Why the fuck do I need to read 50 books and complete a PHD in sociology to become a socialist?

Why the fuck do I need to read 50 books and complete a PHD in sociology to become a socialist?

Why does Holla Forums only have memes and this board seems to require a ridiculous amount of theory to actually understand anything?

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Because Holla Forums's ideology is based on feels and nonsense whilst Leftist ideologies are based on detailed analysis of society and economics.

Well you can chose to be a fucking illiterate if you want, dumb prole

lol what? Just lurk for some time and ask questions and you'll know enough to keep up

You don't. The more shit you read, the more useless leftist you become.
It's important to read and learn, yes, but if you read too much you will never achieve anything.
Take Zizek for isntances, he theorizes so much, but has he ever achieved anything? Has he ever conviced anyone to join the fight? No. It's useless crap for already conviced people to buy his useless books.

Socialists have always been lazy leeches of society who expect everything to be handed to them, so you being too lethargic to do your school work will make you fit right in.

Because the issues at hand are complex interplays of numerous currents, policies, and histories all complex in themselves rather than "just kick out the nigs and burn the hebes and everything will be okay again."

Also if you're going to try and overthrow the mode of society they has predominated for the past two hundred years you should have at least some idea what it is you want, how to get it, and how to organize it once you're in a position to do so. It's also important not only to learn new things, but to change how you think about them too.

You don't come to leftism for easy answers and feel-good fantasy bullshit about your skin or spooky culture, you come to it like an auto manual, to learn how society is assembled, how it works, how to take it apart, and then put it back together again.

Do you ant to be as stupid as this guy OP? No? Tehn get started

You can read around three pamphlets (old ones, not an A2 piece of paper), talk to people here, and actually think about what someone says if they provide a good counterargument.
The Communist Manifesto 228 pages
The Conquest of Bread 224 pages
The State and Revolution 116 pages

those are outdated. Give him something relevant ffs



Make me faggot, it's better than giving him fucking Capital.

are you implying das kapital is irrelevant?

I'm implying it's fucking long.

Check out

Sociology is not a real science and it needs to keep it ass out of my major.

is this a really a proper substitute for kapital?

Call me stupid all you want, you know as well as I do that I tell the truth.

Gulag yourself.

that capital is an abridged version it seems - only 217 pages

Its alright, it can spark interest

Stay dumb, prole

Kek, this dumb prole didn't even open the book

maybe because the critique of capitalism isn't a simple issue?

he can either read up on theory, or listen to the party line. no one forces him to get educated

so you're saying reading the original kapital is still largely better? Asking as a lazy fuck that just recently started kapital after having read excerpts from it for years during undergrad. Am enjoying my full read so far though

fuck that shit brocialist, all you need is guns and to know how to use them

yours truly, Blanqui

that is not dialectical

Get a brain morons.

You don't have to read books. You can literally watch youtube videos on all the things we talk about if you want to be more in the know without putting as much effort as scholars from 100 years ago. The problem with Holla Forums's memes is that they're based almost entirely on intellectual laziness even if they are sometimes admittedly funny.

damn very clever user i'm gonna go delete my post. we're gonna trick him into becoming a leftist hell yeah

He actually did it the madman!

t. progressive parrot

Literally none one here gives a fuck about "diversity"

You do realise leftists constantly acknowledge the stuff on the right, the black crime rate etc.


Plus the one on the left is a complete fucking strawman

im all for bamboozling people for the cause. it's for their own good!

You don't.

These videos should get you up to speed, at least on the basics. You can always learn more, but you don't have a theory master to be a socialist.


Uh, no? Black crime rates never get mentioned on any mainstream left-wing TV network, e.g. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc.

Nice bait

Not even a good attempt at trolling


You misspelled capitalist there, friend.

Nice strawman. More importantly, have you ever considered why people might not trust their black/white/Asian/Arab/etc. neighbors or feel less connected to them?

For example, the black/white divide can be traced to landowners giving white indentured servants incentive to mistreat black slaves instead of seeing them as fellow humans and allies. This was to prevent the revolts they'd stage when they realized landowners were their shared oppressor and they'd both benefit from overthrowing them. The same principle has been oft-repeated, the races segregated, to prevent conspiracy or alliance (imagine the outcry there'd be if white people cared deeply about the inflated black incarceration rate and its connection to the private prison industry and united with black people to try to fix the issue).


Holla Forums are useful idiots

But what if black people don't want to fix the issue and prefer to solve things through violent racial conflict?

Which is why racism is actively promoted by politicians, with anti-racist comments being a political death sentence.
Like that politician that was secretly taped saying that blacks and whites should have equal rights, it ended his career.

The more leftists get what they want, the more outlandish and further from reality their conspiracies get, there will always be an all-mighty racism, it will only ever get deeper, sneakier, more subtle.



Is this your whole ideology? Just reacting to things people say? This is literally nothing, not an argument, not… anything
You've literally just posted a few black people saying bad things and using it as your argument?

I almost feel sorry for you, I now completely understand the term 'reactionary'

I'm fairly the first image is sarcastic, making fun of alarmist white people. Even if it isn't, she's by far in the minority of black people.

Secondly, why do you feel such unity with cops, violent tools of the bourgeoisie?

I don't believe in a kabbalistic society of capitalist conspirators, planning their every move to best divide the working class or any bullshit like that. The racial biases most people harbor are implicit, anyway. We consciously believe all races are equal, but subconsciously we care more about one than another or believe, for example, black people are just more violent so they get what's coming to them. It's subtle stuff. There's no bourgeois hivemind.

because socialists dont understand thier own beliefs well enough to explain them simply, because explaining it simply makes you realize how truely retarded their beliefs are. so instead they refer you to poorly translated literature that presents it in such a way that makes you think it makes sense, until you try to put it in simple words and realize how stupid you sound.

Believing in disembodied capitalist conspirators communicating through ideological ESP known as the "logic of capital" comes to the same thing, just not as obviously to make it seem more high brow.

People act in their self-interest. The self-interest of the bourgeoisie is essentially the same: grow their wealth and power and prevent measures that would make them lose it. They aren't really doing much of anything right now to hold race relations as they are, it's mostly tradition. Some people go on TV and justify police killings because that's what they know. And so on. There's no secret plot. It unfolds rather organically.

lol go back to Holla Forums

This attitude is the exact reason why I'm done with leftism. These people openly celebrate our demographic decline, and all you people do is dismiss our concerns and say we need unity. Fuck that.

I don't see what's wrong with that.

There isn't much you really need to know. All you have to know is that workers must own the means of production. That's it. Everything else is just theories of how to achieve that.

Saying "done with leftism" implies you were ever a leftist in the first place, which you obviously weren't.

If you genuinely base your ideology around what black people say on twitter, then I don't know what to say to you

If only Marx had accounted for twitter screenshots in his theory, anything he wrote may still be worth reading today. He has become completely irrelevant due to the wonders of modern technology. Sad!

It's a plot in it's logic, separating the logic from active acts of plotting in unison, doesn't change this.

In marxism, the bourgeoisie are the true communists, they act as a class is supposed to act. Like how the jews act like a race is supposed to act in nazism.

They hate us, they want us death, they're killing us. Let's not conveniently ignore that because hahaha niggers on twitter.

oh, so this is why niggers rape/kill/assault white people at a rate over 200x more than whites do it to blacks?
this is why upper middle class blacks do worse on tests and do more crime than their lower/middle class white counterparts?
this is why every single immigrant group including non-white groups that enters the US mostly wants nothing to do with blacks?
this is why racism exists internationally and has since time could tell?

wow, those damn 🍀🍀🍀white🍀🍀🍀 slave trading capitalists.


It's perfectly okay to base your ideology on what white people and men are saying on Twitter though.

Holla Forums will defend this

There's by far a more concerted effort on white people's side for killing black people than the opposite. You're paranoid.

Tell that to BLM supporters.

you people are fucking insane

??? Nobody does this

Your opponents barely even exist

That's three correct statements.

More whites are killed by blacks every year than the amount of blacks lynched in the entire 20th century. Yet only the lynchings are taught as being a great racist injustice.

Shouldn't you be asking yourself if an ideology built upon memes and catchy slogans and nothing more is worth supporting

BLM are protesting the disproportionate amount of black people killed by police

The difference is lynchings were specifically racist crimes

But what does that have to do with communism? Are you lost? Do you need help?

Guys I think this man suffers from dementia and has wandered out of his place of care.

You ever consider the reasons white people aren't reproducing as much might have something to do with their average material means in comparison to blacks and hispanic?

Secondly, why do people being assholes on twitter bother you this much either? Considering you're here where we regularly shit on each other for our ideologies and have people "ironically" calling for Stalinist purges, shouldn't it bother you more than some guys celebrating reductive liberal news media articles?

these guys literally read shit from the frankfurt school as gospel and ignore the agenda behind it. theyre being used by the people they respect like mohammad used arabs to destroy the middle east and parts of europe.
good thing most of these people are members of the bourgeois class and if they ever succeeded, would be killed by their own.

holy fuck. we're worse than equatorial guinea? growing up in a nigger neighborhood its not surprising. but holy shit, i thought basketball americans would never survive in africa when actually they'd be right at home.

but ignore the fact that they commit a disproportionate amount of crime. and the fact that whites in trouble with police are more likely to be shot when you bring up deaths as a result of police/citizen interactions.

They're protesting blacks killed by people who are supposed to be upholding the law of the land you fucking mongo

There's nothing disproportionate about police killings when you account for crime rates.

I think we don't talk about the fact that Nazis are absolute nutcases enough, like look at this post

Just… what the hell is he saying? It's absolute delusion

that's crazy. My black friend came back from ethiopia recently… should have told him to stay.

Defend what? Crime is related to social and economic class and blacks tend to be on the bottom of both.

There's nothing to defend, it's the liberals who deny these statistics exist while racists use them to justify their beliefs without looking at it from a more nuanced perspective.

Firstly, everyone acknowledges that black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime. If you actually took a second out of your life to understand leftists positions you'd realise it's regularly discussed and analysed.

Secondly, the NYPD isn't the whole of the US. Per capita, white criminals die less at the hands of police. Simple as that.

I bet you believe everything Australians say on /int/ too don't you

well, he's safe as long as he's in a white neighborhood. but yes. he should have stayed since he'll most likely increase the crime rate.

thats only theft user. whites in trailer parks have lower crime rates than niggers in middle class neighborhoods.

but thats completely wrong though. the truth is the opposite.


meant for

If only there was some kind of medium for conversation for the discussion of race realism within news and politics, a sort of forum, you could even say a board. A place that isn't here, but somewhere else. Does such a place exist? If not, it sure would be great if it was created, so you could go there and stay there instead.

if it cant be explained simply. you dont understand it well enough.

Or maybe the world is a complex place, full of complex issues with complex people.

t. man who thinks the frankfurt school is "jews want niggers to get the niggers to nig up america while israel stays jewish, because communist progressive liberal leftist cultural marxists said so"


we're not talking about the entire world. talking about YOUR leftist idiology. is that the entire world to you?

never said that. but nice assumption though.

thats not how that works user. you can explain Christianity without bringing up the bible or the church.

You are mentally ill. Seek professional help.

Capitalism is a global system, so yes. It's analysis and dismantling pretty much encompasses the entire world and is extremely complex. If a a communist pretends that capitalism is simple to explain, it's a sign he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Crime is related to genetics, e.g. the MAO-A gene. This is also why poor white kids score just as well/better on standardizes tests as rich blacks do.


Schizophrenia and Not Socialism go hand in hand


Just become a maoist turd worldist. then u dont need to read at all.

So what's the occurrence of mental illness in white people? You've provided twitter evidence of blacks being unintelligent along with some graphs, and there's plenty of evidence ITT for white people having a high occurrence of mental illness. Being race realists I assume you'll have all the relevant data already.

I mean we post memes that give simplified explanations to socialism, and when that's not enough we redirect them to the literature
What's wrong with that?

That second graph has no source, the College Board never published that

This image is the smoking gun! Cultural Marxists BTFO!

Did he really say that?

You don`t.

Another comprehensive and timely response from the SocDems, what a great asset you are to this board.


Psychopathy isn't the entirety of mental illness. Aren't you guys supposed to be having a realistic discussion on race? Where is all your material on white people?

Is this about the black cocks again? This best not be about the black cocks.

This is why no one in academia takes you idiots seriously

It's pretty hilarious to Holla Forumsacks stumble over themselves to prove who is the biggest nigger lover.

Be the change you want to see in the world, faggot, Who the fuck are you to tell people where they can and can't live?

*to see

Why are you guys obsessed with fucking niggers? Literally fucking niggers. Everything with you guys is BLACK COCKS BLACK COCKS, IT'S NOT ME WHO LIKES BLACK COCKS!

golly gee what could that "socio" part stand for: the post

meant to reply to

Really makes you think.

yeah he did.

nothing. although most questions should be easy to answer if you understand it unless theyre very complicated questions please provide one of these simple explanations. i've yet to see one on Holla Forums

capitalism is a system that can be explained very simply. infact all of these things can be. you dont need to go into great detail to explain something. thats why they make childrens books that explain very complex concepts.

not an argument.

This is absolutely disgusting.

You should never, ever feel the slightest bit of pity for Cuban """migrants""".


t. Holla Forums

Indeed, the lynchings of rapists, murderers and robbers are worth mentioning because they're explicitly racist, home invasions in which entire white families are slaughtered are supposedly color blind so they aren't.

I guess those that did the lynchings should have picked black families at random to rape, slaughter and rob, history would have been kinder to them then.

poor people commit more crime than rich people. yes, thats obvious. but my point was that "rich' black people commit more crime than "poor" black people.

Calm down the victim complex you fucktard.

meant to say "rich" blacks commit more crime than "poor" whites.

That first pic is pretty funny, but overall you're just wasting your life making yourself a pariah with no actual solutions to anything you're spending your youth bitching about.

Isn't it funny how you guys constantly say this to whites but never to non-white groups?

Enjoying your first hour on leftypol then?

why do you keep advocating for people that are 200x more likely to harm you and your family?

socialists don't read all the information. they pretend to in order to seem like what they say is smart. it is faux-intellect

Cite post or leave

t. mentally ill delusionals who type this shit

Recognising systemic black violence isn't a complex.

because revolutions are complicated and you need to know how to negotiate this complicated territory. Reading isn't so bad though. It actually gets really entertaining after a while.

lol stop

It is when your worldview is built entirely around this and going to other places to cry about it.

it is only systemic if there is a law in the system that is a problem for a specific group. Name an anti-black law

nigger, read the thread. tons of lefties defending niggers here. blaming their poverty levels and slavery

nowhere in that post does it say what you said.
literally nowhere.
you should write headlines for the news.

Holla Forumsack here, I don't believe this because psychopathy is inherently White. Psychopaths can control their emotions and plan ahead. Needless to say, non-whites are incapable of both, which is why they overwhelming have sociopathic traits.

That word doesn't mean what you think it means

You are delusional if you think those numbers prove that there is some sort of a "mayocide" agenda going on.

All the "Trump death squads" hysteria is exactly the same. I don't care about individual statistics, I care about the institutions of police and military force that are designed to opress and keep down the working class.

Cite it.
Illiterate faggot.

Read a book you goddamn double nigger

theres a law that not only incentives you to hire whites, but actually penalizes you for hiring blacks and outright doesnt allow you sometimes even if you want to hire the guy.
oh wait… its the other way around


I need you to refrain from using hatespeech here

Hi Holla Forums whatcha doing

Are you going to leave now?

But user, the bourgeois brings in high crime populations to justify their need for a police state. Don't you get that?

A system doesn't need a written legal code.

I should have known it actually means The Eternal White, which is why I used it, because nothing triggers you like using your own terminology in a manner that runs counter to your ideology.

I am not Holla Forums I am banned from Holla Forums

No they don't you fucking idiot

This one has even figured out how to type like a person.

stop it Holla Forums

What are you on about? Do you think that people here are pro-immigration? Do you understand what internationalism is about? Read a book before further embarrassing yourself.

yes it does. a system is created by the laws and rules that create the system. It is like saying you don't need to use physics properties to explain gravity

quoted. do i score? or are you going to move the goalposts.

i've literally said neither of these things. try quoting. highlight the text before clicking the No.

More like using terminology without understanding what it means. Read a book.

why don't you be a nice lad and offer him a link to internationalism? why do leftists always tell people to educate themselves? why don't you help them?

Not an argument.

Yeah he definitely seems interested in changing his mind

You may not be, but the politicians you vote for certainly are.

How do you explain how well the chinese do in america considering what the US did to them after building the railroads? How do you explain how well the jews have done considering the land owning and job restrictions in europe they had placed on them? How do you explain how poor indians and asians who live in the same poor communities as blacks end up escaping generational poverty while blacks stay stuck in it?

For most of the topics discussed here, there is no simple infographic sort of representation that even a /polyp/ can understand. You really have to read Marx, Engels and Lenin's works. It's not about being condesending pricks like liberals but more about the inherent complexity of the topics discussed. Diluting them in simple, black and white expressions only harm the argument.

please highlight the text you are commenting to before clicking "No. #######"
unless youre actually trying to argue the last response, which wasnt an argument, nor was it responding to an argument.

It's the way you post relevant arguments in a thoughtful way in the correct threads that do it.

This is not an argument.

First off, you never know and second, you did what you could to educate them. The thing Holla Forums has over this place for all their faults is try to educate people instead of just saying "you wouldn't understand, go educate yourself"

There are no leftist politicians. You don't vote for communism. Bourgeois democracy is useless.

That's a very legalistic ideology you have there. A system is a sum of parts that form an intricate whole, like those of black violence.

It's through my understanding of the connotations of your faux technical vocabulary that I know how to trigger with you it.

Yes, I know all about the Jew-led revolution that led to the slaughter of millions, if not tens of millions of people in the Soviet Union.

lurk more faggot

The US wasn't built on enslaving Chinese and Jews

Oy vey!! Bad goy!

What's with Holla Forums and anti-intellectualism?




but a chinese family can move to america and live in the same neighborhood and go to the same school as a black family, but the chinese family will use education to escape poverty while the black father will abandon his family, and his son will knock up some other black teen and continue the cycle

Why do have the feeling that this is just another Holla Forums bait thread?

you forgot the I

Also, to counter your pic, they did not hate anyone but tsar, the bourgeois and their collaborators. Gulag dodgers like to make it sound more personal but they will eventually be wiped out.


zizek convinced me to consider writing books xd

Your own boy foucault already called you out on that sort of shit.

"Anti-intellectualism" is the kneejerk response to the unmasking of technical knowledge as ideology.

Your comment doesn't take into account:
-prior education
-actual net wealth and standard of living

because theyre smarter, have a better work ethic. are more pleasant to be around so others dont avoid them or actively try to stay away from them?
i'm from NY. ive seen so many leftist social experiments fail and as a result, a beautiful safe neighborhood is destroyed with many casualties.

ok, you hooked me.
clever girl, simple but effective bait.

are you bluffing on an anonymous image board user?

Enjoy Moishe's cock.

then you get lmaoist college students who don't know any theory but are enamored with the idea of revolution because their parents are disappointed in them


Is it really a conspiracy theory when Jews themselves admit it's true?



"A recent review declared that several studies have shown that MAOA-L men previously exposed to early life abuse engaged in significantly higher levels of violent behavior than men with high levels of MAOA."

There are many factors that affect rates of violent crime, and economic status is still the highest by a fair margin.


do you not understand what lurk means? it means monitoring, reading, and, uh oh this part might scare you, a little bit of thinking. not shitposting and posturing like you have any idea about what you're talking about outside of your delusion.

Just ignore them and turn this thread into something else.

keep moving those goalposts user.

its ok if youre new. its anonymous here. no reason to feel shame.

Race is a greater predictor of criminal behaviour than income though.



In the US due to its history of how it treated and still treats blacks? Yes it is. Anywhere else? Not as much.

Age and gender are better predictors of crime than race.


This. Black people in general lag behind white peoplr in income…but are way way the fuck behind when it comes to how much wealth a family has.

How many black people have a grandpa…..have a grandpa who owns land or anything?

Think more, shitpost less


Yep, even having your auntie lend your family $50 can be a life-saver.
Holla Forums seems to think "white muh privilege" means having everything handed to you on a plate, but it's really lots of little things we don't notice that add up.

you have a serious disconnect with the middle class of this country user.

observe more user.

Trailer trash isn't the majority of white people.

Even then, they might own their shitty trailer.


What? If we're talking about the US, then yes white muh privilege exists. Just because SJW's also use the term doesn't mean we should refrain from doing so.

If you compare men of the same age, then race will be a bigger predictor of criminality than income.


wrong but thanks Holla Forumstard. and it's alright for you to remain delusional for it will forever retard your political agenda and lead to your own demise. but i'm sure you're just in it for the fun anyway! im sure spamming nigger everywhere is preventing alienation and depression!

im sorry to hear that user, maybe you should take a break.



the person you're replying to

not an argument.


That's a chart of the victims dumbass. It says more black men get murdered than whites, not that more black men kill than whites. You can't even read your own shitty unsourced graph correctly.


That was him talking about training natives/africans for warfare, right?

Holla Forumsyp getting rekt hilariously… Again.


theres a simple side and complex side to everything. i can explain gravity in 1 sentence, or i can explain it in a 500 page thesis. same with literally every other concept including quantum physics.
this can be done with every social/political system out there.
but not socialism. which isnt true but socialists refuse to give a simple explanation because it sounds so fucking retarded when simplified.
just like a math equation. you look at a complex math equation and it can seem correct because without simplifying/solving its hard to tell because it obfuscates the simple fact that when simplified you notice it says 1 = 0.

You don't have to do that to be a socialist, you have to do that to fit in with socialists. It's sort of a cult, really. I recommend not joining because socialism is a giant mistake that will bring on the post-Christian dark ages.

Funny, that's what Holla Forums thinks of you.

You don't. Everyone here just wants to sound educated and intelligent while Holla Forums only cares about being right. Mental masturbation is a dangerous thing.

Do you really think black males are just being shot down by police and white people, user? Compare it with other charts about black on black violence. I'm not saying he didn't post the wrong the wrong chart, but you just seem a little too eager to post memes.

whilst largely ignoring the hard sciences, history, anthropology, religion and psychology


you were never a leftist to begin with though

How do you mean?

how many people here have a uni degree in something thats not the arts, business, economics, law or sociology/philosophy?

there is quite a sizable population of biologists, engineers and mathematicians on Holla Forums
I reckon theres a demographics concentration you'll tend to find on one board more than the other when it comes to the tertiary educated


thats really not an answer

there's also a sizable population of NEETs, neckbeards and autists on Holla Forums

It really was not an argument

now the neckbeard is irrelevant
but autistic NEETs make the best researchers
noone else can be bothered to sieve through all those leaked emails and diplomatic cables
they do it for free/hotpockets

and I'm not looking for one
just discussion

Well then, continue discusing retarded shitthen

There's nothing inherently conservative about the hard sciences, they are also not ignored in the older leftist literature. Marx is filled with references to the scientific problems of the time. In the united states there has been a major shift of the academic fields which are most directly connected to the US military towards conservative politics. US physicists are often conservative as hell, this is not true in other countries and it was not true in the US before the 1950s. Oppenheimer was a brilliant physicist and a communist.

Its not an issue of 'lefty' or 'conservative' logic being better and therefore more suited to doing math. Students just gravitate towards professors and subjects that more closely mirror their own perspectives so you end up with a bunch of liberal kids taking social sciences and conservative kids avoiding social sciences like the plague and taking engineering and ancient history.

was he?
I thought he just regretted what his team had created under his direction
miffed that he gets the credit for the bomb when the weapons original inventors are doomed to obscurity
yeah that makes sense
I think it might also colour how each side reaches conclusions on problems

He was an educated man who was considered a very good physicist at the time and he supported or was involved in a number of leftist organizations. I don't know enough about the Manhattan project to say what his feelings about it were.

And yes it absolutely does color the perspective they approach problems with. Conservative people often have this bizzare sort of rationalism where for all their talk of understanding human nature they speak about people as though history and environment does not affect them. Liberals probably have similar blindspots but I can't see them for obvious reasons.


Oh I wouldnt say that, care to elaborate a little?
this may be a matter of perspective
how would you say history and environment affects populations and how this is relevant to the modern era?
I'd say from my point of view the Islamic world is still reeling from the effects of Hulagu Khan in some ways

That's a strain of pseudo-left liberalism, not socialism
Socialists hate the system that allows capitalists and CEO's to exploit workers and recognizes that they are simply acting in rational self-interest

Holla Forumsacks still think that Holla Forums are occupyfags and hillary supporters

The invisible hand

Well that's an interesting example, my experience has been that conservatives get real defensive about things like colonialism and the effect of American and European interventions on other cultures. They are fine when it's other people being blamed. For example I'd argue that the biggest factor on violence in Islamic culture over the last century has been the British raping their countries followed by Americans invading and conducting mass terror campaigns on the population.

Well Americas bombing campaigns have certainly worked wonders for that aspect
played right into the hands of the Saudis and created quite a few converts to Wahhabism
but Britain raping their countries? of what? dust?
Britain and France in the middle east is more of an accident and a logistical nightmare for about 40 years
received the Levantine, Syrian and Mesopotamian territories after WW1 from the Ottomans who's Sultan then dead assassinated by Attaturks goons had been the unrecognised but often proclaimed Caliph of the Islamic world
the Ottoman strategy at controlling dissident islamic elements for centuries well into the 19th and 20th century was simply to use their slave soldiers to massacre huge swathes of the population into submission and capitulation
the Armenian and Assyrian genocides are thought to be the Sultans last ditch efforts to control those two majority Christian minorities in his empire so they didnt rebel and win their independence from dhimmu/millet status like the Greeks did
pretending Islamic culture was relatively peaceful for the majority of the time is a fantasy really
they violently expanded into every territory they could throughout history and when they couldn't expand any further they started fighting amongst themselves over the Caliphate
colonialism and Islam aint an argument
American imperialism and the rise of Wahhabi extremism is definitely an argument though

Empires gonna empire. I don't think you'll find anyone here who thinks that people lived in some sort of non-violent eden before Europeans came. But in the last 100 years which we probably agree are the most relevant for the people living there right now, whose been fucking them? Oil was an important resource, Britain straight up controlled Egypt and other countries and the US has been paying off the saudis, the Iranians and others to support dictators that keep the region open for oil extraction for decades. The Saudis have the power they do because we provide massive amounts of military and economic support to them.

The average muslim though isn't any of those people, he's some schmuck living in the middle of it whose terrified and angry because his homeland has been a battlefield for the last century. Which is why the average muslim is violent in a way that the average Briton isn't. They have a fucking island.

the number of libshits who actually believe just that is staggering though
only after the 20's and I think it started becoming an issue in Basra in the 10's
Yeah Britain controlled literally 33% of all land on the fucking planet
Largest Empire the world has ever seen
the Mongol Empire only controlled 30% of all the worlds landmass and that was practically the entire continent of Asia
fun fact
US also backstabbed Britain by funding islamist and republican rebels to overthrow the semi-stable Islamic kings/shahs Britain left in power to run the nations during their de-colonization
one of the worst mistakes Britain made in the 20th century in my opinion
uniting fractured Arab tribes into the House of Saud so the arabs could launch a proper rebellion against Turkish dominance of the Arabian peninsula
which was a battleground for practically a thousand years straight from Caesars invasion to the Norman genocides
his homeland has been a battleground since the time of fucking Sumer and Akkad
there has never been peace in the middle east
the closest the middle east ever came to proper peace was when Rome and Persia came to a stalemate in their continuous wars with each other for about a century before the plague of Justinian swept through Asia and North Africa and decimated the population
I dont believe its because of that
Look at Afghanistan
before the Soviet invasion
you literally had a race based servant caste operating in Afghanistan before the Soviet invasion
the Hazara muslims were practically sub-human in the eyes of the Pashtun muslims
this has nothing to do with different religion or anything just Pashtuns are more Arabic than the Hazaras so the Hazaras are practically dhimmu in their eyes
suppressed during the Soviet occupation, revived with fervor under the Pashtun Taliban and largely ignored by the US puppet government today
Islam like Judaism has clear cut rules and logic behind why they believe people of certain races or religions are sub-human
and they still retain these passages and rules today
it doesnt breed a good atmos

because he's white?

The communist manifesto is a fucking pamphlet

Because Holla Forums is for anti-intellectual autistic STEMlords and Finance/Biz majors who could never write anything worthy of note or finish a book longer than 500 pages. Leftism is an intellectual conclusion not an emotional one. You have to deduce these ideas for yourself then go read about them. You meme yourself into right wing thinking, you think your way into Leftism. Totally different approaches. Memes are just archetypal high octane rapid fire pocket thoughts for stupid people who are mentally dead and have no ability to construct a discourse or model for reality. Holla Forums runs on memes just like how Nazi Germany and America ran(run) on propaganda.

Holla Forums thinks within the frame of capitalist society. ou knw, the thing you growed in your whole life? If you try to think outside this mold, you have necessary a lot of catch up.

They wish. I agree with the rest of the post, though.

they also can't analyze anything which we see with podesta and pizzagate. they all know that what they're saying is half true and they all sense they're building a castle out of bullshit. but, they keep going with it because they know the power of propaganda. i've studied them on twitter extremely closely

From the lurking i've done for almost 2 years on 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ they seem to be mostly electrical engineers, comp sci majors, business majors, biz management types, finance guys, some engineers, a lot of middle management types at warehouses and mills, quite a large number of NEET's and then a lot of faggots who are just skilless poles

well its vague as shit
Podesta and his brother were in Portugual when Madeline McCann disappeared
the eyewitness sketches of the abuductees do resemble Podesta and his brother
they have emails from the exact fucking dates McCann was abducted and they're all conveniently deleted
plus all the creepy pseudo-pedo shit in his house like the 'artistic photographs' of nude teens and the fucking abstract paintings that look like three grown men gang raping a toddler, the connections to elite bourgeoisie pedophiles who are currently serving prison sentences
never mind all the weirdly fucking worded emails using known pedo terminology and codes
absolute power corrupts, raping kids for these people is the height of decadence

no i really didn't buy into much of the pedo shit from Podesta i don't believe it really at all

i believed all the Epstein, Rothschild, Trump, Prince Andrew, Jimmy Saville, Dennis Hastert, Cyril Smith and ted Heath shit because there's strong evidence supporting it. Podesta played out exactly like the Nebraska Satanic panic with the same exact parties and styles of investigation playing out. i don't trust the right wing deep state and its appendages to investigate anything to do with the left at all. Im sure HRC and co are evil and do pedo shit. But, nothing in the emails was convincing or incriminating. Holla Forums went full retard on this one

There's nothing wrong with rich people, not all rich people own private property.

Considering Foucalt never shyed away from technical language in his writings, I'm gonna posit you're misinterpreting him.

Seems like we're pretty much in agreement on the history of what happened there. Thats pretty funny that the US went and destabilized the british setup to get more power and it blew up on them though. That's very USA.

As to the non-violent eden thing there are a few cultures where we could make something like that argument. Some of the north-american Indian cultures and Pacific Islanders did not have the same concepts of state power, property and systematic war that Europeans had. They had "wars" and "governments" but it was tribal, nothing like the organized states and military the europeans brought. The genocide of those people's and replacement of their way of life by the European model was a very dramatic change and a real tragedy. Most of the middle-east was not really like that, lots of home-grown as well as foreign state oppression.

But I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. Yes things were bad there before Europeans came that does not mean it was good when Britain or the US was fucking them instead or that it had no negative impact on them. If you beat up kids who are hit by their parents it still has a negative impact on them. We can't say "well they're used to it so it's fine if we do it more".

but you trust the left and their ability to investigate anything to do with the right?
thats a double standard m8, thats bias
I dont even believe the Trump shit, it looks and feels too much like the fake rape case against Assange
Epstein is guilty as fuck though
how about the flight records that put Bill Clinton on his 'Lolita Express' 26 seperate fucking times?
not damning incriminating
but c'mon its sus as fuck
I remember one which was talking about bringing pizza to a pool party at someones house
then in brackets (7, 9 and 11) after pool party
like wtf
if you translate that from pedo code its literally im bringing some kids aged 7, 9 and 11 to the sex party im sure you'll enjoy them wink wink nudge fucking nudge

well no shit
many pacific islanders had an entirely different version of what we would consider farming
due to the small size of the islands they lived in they didnt have agriculture they had aquaculture
literally you didnt own land you owned sections of coastal water to fish
doesnt qualify for much really
smallpox killed more Indians than war/genocide and that was largely unintentional
most of the deaths caused by smallpox began shortly after the Spanish began colonizing the new world
i think it was something like the natives had a 3% survival rate
nothing happened with the pacific islanders though I can remember Hawaii
sad fucking sick tale here
Britain had been courting the King of Hawaii King Kamehamaha and had intended to bribe him since this was Britains favourite method of colonization, bribe the local chiefs/forms of government to let you do what they want so they could build a military port in Hawaii
suddenly out of the blue America invades and in the course of the invasion the entire Hawaiian royal family even the babies were all slaughtered
Britain lost Hawaii since there was noone left alive to negotiate with and America gets an extra state
they were infinitely worse before European empires entered the region
the Parsi of the Kashmir story could tell you some of that
what its like to be treated like a non-human for centuries before European empires come in and start treating everyone equally as a statistic instead of slaves and masters

sad story here really
you should look up the effect westernization and capitalism had on the pacific islanders and their attempts to build and capitalise on capitalist fisheries
they forgot their tribal knowledge out of greed, overfished their waters and ran out of food for an entire generation

There are winners and losers anytime there's a major shift in power and social organization. People who were oppressed before can become less oppressed, people who were free before become more enslaved. What's interesting to me here is that more conservative folks like yourself apparently feel the need to defend Western civilization so much.

Yes other times were arguably as bad or worse but we are still the major power right now. If you are against oppression in general it's very reasonable to be criticizing the US right now. The mongols are not an empire anymore, the US is dropping bombs presently.

and I aint from the US
I dont give a shit about the US apart from how their policies affect me and my country
and if Trump is possibly looking at dissolving NATO i am fucking ecstatic
the end of Cold War American military dominance in Western Europe means real fucking independence for the first time in a long time for Europes militaries
why shouldnt we?
until I see other rival civilizations in actual decline all I see is Western civilization slowly being subverted, weakened and conquered through economics, demographics and ideology
imagine the power China is going to have in the next few decades
not even economically
imagine if China decided to force migrate huge swathes of their backwards dumbshit peasant population to other countries
50 million into India, 50 million into America
that sort of forced migration
50 million possible voters voting for a pro-Chinese agenda in countries China views as rivals
no wonder Xi Jinping is so keen on globalisation
the Saudis are literally preaching to the Wahhabis of the ME to succeed in jihad through hijira
holy war through migration
winning a war against an ideological opponent by altering the demographic of your opponents nation by exporting people who support your agenda and incorporating them into their nation
in a so called 'democracy' this is basically losing a war and becoming the conquered
the Athenians knew this which is why their 'democracy' was a timocracy where only men who owned land had a legal vote because they were the only citizens who could be trusted not to support a foreign agenda
not to sell out to Xerxes or Darius and have the Athenian youths carted off to Ecbactana annually to serve his majesty the King of Kings in his royal harem
you simply cannot view the modern world through the lense of modern history
we havent changed as a species in 100,000 years
and civilization at a stretch is barely 12,000 years old
the current age we live in might be the golden age already and we just think its the Kali Yuga because we're enlightened enough to know just how shit things really are

The Communist Manifesto is a much better introduction than Capital. The Jacobin ABCs of Socialism might be good as a more recent (as written this century) introduction.

Rival civilizations? See this is what I don't get. Say China wins a big set of wars and takes over all of Europe. They're not going to salt the fields they're just going to own all the factories and banks and make you work for them. Currently there is a set of mostly white people who own all the banks and factories instead. Unless you are one of the class of people that actually owns those things the only thing that changes when one civilization or another "wins" is who you pay your taxes too.

Is the fear just that if western civilization loses you'll be treated much worse by the victors?

Yeah without the labour laws
enjoy working an 18 hour work day every day of the week and sleeping under your workstation

that is always the case
Western civilization is literally the only civilization that when winning a war and conquering a people made some sort of attempt to not uproot them too much
literally every other civilization its work the men to death, rape the women and breed their race out of them and indoctrinate the surviving children with your religion/ideology


The industrial revolution started in western civilization, it was common practice to force people to work 18 hours a day with no weekends or safety regulations. Putting checks on that kind of exploitation was one of the biggest victories of the leftist labor movements of the time.

So is your argument that western civilization is better because there were more leftists here than in china?

isnt China technically Communist? go easy on me I know not rael Gommunizm
China currently has no qualms about forced labour and you can guarantee if any nation becomes subject to China's whims the people will suffer
we're already seeing this in Africa with China's new found imperialism
there are blacks in Africa now that claim they want European Imperialism back in Africa
because Chinese Imperialism unlike the Europeans doesnt build hospitals, schools or create and maintain infrastructure for the African to use also
the Chinese just come to exploit the natural resources and the even cheaper labour

Yeah and thats a good thing
back when Socialist movements ALL fought for the working class man and his family
what the fuck do the majority of them proclaim to fight for now?
fucking diversity, unisex toilets for transexuals and other irrelevant nonsense

I invite fascists to give me any sort of literature that isn't retarded. I read Gentile's essays, the Doctrine of Fascism, Mein Kampf, Codreanu's book.. All of it just mindless appeals to idealism and feels with no substance.

This right here is exactly the problem. Individuals don't change because the crime rate changes. The crime rate changes because of individuals.

This is the main difference between right and left. Whether you misunderstand the application of statistics here or not is not what decides left or right. Its that in the face of statistics the right, conservatives, choose personal safety, limiting other peoples freedom to maximize their security. The left chooses compassion for the individual. Most liberals think this means handouts and welfare, but the true left attacks the core reasons that those people are disenfranchised in the first place - economic inequality.

What these statistics really show is that inner city ghettos in the US are as economically disenfranchised as Africa, that we don't take care of our own citizens, and that they are reacting as anyone would in a violent situation when they are not sure if they will eat the next day.

You can keep saying not my family not my problem but eventually it will catch up with you.

So here's my take on it. Lot of you more conservative folks are putting the cart before the horse. You talk about the greatness and how fair and moral your particular country or civilization is compared to other people's. Whether those other people would agree with you is another question but lets just assume you're right for now. If things like fairness, equality, decent standard of living and etc. are what makes your country great then you ought to be fighting for those things and protecting them. If we sacrifice all our values to beat China then even if we beat them we've lost the only reasons we had to fight in the first place. Who cares if America is the greatest, or Britain, the leftist criticism really is intended to protect the values we find important. You want to protect western civilization, join a union.

But yah feminist identity politics crowd is cancer, the sooner we can purge them from the leftist cause the better.

Mein Kampf is such garbage that not even Mussolini could finish reading it, but out of all those books which did you find the most compelling? I need to read some fashy literature some time but Mein Kampf was a waste of time.

oh for the love of Zizek and Stirner please fucking do
its boring without a competent enemy to rail against
their ideological cancer is literally going to be the lefts downfall at this current rate
they're arent even an achilles heel at this point they've poisoned the heel, the leg and half the fucking torso
morality is subjective
Western civilizations morality apart from the unwanted Christian elements can be traced all the way back to Socrates and even fucking Solon
it is your moral duty to question the established order and find your own conclusions
that is what makes Western civilization the greatest compared to the rest which is primarily blindly obey your elders out of respect
Socrates taught us to never blindly obey your elders and he died for it
but thats the beauty of our civilization
martial law and the like
everything can be put on hold/suspended for the duration of a war
Western civilization is also the first civilization to mobilize entire nations for the purpose of war
where an entire society is structured for the strict purpose to support and feed a continuous war machine
what you call idpol has burrowed its way into leftist rhetoric and it has no values, no fucking limit
Salons already pushing the pedo acceptance rhetoric, theres a canadian politician who's considering 'animal marriage' as a means to 'decriminalize' bestiality
if the left is supposed to protect the values of western civilization when does the left draw the line?
wheres the boundary you wont cross? or will it all end in total anarchic societal collapse and we get conquered by the top/down social stratas of Confucious or Muhammad and Socrates dream dies with our memory
And I'll say it now I am no conservative
cuckservatives dont think like I do
if anything im practically a libertarian/anarchist nationalist
I agree I dont care either
All I want is sovereignty and the right to determine the rule of my land which I am intrinsically linked to by the record of thousands of years of ancestry
I'm a prole and my family has been for the better part of 250 years
am I just dirt to be crushed underfoot by the relentless machine or do I have a say in the future of the nation so many of my ancestors died for

Conservative dads and priests were porking children long before liberal outlets started pushing to protect their own members who had been outed as pedos. Covering up child abuse is not a leftist or a right wing issue, both do that.

This is the thing though, you talk about protecting your nation and the heritage of the nation and ancestry as though the nation is the same thing as the people who live in it. Just because your nation has sovereignty does not mean the people who live there are free. Should we be protecting the sovereignty of nations or the sovereignty of people?

the only stable way I can see it working is protect the sovereignty of the nation in the interests of the people if that makes sense
Oh I know
conservatives stifle it as long as possible but once its out they're a pariah
might as well burn them at the stake for being a witch
the pattern I've seen with the left though is its found out, its downplayed and then they attempt to normalize it
like its normal sexual behaviour
which I just cannot abide
literally until the 20th century thats how it works
a nation stopped existing in the past once its people were destroyed or enslaved by another
this hasnt ended, the first half of the 20th century was rife with state ordered genocide/democide
in both left and right wing institutions
but its like ever since the 50's its been taboo to do it outright
even though we're going to end up in the exact same scenarios again in a few decades
genocide doesnt have to be overt it can be subtle
brainwash a few generations with media, increase the cost of healthcare to thin out the proles/peasants who make up a majority of the population, introduce carcinogenic chemicals into the food and water supply under the pretense of purification and preservatives and begin large scale immigration to displace the native demographic
its bourgeoisie 5D chess and the end result is our mutual annihilation/enslavement it seems Kek

Honestly I think the conservative leaning nationalists like yourself are pretty natural allies for the socialist agenda. Not Socialists were actually nationalist socialists. The big boogeyman for both nationalists and socialists right now is the globalist financial interests that seek to turn the whole world into debt slaves and kill anyone who does not fit into that plan. The state is a good vehicle to battle against that to the extent that the state itself hasn't been subverted to the ends of those same globalist financial powers. The plan for both socialists and nationalists is to remove the current corrupt government and replace it with a new one that better represents the needs of the people through revolutionary means if necessary.

I don't want to be on the wrong end of future genocides any more than you do. I've been arguing for a while that fascists got an undeservedly bad reputation on the left after the whole Hitler thing. Nothing wrong with wanting to protect your family and homeland as long as we can get clear that it really is the banks that are the problem and not the jews that happen to be in them.

Holy shit, this thread

But for OP, prole.info has some good easy to follow and short works that explain classical marxist concepts well

no matter how many books you read, none of them will justify how ridiculous and idiotic some Marxist beliefs are, like how ANY employer-employee relationship is "exploitation", or how money shouldn't exist, or how "communism is inevitable!", or how central planning can work (despite the results of the socialist calculation debate), or how "le evil 1% wall street doesn't do anything productive! The economy would be better if we sent them all to the gulag!", or how […]

you're a gigantic faggot and i hope globalization accelerates so faggots like you get washed away by the tides of history. fuck your weak weasel ancestors and fuck your nation and race

That being said, you CAN do enough mental gymnastics and data manipulation to justify your religious beliefs, which is exactly what most Marxist books try to do.

no they're not at all, they're crypto-fascists and reactionary down to their core. they should be purged ruthlessly and completely


kek. pic related

Yes, that's exactly what Marxists are. They don't care that their religion isn't based on facts.

dubs of truth confirm

Austrian "expert" detected

Marxist "expert" detected

common fucking enemy tbh
drive stakes through the hearts of the financial vampire, cut off their heads stuff the skull with garlic and toss them in a river
breddy much
I agree tbh
it is the banks fault
just jews were more likely to be involved in banking since its an occupation that doesnt require the ownership of land A Roman law passed in the 1st century AD after the jewish revolts to ensure they couldnt purchase land to gather strength/influence through for the majority of AD Europe usury giving loans and attaching interest to the loan was illegal for Christians but legal for Jews so Jews were given titles like Court Jew by the monarchs of Europe so they could increase taxes through interest on the peasants and get more gold while enjoying a protected status
jews and the banks is more of a result of some jews and Christians working together to exploit a flawed religious system but the association didnt die
anyway thanks for entertaining me with a decent discussion, I feel the animosity between us might just melt away with time as long as shills and other fuckwit groups dont drive a wedge between us on purpose for their interests

Ok here's a game I'm going to describe an ideology and you can guess whether it's fascist or authoritarian communist. Respect for authority, belief in the necessity of total mobilization of the people for the common good, state control of important industries. Guess what it's both. There's basically no difference between the policies of fascist states and communist states.

I agree about the reactionary part though, they really love muh national unity, hate people who burn the flag, care about cultural values and normalcy in social and sexual relationships. But we've gotta be real here, most proles in any nation are going to be pretty conservative/reactionary in that way. If we refuse to work with anyone who thinks their sports team is the best because muh-counter-revolutionary the socialist project is dead.

Are you going to post the one with them hiding behind a shops's shutters next?

off to >>>/liberty/ with you

and don't make me break the NAP

nice comeback. I can see communism really taking a toll on your creative faculties

How can you be authoritarian in a stateless society?



Yup, I think it's a case of mostly artificial divisions based on religion and differences in social concerns. Which are still significant but if we're both getting fucked up the ass by the same guy I think its pretty reasonable we form some sort of common front to deal with that shit.

Rest of you fuckers take note, fascists are just as opposed to financial exploitation by the ruling class as we are. Most of them also dislike the destruction of important public institutions by unbridled capitalism. They're quick to argue for the dismantling of institutions they think are against them or destructive of important values (universities). But if you frame it in terms of the importance of preserving knowledge, history and the strength of national institutions they will be your biggest allies.


Yeah, nah.
They are classcucked as fuck.

a video of zizek eating fruit salad made me into the edgy commie I am today .

I admit that his latest lecture are kind of boring but that doesn't make him less amazing


if you understand the socio-political, linguistic, esoteric spiritual and economic/ecological implications of spiritual texts then yes it makes you far smarter than a faggot atheist whose only read Dennett and Krause and Harris and Russell and thinks they're anywhere near being intelligent based on that kind of background

the NSDAP never self-identified as fascist really
the just got labeled that by Soviet and Allied propaganda who wanted to lump them into the same category as Mussolini and Franco


Because people on Holla Forums are kind of bad about getting across ideas.

It's almost like a group of politicians rode popular resentment against financial exploitation to take political power. Then once they had political power sold out to capitalists behind the scenes. We shouldn't confuse the actions of the party leaders with the attitudes of the people who voted for them.

They're all awful. The Doctrine of Fascism is really short, so you can read that in a few minutes. Otherwise, I suppose I'd recommend Codreanu's "For My Legionaries" over Hitler's trash or Gentile's navelgazing if you really wanna read one of them. At least Codreanu is a remarkable though somewhat obscure character and it's kind of interesting to follow his deranged thought patterns. The book is a bit of an incoherent mess at times though.

I'll check out Codreanu's book, is that his writing you quoted? I've read "The Doctrine of Fascism" and agree entirely with your point that it's full of appeals to idealism, both morally and metaphysically. I really do think that Fascism is mystical.

Mussolini hired a classical liberal economist to run fascist Italy, so either way the original point that "fascist are opposed to exploitation" is divorced from reality. But, the Nazi's were fascist. You seem to think of "fascism" as more of a coherent ideology than it actually was. It isn't nearly as stringent as Marxism, despite all the sects and different interpretations of Marx.

Fascist are not our allies, they are our enemies.

I did find a Holla Forums books thread.
>>>Holla Forums8742915

Maybe you will get red peeled :^)