Okay you mentally ill degenerates, LISTEN UP.
ALSO, in case you didn't know, fun was a crime in Papa Stalin's union. You sick fucks would be sent off to camps for being shame to a proper communist society.

1. Communism is not a tool to normalize your degenerate mental illnesses. Stalin would send you away to camps, you would never come back.
2. Anarchy is not communism, they are not compatible. We are not allies, during the revolution you will be purged with your mentally ill degenerate buddies.
3. No one gives a fuck about racism, under a communist society we are all citizens. Claiming you are different because your skin is darker would have you sent away to a camp for trying to create divisive subversion in the revolution. FUCKING STOP IT.
4. All your psychotic rambling about sexuality and racism detracts from communism. If you mentioned this shit in a real communist society, you would be sent away to a camp. You notice all the rich people calling for an end to racism? It is a divisive diversion, nothing more.
5. There is no room for faggotry in communism. Stalin hated fags, Stalin hates you.
6. Islam is not compatible with communism. No fucking burqas, no mosques, no Islam.
7. FUCKING BORDERS, we would have them. Stalin didn't let free travel happen in the union, you open border idiots would be sent to a camp for trying to import subversive foreigners into the country.
8. Stalin Populated most of the union with WHITE RUSSIAN PIONEERS. Communism doesn't need every other citizen to be a different shade of brown to work.
9. Stalin fucking hated dumbfuck muslim degenerates.
10. NO FAT ASSES, you would be sent to the camps for hoarding food to work off your fat.
11. This weird equality gendershit you idiots preach is not communism. COMMUNISM IS ABOUT SOLVING ONLY ONE ISSUE, class struggle.
Your divisive race rhetoric is stupid and idiotic, the bourgeoisie owned slaves.
Not your average impoverished prole.
Lets make black proles hate white proles because the bourgeoisie denied both of them the means of production. GOOD IDEA COMRADE.
12. I got bad news for you, Jews weren't well liked in the union. In addition to viewing themselves as better than everyone else, they own a disproportionate amount of the means of production in addition to owning half of all slaves in pre-civil war america. Now they call for white people to pay reparations?

DO you not see their ACTUAL RACISM against all those who are not Jewish? They apparently don't owe a dime to african americans but I do even though my family immigrated here after the 1900's?

Can you not see actual class warfare or do you only know how to communism when it comes out of the mouth of some rich snob calling for racial and gender equality? YOU FUCKING GARBAGE TOOLS.

When the real revolution occurs, you degenerate tools will all be fucking purged.

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I only see strawmen.


haha holy shit take your meds

Good thing I am a market anarchist then

Are the raidfags trying to use both extremes of social conservatism and SJW liberalism as of late? Anyone else noticed this?

libtard spam is probably from:
-Holla Forums and their colonies Holla Forums and /monster/ think/autistically screech that we're liberals, so try to trip us up with 'our' liberal logic
-ditto r/the_cuckold
-the catgirl-purging """lefty""" subreddits actually are liberal
-Alphabet Soup

conservitard spam is probably from:
-Holla Forums and their colonies virtue-signalling, dogwhistling (again, at supposed liberal lefty commie pro-immigration SJWs since those are all one thing to them) and using stock arguments they'd use to try to spread their infestation to other boards
-ditto r/the_cuckold
-the catgirl-purging """lefty""" subreddits think we're gamergate stereotype dwellers with soggy knees and are here to collect shit to be outraged at
-Alphabet Soup

Stalin was a traitor to Lenin's purely Marxist cause by violating Lenin's last wishes. Trotsky was supposed to lead the USSR. Stalin was never a real communist.

This is the most retarded post I've ever seen on this board

Good thing I'm not an idpol tankie then

Which is why Trotsky got PURGED and Stalin is remembered as the greatest communist of all time.

Good thing your ideology basically doesn't exist IRL then.

I pretty much agreed with that post 100% tbh


hey Holla Forums, that is a pretty big b8

Let me improve the thread so you can leave


Holla Forums you might want to remember that fascist butthurt over deviancies is your thing, not the left's

The left doesnt give a damn that people want to be who they are and do what they want with their private lives, you on the other hand are severely triggered to the point of wanting to "purge" people.

So at least try to not be as obvious at your next b8 thread

Pretty good post. I approve. A lot of people have taken the liberal inspiration of communism lately. We will get them working in gulags later.

Which I'm sure is the reason Stalin didn't have KGB/NKVD purge people or round them up into camps.

You do realize that the unnatural degenerate lunacy you are so fond of is a byproduct of mental illness being normalized because of CAPITALISM?

You claim to be a proponent of communism but then indulge yourself in morally bankrupt capitalist perversions?

Fucking tool.



Sorry bruh, only Stalinism worked.

we should learn from our mistakes

also personal and civil liberties are kind of a nice thing to have around
besides your accusation that Holla Forums engages in identity politics is fanciful to say the least

0/10 shit b8 thread smh tbh famalam

daily reminder that stalin is the opportunist that the ultrakids talk about

SUBVERSIVE ANTICOMMUNIST GARBAGE, next you'll be bitching about your right to operate a business and deny others the means of production.

i guess i'm just a bit of a rebel huh

Edgarchist garbage, your false ideology serves only to inhibit and slow the advent of revolution.
How does it feel being a tool capitalists utilize to stop communism? You're basically a reactionary for all functional purposes.

define 'worked'
Yes, those are the only forms of socialism or leftism in general. Nothing else exists, or has ever successfully been tried :^)

Gays and the rest of HBTQ movement have time and time again showed themself being a proxy for liberalism.

Preach comrade.

Your fakery is trite. Go to bed.

this is so quality autism right there