the revolting colonists in general.

Never get a response.

Yes, who do you think enforced property rights upon the commons throughout all of history? The state with a monopoly of violence and the interests of people who had power
Top kek personal property is not private property. Private Property is things like land and production systems, factories mines and such in which one man claims the exclusive right to profit off.

And no, the soviets did not force people to share their tootbrushes and women you fucking faggot.
Germany and Italy sure put in all their effort into making sure it did not last.

There is a lot of corruption and authoritarian tendencies in Venezuela but it also suffered all kinds of economic sabotage on top of the extremely low price of oil, other oil states like russia are also bleeding money so the problem is not exclusive to them.

Leftism does not sustain itself on morals and fee fees like right-wingers do

Read a fucking book.

My "talking points" are freedom, individualism, free speech, workers' ownership, and small government. Give me one example in history where totalitarians used these ideals to implement a repressive regime?

Totally false. Everything's authoritarian to you when it's against wealthy elites, even if they've acquired that wealth by state intervention. I challenge you to produce one example where left-libertarian ideals led to totalitarianism.

Regarding Chomsky, one can praise certain democratic and libertarian aspects that were initiated under Chavez (like education for the poor and reforms of the police system) while condemning the authoritarian policies like harassment of dissidents or centralization of the economy. The world is not perfect and any example we pick won't 100% suit our ideals. I'm sure that's the case for you and Pinochet's Chile.

Regarding the other people on this board, they are a mix of Marxists, Leninists, social democrats, and Holla Forums falseflaggers. The left is fairly heterogeneous. I don't agree with many of the posters on here, but that's to be expected in a free speech environment. Consider the fact that we allow you on here and engage you in a debate—treatment you can't expect on Holla Forums.

Strawman x2.
There is a very important distinction between private property (owned for rent) and personal property (owned for use). The former is unnatural and illegitimate.

Look at pre-christian Iceland, germanic countries, etc. There was private property without the need of a state. They were quite free and had a very succesful germanic law system.

Obviously not, because your bed can be used for rent to profit off. Now if you said that only allows you to have one, that already means that you have a coercive system in place that abritrarily prevents people from owning more than one bedroom.

And you know what? Even that is inconsistent, because you could still rent out your one bedroom during the day, when you don't need it.

Only you make that distinction between private and personal property.

Also how would people save for retirement or for wealth? You would just restrict them to consumer goods, who still can be used as commodities, because newsflash: Almost everything is a commodity.

Funny you say that, because many equality movements literally advocated for the sharing of women.

I said not the civil war. Or was there a conspiracy?

The arab countries are succesful and they have quite a lot of social programs.

Watch Stefan's video on it, if you want to learn the facts.

YES IT DOES! Jealousy and wanting to freeload is literally the reason why the vast majority of people are leftists. Your college professors all living off a system that steals money from people to give it to them are so obviously corrupted by this.

suck my dick

Why are ancaps so mentally ill?

actually never mind lol


Wait what now

Where did this happen?

"look mommy, i called an anarchist a totalitarian! aren't i edgy and cool?"

Thanks user, saved