Tfw leftyfags' antifa protesters are getting their shit wrecked by the police and there's nothing you faggots can do...


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Police are degenerates. They rape, steal, do drugs, and are only there to protect the establishment trumptards are supposedly destroying.

Say it with me



How does that boot taste?

Licking the blood of them really isn't a good idea with those poz, so i don't know.

When Trump deepthroats you, do you gag on his orange penis?

Well yeah, I don't live where the protests are. What the fuck do you expect me to do?





Police are why you're fat, poor and have no gf


everybody cares about your fee-fees, Holla Forums. look how much.

You have literally no evidence of this and no reason to believe it at all. Only a retard would take pride in being so obviously brainwashed.

What's it like being delusional?

yeah, they mostly just sell them
the rest are true

Who was that that made a speech right after Trump… it was a Rabbi wasn't it. Who was all those people he shook hands with after? The drained swamp?


Prove it.

Oh wait, you can't because, like most leftist positions, it's based on presumptions that are completely false.


Hey pol

What kind of moron actually believes this fiction?

I see no contradiction here

man I wonder how it feels to be such a limp-wristed beta


Hey Holla Forums

It's pretty pathetic, you know? Constant crying about leftist this, leftist that. It's almost like you have nothing else to be doing with your life.

oh look another incel neet fantasizing about having power again.

classcucks are clueless

I would gladly let this police man rape me, and do anything else's he wanted to me :3

can we ban this poster


It's like they're not even trying to hide it anymore.

It is quite pathetic to be honest. Not a single one of them are going against the real enemies. Fucking leftists.

Why Holla Forums? So I won't trigger your homophobia in your raid threads?


Lmao the police are apparently not the establishment and neither are the military or the Rpeublican party or Israel or spooks and Oil Industry people. Holla Forums was a right wing deep state project all along

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