What goes in the Holla Forums column?

What goes in the Holla Forums column?

do it urself you lazy fuck.

That's the point.

In the 3d one the guy is shaved and doesn't wear that Muslim hat

The 2nd it's a co-op instead of a company

Rest is the same




thx familiade


Needs more catgirls.

We can have a /r/socialism column.

I'd do it myself but all I have is Paint and autism


Sauce on original?

Oh and the oven should be like a potato or something. And the sign should be IRISH NEED NOT APPLY

Patri-Archie, it's even watermarked



1. I only fap to the purest of lefists ideology catgirls
2. You die if you work or co-ops everywhere
3. same as normal
4. "go away"
5. stirner


Fanatastic/ 10

Wasted opportunity

Decent but-
Top one is clever but I feel like it should be more in line with the rest of them
Second one isn't very Holla Forums specific and just describes our ideal system
Third one is alright but I still like my text
Fourth one is pretty good
If you're going down that route for the fifth one make him look a little dorkier than the normal and maybe give him some commie paraphernalia

Also this

unsage because that was an accident anyway



You just keep failing harder, negro de mierda.

Wait, disregard that last one, I'm a genius.

Awww the YPG flag's all messed up now

good lord, I never realize I wanted to see what the embodiment of all of leftypol looks like in a single person

Wait, what?



Get real, comrade, what's the point of having socialism if people work as much as in a capitalist system?

Raise the shot portky face a little higher. Can be a bit unclear at first glance

More like "I'M FUCKIN' FEMINIST (is literally raping someone as they speak)"

How's this one?

Thanks for continually proving you're white and have autism and don't even come here all that often other than to whine at me because we have boipussy threads regularly.

I think Porky should be in color, what about you guys?

contributing, dont know how you did the grayscale thing

femme has theory, nobully user ;(

3/10's the best I can do, user.


here more hats

At least get the updated Porky in.

For profile pic purposes

Thanks, comrade!

Notice how Holla Forums makes fun of themselves while Holla Forums jumps at the chance of portraying themselves as "the sane choice"

No sense of humor


Clearly aren't seeing later edits, but I'm glad you're offended.


stay offended fam


If that's what counts as "good irony" these days, then DFW was right.

When your brain is wired for outrage but you've burnt yourself out on Fox and have to come to leftypol to find ways to be offended.

There is no "Left-wing racism".

There is (Old) Right-wing racism and New Right-wing racism.


What am i doing with my life?

contributing to Holla Forums memetics and thus weaponizing autism

They want themselves to look like the most intelligent people ever, when in reality they are not

that's actually pretty funny

have some humor Holla Forums

unironically 10/10

had a good laugh

best one




1st row: same as Holla Forums but with cat girls

2nd: workers seizing the means of production with comrade pepe

3rd: someone explaining the globalist, capitalist conspiracy to exploit muslims while the guy slowly backs away.

4th: same as the Holla Forums one except it's "bourgeoisie" instead of "Jews" and "proletariat" instead of "FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL"

5th: I'M FUCKING PROL (pic of middle class college kid)

Shitty meme. Most college kids in the world are proles. Not every country has rich-kids-only colleges, many kids have to do wage labour to stay afloat while doing college.

If anything, it should be based on that "bourgeois tendencies confession thread" and have a picture of porky saying "I identify as prole."

Differently wealthed, user

how did they miss the first square for Libertarians?


Come on man


Thanks now I can feel satisfied with my use of time more now.

ayy well meme'd 10/10 fam.

Best one so far, 9/10, user. To achieve 10, use the colored porky one, please.

Loved these ones as well. Central planning memes is actually great.

Could you post the one with "sideburns"?

Why is the guy whos shitposting on Holla Forums doing it on his computer in a movie theatre

Only "good" ones.

Good being relatove, of course, since the maymay is self-evidentally garbage. The shit head who crapped the OC out imahines that a diverse workforce is i herently identical to a society that completely excludes anyone other than white peope to die on the street. The two things were never comparable in the first place, and was always liberal trash.

I don't think it implies that at all. The two things are comparable, in the sense that in both cases the employer is arbitrarily restricting both his free right to hire whoever will perform the best for him, and the already-limited "right" of the worker to improve his own life through providing more valuable skills. The key takeaway being that racial preferences of any sort in employment inherently pit workers of different races against each other in the pursuit of short-term interest and thus against their broader class interests. It's D&C.

You might wanna put on some clothes, user. Your bias is showing.
"Diversity" in and of itself is not some inherent virtue of a system; its absence alone is not de facto evidence of discrimination.

These two statements are identical.
They literally are the same thing. They cannot he seperated.

It is your bias that is showing when you repost this maymay.

Apples and oranges are both fruits, round, and they don't grow in winter without greenhouses.
Cats and dogs are mammals.
Hitler and Jesus are both entities with names and commonly depicted as wearing clothes.
Find me two things that aren't comparable, and I'll give you a sammich. I am a recovering English major and if I gained anything from that shit, it is the knowledge that literally all things are comparable and contrastable.

You're confusing microeconomic and marcoeconomic phenomena. If I choose to hire only people of race A, that doesn't mean people of other races will have zero employment. Indeed, as the policy becomes widespread in any sense, unemployment within that group increases and supply increases relative to demand, pushing wages down and thus incentivizing others to hire them. The more people decide to arbitrarily restrict hiring by race, the larger the unwarranted price wedge, the stronger this pressure is felt and the greater competitive disadvantage I and others eat as a result of this restrictive policy. So certain firms then, statistically, will have more stifled growth and higher failure rates than others, and the market reshapes accordingly towards the equilibrium.

Bear in mind this analysis applies to the unwarranted racial preference, i.e. where two workers at the same skill level provide the same utility, and one is chosen over another because of a superficial attribute inconsequential to the business' operations. That is, when the business is not acting rationally. There are cases where membership in a particular race actually gives a worker more utility to an employer, perhaps various service jobs in certain culturally isolated communities, and in such cases the market will set up an equilibrium with a preference. But this is a product of capitalism, really.

The simpler refutation is probably just to point out that your logic doesn't depend on specific choice of race, and that the same point could be made about any quota system or racial preference whatsoever. i.e. "i preferentially hire white people" implies "non-whites will literally starve to death" if and only if "i have diversity initiatives" implies "whites will literally starve to death." Which it doesn't. Stop being so dramatic and unreasonable.

Lmao. You fucking retard.
My point was that he doesn't imply the two cases are identical. I said this clearly. The OC doesn't require that the two cases are identical in the crass sense you fervently insist on applying, merely that they are comparable in some way. Get it now? Yeah, like how apples and oranges are both fruits, round, and don't grow in winter without greenhouses. And this manner in which they are comparable is, get this, the subject of the fucking comic, which I have expounded on. Which is to say, that, and not, say, "oh my god, these things are identical in every conceivable way."
I'd expect nothing less from someone who switched out of the major people switch into when they fail their real major. Can you even write a fucking essay like this?