Tfw made a moderator of /r/latestagecapitalism


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okay but can you do anything to actually make it a better board or are you going to have to take state capitalist dick up the ass and enjoy it, or get demoted?

Start the acceleration

find out who the agents are and publicly expose them

can we go a day without mentioning reddit here?

Slowly turn them against their Stalin worshiping and censorship policies

They're Trots

this tbh famalam

They posted a glowing headshot of Stalin with the caption "happy birthday comrade stalin" and then banned anyone who spoke out against Stalin

Tankies are so giving

Can people stop with this nazbol meme that r/socialism mods are trots? The reddit 'left' is mostly MLs and maoists and the subs are have mods who range from anarkiddies to stalin worshippers.

did they seriously imply that reddit subs can engage in imperialism?

wrong thread

top fucking kek

So you are this guy?

We're like 3 autists, relax fella.

i say we only mention 9gag from now onXD

It is merely part of our communist subversion of the internet. If it bothers you so much go find the 4chan thread and get that going.


do you plan to somehow sabotage the tankies there? I hear they ban you for acknowledging the Holodomor there among other things

there are a couple CWI friends in the mod team on r/soc. The only reason why we bring it up is because they pretend to be soo much more sensitive about women's rights but then go on to support a party that covered up a rape scandal.

Seriously we need proof of this, it keeps being said and sources keep being requested, but it seems like when it was provable the dip didn't take any screenshots.


even worse tbh

Trots openly support American imperialism. Maoists don't. They are much worse.

I mean those things are mostly just bullshit, but the Two Spirit thing is old as dirt and from certain indigenous cultures. It's not about being schizophrenic or whatever, but about embodying both the male and female "spirit".

go away Jacob you intellectually vacuous piece of trash

Which to be honest is a spooky pseudoreligious identity. White liberal america just likes to felate the ancestors of the people they previously fucked without curing the inborn illness they gave them.