If trump got stopped being president for any reason, would mike pence be worse then he is or better?

If trump got stopped being president for any reason, would mike pence be worse then he is or better?

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Worse IMO, he's a true believer when it comes to Christfaggotry

Sorry for being an ignorant faggot, but what is he known for ?

Christfag of the worst kind.

Supporting shock-therapy for gays

Zapping the gay away.

I am gay and at this point i think Pence is less terrible than Trump, he might be a homophobic religious cuck but at least he acts like a civilized person, doesnt suffer autism tweet, isnt Putin's ball holder and doesnt make ridiculous claims, compared to the pee pee man at least

Are you saying you would get zapped just to give Putin dusty balls?

All those things you said about Trump make me all the more excited about this. Trump is going to be fucking hilarious. Bush was funny, but Trump will be next level shit.

He cant, most of the country is pro gay or doesnt care, so he cant do shit that wont be removed immediately and have to face the wrath of the populace

kek, you think they would care.

anyways, my actual answer to OP is

Being a closeted homophobe. The worst kind of Christian fundamentalist.

I watched the inauguration with my mother who is completely ignorant about American politics and I asked her if this guy has something special about him and she was like 'he looks at least bisexual'.

Yes. He's basically an evangelical Neocon.

Are you dumb or do you need to gain some reading comprehension?

Well, that's just bullshit, since you don't see people complaining about other politicians because of their faith because of forcing others into ther spooked humbug.

Biden even has the decency to say things like :


I don't have an issue with christfags in general. Pence is just the insane abortion clinic bombing variety.

It's just checkers, ignore him.

Gay, too. Been seriously considering the possibility that Pence would be better. And I agree. The only downside is that going straight from Trump to Pence might not utterly destroy the Republican Party and the right wing the way Trump would. Oh, and Trump is lolnutty in a funnier way. But Pence would honestly probably be a better president, and I honestly think Trump would be more likely to successfully advocate gay shock therapy - like Pence is somewhat limited by a very small degree of consideration he seems to hold. Trump doesn't really seem to care if his policies are seen as shit.

Hell no. When Pence was governor, Indiana became one of the most polluted states in the US because he deregulated the hell out of everything. Things would be really shitty with him in charge.

Shit, forgot to take off sage.


Wasted quads. Kys.

marriage can go, abortion shouldn't be touched though

Pence not only is a religious nutjob and climate change denier (science denier), he also doesn't believe in evolution!
DEAR GOD NO. He's worse than trump.