/r/Socialism mods hold open house

So, the moderators from /r/socialism held somewhat of an "open house" last night where people could come in and ask them questions. There's a recording of it, here:


There are some audio issues, and there are some people that you can't hear, but there's some very interesting stuff in there.

Other urls found in this thread:


anyone wanna summarise

I'm still listening. It's a decent audiobook.


While this was going on, they were banning people with dissenting opinions left and right in chat.

Really? It was too late at night for me, so I wasn't there.

These people get off on power.

I agree

I feel like they don't understand the concept of using The Master's tools to dismantle The Master's house.


Would anyone be willing to help transcript it? would be a great help


I just finished a version of this recording with all 40 minutes of silence edited out. Stay tuned.

Can't make this shit up.

Is there nothing better to discuss?

Of course they did, they banned ableist language like 'x is blind to the causes of y'.
They should all be executed.

Is the Chinese guy also the veteran whom VoteAnimal2012 called a baby-killer?

I'm fairly certain, yes.

I'm a mod as part of a leftist medium of discussion I won't name drifting towards this sort of oversensitive moderation. How might I move us back in the other direction without getting the boot from the owner of this medium, who encourages this oversensitivity?

Are you a subreddit mod? I don't know what to suggest. Maybe take subversive actions. Invite users from less oversensitive places to your subreddit.

Yes– and the context is "I can't count how many times I heart fellow soldiers say 'chink' in the army". He was relating a personal story about racism, and the mods of r/socialism have twisted this into a reason he needs to be banned for racism.

You can't, it's a war that needs to be fought, you cannot tip toe around these people, they are the majority now for some fucked up reason, you will accomplish nothing with anyone that thinks a blind person needs to be shielded from that comment, it's insane.

I never got that analogy tbh in the real world you can tear down a house using the same tools you used to build it (and a lot faster then you put it up)

Okay. Here's the truncated version. It's re-encoded, so the quality is worse. I'll get a FLAC version up, next (still not pristine, but encoded fewer times).


Why tear down a perfectly good house if you can just kill the master?

You get the fuck out of there. It's not gonna get any better.

Coup, purge.

It is known.

It's time to accept that the revolution won't happen in the first world within our lifetimes. The best we get is internet drama. Embrace it.

Don't worry capitalism will kick itself to death without us even lifting a finger

I like this picture.

Try to get the users on side. Prepare to die for your cause.

banned :^)


It's a metaphor, you idiot

And that user came up with another metaphor which just happens to suggest the exact opposite course of action that your metaphor does.

Song I partially created dedicated to this event


They really are a bunch of over sensitive faggots.

I just got to that bit

that guy seemed so based and the mods basically just shat all over him and didn't answer any of his decent points. These fuckers have GOT to be FBI

We're actually pretty nice once you get to know us comrade.

He was making good points. The mods just want to hold on to their power. As far as they're concerned, it's their sub. They'd probably be happy if the place had like 5 dedicated users, so long as they could keep their mod powers.

That's something I never got about /r/socialism's mods. They COULD do that. Just make a subreddit /r/catgirlfreesocialism, you'll get like 10 subscribers, your community will be easy as fuck to manage and I'm sure you'll be able to find 10 sycophants willing to follow whatever stupid fucking rule you come up with every day. I think it's the drama from their cycle of implementing some dumb fucking rule, purging people who complain, melting down when the entire sub starts going "wtf?", having a "come to Jesus" moment where they promise they've seen their mistakes and promise to do better, etc that keeps them modding /r/socialism. If they had a sub of 5 users who all agreed with them, they'd never get the drama they love.


banned for referencing the word without censoring it :^)

I listened to the whole thing, and here are my takeaways.

1. The mods are letting us know very little and they're not changing their policy to let users in on their decision making any time soon.

2. The top mod who was speaking said that he himself encouraged other subs to do the language policing. They have no plans stopping that.

3. They are really concerned about Holla Forums. My suspicion is probably because we don't subscribe to or abide by these rules that they've self-imposed on themselves. This is also I think the reason they went hard on catgirl drawfag.

4. These delusional fucks think they themselves have something to do with the recent uptick in interest in socialism. Not Bernie, not the economic shit, but them. They think they're doing a bang-up job, and everything else is a fascist plot. I'm assuming they've just ignored the recent criticisms that made it to /r/all from other subs re: mod behavior.

5. They have simply flat-out refused to be more accommodating to new users. Meaning the bans will continue, and /r/socialism will continue be unfriendly to people not familiar with socialism.

Bonus: I hated the smug fuck all the way through the entire thing.

Has this been posted on Reddit, and if so how has it gone down?

Hey guys, I want to clear a few things up:

I'm the veteran "chink" who was the one talking. I'm sorry I don't sound like a "student action leader" prick, but I'm glad my "opponent" did.

I just want to emphasize that I as the author if this petition was invited for a friendly chat to level with them to see if we could begin some sort of understanding. As I've said on the recording, I want to work with them and keep them in the mix. All I desire is a total change of power left up to democracy.

Anyway, I came back from drinks with a friend of mine to be called a "no show" and be subjected to forty or fifty users. This was supposed to be a friendly thing, we me representing MYSELF and not the views of the petitioners (who were not around to speak or support me). So I basically walked into an echo chamber with the chat calling me the usual "brocialist, do you hate wimminz" type shit while you can hear the tone of the /r/socialism mods themselves.

Anyway, like I said before I am a veteran. I am a socialist. I am a leftypol user forced here from /r/socialism. And me and 135 others do want them to step down. I'm here to answer any questions you have.


Here's our sub, complete with evidence locker and petition/discord links. Any redditors among you banned by them and ready for some change like I am, I implore you to check us out. Thank you.

I got banned for "brocialism". :') I would post what got me banned, but it's long af. TL;DR: poverty and exploitation unite all proles. Racism is inherently linked to capitalism as a function. We must end capitalism to end racism. Banned.



I got banned for pointing out that a Palestinian fake news article was in fact that, fake news. Somebody else asked why I got banned for that and you can guess what happened to him.

Which mod was the guy who responded to you the most? He seemed like a completely insufferable cunt.

MSFD, same guy in that picture I posted in my last post. Otherwise known as a few names I think, but he is insufferable which is why I eventually left the chat.

I'm not familiar with reddit's rules so bear with me here.
It's obvious that the mods don't wanna listen to their community and hold elections. They are obviously shifting around blame and using whatever excuse they can to hold onto power. If they don't allow fair elections and choose to not step down how can the r/socialism users 'recover socialism'? Is there like a mod for mods that can kick them out of their own subreddit? Could r/socialism get deleted and remade? If you can't do these things how could we get the mods to fuck off?

You did good man, I haven't listened to the recording but judging off everything else you've done you did the board proud.

We should gather all evidence, including suspect COINTELPRO (including OWS stuff I have) and the CWI link and once we have a fucking tonne of dirt you should get in touch with heatst, who seem to enjoy covering r/soc debacles, our shenanigans and tech and culture war news. They seem to like putting together original articles too.

Who knows, if we cause enough of a shitstorm we could eventually hit up that hipster from Vice. We ops now.

It's unprecedented, but if we could generate awful PR for Conde Nast then they may clear house.

Yeah I guess if we compiled all the dirt into one place it would look pretty bad.
I think the silver bullet for this thing is the CWI rape scandals and the mod team's hypocrisy for banning the word 'stupid' while simultaneously supporting a group with multiple rape controversies. That really makes them all look horrendous and braindead (which they are)
Also I haven't seen anyone bring this up yet: imgur.com/a/3fSr0#LL6FEQN

Well, let me be open and say that I have experience in political outreach. These sorts of situations are quite common, and usually also don't have any outlet for the individuals in question (mods in this situation) to be disciplined or removed. What usually happens (and what I'm counting on) is that public pressure will lean on these people's demonstratedly huge egos and eventually force them to resign. I am also, as you heard, inviting them to be apart of the process. There is no downside in resigning for them save their wanting to cling to their power. Its about tact, delicate shifts in words, and a willingness to help THEM save face to resign in the face of public pressure.

This is something I want to stress to all of you. I think many users here want an immediate change, which is fine. So do I. But I've been at this idea for years, since I was first banned. This will take time, just be patient. They are scared, as we can already see by the attempts to defame me and "beat me up" in debate that failed. They are paying attention, don't think they aren't. They provide all the ammo, we just have to sit back and calmly reach out to people like you would do in RL.

If this doesn't happen, step two is to make a big enough stink to get to the media. We hope then that public pressure will perhaps get reddit admins on our side. I know its unprecedented besides a couple times, but you never know until you try. And I believe, as a socialist, that other socialists give enough of a fuck about our names being dragged through the mud by ML's that we'll keep at it.

Those are my views on it.

Let me also stress, as I said in the above post, I don't have it out for these people. Unlike them, I don't despise them as they despise me. Certain life experiences led them to behave the way they do, and I don't hold it against them. I am wanting to help them save face and resign nicely to keep them around and show them how socialism and solidarity is supposed to be done.

Everyone has the possibility to change, and our own behavior can cause others to question their own. These are not bad people IMO, just misled.

Eh I think some of them are pretty bad people. I mean I feel like most of them are COINTELPRO judging by how much they act straight outta the fucking guidebook. As such I think they will probably try to withstand as much shitflinging as possible to keep their little honeytrap going.

I admire your generosity but I have to disagree, these people are narcissists and possibly even sociopaths.

Simply retaining control of the name 'r/socialism' would be a decent score for the feds.

I despise them for the simple reason they are despicable. Whatever "life experiences" they had aren't an excuse for their shitty behavior and power tripping. It's just a shame there's no way to metaphorically guillotine these assholes. And I think you're naive to think borderline sociopaths like these are capable of changing.

Fair enough. But when I was younger I was quite a reactionary little prick, and less so as I got older until socialism hit me like a brick. I have faith in people.

Does that mean I trust them to keep modding? Fuck no, obviously not. Do I trust them? No. But I know people, and public pressure can make people do some things they wouldn't think they would do.

Like fuck a pig.

Fraternal bonding can be fucking weird. In any case, you should have faith in people capable of questioning themselves, which these guys obviously cannot do. Some people are fucked in the head and there's nothing you can do about it; and unfortunately, they're often in entrenched positions of power. Guillotines are the solution, metaphorical or otherwise.

Hey, I haven't listened to it yet(still loading), but I've seen your trip around here & there.

Welcome. I signed your petition as well. I have a love/hate relationship with reddit mostly hate. I admire the work you put into that petition & how you actually put in effort on these things. Please do stay here with us, at least part time.

Welcome, user. Stick around. You can say whatever you want here & not worry about being banned. Usually it's insufferable types & low effort bait/shitposts that get banned. I was here for 1 year & a half before ever getting a ban. It was for not censoring porn, so it was only like a two hour ban; fitting. Then I was banned for like 2 minutes because a mod thought I was a bot for posting "test" because either the site was lagging or my connection was. I appealed it immediately & it was repealed immediately.

The mods here do a great job. Holla Forums helped me not lose my sanity during the Primary & general election, when I was banned countless times on reddit, mainly r/politics. I fucking love Holla Forums & if you stay, you will as well.

censor = spoilering, btw

I really hate reddit fags coming here but based on what I heard you seem like a cool enough guy. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing because that smug ass bitch of a mod was so insufferable.

I'm seeing how far I can make it through; at about 8 minutes in now. That one guy needs to take the kettle off, lmao. Really distracting.

But yeah, the chink seems pretty cool. :^) Seriously, the only one so far who's tolerable & actually willing to have a conversation. Meeting their irrationality with rationality.

Forgive the reddit spacing; this is how I've always typed as long as I've been here. If you're the same Nazbol from this thread I completely agree with your points & how you handled those reddit posters. I felt weird agreeing so much with a Nazbol, but good points are good points. People should ignore flags & focus on the content of a post. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that. I think you're a regular here & if that's the case, please do stay. It's particularly hilarious seeing reddit assholes get owned intellectually by a Nazbol.

Thanks but that's a different nazbol lol.

Damn it. Well, pass it onto him. I know you all know each other & you all look the same to me. ;^)

Is MSFD the one who was caught grooming a 14 year old girl?

I'll stick around here of course even after we liberate that shithole. I was a redditor first, though. But the memes here are fire.

Also, link is up and available for discussion on the petition sub. You don't have to be a signee to comment or make your thoughts known. But if you're a banned redditor and you're around, give us a look.



Pic related, mfw mods keep fucking themselves

It's like some kind of conspiracy that aims to turn people into special snowflakes that will do nothing but complain all day.

Doesn't the fact that they are afraid of us mean that they are probably FBI?

Kys bat'ko ur memes are shit

I think it means they're afraid of being doxxed

Why is that?

they dont want everyone to know that the group of people complaining about muh privileged """brocialists""" supporting rape culture aren't leftypol, but actually themselves.

Big Fish in Small Pond: the audiofile.

These guys are serious assholes.
Mod says:
Mod says:

As a bonus the long video started playing and I think the same mod says, to his """"friend"""":

They are beyond bullshit. A week after they say they want more women on the board and more women's perspectives I get banned for giving my perspective as as white woman who grew up in a poor white community. Real easy to see how poor whites are being pushed into the arms of fash tbh when you have these tone policing fucktards ramming their ideological dicks up everyone's assholes and giving them AIDS.

Missed opportunity.

This shit is driving me mad. I live in Los Angeles, the capital of media/identity politics capitalism, and whenever I bring this up, they deflect: "DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT MUSLIMS? DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE? WHO CARES ABOUT POOR WHITE BIGOTS LET EM ALL ROT!"

As if they think they're any different than the Republicans who said "WHO CARES ABOUT THESE BROWN AND BLACK THUGS? THROW EM ALL IN JAIL!" in the 80s and 90s.

get out u fucking normies.

What happened?



Oooh shit is this real??? Any screencaps?

Don't get too excited. Grooming usually just means "talking to".

Vote distribution here makes it look like public opinion has turned.
They've even pinned a comment.

To all the voters right now:
Pick one.

Frankly, I'm triggered by the 4chan influence :^)

I don't know why but this was very satisfying to read at the end of your post.

Everyone there still seems to believe in the concept of safe spaces, which is to say that they believe in being insufferable PC crybabies who drive people away from socialism. Because they support this stuff it will be easy for the mods to resume their abuse of power after the heat has died down.

what a paranoid weirdo.

In his syphilis addled mind we've been 'planning' something for a month? Dear god, he really doesn't get this place at all.

Holy fuck reading that imgur link made me so fucking angry

The most upvoted comment includes 'Yes. This is the socialist sub that we all love now. We are scared to talk and comment.'.
I want to believe.

This is my worry. They'll have learned from their mistake with the strike. In the future they'll just ban and refuse comment, and no anti-mod momentum will ever build again.

But their only issue is that THEY, the 'good guys' are now suffering the enraging experience of being told how to speak and think. They're totally OK with outsiders being told what to do, and that means they support the right of the mods to police thought.



I bet they ban him for mentioning leftypol.

I don't know how to tell you this, but I don't think they're calling you that for being disabled.


You were in the Bullingdon Club!?




literally no evidence this is him


What accents are those?

I am very depressed that this is the level we're at. We're arguing about cartoon catgirls and whether the word "idiot" is ableist or not. This is horrifying. This is not what the left is supposed to be. There will be no revolution in the First World, and capitalism has already so damaged the environment that recovery for the species is impossible anyway. The window of opportunity has closed. This the bad timeline. There is nothing to do now but wait for the end.


I really don't know how or why, but I feel like the solution involves creating fake accounts and false flagging
No idea why, really

Maybe you can insult yourself through your account, and demonstrate compassion towards a dissenting opinion, and show how all can be solved through dialogue and opinions are good
Or post as a deaf man complaining that you are sick and tired of anti-ableism, which is just able-guilt turned political correctness and that abled people should stop feeling guilty for existing.
Use the sockpuppet accounts to start a dialogue about subjects you can't touch directly, idk

I usually lurk my way into terms, but this has eluded me for a whole year
Why does r/soc call Holla Forums brocialists?
when was any chan subclade aside from /fit/ ever fit the term "Bro"?

It blows my mind
Or are you all secretly chads and I'm in the wrong neighbourhood?