Alt-right autism balls

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This is quite intellectually dishonest since early pre-war nazi Germany did seek accommodation by creation of Jewish state in Madagascar.

there is some truth in that tho, labour zionism is a bit similar to Nazi

Zionism is white supremacism wrapped up in Jewish mysticism and victimhood.

That would be smoother if it just ended with “is“. The extra real makes it a mouthful.


oh I have a lot of these



Fuck the alt-right tbh fam, we're gonna BTFO them so hard



The Ostsiedlung consisted mostly of colonisation and replacement, with the areas the Germans settled in remaining segregated and multi-ethnic until Stalins expulsions.


that's all for now

attached the template if you want to make your own

it's funny how eurocentric anti-racists are

which one said anything about ancestors?

with the rest of the memes expressing the same sentiment

it's pure ideology

I think you're reading a little too into it. And Holla Forums is pure contrarian ideology btw.

Holy fuck comrade, did you make these yourself? This is fucking golden!

i probably am, these are memes intented to mock, not dissertations

still, the pathologizing of a sense of self that isn't narrative based but instead based on a communal relationship, is pure ideology

The Eternal SocDem is unmasked once again. Don't think we've forgotten what you did to Rosa.


dead as non-presence and non-existence is a particular notion that only follows from the fact through ideology

take your meds

Doesn't seem particularly materialist to me.

You're absolutely right, fixed.

all but two of them

thank you

doubting kek?
be careful!!!


The Left are the only ones that genuinely uphold anything that could legitimately be called "European values"

All I got

what do you mean?

There's a difference between "I'm great even though I suck because people who lived where I live in the past were great" and "my ancestors are looking out for me from beyond the grave/respecting my dead ancestors makes their afterlife better."

Stop making the text so small you berks. The entire point of these is hit and run debunking from thumbnails.

/r/ing the image that shows where Holla Forums thought star wars episode 7 was some sort of cuckold brainwashing trick


found it, it's not an autism ball but it deserves a mention because of "LITTLE WHITE CUCKBALL".
If you cannot already tell the things censored are black dicks for "reference" edited out because of obvious reasons.

Stop that, get the original.


Freud would have a field day with Holla Forumsacks






It's pretty spooky regardless of who does it.


rly makes me thing

I told you faggots, enjoy your cointelpro now

And nazbols still pretend they are any different from nazis.

I no longer bother looking closely enough at the flags to differentiate.


Right here buddy

Filtered due to obvious BBC

I can't believe how much disney jews have ruined SW

t. Krautburger

I didnt know leftypol was so pro holocaust, really makes you think

Someone should really just get them a subscription to an interracial cuckold porn site so they'll shut up

Marxism is the natural continuation of enlightenment philosophy and as such is quintessentially and immutably "Western."
There's a reason the professional anti-Marxists of academia take aim at "Western values" as an oppressive, corrupting influence per se.