It's common knowledge that Holla Forums has been successful in creating memorable memes...

It's common knowledge that Holla Forums has been successful in creating memorable memes, and converting people with no viable theory and economic stance to their side.
It's clear that we need a revolutionary vanguard to create dank memes and interest people in leftism. This thread can be a discussion for how we should proceed in this endeavor.

What are your opinions in the most effective way to capture the memes of production?

We need everyone to google murray bookchin

Create memes that are simple and don't require much theory to know. If you can make memes that teach some basic theory while still being funny enough that normies can get it.

The white race is under attack and it's clear as day.

We don't need to make appeals to 19th philosophers to get people to wake up.

You do realize our side it's way more complex than Holla Forums's "just blame dah joos and others for your failures" and that people on our side need to understand theory, right?

We don't care.

Because you're deracinated white cucks that aren't even taken seriously by the broader leftist movement.

No, it isn't.

It will never work as long as you communist retards cling to your failed idols and their outdated propaganda style. The only chance the left got is abandoning the tankies and embracing the Situs and anarchists.

wtf are you saying.
We're winning the normies war by a landslide.

take a look at political facebook meme pages and it becomes pretty clear.

How about no.

How about we apply democracy to the problem. We each spit out lefty idea for educational memes, then vote on which ideas to use, then anons go away and make the meme, then we vote on the best. In the mean time this will generate many different memes aside from the best ones.

Make a game, do it in themes like race realism or human nature or automation memes. Then I guess we have to systematically spam them everywhere.

Maybe make a leftypol watermark

Are you implying 8pol is viewed any differently?

Stealing shit from /n/ and /r9k/ isn't creating

Hello Holla Forums, libertarian here from Holla Forums. I've been toying with the idea of creating a few cross-board generals, primarily focused on non-compliance, signal distortion of the capital elite's propaganda, and raid targets that are mutual enemies of both Holla Forums and Holla Forums like plebbit.

Would any of you be open to this idea?

I'd start with the non-compliance general as it would benefit both boards immediately.

no go and fuck yourself

Right, because people freshly introduced to leftism need to come here.

Trump is an incoherent mess his entire platform was about implicitly making white again. It's all he ran on basically.

He won. What does this tell you?


It's like you don't even want to be relevant in the real world.

Why are you opposed to the idea?

Maybe. but it wouldn't work tbh

No, go hang yourself. We have no need to feed into muh horseshoe theory by associating with fascists and capital apologists. One Molotov-Ribbentrop was enough.

whataver sparks debate.Not sure if it would work tough.

they give stupid answers to stupid people.
they dumb it down to the point where it doesn't even make sens,
"everything is non-white's fault" and it works because even the dumbest redneck with the Autism Level of a potato can spot a colored person.

it takes brain to understand economics and politics, most people don't have that luxury.

Mark them all with "Office of Central Meme Planning."

Trump barely squeaked out a win against the worst run campaign in modern history, what does that tell YOU?

This isn't even getting into the fact that he largely won on the backs of people who would vote for Gay Muslim Satan if he had an R next to his name.

So neither side would benefit from a concerted effort of anons to crash the current economic system?

A few possible benefits:

-Through association in one cross-board general, less interference in other threads.

-The potential for both sides to convert members could be viewed as a negative but really depends on level of participation of each board and should emerge as a positive, especially for Holla Forums

-Exposure to antithetical ideas, resulting in more informed decision-making for both board's members

-A possible 300% boost for Holla Forums during raids and a nearly 35% boost for Holla Forums when raiding

the mods wouldn't allow it.

Which mods? Holla Forums's or Holla Forums's?

Have you ever been here before? We are constantly exposed to "antithetical ideas"from your shitty board. Go and fuck yourself we don't need more of your shitposters here

Both tbh.

actually, its not a Trump victory as much as a Hillary failure.
Trump didn't get more vote than Romney did.
but you still have a point, his implicit speeches had an echo.
people who voted for him didn't do it because he was a grate politician, had a viable economic plan or even know wtf he was even talking about.
they voted for an image, Trump made them "feel" good.
his implicit racialist rhetoric sounded familiar, the voter found a guy who thinks like he does.

i think everyone need to face reality here, it wasn't about money, jobs or healthcare …

The cross-board general doesn't have to be on Holla Forums. I'll try and make it on Holla Forums if that would convince any here.

I know most anons are aware of cryptocurrency and methods to "drop out" of the system, but I think a cross-board general would be much more effective at coming up with novel ideas rather than creating it in each different board and aggregating responses.

both board's are stubborn tbh, you won't be able to convince either side.

Actually people voted for Trump for the exact same reason they voted for Obama in 2008.
People are desperate for "change". It's doesn't have anything to do with Trump's racialist non-sense.

a change to what?

I like Chris Hedge's interpretation of the state of politics in the U.S.A. The simplest answer for Trump's win would be that he created and maintained the most successful brand. Idpol and brand politics thanks to consumerism is all that matters anymore. Pic related from Hedge's Death of the Liberal Class.


We meme'ed an ancient Egyptian god back to life.

What can a bunch of leftist atheists bring back?

Your mother's sex life.


To a version of capitalism that "worked" in the past. Something different from this neoliberal late stage capitalism that pushed more than half americans into the poverty line.
People can feel that there's something wrong but thanks to massive propaganda they don't realize the problem it's capitalism itself and they think capitalism can be fixed with just a little bit of "change".

We can make catgirls real.

MMmm I just love losing and being marginalized by my own sectarianism MMMM failure tastes so good now rub it on my belly

race is a spook

People believe in things that will get up in the morning, not what is true.

If the left can't offer people something to give them hope or meaning then they will just go somewhere else.

ebin xD

spooks as a concept are spooks

like what

all i ever see them post is pepe and they didn't even create that

I can't think of any since Ron Paul.

Ben Garrison
Sam Hyde
Ron Paul as mentioned

Are you talking about their use of pepe? They didn't create that, I don't think.

And how does posting a frog with a MAGA hat make people like the alt right?

leftypol is not real socialism, because if it was we'' have the best memes by now
t. every anarkiddie ever about ussr


Oh, also Right Wing Death Squads and the entire Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin things

I mean there are some things I think we could work together on. Generally cleaning up all the Holla Forums b8 here and putting it in a general thread would be nice. That said, I don't think it's in leftypol's interests to associate with neonazis when interacting with the outside world and that includes raids. People already think of us as "slightly less edgy, slightly more pretentious Holla Forums." This can only hurt our reputation and might attract more "economically leftist so.cially c.onservative types"

Parenthesis fully made it's way into the mainstream at a time and are still being used, Portuguese media actually blamed Sam Hyde for a recent shooting and there's still Sam-posts for every happening, Ben Garrison edits have existed for years and edits are still being made, Moonman still has songs and OC coming out.
They're the very definition of memes with staying power.

I'm honestly baffled at the right's success with memes these past few years. I used to think a hallmark trait of the authoritarian was aversion to humor, yet here we had neo-nazis busting their sides at the expense of sanctimonious liberals.