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Don't a lot of European countries have prominent far left parties? How does Mexico have a prominent socialist movement though? Is Cuba a socialist society, what does that even mean?

How are Nicaragua and China and Vietnam "socialist societies"?

vietnam and north korea are cuba tier tbh


There isn't a single socialist place in the world right now.

Eritrea is much more worthy of some sort of colour there than Ethiopia

That struck me too.

Also, major anarchist tradition around Oaxaca

I don't know why Western Sahara is listed as a "socialist society," but then again I'm not intimately familiar with the situation there. Cuba is very borderline one whether it should be considered socialist or not. Also I believe there are a few more European governments that are headed by at least nominally socialist parties.
At least I'm glad NK isn't listed even as a "socialist' society.

Because the government of those countries has been operating continuously since their respective revolutions I suppose. Even then, Nicaragua barely counts since they basically folded back into a liberal democracy, albeit one that has greater socialist sympathies than most.

They purport to practice socialism. Venezuela should also be orange.

Not even Rojava?

Insurgents control half the country but they're about as "socialist" as FARC

Any Kurdish state will be supported by Israel and become a Zionist client.

So they're socialists then? Good to know

who gives a shit


You're an american teenager who reads marx sometimes. Can't fathom how you think you can possibly criticise them.

How does a peasant group in the most sparse part of Mexico mean Mexico has a "significant socialist movement"?

How does Oaxaca having some communist students make that?

So what? And Nicaragua does? Since when?

Well for one, the Nicaraguan Revolution ended in 1990, and the Sandinistas came back into power in 2006, but have largely followed "free market" economic policies and not much of the social democratic governance they wielded in the 80s.

China and Vietnam being socialist because they have a communist party in charge is kind of laughable.

¡¡Ayy mis kekes!!

That's why "socialist" is mentioned in quotes on the legend: it's the recognition that they are in no way actually socialist, but whose current administration was born out of a socialist revolution and whose ruling party at least claims to be socialist.


Neh, they tend to sell the fuck out and become neoliberal SocDems the moment they get any seats.


But haven't all left parties, either they sell out as neoliberals (which I don't view as "SocDems") or become Stalinists? Well that or get overthrown like Salvador Allende by right wing agents. This seems to invalidate everyone then.

The guy includes Portugal and Spain after all, which have the average European far left parties (Communists, Die Linke style parties)

Explain these

Also India has large swathes under Maoist control

It does. The Left is basically dead in this day and age. Merely saying you're a Socialist whilst actually being a neoliberal isn't good enough to actually make you Left wing.

I wouldn't call the left "dead", it seems stronger than its been in a long time.

But this metric also invalidates stuff like the USSR and Maoist China and everyone whos ever called themselves a socialist ever

Unless you think only hardcore leninists or stalinists are "left wing".

People like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn and stuff like Podemos are certainly vibrant left wing figures and movements, left wing social democracy anyway

You don't have to be a Leninist, you merely have to advocate worker's control and ownership over the economy. That's literally the core purpose of the Left, despite what all the modern propaganda says about muh big government, muh identity politics and muh social services. SocDems haven't even pretended to pursue this goal for many decades now, so I fail to see how their movements will bring about any sort of change whatsoever. At best they'll delay the neoliberal degeneration of public services.

If being utterly irrelevant and not even close to seizing control of even the most pathetic nation on earth means it's stronger than it's been in a long time, that should tell you enough about the modern Left. The USSR & Co was a good attempt, but mostly ended up as a bureaucratic mess of government control and worker alienation. Would still be more hopeful about the future living in a state like the DDR than I am now.

No thats the core of some forms of "socialism" or "communism", its not "da left":

"The left" is in power or close to it in many countries. The USSR and Co were shitty attempts at extreme left socialism and failed miserably.

Also Anarchism. What capitalists have recuperated the Left to mean I do not care about. I envy you for the ability to be so fucking delusional that you seriously believe social liberals getting elected anywhere will do anything to stop capitalism from destroying the earth or keeping half of humanity in slavery.

I dont think they will, but I dont think capitalism is "destroying the planet" in any case. I simply said "the left" isn't synonymous with socialism. The socialist movement is small and pathetic because "socialism" was a total failure in the 20th century. I don't agree socialism is itself then crap but most people draw that conclusion. Deal with it.

Also anarchism is retarded, I have even less respect for it than communists.

Portugal has a socialist party in name only. They're pro-EU, pro capitalism, pro privatizations.
They're Bernie Sanders tier. Capitalism…with a "human face" :)

The only diference this time is that they didn't got majority on the parliment, so they cut a deal with the portuguese communist party and bloco de esquerda(die linke tier), in order for they to pass their legislation, they have to include a few proposals/changes from the both those parties.
Bloco de esquerda is that type of party that doesn't know what they want or defend, sometimes they are anti-EU, other times they are pro. One of their most known member once even said something like "It will be the left saving capitalism". Wtvr the fuck that means.
Unlike the communist party, which clearly states they are anti-EU, they want to nationalize everything: factories, insurances companies, banks etc.

The Portuguese socialists are neoliberals, Bernie Sanders is not. And the Portuguese Left Bloc and Communists from what I know are far left.

It is all the more clear what we have to accomplish at present: I am referring to ruthless criticism of all that exists, ruthless both in the sense of not being afraid of the results it arrives at and in the sense of being just as little afraid of conflict with the powers that be.
- t. garl margs :-D-DD (in a letter to Arnold Ruge)

Remove Western Sahara as a socialist society, add Morocco as a prominent socialist movement.

I don't agree with Moroccan socialists/communists, but univs are full of them, they are just full communists and they are in constant clash with the gov. A lot of them fail classes only to be a part of the movement for a longer time.

they don't claim to be. their official ideology is juche, and they have deleted every reference of marxism in their official party ideology manifestos

it's simple mate

Do you advocate reformism while being a capitalism apologist? You're NOT left

I'm pretty sure that slavery isn't socialism.

parts of Mexico are under direct communist control

that's pretty fucking significant


You missed on prominent socialist movement: Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Syria etc… just to name a few.

Nicaragua you dumb shit

The Western left is the most alive that it has been since the 1970s… but that's not saying too much.

As shit gets worse across the 2020s, new left-wing movements will emerge.


my inside voice for reading user texts became a soft spoken kinda feminine voice now, especially for short questions
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How is Russian leftism these days? I've heard the communists are SocDem controlled opposition, but I've also heard vague stuff about lots of grassroots movements in Russia that are supposed to be more genuine leftist (though not 'restore USSR full communism' socialism).

Kim Jong Un talked about marxism at the party congress.

Honestly comrade, I've seen so much autism in my time that the little quirk you just mentioned rolls off me like Crisco on Teflon. To be completely frank, I honestly think it's rather charming.

B'sides, it's not nearly as uncommon as you might think: Having binged on Dickens as a kid, I can't help but read any book (especially Victorian-era novels) in the voice of an agreeable old British gentleman.

Russian "Commies" are basically actually reactionary SocDems, aka utter trash.

That sounds cute. I just read all text in my own voice, and I always feel kind of jealous of people who say they can imagine separate voices for different characters and all that.

fixed your map OP

"The left" is not synonymous with anti capitalist socialism, its literally everything from socdems to maofags and everything in between.

How does Mexico have a significant communist control over parts of its country? What?

You do realize that Zapatistas are nothing more than controlled opposition to keep the rural Pedros in check?


If your country is grey you have no right to talk shit about any leftist movement that isn't to your personal taste

Vietnam is literally a capitalist market economy with the end goal of achieving socialism.

Whats that bit of red in Africa?

Don't insult comrade Fidel you filth.


Had a quick look because it interested me too and I amazed myself with some sonic tier google fu

Didn't they chase out that little traitor of a PM and he had to get Ivor citizenship? Someone should get that fucker. I think I remember hearing the fire may be rising in BF.

I mean should it even be red? They have territory they're illegally flying their flag over, I assume that means they also do the governments. Pink?


Phil Greaves plz


Fixed it for ya. Thank me later.



This one is very depressing, though :(

The state of the left is depressing.

What's the prominent socialist movement in North Ireland?

This is more accurate to be honest

nice shitpost

Prominent socialist movement in france too

a huge part of mexico is literallly take by anarcho communists.

they are based

I got u

Nope, just a bunch of Stalinists. Their ideology is basically slavic fascism asking for a planned economy. Since you didn't know, CPRF is a far-right party

Nope, just a bunch of retarded socdems. Their ideology is a weird and indigest mixture of neokeynesian economics, anti-rich rhetorics, and neoliberalism conspiracy theory

They claim communism is an out-of-date ideology, but that Juche is still socialist.

The Portuguese socialist party is NOT anywhere close to socialism. They are NOT even social democrats. They are 'third way' bourgeois politicians. Literal 'bootstraps' neoliberal shit.

All parties in Portugal are mislabelled: They are all more right-wing than the name suggests. The conservative party is literally called 'social democratic party'.

For anyone curious, here's a leftist breakdown of our parties, with a total of 230 parliament seats:
– 89 PSD (right neoliberal)
– 86 PS (left neoliberal)
– 19 BE (social democrat)
– 18 CDS (christian conservative)
– 15 PCP (opportunist marxism-leninism)
– 2 PEV (moderate green party)
– 1 PAN (hardcore green party)

I voted PAN.