Holla Forums thoughts about SWERFs

What is your thoughts about SWERFs: Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminists?


Garbage, same with TERFs


No revolutionary worker should be excluded

almost as bad as SMURFs

They're shit. Of course prostitution is exploitative and will probably cease to exist under socialism, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't completely discount all "sex workers"(which is a really wide range) anymore than we should other lumpens who have been fucked by the capitalist system. That said the amount of actual swerfs and terfs is only slightly more than leftcoms so at best they're an annoying fringe.

What about WAIFUs, huh? Ever think of that?

A pro-legalization stance about sex work is an expression of bourgeois liberalism. Promoting sex work as positive or as an independent working role for women is absolutely toxic and literally serves patriarchy.

Why be a feminist at all?

Why would women want to fight for the emancipation of all of humanity, when they could fight to better their own identity group and ignore everyone else?

im pro trans but anti porn and prostitution.

You can be against as much as you want double dubs, but if it's commodifiable under capitalism then that's the fate it will receive.

Fucking bougie bullshit that doesn't care about solving the problems of women in poverty.

same reason im against it.
porn and prostitution = women as commodity

i should make it clear that im not against erotic media, just porn.

Probably assholes like TERFs.

My ex GF was a SWERF and a TERF. She was part of a group on Tumblr that interestingly enough had a Trans man as one of it's main advocates, he was severely self hating and would write long posts about his "mental illness" and about how sorry he was to women for wanting to look like an idealized version of women.

The same GF after we broke up told me casually in a conversation that she some times posed nude for money at art classes and because it was part of her "acting portfolio" I found this immensely hilarious and I she was internally aware of the contradiction because she refused to tell her other feminist friends about it.

Porn has some problems and excesses it is unrealistic and can lead people to thinking that their sexual encounters will be bizarrely easy going and that every one of your fetishes will be catered to by the average person on the street. Especially in terms of anal and deep throat fucking sex which can be very dangerous and painful. I hate how many women have to do interviews for a movie where they talk about how "empowering" it was to have Seth Rogen or some other ugly piece of shit rub their cock in their face for a gag. I really hate the fucking term empowering in general but that is another rant for another day.

The point is I understand there are problems with porn and sexual depictions in general on film and people placing too much significance on nudity, but I think that is the real problem as a culture we care too much about people being nude. Someone being nude on screen is just someone being nude on screen, someone having sex is just them having sex. We can talk about "innocence" and broader societal implications all day but we all still have sex and want it no matter how moralistic we feel deep down inside.

We need to support the struggle for liberation of women!
It's our duty to show solidarity!
The first step is to learn and empathize by taking their place and relief them of their oppression!

It's the only way!

I have no money but I can offer free trip to Siberia
for them

So it seems like the debate about sex work within feminist groups is 90% about porn, working in porn and the depictions of sex and sexuality in the media. Whenever I've seen feminists who were sex-workers or knew sex-workers they were talking about working as cam-girls or as a suicide girl or some similar thing.

Is there anyone in these feminist groups who is or was a prostitute? Selling sex for money rather than doing some sort of porn.

I don't think we can empathize with women until we can struggle with them. Once a month we should attach fake blood to our pants and attempt to free bleed with them. We can only know their pain when we risk spotting on our pants.

They are not sex workers, they are whores.

this board needs more mean girls reactions

Feminism as a whole is complete trash. The movement is exclusively made up of authoritarians who want to burn books and lock people up for thought crimes. "Anarcho-feminism" is an oxymoron.

What does that mean?

"I would rather poor women starve than do things that make me feel bad for them," the ideology.


sex workers are workers too

it says so right in the fucking name

im cwlerf (cishet white liberal exclusive radfem)

Historically prostitution has been associated with oppressive societies. In the story of Gilgamesh, Enkidu is turned away from his natural state by a prostitute from the temple, which served as a brothel.

Sex workers are retarded desouled robots who hae nothing to offer any of us. There opinion is almost always porkied the fuck out or extremely degenerate. They should be sent to counseling and made to spend time pursuing physical fitness, intellectual work and gardening to bring back their soul. Same goes for prisoners and soldiers and day laborers. They need intense therapy more than anything

Good, the only good feminists.

Fuck off Holla Forums

Bigot is shorter and easier to say.

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