I voted for Donald Trump in the state of Florida

I voted for Donald Trump in the state of Florida
Ask me anything

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How do you feel about people losing health insurance?

repeal and REPLACE

You fell for the meme

Im not a righttard
I dont want obamacare to be scrapped but it needs to be changed

I will now comment with the name 'OP'
Feel free to ask me anythkng about my vote and why I did it

Nobody will pity you and everyone will be overjoyed once you get fucked over by Trump

But i am sure like the cuck you are you are still going to defend him no matter what.

Keep sucking the pee pee man's dick

I didnt support Trump
I voted for Sanders in the primaries
I voted for Trump to piss off the neoliberal elites who want to destroy my country
I hope Trump fucks everything up for 4 years

Why are you ruled by emotion and butthurt?

Trump will fuck everything, Hillary would just continue the status quo and people would keep doing their own thing till the next elections.

Hillary and Trump from my understanding were both piles of shit
However one was in the pocket of the media and the establishment.
When Trump fucks up we will finally get a socialist/social democrat alternative whereas if clinton fucked up at best we get a republican retard in 4 years anyway to fuck up again!
With trump comes opportunity - If by some snowball chance in hell he does good then great! WHEN he fucks up we get real leftist change in this country and we can get back to the glory post FDR days

Have you seen ==Zizeks== opinion on Trump?

How is Trump going to do anything more effective than Obamacare considering it's hardly likely he'll go against corporate interests

That's the point.
The Statu quo is largely discredited. So will be right wing populism after some years of Trump.

That is assuming he does not fuck shit way up to be saved.

And he is already moving to fascism with the excuse that "evil media dont portray my autism as a positive trait, i wont answer their questions, i ll only answer questions from media that suck my dick like breitbart who are totes not fake or twisted"

How certain can you be that he wont be able to fuck things up so bad a pendulum swing will be hard to happen.

Have you seen his voters? even with all the lies and backtracing of his promises they still blindly suck his dick and will excuse literally anything he does so he ll never truly have no support.


Trump wont be able to fuck it up beyond saving. Will we have a recession? Probably
Will we lose jobs and have more awful trade agreements? Yes
Will we lose healthcare? 100%
After 4 years of this shit the media will be throwing shit at him non stop and the public will rail so hard against him I doubt he'll even run again in 2020.
Hillary would have done the same - they're both owned by the 1% and corporate issues but trump is more nationalist and hillary more naunced

Are you autistic?

Thank you. What does it feel like being a winner?

That is what is happening now and his supporters are completely delusional and keep defending him while calling all media fake.

How do you believe you are going to change their minds? Because facts dont work, media dont work and unless something big happens their denial will continue, someone LITERALLY said this about Trump's papers "when i saw that stack of paper on TV I instantly assumed it was a representation of documents, not the real thing"

I mean you arent going to find any more delusional people out there.

I didnt win
America lost
But america will win again in 4 years

Mildly but I dont let it affect me too much

You let it affect your judgement in the election tho

Trump will always have a base
I think its around 20-30%
But when all independents/non ideologues see his fuckups theres no conceivable way he can be re elected - unless he actually does a good job like he said he would
Id rather take a shot knowing that if the shot fails we get a better one in 4 yrs anyway then 8 yrs of an esthablishment shill that will fuck up and be praised by the media like obama

I rationally took months to decide but I figured that letting an orange shitstain fuck it up would be better then a lying bitch

Or Senpai Makes America Great Again.

If trump does a good job, power to him
If he fucks up we can finally get a genuine non hack leftist in there that can make sensible decisions - something we havent had since FDR

Will be hilarious

On a side note wasnt the pee story a meme made by Holla Forums?
I remember hearing about that

it won't matter after we all forget the context
people will just remember trump and piss
just go along with it its funny

If he can post bullshit on twitter so can I.

He is the pee pee man for me, which really makes a lot of sense considering his color and how his scum of a diet thing asked for people's urine to be "tested" so they can tailor the diet around that

How do you feel about Trump's Make Israel Great Again, Make America Cuck Again policy?

Im against Israel and their zionism
We need to stop favouring Israel and focus on the two party solution

Good, You are a rational Trump supporter at least.

Why did you fall for the accelerationism meme?

Because decelerationists are counter-revolutionary.

Did you vote for Donald Trump in the state of Florida?

you're gambling with the lives of proletarians for an incredibly dangerous theory

So's all politics. You think centrism's not a gamble at this stage?


accelerationism is just as fucking stupid as clinging to uninterrupted continuation. popular front policies that are meant to defend bourgeoise democratic freedoms against fascism also only are meant to preserve what allows to continue the legal grounds for work against the system.

SocDems. We're all going to hell buddy, one way or another.

Would it be better for a Christian who gets their advice from the undead?


Better for a Christian *to vote for a president*

popular front is policies of forcing the left inside socdem parties to support the continuity of legal operating communists against fascist anti worker terror that'd otherwise put both into concentration camps.
thus it also is a mean of discrediting socdem leadership that will serve as a fascist proxy to destroy workers unity.
it's reaching out to workers that are not class concious yet and do not seek a revolutionary overcoming of capitalism yet.

"centrism" is a misnomer to cover for capitalist practices

I actually agree with this. Acceleration is just a meme. But sometimes you have to give things a nudge in a different direction.

I voted for him too. Mainly to piss of liberals. The tears were pretty funny. Seems there's some liberals on this board who are still butthurt about the fact that he won.

Really shows how emotional right wing cucks are, they vote based on emotion xd