Holla Forums known for having a hard-on for violence, revolution and guns

What the fuck do you want? Is there any more proof that Holla Forums is just a cover for the FBI, tankies and false flagging Holla Forumsacks?

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Maybe some violence that isn't embarrassing and mindless?




Holla Forums is a deep Holla Forums psyop trying to drive a wedge amongst the SJW movement and having them accuse all white males of being brosocialists and class reductionist causing them to swallow the red pill



When people allow themselves to get recorded damaging only insured businesses and vehicles then it's pretty fucking clear they're plants, you shmuck

Notice a pattern with people who say it's bad? There is one

take your meds


I don't mind the violence, its just that anarkiddies focus to much on confrontation publicity (being seen in the streets and fighting opposition on the streets) than doing anything useful.
Individual terrorism would be more useful, attacking police stations or government buildings tbh.
Anarchist violence is an easy target of criticism and can alienate potential supporters. Where we are violent we should be precise and use our resources tactically.

I agree that it's embarrassing, and I'd say might be correct, but,

What would that be like? What violence isn't embarrassing or mindless? Most people will condemn it, the "OHH THE TOLERANT LEFT!" comments will fly anyway.


It has to be targeted, for one thing. Also, it needs to have a clear and appropriate message; being violent on Inauguration Day sends the incorrect message that Trump is the problem, not the system.

Kick CEOs, not trash cans

People and tankies would condemn them either way.

The only way to make an impact would be to destroy the heart of the beast itself. The people would have to storm and destroy the NY stock exchange to force a market crash like the world has never before seen.

Rioting and property damage have a symbolic power to disrupt the spectacle. They suspend the status quo persevering state of normality.

Leftist violence needs to use the spectacle against
it's self. The left needs to include in there violence a symbolic character.

Except destroying a trashcan doesn't symbolize anything. It just makes you look foolish.

Are they actually being violent though? Kicking a trash isn't going to cause bone fractures and hemorrhaging.

Literally everyone has a camera in their pocket. Welcome to the 21st century.


Property damage is considered violence by porky and their useful idiots.

Statists are fucking petty bourg classcucks, nothing new

Wasn't referring to the whole trashcan thing, was speaking generally.

Anyway what does a video of a few anarchists knocking over a trashcan prove. Nothing, it's a anecdote.

Op, see this:>>1262473

Lol go read about 19th and early 20th century anarchists. Go watch FightClub, no go watch YT of these faggots. Its pathetic and embarassing and a huge part of the reason why we already lost like 70 years ago. I don't advocate violence at all, because all its going to do is engender opposition to the revolution when enough of the population agrees with us for it to take its course. The only way forward is non-political organization outside of existing institutes and power structures. Spreading our ideas like a virus and hoping we engulf the capitalist discourse in time to outpace the porky singularity that will doom us all forever.

You don't see us applauding neo-nazis attacking people with guns in a revolution. We dont like violence against our interests or without purpose.

Fuck off.

Literally everybody has cloth to cover their face.

Welcome to any time after 170000 BC


Hi Reddit. Here on imageboards, we usually link to the posts we're responding to.


Don't most MLs like the RAF and JRA?


huh… really preps my bull


Exploding limos tho

This. Propaganda of the deed used to be ours.

Pay Davos a visit.


And so you smash literally all of them

lots of them dont actually, lol
and your bandanna or buff doesn't conceal as much as you think it does

Not when its the op you fucking fuckhead.

sure weird you didnt reply to

Bet they are all leddit amirite? I've been on this board since the start, go play with checkers, he's equally retarded as you.

I don't give a fuck if it's "embarrassing and mindless" or if the people doing it are plants, I'm fucking loving it and anyone who feel bad for the poor bourgies limos on fire should seriously fuck off from this board.

Do they not have clothes? You can literally make an bedouin full face cover with a tshirt.

This, tbh.
In the good old days, anarchists used to send bombs through the mail to prominent capitalists, and do targeted assassinations.
When they rioted, whole city blocks got burned down and police got shot full of holes.
They were feared, and rightfully so.

Now they kick trash cans, wave flags and break windows.

Propaganda of the Deed used to be a thing.

And it accomplished nothing.

Not really. The Bolsheviks were pretty critical of counter-productive violence.

I don't feel bad for the bourgies, I feel bad for us. The footage of those bins being pushed over is like something out of a comedy sketch, it makes socialists look like rebellious schoolkids.

It scared the piss out of the capitalists.
Anarchists had a reputation as bomb throwing madmen for good reason.

You think anything we saw on the tube today is going to be considered threatening by capitalists?
At best they'll consider it an inconvenience.
"Oh no,my insurance premiums are going to go up slightly, curse you anarchists!"

You can be feared but still look incompetent. I'd rather be competent and respected. The only thing that "scaring" the ruling class did was ramp up anti-socialist policies, embolden police, and got leftists killed and deported. And nothing was gained from any of the actions.

well,…if it would have been the trash can of ideology.

As opposed to a trip to reddit where you get banned for saying "stupid" making us look good? Or some larping maoists waving guns around in Austin? Or some sjw from a college club they pull out to interview?

There are many polcucks upset that people are doing things to protest their husbando

Anarkkidies attacking some insured businesses and cars does not count for revolutionary action.

That's just whataboutery.

Then show me a positive image of the left.

I don't have to. All I'm saying is that acting like retards is bad. Generally, though, either peaceful demonstrations or targeted destruction of high-profile targets would be a step up.

So muh anarkiddies are doing it wrong but you can't show an example of doing it right. Oh well, guess we're stuck with anarkiddies breaking windows, stalin dindu nuffin tankies, and sjws then.

Lol, what the fuck is this fallacious crap. I have to point to an actually existing example of protest done right, otherwise I can't criticise anything?

when the thread is several hundred replies long and an argument rather than, say, people posting their choices in a cyoa the OP posted, yes, you should quote, even if it's OP.
I'm not a border guard, m8. It's not my job to determine every single post's origin, but yours stuck out like a sore thumb. The couple I clicked on of your list were offhand remarks that really weren't directed at anybody and zero-effort Holla Forums shitposts. Take your meds.

Or you could leave the armchair. The fact is none of the fags crying about muh anarkiddies will never attack a high profile target or stage a peaceful protest.

In their defense, the trash cans may have been to delay pursuit since they threw them in the road.

And neither will the anarkiddies, it would require too much impulse control.

So the anarkiddies are to blame for your failure to do anything?


Honestly, Anglo Anarchists need to take a serious look at how the Greek black bloc operates.

Look at the planning, the organization in this video. That is something that even leninist organizations can't achieve in the US or UK or whatever.

Not him, but in general I don't like this line of reasoning.

I'm stuck somewhere, where there is no revolutionary potential and there is no hope for revolutionary potential, but if I was somwehere that was, I sure as fuck would be out there with Antifa and actually trying to organize Antifa along a much more effective line.

I'm online because there is nothing I can do, literally nothing really but post. A lot of people are in the same situation. Without organizations and the material conditions that we could take advantage of, there isn't much possible.

I agree though, no need to piss on the anarchists. I criticize them for radicalism for the sake of radicalism, but honestly, it's better than nothing I guess.

Personally I thought it was great. So what it its not ultimate revolutionary action.

Its a calling card, a signalling to the world that leftists are here. That burning and graffiti covered limo was great imagery. I'm all for that, even if I disagree with some of the ways they did it. At least they got out there and unleased some fucking rage on storefronts.
One dude swung a metal pipe at a cop. What did you guys do besides sit on your computers?

I'm in a similar place.

The issue I have is this criticism without action. While I don't think burning limos will do anything but pull in a handful of edgy fags and triggering liberals for a month, I don't see any peaceful protests(which are going to be ineffective anyways) or targeting high profile targets from anyone, let alone the ones making the criticsm. Practice what you preach an all that.

Proof of either being stuck in the echochamber or shitposting. It's only on Holla Forums (and I'd guess Holla Forums) that the trashbin is being talked about

Everywhere else the focus is entirely different, like Fox calling it extremism like they've never seen before (lel) or Twitter videos of police spraying old people who can't walk and kids


Yes, user, all actions that can be grouped under one word is literally the same, no matter what it accomplishes. Drinking bleach and drinking wine is both just drinking. Kicking trash cans and breaking windows is exactly the same as taking over factories.

Still trying to push this meme, huh?

There are pedophilic communists here too.

Gotta admit seeing that limo was pretty rad. Also an anarchist I follow said these protests are to show it's possible to resist and be self reliant. Not nessecarialy harm porky.

Looked at like that they were very successful. The MSM couldn't resist covering them

Let me spit on you real quick fam come over here

This is so true.
If not for these events being criticized hundreds of future black bloc participants wouldn't even think of coming out of their house to protest, yet alone commit direct action.

autistic fuck

They might look cute, but the 3D world is fundamentally incompatible with happiness. All 3D relationships are doomed to end in misery, especially the kind you're suggesting.
I'm fine with 2D, thanks.

never trust leftypol again

Quite the contrary, komrade, the kind I'm suggesting is simply blissful. I have personal experience and while 3d world is suffering, with them, it is not.

They may end, as mine may end, but it won't be tragic or full of misery and pain. It'll be a gentle breaking away, if we do at all, in which I find another cutie (if I don't have one already) to love.
You aren't fine with 2D and you know it.

I genuinely see 2D as the best available option right now.

With 3D there is a significant risk that happiness now could turn into suffering later in life, both for you and your partners. Sure, the harm will be caused by society's attitudes and not by you personally, but the end result might still be very bad.

I sincerely hope you're right and you all live happily ever after, but I'm not going to take that risk myself. I'd rather work on figuring out a better long term solution for people like us such as VR.

So don't have sex with your cute toddler girlfriend?
Problem fucking solved, 10000x better than 2D.

VR is shit and will never be satisfying as you'll never have the true experience and feeling of absolute love and connection as you cuddle a loli to sleep chest to chest and feel her love penetrate into you and a warm happiness sweet over you.

There's spectacular violence and transformative violence. The latter branches into two: personal and political. Personal transformative violence is when you read theory, when you move from point A to point B intellectually, when you witch hunt your ideological attachments, when you change your subjectivity itself. Political transformative violence, similarly, is when your collective actions change the political landscape itself.

It seems we have very different ideas of productive action. All this: and what do you do besides reading shit is so cancerous to radical groups. It's cancerous because it promotes pseudo-activity and drooling enjoyment of the spectacle.


My fetish isn't sex. I don't think society would see it as any better, and it's ultimately society's attitudes which cause the harm. I should know. Society's attitudes have already caused plenty of psychological damage to me and I've never had sex.

Anyway, some of my fantasies aren't exactly vanilla. It takes a degree of intelligence to grasp consensual non-consent.

VR or human rejuvenation seem like infinitely safer ways to have a relationship. With sufficiently advanced technology I'm certain we could produce completely life-like simulations where you feel full emotional engagement.

Source me on those hot opinions fam. I figure it's Lacan but you'll have to be more specific.


How new can you be?

Well yes, as they did me (little girls help that by the way). But society has no method of inflicting that on a child (or later in their life) as they have no ship to place it in. A loving romantic/emotional relationship with a child is essentially a good parental relationship minus authority and plus a little affection.
They can't vilify it, that's why normies always focus on "KIDS CAN'T CONSENT" rather than "kids don't want to spend time with you!"

Not in your lifetime and it'll never truly be the same. It'll always feel less, always feel more empty.
Because it would be.

Oh boy last time I heard that it was from a guy who kept 'tucking' his balls up inside him to feel like a girl.

Come on user, it's like you don't even wear women's underwear :v)

I'm not even a trap/trans but for some reason I have the urge to wear women's clothing in private. I don't know why.

I'll trust you're taking adequate precautions, but I think I'll stick to 2D myself.
Anyway, I'm not entirely convinced I'm not effectively immortal, in which case there's plenty of time to solve the problem.

Never done that. I'm just talking about a cute 2D loli agreeing to be treated like a young toddler as a "punishment", with a safeword in case things get too much for her.

A young toddler shouldn't be treated any different than she would be other than more non-verbal queues.

Lol I live with her and she cuddles me most nights, what precautions are there to take?
Just got to make sure she doesn't rape me and doesn't straddle me like she always tries to do and we're fiiine.

There is no problem to solve, as real little girls are already the solution.

wewps wrong image

That's true in real life. I'm more talking about ageplay fantasies like making her wear a toddler harness/leash, not letting her feed herself, making her use a baby potty, or even just making her wear diapers. The kind of stuff which would be very embarrassing for an older loli.

That's why I think 2D is better for me.

It only seems that way because you have no exposure to the power of real cuties.
That fantasy would be irrelevant with a cute in your arms.

Besides, none of that's embarassing unless you mock her to get her to "grow up" fast.
Don't call her a baby for wearing diapers and tell her big girls don't. Teach her diapers have a place and a use, such as shitting while revolting.
Harness/leash they'd probably find fun and silly.
Feeding herself, if you're close with a loli and don't mock her they want you to feed them usually.

It wouldn't really be embarassing or unwanted. I definitely could get my lgf to do all of that, although she's still sort of a toddler, albeit an older one.

You might be right, but I'm risk averse, especially when it comes to other people.
I'm glad you your own form of happiness in this horrible world though. At the very least you're an inspiration to not give up hope.

To be fair, I was advocating against 3DPD.

what did he mean by this?

As if you were.
Like I said, I put a cutie in your arms and you sing a different tune. Immediately.

Nice digits.
But yes, I would love to just non-sexually cuddle a little girl. If there were some kind of child petting zoos I could go to, that would be great, but there aren't. Maybe we should add child petting zoos to the list of communist demands during the revolution.

Anyway, I'd never do anything sexual because I estimate the risk to be too high for everyone involved. You might be right to disagree, but I'm not changing my mind until I see some very convincing evidence.
Therefore, as things are right now, 2D is superior because it's the only possible option.

So why not get a lgf, a daughter, or something of the like to cuddle?
Realistically we don't need child petting zoos or anything, as you could have relationships with children, adopt, whatever, easily.
Plus with child-rights they could simply choose to live with you or come over and get some cuddles from you if they like you.

You can't have sex with them either.
You can have a loving relationship and some mostly innocent (or innocent) affection though without any risk.
So why not?

It would be cruel to bring a child into such an awful world.
Adopting would be extremely difficult unless I found an adult partner.

Even if I could get a child, I don't believe I could provide for them adequately given how depressed I am and how chaotic my life is.

It's a greater crime to let another raise the child without teaching them proper love and compassion, or to condemn the rest of the children of the world to have their generation lacking one less foot-soldier.

Adopting or surrogacy is extremely easy, it just requires a few thousand (or ten thousand) dollars if you're a single man.

Real lolis cure depression essentially instantly, and as long as you are up for lots of loli-time and putting them first things wouldn't be choatic anymore :)