I'm not a religious or superstitious person, but the more I've researched the connection between Pepe the Frog...

I'm not a religious or superstitious person, but the more I've researched the connection between Pepe the Frog, and Trump's victory… I've come to believe in Meme Magick.

I believe the problem is that the leftist internet doesn't have a strong enough expressed will. We need a sigil of our very own, to unite leftists and dismantle unjust capitalist heirarchies.

I propose the use of Cats, Catgirls, and Cat-Memes to Unite Us. In the Early History of the IWW, workers took a starving cat as their mascot, and when the cat regained healthy they thrived. The controversy surrounding catgirls on reddit is a bad omen, and we must counter by spreading the symbol of socialist and anarchist cats worldwide, in all sorts of rare and valuable memes.

What say you, lefties?

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How do we meme it?

Should we use a modified version of baneposting? That magic is incredibly strong

Time to show Holla Forums the supremacy of centrally planned memes

> research

Memes don't matter themselves. They are just expressions of the dynamics of the community that made them. Community and self-organization matters. Holla Forums didn't just make memes. They protested on every internet medium. They were everywhere. They could be easily reached and could be communicated to. This is populism, and this is how politics should be done. People want to talk about politics, they want to hear arguments for and against. You can become popular if you go out of your way to be with the people who are voting.

That's exactly what Holla Forums did.

Shoo shoo meme goblin!

We can use the Egyptian mythology as they do with Kek with the original catgirl Bastet.

I'd prefer Thor from the Norse mythology as Tor, the anonymizer. At least the names are alike. I think that's point with Lel and Kek.

I also recommend Pakal/Pacal from mayans, it means a disgusting Hungarian dish made from beef tripe. We could use it as an enemy God of porkies or something.

What the

Well, learn something new every day

That has potential. Bastet, the IWW Anarcho-Syndicalist Cat, CatGirlDrawFag's Ideology Cats.

Imagine images of Bastet taking a swipe at a deranged pepe.

If we could create an easily exploitable format for memes, or spam it like Bane, use the icons on all of our web accounts, maybe even try to get a "trade" of rare ones going like Pepe, we might have something.

That's totally fair, but with a symbol, with a series of GETS, with coincidences including KEKs, PEPEs, and such across pop culture, they were able to rally around each other and find hope in an otherwise impossible seeming campaign.

Give us a similar symbol, and maybe people might be motivated to fight harder. People might over-come hopelessness and apathy, tell overbearing sectarians and gloating fascists that we won't take it quietly.


I have reason to believe thoth is an 8 chan god sent here to rob the one true God of his power.
Praise KEK
Convert now and be spared the rope.

Troth is a subversion. Praise only KEK



Part of the same pantheon, for the 100th time.
We have been over it.

Osteochondrodysplasia Edit
Osteochondrodysplasia (OCD) is a developmental abnormality that affects cartilage and bone development throughout the body. This condition causes the fold in the breed and in studies conducted so far, all folded cats are affected by it.[13] Homozygous folds are affected by malformed bone structures and develop severe painful degenerative joint diseases at an early age. This condition also affects heterozygous folds, but usually to a much lesser extent and at a later age. Some will be asymptomatic.

While ethical breeders breed Fold/non-fold and not Fold/Fold (in the same way Munchkins are bred) to avoid producing homozygous folds,[3] because heterozygous folds can also develop progressive arthritis of varying severity, some researchers recommend abandoning the breeding of folded cats entirely.[7][14] For this reason the breed is not accepted by either the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy[15] or the Fédération Internationale Féline.[16]

CFA breeders have stated that using only fold to non-fold breeding has eliminated problems with stiff tails, shortened tails and bone lesions.[1] In the FIFe discussion, the representative for British breeders claimed that they were not seeing the problem in their cats and that the study which showed that all heterozygous also have the condition had a small sample size. An offer of free X-rays was presented to 300 breeders to find a folded cat with healthy hind legs but it was never taken up.[17][18] A similar offer was set up by the World Cat Federation together with researcher Leslie Lyons but there was also no response. FiFe stated that they will not consider recognizing Scottish Folds if breeders will not allow their breed to be scrutinized.[19]

Poor leftcom cat, no wonder she's down

Also, I can't say I believe in meme magic, but what the hell, cats are cool.

Quit trying to force memes. Make some shit, if it resonates with the subconscious of the hivemind it'll take off on it's own. If not, make more shit.

People say that meme magic ain't shit, but over the last week my meme dowsing rod flies out of my hand when I pick it up, and all the meme crystals dangling from my ceiling span so hard they've tangled together. Our catgirls are more dank than a frog.
Soon anime will be real, and catgirls will be real!

Also,we must seize the Boujie lolcats and make them weapons for the people.

They are not forced but centrally planned :^)

The more I look into it I see more meme potential

A parallel to the don't tread on me snake perhaps?

Also, I'm noticing porky memes are starting to make an impact on reddit. How long until we get r/soc to ban them?

A return to old internet cat memes but as revolutionary agents might work. It almost seems that history is revitalizing itself if we do so

I think there's also gains to be made in "pretend that public figure is blatantly a communist" in the pattern of jeb "Bash the Fash" bush

i want to believe

Meet the savior of our board.


From the wiki:

Why would any person or groups of people want to be associated with the turtle son?

Look at the last couple of post, the meme marketbeconomy is not working, do we want our memes to crash like rare pepes did?

We need to cemtrally plan them, someone get the tankies to work

Because the very idea of him being competent and revolutionary is hilarious.

This. Centrally planned memes isn't about forcing memes, it's mode of production which should more effectively fulfill needs' of people.
Also, my memes are shit, feel free to improve

So I fucking suck at Paint, but I dressed a cat up in a little Spanish Civil War outfit. Have a base to do your own stuff as well.

Sorry, wrong pic.

Meme magic is just the magic of being an obnoxious faggot until another person's willpower gives out.

And? It worked, didn't it?

I'm not arguing against it, just pointing out what it is so that 1 the doubters might pull their heads out of their asses and 2 the true believers might realize it's perfectly mundane what's going on here.

It's not "meme magic", it's the


and we should do what Zizek advised, use it for our own goals.

Look at what meme magic got them though, their obsession with cucking and peepeepoopoo got them cucked and their guy is now known for being a pisspig. If we memed a socdem into office or even a socialist revolution we'd probably end up with staunch Irish opposition or something.

Bleh, still the meme-right memed themselves a rather cohesive force, maybe we can meme ourselves a modicum of unity. Or a decently leftist politician or movement that is taken seriously.

Deracinated materialist cucks can't create powerful memes.

Deep down even you guys don't believe your own bullshit.

Is OP aware that Holla Forums didn't create pepe, it was a /r9k/ meme and before that it was character froma stoner comic called boy's club?
And that the creator of boy's club fucking hates how the aut-right took his character?

Correct. It sucks but I think he is now invariably tarnished by association.

That said, he was always a symbol of chan culture (at least since he first appeared on the chans), and as of late has become a symbol of rebellion against the outside world. I think his transition from radical R9K-ist to Holla Forumsack was more gradual then has been reported.

It was a meme before /r9k/ though. The original "feels good man" scene was a meme on Holla Forums and Holla Forums first.


Why not make Wojak aka feel guy into a counter-pepe?

There are so many images where Wojak is tortured and humiliated by Pepe i'd like to see one where he retaliates.

I like when Holla Forums comes here to say we just edit their memes. Literally crying about cultural appropriation. Hahaha.

It's all just magical thinking and selection bias; associating two things that have nothing to do with eachother and capitalizing whenever a meme "becomes real" and then ignoring the times when it doesn't.

But that post is saying Pepe didn't start as a Holla Forums meme you illiterate fuck

Oh my fuck

You are telling communists not to force something

s-sorry sempai

one day people will study memeology mark my words.

pepe came naturally. You can't just have threads to organize creating a meme. Just let the board grow and normal discussion to occur and memes will come. Don't force identity, or else it's cringey

Memes are forced by definition.

Can't we like debate about politics, tell the proletariat how they are being robbed by the porky? Call me old fashioned but using catgirls to make a revolution or turning someone a socialist just sounds… retarded.

Trump won because he had a simple answer to all the proletariat problems and it seems to make sense if you are uneducated like most proles sadly are. Did Hitler need frog or cat memes to rise to power?

Many are still brainwashed by Holla Forums and think memes are worth anything.

They're already doing it. This is from Great Britain's online spying division, and the US Air Force has developed software for managing multiple social media sockpuppet accounts.

The memes, man, the memes.

Who we should meme to power? Jeremy Corbyn?

It also show how Holla Forums crosses over with /r9k/, we can guarantee a good chunk of Holla Forums is not socially functional and blames anyone but themselves for being lonley

Gotchu sempai

Ah yes, pepe in the original comic was a careless stoner

Charlie Angus perhaps? IIRC him and Andrew Cash used to be in a punk band known for anti-aparthied songs.

He found the Nazi's in his depression as a failed artist and they took the Swastika from Eastern Religions. They were a weird group that found similarity in ancient people and build on the bases of where the Aryan came from and built that as their foundation for their party. No different from this thread where Anons try to find ancient gods that liked cats or some proto-communist people that had similarity to Leftist belief.

I'm not supposed to be feeling this feel.

That's real fucking spooky, fam

"meme magick" isn't real, but memes are essentially layman propaganda and if you think they can't be utilized for anything effectively then you're just larping

You can't force memes. Designating a "centrally planned meme" or whatever will not work.

We need to reject chan culture and allow our own culture to develop. Otherwise we'll just look like faggots feebily trying to imitate Holla Forums.

This is exactly true, Memes will come naturally, via funny and memorable posts, which cause a chain reaction of imitations and parodies. if you want to force memes, all you're going to get is one million posts of variants of "le ebic comnist advice animal xDDD".

Memes are fucking cancer and the sooner we reject chan culture the better.


Memes have gone far beyond chan culture at this point.
Go somewhere else if you want to bitch about how mean we are.

It's more about numbers and seemingly organization, there'are actually some reasons of how this could work.
There's some research that shows how the mayority is just apathic, change only comes with a vocal minority, in this case, a bunch of faggots post right wing pepe memes over all the internet, and it seems like they're a lot more than they actually are. Remember that 2015 and earlier 2016, the polls showed that people were "embarrased" to say they supported Trump. With more visibility on people felt more identified with his side.
Another thing to take in account, would be Democrat's stupidity. By taking a normie meme like pepe and painting it as a definitive factor for being a Trump supporter, then you're alienating potential voter base. There's no bad publicity and you're actually exposing them to ideology if you paint a broad symbol as part of that ideology.
Then, of course, comes a community sense. When alt-right identified itself with things like pepe, it created a sense of community, they could see supporters everywhere and felt even more assured to win and to proselitize their opinion.

That of course takes in account only part of the Trump phenomenon, but still I think this is a viable political strategy.

Will leftypol ever create its own memes?

You are like a bootleg of the real pol


Perhaps leftist memes should be made based around certain animu characters(Lelouche, Jacuzzi Splot, Guts etc.)?

I've been posting on /r/me_irl a lot lately. It's basically Reddit's [s4s] at this point. They're all communists, and not entirely cucked by SJWs. We should try forcing communist cats there.

They're actually liberals just LARPing as communists, worse than /r/socialism

Pepe is a scab who will beg for mercy but will never have mercy for you
Wojack is a strong man who no matter how bad he feels he does what is right.

I feel like a lot of them are at least somewhat sincere. The point isn't really finding a community that will readily accept our ideology though, we need to find a community to accept our memes. This could be it.

wasting three hours of your life adding words to pictures of cats when you could be reading theory and encouraging the youth to read theory. Autists like memes. Ubermensch like theory

Meme magic is a spook, we shall use meme science.

do u read theory at like 1 paragraph an hour too?


Every tradition and ritual in the world started as a meme.
Memes shape cultures.


are you retarded


Kill yourself and your pseudoscience non-theory, Dawkins.

First it was Satanic Cult Abuse

I didn't believe it, because that's just silly, and extremely unlikely and improbable

Then it was Aliens Abducting people to take their ovum and sperm to create alien human hybrids

I didn't believe it because that's just silly, and extremely unlikely and improbable

Then I believed a cartoon frog won an election, saying the word Kek,

despite the Starcraft community using it as a meme for full on years and nothing happened

And I believed it was not silly, and completely plausible

God the internet has gone to the dogs

All those Koreans died playing computer games. Clearly some benevolent power is at work here.

I was into starcraft, everyone was using it. Americans, Ukranians, Germans, koreans

Kek was not anything come out whole cloth by Holla Forums. The mere fact they think saying the name kek a lot will make them win, says a lot about Holla Forums, and how fucking new they are to the internet in general.

it's even worse than your implications

Yeah, kek comes from WoW. When an orc speaks to somebody on the alliance and says something, it's turned into something that looks orcish. "lol" turns into "kek" and is seen so frequently it's not surprising it spread to starcraft and other blizzard games before getting widespread use

What is the funniest part to me, is just seeing this when I was younger daily

And now Holla Forums is just fucking. Acting as if they say kek a lot, it will shift the tides of reality in their favor.


Where have you been

I thought it was from "kekeke zerg swarm"?

that's derived from the original. since kek means "lol" it's not unusual to see "kekekekeke" as "lololololo"

But it predates WoW

proof pls

Just saw this posted on fullcommunism said it was excellent because it was sizeist.

Not even joking.

yeah, that's where I understood it and heard it the most on Starcraft.

This whole thing is just endlessly amusing to me.

Who knows? Maybe people playing Starcraft saying kekekekekek started the Iraq War and the execution of Saddam Huessain

We use meme science

It was merely a jest thou joyless ruffian

when will the idpol meme end?

I know, I'm just saying because it seems everyone has this notion that kek was just something Holla Forums came up with and "used meme magic" with it, since it was the name of some frog god or some crap which must be pepe.

I know I'm taking this seriously it's just, too fucking good

It's from the original starcraft






Memes, that became law and forced at gun point.

no one who isn't Holla Forums thinks that

We all know that pepe was just feelsbadman frog and that kek was just starcraft autism

Smug Pepe isn't even from Holla Forums either so they own exactly none of the source materials for their memes. Mixed race caucasoids with dark skin invented their god, Asians invented their word of power, an unassuming liberal invented their avatar and the guy they chose to project all of this onto is just a typical neoliberal "social conservative" who fucks 13 year old ladyboy hookers

Obvi praise kek tho lol

Well, that is the group I was referring to. Not you in general.

was hoping I wouldn't see this fucking garbage here

time to move on

Memes breed enthusiasm and community. Skepticism of meme doctrine and Dialectic science is counter-revolutionary.

Recycling jokes for years is about as useful as it sounds

goddamn Holla Forums don't you know you have to motherfucking RAISE MARX FROM THE DEAD

it's really not that hard holy fuck have ANY of you EVER ACTUALLY DRAWN A PENTAGRAM

such incompetence holy fuck

do i have do resurrect him myself????

I present to you the ancient God Lel.
His symbol is a stork.
vid related


We should make "centrally planned memes" a meme

got it, next vid is gonna be a centrally planned meme

Praise lel


1.-make a thread about, volunteers get their IP registered
2.- they have to meet meme production quotas
3.- if they fail to deliver they get sent to the gulag (ban)

Its perfect, someone make the thread

Yeah, but users still have to create them. They don't rise out of the aether. People open up photoshop and make shit.

And every meme has a phase where it's just 10 guys going "Lol that's great"

Additionally, memes aren't an inevitable process. 4chan Holla Forums used to be the very beating heart of memes, but those days are long forgotten. It's still a very active board, of course, but it's a fucking wasteland from which no content emerges.