Is Davos a communism?

Hear me out.

The great, good and powerful attend this convention every year and every year they talk about the same things. They champion globalisaiton and centeralisation, they speak in support of mass migration, they speak about global inequality and attempt to devise ways to counter said inequality from a top down approach. Hell, the keynote speaker this year, the man defending hardest globalisation (internationalism) is the leader of the Chinese communist party, Xi Jinping.

So left/pol/. How right am I? Are the global elite beginning to speak and think in communist terms and if so, how sincere are they? If sincere, why now?

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Global leaders are all jewish commies that want to end the white race

t. Globalist pro

I should have inb4'd cause this was predictable af.

Most of the people there are whites. I don't think for a second they say what they do because they really care. They have an agenda. I'm raising the question of how closely does their agenda match certain visions of communism. There is a lot more crossover between the global elite and socialistic ideas than you like to admit. Just look at the neo-cons.

You forgot the quintessential flag.

Yes the global elites want to abonlish profit banking, they want to give the MoP to the proletariat, produce commodities for use and not for exchange and aboliah money-price form

This is their agenda

This is what is really happening user

This is real

The speech from the chinese president

kek and some people out there still call China a communist country

Bit defensive my man. But fine. I'll raise hisup to your top-tier level of discourse.

With globalism in retreat could not the global elite be looking for a new overall guiding theory (to replace neo-liberalism)and entrench and secure their position? If you agree with the above then you've got to ask what this new ideology will be. I get the impression you dfon't follow much news so let me tell you that 'right wing populism' has been a massive talking point at this years Davos. Guess what the consensus there is.

protectionism and trade war are the anti-thesis to communism (truly realised) no?

Come on now

Are you telling me porky can be trusted?

Guys not related but I don't want to start a new thread for it…

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Define globalism


What do you mean? Is this going to be another of these threads where one of you denies that 'globalisation' is a thing? If it is 'globalism' in perticular you dislike, consider a globalist to be one who accepts and indeed acts to assist the process of globalisation. Easy no?

Just did.

Where do I read up on their conclusions or whatever?

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Globalism is a fucking buzzword made by cuckservatives to label anything they dont like, Its a fucking illusion

The problem here is global capital, that is cheap manufacture and extraction in the 3rd world and credit bubbles on the first

Take a guess if the meetings at Davos adress this issue



The problem with globalization(the economic aspects of it) is that it benifits the elite disproportionately.

It's largely helped the widening gap because borders and nations are no longer issues for exchanging capital. Undoubtedly there are good things that come from globalization, such as the exchange of ideas and culture.

Though exchanging a globalist elite for a national elite is kind of pointless, no?

Also, google murray bookchin

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It obv was an ironic post you fucking yuroape

read this OP
even pro-capitalists should be worried about increasing inequality as it means political instability (both left and right)

well if you consider the lack of trade to be global trade

dude, the thing about globalization vs globalism is

You can be 100% nationalist (my country is the best, my country first)
100% anti-immigration
100% cultural chauvinist (my culture is the best all others are inferior)
100% ethno-centric
100% traditionalist
100% theocratic
and still be completely interconnected to the global market.
In fact most countries will probably be like this in the future, as most already are this way to a degree.
It's totally different from what we want

You don't get to. Security is tighter than g20. You get the highlights, all censored and prepared for public consumption.

Here's a bit about their focus for the year tho.

Fuck liberals piss me off with this. It was in the subheadline of another important thing a couple of days ago too.
They just can't admit that the problem isn't a lack of diversity, because to do anything else would draw them to some serious problems with their worldview.

Globalism is a made up word. Fine. So is literally every word ever.

Yes, we call that globalisation.

What's your point? It came about to describe a process that is well underway. I can't see why so many here take issue with the word.

This is the end result of Marxism Leninism just incase you were all forgetting that.

That's obvious. More inequality means people with less money to buy porky useless crap.
So yes, i believe they shoudl be worried.

Read Violence, Zizek talks about those Davos faggots.

Its literally a gathering of the most out of touch people on the planet all circle jerking about free trade and capitalism.
Sometimes i day dream that some terror group invades it and kills all of them