Tactical nuke when

this is fun to throw at right-wing "populists"

nuclear launch detected

So basically, we're living in the worst possible timeline where porky has managed to fuck the planet and will probably be the only ones with enough resources to survive (for a given definition of survival until they have to throw their own into the fields)

virgin muslim neets will run a truck through a market but there aren't any brave comrades out there it seems

are financial graphs accompanied by… nice ladies a thing now?

you should read all my article threads

It's not like driving a truck in a market helps anyone.

Now driving it into the senate…

I can't imagine most of the porkies at davos actually believe in climate change
how would they sleep at night

Cute girls accompanying distressing information is a storied leftypol tradition

I… might be new here…

yes I know lurk moar

Yeah but the only way to combat it at this point is to throw global resources into renewables and seawalls. Which is time not spent selling angry birds and generally keeping their position on top of the apple cart. Ironically, all the conflict that climate change will cause will absolutely upset the applecart.

I imagine it's to get your attention to read the article.

The logic of "oh climate change is gonna kill us all" is quite a nice complement to Austerity. That's why sometimes I wonder if it really might be fraud or less dangerous then it's made out to be and we're not in on the joke.

porky looks out for his interests, I'm sure companies lobby to get subsidies for alternative energy, but if the small amount of subsidies for that were enough to motivate a global academic conspiracy, we'd still think smoking didn't cause cancer, not to mention, oil porky has more money to lobby and propagandize than alternative energy porky

How is it a complement to austerity? If anything as the climate continues to collapse it will make argents for austerity more and more absurd.

On piles of money with many beautiful women.


The answer to this crisis is simple: more public investment in services. Too bad porkies have decided to raid western governments' coffers to subsidize their own bottom line. It's like they want a revolution.

fuck off, counter-revolutionary

Instead of offering pragmatic solutions you chose to wait for the mystical revolution that will save us all?

The current situation isn't going to be solved with "pragmatic solutions". That's the problem with you centrist "moderates", you can only see problems right around the corner or when they hit you right in the face.
This is why 2008 happened, when lots of people were talking about it for months or even years earlier.

You're only extending capitalism's inevitable failure, retard.

Daily reminder that the existence of nukes means that any successful revolution in the occident will end in an apocalypse since reactionaries would rather die than submit to a new social order. Reform is the only way.

Read that as global-surveillance system…


Why doesn't someone shoot up that place instead of a fucking school?

Hurr durr the world sucks and I am poor so let me shoot some other poor kids.

There was no consent.

Because guns aren't allowed at schools, but this place has hundreds of well-dressed guys with guns.

Well, I'm assuming they are suicidal to begin with.

why is this so funny

yeah but this defeats your argument
reactionaries would consider any noticeable socdem change radical communism and blow us up all the same

because we're fucked

Is that why western Europe is a nuclear wasteland right now? No Europe is fine and is proof that Social Democracy works.

The situation is extremely dire but the left has yet to recover from the fall of the soviet union. We need a new ideology for 21th century.

they'll also be tons of child prostitutes and designer drugs for all the concerned parties involved in this summit

The soviet union didn't get nuked either
and guess what, social democracy in europe is almost dismantled
porky couldn't "afford" it any more and the rest of the world will catch up to them in terms of labor power, meaning they will eventually be average labor power and paid subsistence

t. rich liberal

It's going to hell for everyone who isn't rich.

Oh please, we already have so many ideologies.

What counts as 'using' the memes of production?
If my buddies work in the same office every day, will random losers of the street be able to walk in and start using the place and we'll have to go somewhere else?
If they can't, does that mean there will be a race to 'claim' each new meme of production as it produced?

Soon brother, soon.

I don't take your point. I don't see how you can't see how "oh everyone needs to cut back, we can't have anymore consumption" is in synch with the message of austerity that we all have to cut our living standards to please the God of capital accumulation.

I think if anything its not an alternative energy lobby trying to push global warming to make you pay more for energy (many aspects of alt energy maybe quite beneficial climate alarmism aside) but probably the more neo-malthusian among the capitalists (like the Rockefeller's who funded the Rome club that published limits to growth) who would instigate such a conspiracy if it exists.

I'd think they'd just be pro-condom or something

Soon you'll finish high school

well, eliminating the contradiction between workers and bosses is one way of thinking about it. that would be coops.
Eliminating the contradictions of profit, waged-labor competition(capitalists pushing wages for average labor to subsistence), and market speculationand crisis would be state-socialism.


basically the WEF is a bunch of porkies coming together and saying "we need to do something about climate change"
"ok what can we all agree to do"
"let's all agree to come back next year and talk about it again"
and then they have a big party with caviar and hookers

interesting times ahead