Vegan Hate Thread

Do you hate vegans?
What are stupid things vegans say?

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what is to hate exactly? They just don't like eating animal stuff. Does this hurt you in some way?

I don't hate vegans but I do think they are dumb lifestylists

Peter Singer and animal rights philosophy is a fucking joke. Just saying that. Sage for off topic.

Who keeps making these shit threads?

I would say their whiny vegan moralism, equating eating a burger, steak with Jews in a gas chamber.

I find it amusing how they are so neurotically obsessed with trying to not harm animals, when nature itself is inherently violent, animals don't have any moral issues killing and torturing each other. Dolphin's even have gang rapes, even if they are an intelligent species.
I think agriculture should be reformed, but I wouldn't eliminate eating meat.
I would like to see more anti veganism studies that aren't funded by the meat industry.

But how does that actually hurt you?

At this point, it's annoying moralism.
If they were able to get their batshit insane legislation passed, then it would harm me.

Veganism is a symptom of neoliberalism. People with nothing to eat don't have the muh privilege to choose to be vegan. It's just like any other form of liberal college faggotry.

Lol. You just used the argument of "HUMAAN NATTURRRRR" but applied to animal violence.

I'm not a vegan, I eat meat, but vegans are right. There's no need to kill any intelligent animal since b12 suplements exist.


So you mean it triggers your feels?

If anything, vegans get triggered over someone telling them they will eat a burger/steak and will enjoy it.

It's lifestyle moralism at best.
I do question the propaganda they put out about how their lifestyle moralism is healthier.

yeh but you HATE vegans. Them having this diet outrages you. It triggers your feels, yet it does not directly hurt you, in fact due to supply and demand it might actually make meat cheaper for you. Regardless of how triggered they are by meat eating. You are triggered.

I have never actually met a vegan or vegetarian who gave me as much as a disapproving stare for eating meat.
You just seem to be bootyblasted that someone would have the audacity to be a vegan OP.
I bet you like to post dead animals and meat dishes at veggies and call them triggered if they complain

Some are annoying as shit, but most I've met are alright. Saying all vegans are like this fag is like sayint all leftists are like pic related.

vegan camping on your shit thread

The politicization of consumption is a means by which guilt is placed in the individual for the crimes of the capitalist state; to politicize your own consumption is to not only partake in capitalist hegemony, but reinforce it.

Peter Singer gets gulag.
Vegans get gulag.

I don't.
I only know of one vegetarian in my life and he leaves me alone.


Vegans and vegetarians are okay in my book as long as they aren't being classist and/or racist. Cause there are people with iron defiencies and other medical ailments.

Is sucking dick vegan? And if not, how can you still call yourself one?

it is

No, they're just annoying.
They're dogmatic about people no longer eating any animal products right now when it would be a lot more effective in terms of animal lives saved if they campaigned for people to reduce their intake of animal products. It's much easier to convince people to not eat meat one day out of the week than to stop eating anything that comes from an animal. Man, I've seen vegans sperging out that running an apiary is murderous.


Bruv they won't even shift on their basic position. Good luck getting them to be a socialist.

Eating meat is fine as long as the meat consents.

lmao good joke
do you have any more?

Why is it ok to kill animals when you could eat plants?

Might is right

People who say that tend to have a sudden change of heart when they find themselves on the losing side.



That's a bad argument. Anytime someone ends up on the losing side of an arrangement they're likely to not like the system.

Why don't you participate in gang rapes?

we all have our little neuroses chill user
yours seems to be just a higher order one
getting upset at people who are upset

So you support anarcho-capitalism?

he's right though

what basis is there for valuing the life of a less intelligent and sentient being over another simply because of its species?

Pointing out that something is a bad argument doesn't mean I support what the argument opposed.

you realize that vegetarianism/veganism is cheaper than eating meat?

wew lad, just wew

you just look stupid. you're not even critiquing utilitarianism.


I didn't. My point was that if you're a poor peasant living in the Sudan and someone offers you a steak you're not going to turn it down because you wouldn't have the option to do so. Veganism comes off as a form of first world lifestylism without any real revolutionary potential in my humble opinion. Feel free educate me if I'm incorrect in my assertion.


you realize you're reinforcing the capitalist hegemony every time you consume? might as well make an informed decision about what you consume.

The china study is pretty shit, but linking to Denise fucking Minger's blog is hardly enough to refute veganism. Try harder man.

when did singer say that starving peasants should be vegans? he argues that if you can afford to reduce suffering, you should.

Do you honestly think vegans spend even a single modicum of their time lecturing Sudanese people? They spend their time railing against petit-bourgeois idiots who use arguments like this to justify a diet based in imperialist profligacy.



"…the life of a newborn is of less value than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee."

It's right in the OP. The logical conclusion of this is that babies should starve if their mother can't give them a vegan diet, since a non-vegan diet would require the deaths of many animals.


Do you actually have an argument as to why this is wrong?

There are plenty of vegan leftists. I mean, have you ever even talked to a vegan before? MOST of them are leftists.

Do I have an argument why letting babies starve is wrong? No, I was just pointing out that this is what Peter Singer is arguing for despite what you (?) say he doesn't.

next you'll tell me fatties will be able to run from the police

But that's wrong, you fucking moron. Pic related.

MOST of them only think they're leftists because of their moralfaggotry

they're by very nature of being vegans, an identity based entirely around capitalist consumption, capitalist

This is an incredibly sheltered and uninformed view of the world. Vegans aren't going to suddenly become meat eaters as soon as capitalism is over. They are Vegans for ethical or environmental reasons, not because they believe in a capitalist ideology.


What the fuck, I'm gay now

Hurr durr vegans are malnourished because I said so *dribble-dribble*

Learn some nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are fucking GOOD for you, retard.

Do you think vegans are only vegan because of capitalism or might they have ethical and environmental concerns that go far beyond the scope of capitalist consumption?

Wake up; Veganism is not ideologically wedded to capitalism.

Most the of actual anarchists (the kind who organize shit) I know have gone vegan.
It's kind of hard to argue that they are conscious liberal consumerist if they steal/skip their food.


Sano-kun a cute! CUTE!

And so the conclusion to unethical production is to go vegan.
Because exploiting human beings is still ok.

Their ethical and environmental concerns are caused by the capitalist system you fucking mong

dumpster divers and freegans?

This. For fucks sake, this is basic shit.

Stop this COINTELPRO forced wedge issue vegan spam bullshit

So under communism cows don't produce methane and don't have to die to produce burgers?
That's some top tier scientism.

Holy fucking kek.

Sage for stupid lettucethread

Please explain how the position that you should abstain from harming animals where possible and practical has anything to do with capitalist consumption. Oh wait, you can't, because it doesn't.

It's primarily about ethics, independent of the current economic system.

The environmental arguments are generally more geared towards capitalist modes of production, however that doesn't change the fact that feeding food to animals to generate different food is an incredibly inefficient use of resources. It doesn't matter if you're under capitalism or feudalism or socialism, it just is.

You're not going to feed the world on grassfed livestock. There isn't enough room on the planet.


The thing that buttblastes me the most about vegans is their lack of a fucking end game.

Nature is immoral and cruwel to all even the largest predator must suffer a slow and painful death in most cases.

Woops had my shitposting flag on.

That same argument can be used against communism. Everyone dies alone in the end, regardless of class.


Vegans are the only true leftists

I'm gay, and I hate the idea of gang rapes.
I'd rather cuddle and fuck a man like the ex porn star Roman Heart.

How is it "embarrassing"?
Because the author refutes the famous China Study?

Utilitarianism mocks itself.
Do I need to bring up the criticism that there are no solid moral measurements in utilitarianism?

Under communism in vitro meat would be mass produced within the decade and this tired old argument would be kindly allowed out the door for the remainder of time.

Good. That would be the ideal outcome for everyone.

Vegans generally aren't opposed to this idea.

Watch this

Last vegan bait thread we talked about in vitro meat. That's just one example of how technological advance and a mode of production designed to fulfil social need and not the private profit reckless self-enrichment of just a few go hand in hand and can overcome the major problems of capitalist society. Capitalism is broken at the level of its basic assumptions, and not about how we personally respond to or "compensate for" these. If you don't understand that, you need to lurk more or get out.

Not him, but ok
This entails accepting the false premise of class rule

Choice 10/10

No, it can't.
Not his argument, and also a very trivial, reductive position. "How do I know I'm not a brain in a vat"-tier.
Are you familiar with the trolley problem? Switching the tracks creates a moral imperative which is incompatible with not intervening to lessen harm in every possible situation, to the exclusion of one's real life.
Vegan "policies" fail to address that the very condition of nature is animal suffering as predator hunts prey, as herbivores starve when the food supply contracts, and so on. The livestock industry is nothing more or less than a reduction of the organisms-as-resources paradigm to highly repeatable practice. In opposing the latter, you do nothing whatsoever to overcome the former.
This level of philosophical inconsistency really shoots you and your ilk in the foot.

Or the "Utility Monster." lmao

That's why I pointed it out :^)

Capitalists would say that communist "policies" fail to address that the very condition of nature is humans competing for scarce resources and exploiting one another.

Evidently we both believe that nature isn't quite as fixed as some would have us believe.

Wow, a 95 minute activist documentary sure seems like an unbiased, informative resource on a highly controversial subject.

my favorite way people justify eating meat is relativism did anyone do it yet

Are you assuming that Vegan socialists #1 goal *isn't* the destruction of capitalism. That's a rather large and definitely unfounded assumption you're making there. The two things aren't mutually exclusive.

Holy shit. Appealing to nature and then accusing the other side of being philosophically inconsistent. I don't think you could have made a worse argument if you tried.

I for one only get my news from the NYT and BBC. I know it's 100% unbiased that way.

I prefer solipsism and/or nihilism personally.

Glad to see meat eaters getting BTFO in this thread.

It is, though

No. Fuck you, you dishonest cunt. His point was "you don't have an endgame." I elaborated on why you need one, i.e. why your ideology needs a specific mechanism by which specific phenomena we observe in nature can be fundamentally altered. This is something you do not provide.
The argument is not "hurr 'nature' is fixed and immutable and you think otherwise." It's that not only do you need to think otherwise to be correct, you need to justifiably do so. Again, this isn't something I've seen any vegan do.

Vegans btfo

I don't hate people who practice veganism, I hate people who "are vegans".

You want an end game? Either extinguish all non-human life or stick them all in virtual reality and drug them up happy pills until they go extinct. Coincidentally the latter option is also the best case end-point for the human species.

m-meat eaters btfo

Literally doing the reductio ad absurdum for me
Thank you Comrade Questionable

They think that we aren't designed to process meat but fail to realize that 90% of all tribal cultures pre-Western contact ate meat

It's clear you're not arguing in good faith and this is little more than a derogatory shouting match, so why not have some fun with it? There'd be literally nothing unethical about engineering an artificial plague which causes rapid and painless brain death.

Do a search for vegan keto. They do exist.

Oh, do tell. This ought to be good.

This is Holla Forums. Arguing in bad faith is pretty much the only thing that goes on here.

Well, I don't think you could make your position on the issues much clearer than that. Nice talking to ya.

everypony dies most ponies live in horrific conditions

epic please address your endgame.

This argument tends to only work when you're not getting BTFO.