Communist here. What brand of cigarettes should i smoke to be the least reactionary?

communist here. What brand of cigarettes should i smoke to be the least reactionary?

i had cousins in PFLP who only smoked winston lights because they werent made in america.

is there a brand of cigarettes where the money doesn't go to some fuckshit like israel/funding right wing countries?

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There's no ethical consumption under capitalism

I smoke Lucky Strikes because they seem cool.

how can you give your life to the cause when you life ends 30 years shorter than a healthy-lunged comrade?

smoke cigars you fucking faggot

I smoke these when I'm in the US.

Interesting fact: the popularity of Lucky Strikes is due to their initial marketing efforts being organised by the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays. He coined their "It's toasted!" slogan, and IIRC he also got doctors to recommend Lucky Strikes cigarettes.

Tell us more about you're PFLP cousins

Also the revolution isn't going to happen in our lifetimes.


im a comrade when the time comes. As for lifetimes, i have 70 years left at best, so the clocks ticking

the revolution must happen in our lifetime

socialism or extinction

Roll your own

If you're a comrade when the time comes then you're not actually a socdem and if you're a socdem you're not actually a comrade when the time comes.

tbf im not really "anything". As a bong, i believe in parliamentary democracy until the revoloution comes, and as such dont believe in it at all. Im asically saying, im making the best of what we have until the change comes. Reactionary? mabye, but im not a militant leader of the proles.

Bootleg sin sticks are anti-capitalist and anti-reactionary. Anything else and you're just supporting the worst capitalist corporations who profit off the death and addiction of others.

im not trying to be ethical, just the least damaging


RYO from tobacco produced from the fruits of your own labor.

You could grow your own. It isn't that hard. I used to telemarket E-Cigarettes and when I'd call up southern numbers their were all these country folks when I'd give them the spiel about how much they were spending on cigarettes they'd say "nope, I don't pay nothing 'cause I grow my own!"

I don't have my own spot so I can't do that yet so I smoke American Spirits roll your own Red Pouch. It's the organic one in RYO.

They're owned by RJ Reynolds now but at least they were independent in my lifetime. (Lucky Strike is also Reynolds BTW)

Don't ever buy American prerolled because they put fire retardant plastic polymers in the paper.

Literally smoke Cuban cigars

I vape.

Fuck off, it helped me quit nearly 21 years of real cigs.

I started vaping just to spit in the eye of that fucking miserable shit second season of true detective

i80 filtered cigars are made in armenia. Cheaper and higher quality than white paper cigs, and also come in a variety of flavors.

wew lad
memes aside, I really don't care. If it helped you quit that's a good thing.

Holla Forums isn't your god.

Do wut u want, faggot.

If you won't grow your own tobacco and roll it, just vape honestly.

It may be associated with AynCaps and other fedora tipping autists, but most of the products aren't (yet) owned by huge tobacco corporations, it's (somewhat) healthier, and you can use it to get yourself off nicotine (eventually if you want), and it's pretty fucking addictive and not even as fun as drugs with similar addiction liabilities.

I used to be a pack a day American Spirit smoker because of "muh organic and no animal testing" bullshit, but honestly, no cigarette made in the US is really organic or free from animal testing. RJ Reynolds still tests on animals, and Am Spirits are owned by them, so… yeah.

Not to mention the cost, smell, and horrible cough that came with it. As long as you don't become a fucking competitive vaper, you should be able to cut down on costs.

Do whatever tho, we all fucking die in the end and the universe will just end. Just start smoking meth and don't be a pussy.

I like american spirits. Fuck cigars, who the hell has the time for that?

That is the very definition of ethical.