Actual Fascists in the white house and in control of the most powerful military on earth...

Dare I say it? Is this pretty much the end? Have the far-right completely won?

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Will this retarded meme ever end?

More like actual plutocrats

The US has been fascist since FDR

Can we stop with the memes that anything authoritarian is fascist ? Holy fuck, anarchists.


Basic bitch nationalism with some populist themes.
Hurr Facism donate to planned parenthood

There's your problem. Btw Le Pen is easily better than her socdem opponents.

It is you with the strawman.

Never did I say trump was Hitler, but it is undeniable Trump has gotten to power on the back of Fascist politics.

It is also undeniable that many in the Trump cabinet, are basically outright Fascists. I mean, they hate gays, they hate black people, they are nationalists, they push jingoism, they push fascist rhetoric?

Why are they not Fascists?

Trump and his merry band of psychos are fascists.

You deserve actual Fascism you tard.

Giant reactionary waves aren't all that uncommon, unfortunately. This is likely similar to what leftists felt like after the failed global revolution of 1848, which sawa massive wave of reactionary retrenchment, ideological failure, and mass repression, or in the 70s, when after a period of incredible progress the left shattered and reactionaries took firm control in both East and West. The left always comes back in some form, because no ideological system lasts forever.

This fuckig sicks and likely will continue to for some time, but nothing lasts forever. Everyone unironically thought that 90s American-led neoliberalism was the end of history, and that sure as hell isn't real.

We're still kinda in decline, and when the left next appears it might be in an entirely new and different form that changes with its times. But no matter what, I can guarantee that this current state of affairs can't last forever, and even within its own nature as a pro-capitalist project wont address any systemic flaws. It'll all die eventually.

Until then, I guess we just hang on, shitpost, and attempt to radicalize the liberals?

I will admit that wanking a lot and cryibg isn't out of the question until then tho

No. We make our stand in Europe.

They've only just begun to lose. We all have, really.

Parliamentary "democracy" is doomed. We need to organize not just online and politically, but economically.
If you're not in college or setting up a cooperative, go to Rojava.

Forgot revolution flag

anuddah shoah isn't real, faggot.

Now you know how fascists have felt for the last 70 yearsโ€ฆ.


Reminder that communist is the most consistently pro-white ideology

Are you quibbling over the word? What is this Politifact?

If Europes characteristics change, the hope for mankind goes down the shitter, as America is already done for. You can forget fucking Communism.




Ultimately meaningless given the response of the EU to the refugee crisis (aka "why not resettle 1 million mostly-male almost-entirely-Muslim refugees?").


Nothing ever ends. Once upon a time there was no organized left at all, anywhere.

We're losing and that won't change for a long time. But it's never over.


wtf? I like the world now!

this shitposting needs to end

The issue is that it's the right-wing "tree tories" who are the most anti-idpol, and the "watermelon" faction who are hardcore idpol and even more cancer.

You fell for the liberal meme

Wew lad. Trump will be a generic neocon at worst, meaning he will do the same shit as the democrats but painted in conservative nostalgia instead of liberal faux progressivism.

The only reason to be out against Trump would be to use it as a platform to attack the American system in general, and to put down any actual Fascists that might feel emboldened by Trump.

The first should tell you that the second is no real loss.


radicalizing is probably the worst thing the left can do but hey it's not like it can be stopped

facism is not the hate of gays
It is not the hate of blacks
It's a system of government

by this retarded metric then literally every state was fascist before WWII

Unpopular "opinion" alert: 1) Trump is not a fascist, 2) "fascism" or "fascist" is not a buzzword to sling around at ugly things (capitalism) suddenly getting an ugly face ([insert populist demagogue responding to the failures of left-liberal capitalism]) and 3) calling Trump, a right populist, a fascist, is fairly disrespectful to the actual victims of the horrors of fascism.

Small protip: the fact that he has a few Nazi LARPers gushing at him still doesn't make him one, and you'll be hard pressed to find a historical example of a right populist that _doesn't_ have a LARPing fanbase.


Kill yourself.

It's almost criminal how "unpopular" these facts have become under the relentless assault of modern political impressionism. They are obvious and should be uncontroversial.
Hahaha, fuck that though. The emancipatory political project is not one of ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€respect.๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

So you don't know what Fascism is?

No the Center won. The right wing will be rolled back in time until they're needed again. No real fascist stated besides maybe Poland will emerge

This is a very short period of time, and indeed, it seems humanity if it follows their goals is selected for extinction.

Fear not.

Even if they "win", the nature they reject will slowly consume them all.

don't lump in with this