Now let me just make one thing clear, because many of you extremists can not understand this

Now let me just make one thing clear, because many of you extremists can not understand this.

Communists do NOT have a monopoly on workers rights.
Libertarians do NOT have a monopoly on freedom.
White supremacists do NOT have a monopoly on strong borders and patriotism.

We do not need extremist loosers destroying the great society that has been built over the years in Europe. We have freedom, workers are treated extremely well and we love our countries. So don't any of you people come here and tell me that social democracy is not the greatest system that has been created and put to use so far.

Da mooslims and Africans are going to eat you alive in the middle of the town square when the gibsmedats run out and the government collapses because all the nice hard working intelligent white people have been bred out.

Africans and muslims are welcome to stay here if they can integrate into our societies, I do agree that some immigration has been going out of control (but that is mostly because many people in our native population like you refuse to integrate as well)

I'm European and I won't be happy until I can personally kill my boss in cold blood sorry dude

also, master bait there


I won't integrate and I'm a native European; wyd?

Hey, who u callin intelligent, mister?!

I'm danish, and we don't have democracy.
We're SocDem by must standards, but we have very little influence over the political process.

So sure, we could bow down like wealkings and be satisfied with the breadcrumbs the state hands out, or we could strive for a sustainable democratic society.

And if they can't, as increasingly looks to be the case?

This is why I do not like you people, talking about killing.

Capitalism is like a dog, you have to train it properly and restrain it.

Demokratien som vi har nå er helt fin, hva er det du snakker om?

Why not have kids than, smart nazbol kid?

Yes, European social democracy is the historic paroxysm of workers' rights and social welfare. The proof is the past three decades in which European social democratic governments have systematically dismantled welfare programmes and workers' rights.

lol So why doesn't Norway join EU? Oh i know…because they would have to share that nice oil and big fishing areas with everyone else.

Make this thread again when oil crashes

Soc Dems are fine but you need to stop shitposting in here until you read some critiques of private property and wage labor. Until then get the fuck out.

Because we are an independent country who want to be governed by Norwegian people and not rich assholes in Belgium.

Det er helt fint hvis du har en masse penge og ingen problemer har med ikke at have indflydelse på den politiske process.

European Social Democrats 1. killed Rosa Luxemburg 2. are totally complicit in too many wars to count 3. sign up to the murder of countless refugees and migrants on Europe's Southern border

If your political game is buying into the practices of Western bourgeois democracies I'm sorry but you kill as a matter of course

Social democracies are all sunshine and rainbows until you get liberals or conservatives in government who will undermine social services on purpose so they have an excuse to privatize. See what's happening in the UK right now with the NHS.

Socdems are nothing but bandaids on a cancer patient.

For ikke at glemme at socialdemokratiet kun er mulig ved at udnytte den tredje verden for sine resourcer og billige arbejdskraft.
Socialdemokrati er godt for de lokale priviligerede, men er på global skala stadig et forfærdeligt system for milliarder af mennesker.

God damn i wish people in my country had this same mindset.
Norway :3


Hvem som helst kan bli politiker hvis de vil, og den tredje verden har veldig liten innflytelse på oss.


Why do we need it?

Ud over at de producere næsten alt vores tøj, samler vores telefoner, computer samt en stor del af vores "eksotiske" mad produkter alle kommer fra under betalt ulandsarbejde.
Skud ud til den anden dansker btw.

Just need Sweden, Iceland and Denmark to complete the set

Maybe, but the EU is a capitalist club

Sig til hvis vi lige laver en dansk bookchin-cirkel, ikke? :)

To act as counter-force for American hegemony and NATO. EU has potential to move trade unions and workers rights form national organization to general European organizations.

Neo-liberals are getting purged in almost every election now days it is only question of time before EU can develop into its better form.


why did you kill Rosa

but socdems DO have a monopoly on murdering Rosa

cuz she a hoe. u mad?

Det handler bare om at komme i gang.

Freikorps killed her. In historic context of the time this was more than justified for keeping the Germany form splintering any further and building stability for trade unions to operate in.

Yeah that worked out well!

It did, until communists refused to cooperate with social democrats in elections and burned down Reichstag, leading to rise Hitler.

We could instead just trade with each other and have good diplomatic relations. Better system.

It was neccesary to stabilize the unions.

Extremists always do dumb shit

i agree with
Libertarians do NOT have a monopoly on freedom.
White supremacists do NOT have a monopoly on strong borders and patriotism.

EU is pretty shitty, no matter what political position you have or some can benefit from it but most won't

også vi har to parti som vinner valget som er veldig like egentlig, det var ikke altid sånn. men ikke en dritt forandrer seg.

I can't believe they wouldn't work with fascist collaborators who murdered communist leaders

T. Hermann Gohring

You're the extremist my man


Noske ordered the Freikorps to put down the Spartacists

I don't mind Social Democrats inherently but fuck anyone that defends the SPD during the German Revolution


They can't. And why would they?

Nothing new under the sun

prove it

A few bad ones. Most of them are good people who want to become successful, engineers, doctors and scientists.

Someone is angry


Even the socdems turn to nationalism as soon as some problems appear.

Also what socdem parties in europe? They are all dead or weak.

Nearly all parties here are socdem.

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