Was he a mistake?
Should we not have been content with Rhodesia?

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Good arguments right there, keep it up

rhodesia was fine as it was

Sankara was better

Hes the example of what Marxist economics do to your country.

Spooked by race, like any national liberation stooge.


There was a good reason why Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land.

10/10 would eliminate deadly epidemics from society again

this is what I think of mugabe


pick one.


Curing preventable diseases and building railways, not genocide and famine. Praise Sankara.

We need a flair for yellow liberals who abuse the socdem flair.

You forgot the pathetic "ok?"

Mugabe is an evil cunt but his rise was the fault of the white minority government. Majority rule was going to happen one way or another and by resisting reasonable reform the Rhodesians pretty much left Mugabe as the only viable alternative to apartheid.

is there any good reading about him
im very curious to learn more about this guy

No Mugabe was just an incompetent idiot. Like Nicolas Maduro. Has nothing to do with Marxism

not really, he's just greedy and doesn't give a fuck.

You're really microaggressing me right now man

Really makes you think
No, workers should own the MoP.

Forgot this guy

Still Porky as fuck tho. Old Ian should have had at least a Nigerian import in a post or so, could have saved a lot of headache.
As whack as this org can be sometimes I feel like this piece will never not be relevant when the issue of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe comes up.