Golden Dawn trial

Golden Dawn is a criminal neonazi organization in Greece and is currently on trial for such acts as the murders of Pavlos Fyssas and Shahzad Luqman, as well as the attempted murders of three egyptian fishermen and a group of leftist dock workers, among 60 other criminal cases.

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Why? Golden eggs have been neutered here like they deserved to.

Their leaders are autistic nazi tier Holla Forums retards, now they are irrelevant since they got cucked.

At least one thing greece did right while Amerifats voted for the almost equivalent of golden eggs lol

Greece Antifa are badass as fuck, Golden Dawn would have been crushed anyway

Maybe without the crappy ass music next time.

cant we like assassinate these guys before they go on trial or someshit

why is the left so gay nowadays

The gutter level of ideology and the biggest sign of weakening working class organization against capital. (read this shit if you have even the smallest ounce of honesty left)

throwback to when Red Army Faction used to assassinate Nazis and industrialists

Why would you make them look like the victims? Why would you invst energy and time to make something bad happening to them when the state is already doing that?

Stopped reading there. This is ancap-tier logic

i miss those guys.

how do i join

Why don't you read on or fondle my testicles.

The ancap-tier thing to do would be, if it were ideologically as popular as anarcho-smashie smashie autism time ideology, to do the exact same thing but propose the same thing in different form. Creating a state but not calling it one.

Individual Terror is faggotry.
Read Lenin.

While you're correct, it's both antifascist action on the streets and the trial that are forcing them to suspend their activity. Before the trial, Golden Dawn used to be "above the law", having open communications with the Greek Police and the state. This changed after the murder of Fyssas and the huge outcry it caused (a public sector strike demo marched to their HQ and was only nearly prevented from trashing it, )
If the trial fails, they're getting back their unofficial legal immunity and protection.

When we're talking about the antifascist movement in Greece, it's not just Antifa. We're talking about trade unions and student unions, immigrant communities and a bunch of organizations that are not necessarily anarchist.

Remember when Holla Forums anarkiddies, leftcoms etc. memed SYRIZA just like Holla Forums did Trump and ended up with a coalition with the ANEL right wing conservatives, waving through all the german demands through its EU proxy without any resistance?
Good times.

Leftcoms were the only ones not to, well before the party even secured a majority.

because if they are no longer a threat
but there was an assasination days after the fyssas murder

pure ideology

I doubt any Judge would side with the fascist morons, and the system is quite against them thank god.

Syriza was the best thing to happen in Greece, they follow EU like they should and Alexis has ties with Obama, and i trust Obama far more than any greek retard

Guess who isn't fucking president anymore

And that doesnt change whatever plans Obama has told Alexis to follow in his latest trip to Greece

The orange pee pee man is a failure anyway, he ll be busy failing and crying on twitter while citizens hate him more and more

Oh wow neoliberalism is sure to save us all

I can't honestly tell if you're ironic faggot from Holla Forums or not or some shit eating smile asshole who happens to land here but either way you come out looking terrible and I would really suggest you find a board other than leftypol to discuss this on

this is true
I doubt it. This servile shit is common among regular idiots.

no, he's genuine, i remember this faggot from back then and he was sucking tsiparis dick like his life depends on it even back then.
found it funny to see the EU poster and anarkiddies up in arms against me.

Greece has been a failure for years because they let greek politicians do whatever retarded shit they wanted, that is why i am happy with the EU and Obama taking charge, they are far more capable, organized and Trustworthy than the average greek politician.

And alexis also has a positive image after being elected again after the No vote.

It's as if you decided to do exactly what said:
Could you please at least stop fitting the stereotype perfectly and make your crypto-reformist policies a little less crypto?

They have been been attacking leftists since the 80s and their leader hasn't been tried once.

Kammenos, the Minister of Defence and ANEL looney, has no problem keeping ties with GD and even having nazi leadership accompany him in "defence" matters

Have you ever considered Holla Forums is insanely dedicated at looking very stupid for intelligence they strongly over estimate they have

And will commit to pretending to be another identity all the time like mentally ill people usually do.

This is not uncommon under the veil of anonymity

I don't think anyone is stupid enough to genuinely use leftypol as a medium to post about Greek liberal reformists in a thread about fascist trial, of which Holla Forums defends

We don't even know if its the same loser


Greece doesnt produce shit, the things i enjoy mostly comes from the west, games, gadgets, tv, movies etc, all the things i enjoy exist because of the west and specifically bigger 1st world countries like US.

So yeah i much rather be an ally of US/EU than a poorfag pleb for Russia and the east where people live in shitholes and dont have the same standards of living and access to 1st world things i enjoy

So much right-wing porky propaganda in a single post.

Then why are you here

Are you suggesting Holla Forums is somehow closer to my ideals than here? Because Holla Forums is full of brainwashed anti west fascists who hate anything fun and freedom


Feels bad, honestly.

All you have to do is pretend you are against fucking little boys while giving them hormone shots while secretly having this as your major fetish, and you're good to go.

The EU is drowning and caging refugees.

Facepaw, they have literally been brainwashed to hate the west and anything it stands for and are also fascists. If you remove what the west represents currently you have some nazi shithole where sooner or later retards with their inferiority complex will start fighting against each other for who is less degenerat.e.
You are confusing Holla Forumstards with capitalism, they dont like capitalism much either

left is way closer to freedom and letting people enjoy life. And not everyone here is an l33t communist that hates the west

The only time i saw Holla Forumsacks discussing economy, it went like this:

It literally shows how worthless and dumb Holla Forumstards are, they know little and just go to Holla Forums to "daddy plz teach me of x, i will blindly trust you because you totes arent evil corrupt western media and suck your dick after that"

They dont even know what they want other than "remove anything that is different and i dont like cuz muh fee fees feel annoyed"

Hello Holla Forums.

It also show they don't have a tooth against capitalism itself. If you lurk enough, they consider the system would be pretty much GOAT if only it weren't the Jews who are in charge.

The EU is still a racist, capitalist institution. Stop associating it with anything left or even progressive.

Exactly it literally is based on their feelings "omg i dont like x, i ll start making excuses how x is evil and shouldnt exist and my way of life is normal and acceptable"

How are you even supposed to take any of that seriously? Holla Forums literally is full of autists or edgy kids, and i have nothing to share with those morons.

I simply enjoy capitalism because it lets people be free and do what they enjoy as long as they can pay for it, only issue is that companies need limitations because they start doing retarded things in the name of "maximize profit"

EU is quite progressive mate, or at least Germany tries to push that but there is that autistic Holla Forumstard resistance

This is what Holla Forums looks like

Explain Frontex policy of sinking refugee boats. Explain concentration camps in Greece, Italy, Spain, etc and the wall in the Greece-Turkey border. Explain the EU-Turkey agreement of the EU sending back to Turkey one refugee for every refugee they accept.

Did "autistic Holla Forumstard resistance" approve and sign all this? No, the EU leadership did.

Jesus christ, so /leftypol unironically support refugees now?

You realize they are scabs right?

Are you new to sectarianism in the left or are you just pretending to be as old guard as the other Holla Forums poster with the EU flag

Holla Forums is not a hive mind.

At least be fucking consistent with marxist teaching.

The Eu literally accepted thousands of immigrants m8, if EU was really racist they wouldnt be doing that.

The goal of that is to take people from 3rd world countries, show them the luxuries of the 1st world and while they can work for blue collar jobs since they lack education(else they can work anywhere really) they can integrate after a few generations

As far as I'm concerned the EU can go fuck itself and supporting Middle Eastern interventionism for geopolitical finance is all the justification needed to send the victims of its own actions to its front doors

Don't like it? Should have stopped it.

And please, don't act like refugees are somehow more affluent than a bunch of liberal nu-right electionary faggots who've taken up Immigrant moralizing

I'm sick and tired of being beaten over the head with how much you hate it in liberal outrage there even be victims of war.

Too fucking bad you sobbing bitch.

Can someone please take their lost child, he is in aisle 4, again, we have a lost child in aisle 4

EU doesn't fuck itself.

It fucks with europeans by bringing scabs here.







Also, while immigration is a way for capitalists to reduce the power of labour, that doesn't make the refugees the enemy. The enemy is and always has been global capital, which is what started the war that brought all the refugees here in the first place.

It fucked with Europeans the moment it supported everything about this. Your delayed outrage once the consequences become obvious is the fault of your own citizenship for not fighting hard enough.

Fuck off liberal

rude tbh

Sorry m8 but if you are raised in a 1st world country full of advantages and the only job you can do is a job an immigrant can do then you are a failure, sorry but if you are not capable of even doing that you dont deserve the luxuries of the world

But I'm fighting hard enough.

I'm voting for anti-EU party.

Dude, the capitalists fire the bullets (refugees) at us.

Time to stop that, stop both the capitalists and the flow of refugees.

Too much too late. The moment the EU contributed to Middle East geopolitics and Cold War posturing is the moment you should have fought, the moment you had Thatcher, you should have fought.

You didn't.

You lost.

Game over.

Do you even unite the proletariat?

Uh, there's nothing stopping me from voting anti-EU party and anti-immigration movement.

I am, I'm uniting the proles against the scabs (refugees) and the capitalists (the EU).

Why the fuck are you still on this board? Do you have nothing better to do than sucking porky's cock?

Indeed, there is nothing stopping you from smelling like a liberal, acting like a liberal, and sounding




Uh, okay?

EU dissolution soon?

Refugees are proles too, fam.


And? Scabs are proles too, except they are willing to work at a lower price.

No more refugees? No more imperalism?


Game set match a long time ago bud.

OK, bud, what's the point of arguing when you already convince yourself.

who? sorry kinda new

And sorry, Holla Forums i disagree with almost 95% of the time
here i often agree with some people so guess which one fits me more

I'm trying to convince you that fighting against immigrants by voting for the neoliberal politicians is like solving a house fire by opening up the window

You will not be saved, you will be fucked over, this situation was bound to occur because of actions made a decade ago nobody fought hard enough to stop.

Nor the West, and its citizens, not at fault for stopping many sorts of crimes.

Generally speaking, you should have seen this coming, and there's little you can do to stop Capital from not giving a shit about you. In the grand scheme of things right now, you are about as insignificant to the people you put political faith in as a penny they could take out of their bank account in the states.


I'm voting for politicians who stop the immigration and get us out of the EU.

While you think it's too fucking late and I should just enjoy this country filled with scabs.

The hell with that!

You've said this enough.

I'm saying you are voting for neoliberal parties who don't give a shit about you in exchange for the previous neoliberal parties who don't give a shit about you or labor rights.

You don't have a choice, they will be here regardless of who your petty liberal voting choices are for. Illegal immigration will continue, you will face the same problem, immigrants desperate for work and living any way and any how taking jobs from overpaid liberals who did nothing to prevent such a scenario such as riot in the first place when these actions, or multitude of them occured.

Really regardless of who you vote for, you will see a situation unfold not too different than how America has handeled immigration,

A political talking point towards white laborers to pit one against the other during election season to incite people to vote

They didn't solve it 3 decades ago, they won't solve it with Trump either.

Elections are marketed by the same people, who market cars, luxury items, and tooth paste

You will not see a change by trusting in election rhetoric.

Trust no politician.

Is this what leftypol is? Because that sounds just as racist as Holla Forums

I am supporting pro EU parties or parties that follow EU like Syriza because greece would be shit without the EU

OK, brah, keeps saying that.

There's nothing stopping me from voting for anti-immigration politicians and I will do so.

Is scab a racist word now?

The fuck?

And how will directing your anger at them do anything but distract from the bigger issue? Scabs and refugees are victims of capital just as much as other proles. Do you think they want to be paid less?

Porky is slang for the bourgeoisie, or the capitalist class, 1%, whatever. They're the people who own most of the world's economy.
Why am I saying you're sucking porky's cock? Because you're repeating the same tired lines that every liberal uses to justify poverty: If you're poor, it means you're just not good enough. You're lazy, you're dumb, etc. Your economic situation is solely based on your own actions, and anyone can get to the top if they work hard enough. That's what liberals say.
And it's false. Even if you work yourself to death you may never rise above the poverty line. Do you think porky works that hard? Fuck no. Most of them inherited their wealth and make their living solely off rent, and the 'entrepreneurs' that liberals love to jerk off about made their wealth off the backs of people who did and do work themselves to death (again while never climbing above the poverty line). So please, tell me again how people who can't get an above minimum wage job don't deserve a decent life.

I know, there is nothing stopping you from fucking over laborers

If they are here, both sides (me and them) are hurt.

Thus they must get out.

Go back to where they come from and labor there and stop flooding the job market!

How can you be this fucking naive about how these politicians will save your labor value

You're simple

cant wait to see leftists stomped by riot police on the 20th

I don't care if they keep their promise or not, we need to get our voice heard.


Your voices won't be heard.



And if they leave, what then? They're forced to live in the war-torn country they had to flee from and you're still at square one. Meanwhile, porky will continue to try to beat down labour, and the right-wing nationalists you voted for will happily help them, because they don't care about workers like you.

and rural peasants, and academics that didnt agree with them, and routinely their own police forces, military hierarchy and 'humanitarians'

spot on here

pretty sure this place has an influx of plebbitors and their authoritarian frenzied and panicked approach to life
the funny part about the degradation of culture is some people are on different levels
colloquial slang for the working class traitor becomes a racist word in globalized panglish because its a term to describe a person in a derogatory manner and they dont understand the meaning of the word just the context so banned in their eyes

2029 immigrants still coming

If our voices wouldn't be heard, we would shoot louder.

I'm not hurt, and they get to be with their family again.

Now go!


You mean they get to die with their family, because that's what will happen. Also, how delusional do you have to be to think that giving right-wingers power won't hurt you in the long run? If you care about workers' rights they would be the last people to support after fucking neoliberals.

Sure thing. Great strategy.

When Capitalists fuck over labor, shout politely at them with votes. It worked so well when you voted in Thatcher to reinforce Reagan who, in all honesty, caused 9/11 and all this from happening.

Portions of the EU made their bed, and defense and geopolitics, and elections themselves, are profitable, extremely so.

Nobody really gives a solid shit about you or immigrants and the sooner you realize this the sooner you both know who your real enemy is to your labor

That mainly happens because corporations are completely free to do whatever they want and profit as much as they want, i believe a limit to company profit would be the best, that way they still can profit and produce entertainment for people to get money but they wont become enormous corporations that control everything, even if they manage to be a monopoly the profit they ll have is controlled, the rest would go to the government.

And that is false, smart people always get a job, your life is a series of choices, if you make the correct ones you ll be in a good job that pays you well and you get to enjoy life, if you are an autist obsessed with money you can try get to corporations and get higher, if you are an emotional overly moral nice guy with no real skills or capabilities but expect to get by because you are "nice" then taht is their fault

Oh CK you neoliberal shitwaffle.

I'm caring about worker's rights, this is why I vote for anti-EU parties who are anti-worker rights by bringing scabs here.

Yeah, m8, just keep on going.

We are doing our best to destroy the EU via votes.

Fuck off, porky-puppet.

Funny, a scab who calls me a porky puppet.

You know porkies love refugees right?

If a foreigner can do your job then you are worthless.

Sorry blue collar jobs is for losers who couldnt even get a degree to be able to be better than most immigrants

None of them do, nor do they love you.

Will someone ban this fucker already

if in numerical terms we're at a 1 when they arent here
when the fugees and third world labor comes here they go from a -2 to a -1
while we go from 1 straight past 0 and become -1 also
the funniest part about this?
the main bulk of this 'right wing' nationalist fever is from the dispossessed working class people
some have spent entire generations on welfare, the majority are just now realising that immigration = less entry level jobs/slave labour
which in turn causes more welfare
and what you'll find among the working class is a feeling where you're on welfare, you're bored, you're life means nothing, you dont like living in a tenement with about 300 people in the same crap living conditions
you have tonnes of sex, do drugs and distract yourself from higher pursuits by getting heavily into social dramas
you see the working class doesnt work because they're beaten down simplistic slaves for the bourgeois
they work because it provides structure and meaning to their lives as well as giving them the capital required to reproduce and live in relative comfort
this globalization campaign pushed by the elites these bourgeois in order to achieve cheaper labour has awoken a sleeping giant
because in most European countries and even in North America the largest demographic is always the poor white native working class

They love refugees m8, cheap ass labor who literally cannot refuse.

Pretty much. It's usually one of the following:

At least it's better than the

Yes, white ones.

And? That makes them…..the capitalist?

No. It puts you both in a situation inescapable that could have been preventable had your voting choices been wiser in the past, if your votes mattered then at all as they did now.

You could have done a number of things.

But the situation at hand will not be solved in a matter of years, nor a matter of decades.

It won't be solved.

EU made its bed for its citizens that voted them in.

Actually I meant that the war in the Middle East has no plan of stopping upwards of 2060 actually.

That makes them scabs i.e. weapons of capitalists used against workers.

Remove scabs AND remove capitalists!

Take down the EU and secure the border.

What makes you more of a worker to vote for neoliberals who will fuck other white workers and muslim workers without discrimination between the two?

Please no, have mercy! Also:
That's not how reality works, fam. The corporations run the show, not governments. They would never allow themselves to be restricted, and even if they did, they would do everything in their power to circumvent it. The only way to remove the problem is to remove the capitalist class.
Most of the youth in America have a college education. A lot of the time that education is only enough to get them a job at Wall-Mart. The best and brightest of our generation are forced to work minimum wage jobs because a bunch of rich fucks can't get enough money.

If immigrants are so intent on being scabs, then why are they forming unions and demanding labor rights?

Never stop, West, never stop.

I was here before them?

That they accept job with lower wage thus take away my job?


And…? That relates to the situation how? You being born here does not matter in the eyes of the party you vote for

its going tits up swimmingly atm
the porkies in the EU responsible for opening the door to the third world are starting to realise the vast majority of them arent Sanjay the helpful Hindu from Punjab who knows three languages, graduated high school and went to college and works in a telemarketing business for about 19 hours a day at 0.10 cents a day so he can feed his family

no the vast majority of them are Muhammad from Eritrea who only speaks one language Arabic, cant read or write, most probably has Hepatitis, HIV, diphtheria and tubercolosis unlike Sanjay who has ready access to antibiotics and knows how to use them Muhammad prefers to drink camel piss and milk because the Prophet peace be upon him described it as a panacea
Muhammad also believes all white people are christians, its most likely what his Imam said before he came to Germany as part of his hijira jihad by migration
most of the 'refugees' who came to Europe barely meet high school standards of education, cant speak an indo-european language at all, dont want to work because experiencing welfare for the first time they've realised what an easy system it is to exploit

That relates to the fact I had a job and that job was taken away by scab.

Thus the scab and the greedy fucker who brings them in deserves retribution.

Americans have had this problem for 30 years or more, and Americans have voted for harder right each election cycle, and the problem didn't go away.

Do you know why? The West's actions in Central America, and covert in Mexico, as well as those countries' terrible Capitalist choices.

But in the end they all benefit.

What makes you think your party will cut ties with Saudi Arabia when America won't?

You are being lied to.

These people will ring you for each election for all you've got for as long as there is military in the middle east,

And that will be until Capitalism is over it seems. Not any time soon.

Hey, you think they'd get along more with most Holla Forums posters

…we have voted harder each selection cycle?

The cycle was repub, liberal, repub and liberal, and none of them want to address the scab question.

Be specific in your point here

Just stop.
Congratulations, you now realize why right-wing parties are our main fucking enemy. They're taking people's frustrations with the system and directing it at a bunch of brown people who have no ability to influence anything. Meanwhile they continue to perpetuate the system that brings these people all this misery because they're fucking right-wingers! Refugees and nationalism are a distraction from the real issue: Capitalism.

he's pointing out how corrupt a two party system is

We americans haven't voted harder right with each election cycle.

In fact, our border are less and less secured, and nowadays more people are pro-open border.

They are taking out the scabs and bringing down the porky hive that is the EU.

That's doing something compared to the nothing that we have now.


So am I.

I meant in the most softest sense of the word

We haven't voted


we've voted for harder promises the more desperate we've got. But each and every one has scammed us of more.

By harder I mean, lies that seem more extreme and true to the average voter

So are all politicians porkies?

I asked Holla Forums as you can see i dont fit there at all

the system is only half the problem?
have you ever left your ivory tower and spent time among these poor victimised minorities in their self-contained ghettos in major cities?
half of it is disdain for this fucking system
the other half is genuine rage against the failed experiment of multiculturalism

I don't know, but we haven't voted harder with Obama.

Obama did not address the border question.

or Obamacare
or the three wars in the ME
or faking Osama bin ladens death for publicity


I don't think you understand what I mean. People are poor because they're getting fucked over by porky, but instead of rallying against porky, right-wing parties are directing their anger at a third party that is just as victimised by porky. Once the third party is gone, things will still be shit, because porky is still there. The only option is to remove porky, and the best way to do that is to rally all the proles against them, native and refugee alike, because they all have an interest in getting rid of porky.

He deported more people than Bush and Clinton combined

If all politicians are porkies then we all can be porkies.

And how many immigrated under him?

Less and less than under Bush, last time I checked. In fact Hispanic immigration is on a decline to begin with.

how many times have you tried that last century and how many times did it lead to untold suffering and failure
you want X and Y to unite to remove Z
but X and Y hate each other mutually exclusively
you cant get X and Y to unite
you remove Y from the equation and then you only have X and Z
and if Z is 0.1% of the population and X is the rest then porky removal might actually be attainable

That's not what Holla Forums is about. You faggots need to get out of here and stop spreading disinfo. Holla Forums's main focus has always been on the sexual revolution and restoring the love between the old and the young and making it legal to have relationships with 13 and 14 year olds.

You faggots have kept shitting up this board with "muh capitalist revolution" or whatever you losers are whining on about.

Damn so Obama did a pretty good job on that front.



That, fam, is called porky dividing the working class. In truth, you're all X, but Z tells you that actually some of you are Y, and so you stay at each other's throats forever instead of getting rid of Z. If Y is removed, porky invents another one, and X will forever continue to be duped by Z because no one told them that it was Z that was the problem.

Want to vote in another capitalist with empty promises to fuck over a portion of the working class that fucks over the entirety of the working class instead?

Be my guest.

Don't blame anyone but yourself when your eventual realization is

you can pretend its porky dividing the working class but its not
most people who hate foreigners in the UK?
two most targeted minorities are Polish or Pakistani
the Polish hate is porky based Poles take jobs
Paki hate? that didnt start rising until the Rotherham crimes came to light and uncovered organised child sex abuse in cities across the country and all of the offenders were from the ME the vast majority of them were Pakistani
organized mass child rape of the native population committed by foreigners and covered up by porky for years
you can say X hating Y and vice versa is the result of porky
except in many cases X may consider Y to be generally the same as X
whereas the majority of Y may ascribe to an ideology where X is sub-human/infidel and must be subservient to Y

It is. It's older.

some of it is and you have relevant points but alot of it isnt
alot of it is a clash of cultures that cannot be reconciled while their cultures exist
the biggest mistake of cultural marxism was targeting only the West
because the ME and Africa still practice and follow traditions integral to their cultures which are barbaric in the politest terms

The trip faggot porky admits it's a sexual revolution about young versus old.

Out of curiosity, do you fags make a distinction between capitalism as an economic system and capitalism as a form of government married to that economic system?

It would help your dialectic to be clear on this point.

And how is this not an example of porky dividing the working class? Child sex abuse is common throughout the world, committed by every possible group of people, and the victims are (unsurprisingly) mostly from the thrid world. But because these victims aren't, and because the people doing it are foreigners, people can get all riled up about "muh rapist immigrants". This is exactly what I'm talking about.

There is no clear distinction between the two besides one is a bastardization of state power which exists to serve capital and is full of lobbyists turned politicians turned lobbyists full of rich fuckers

The other is the manner in which this all works.

The state is the mechanism of Capitalistic welfare and defense, and geopolitics.


fair you can say porky could blow it out of proportion to take advantage of the situation
doesnt change the fact it happened
thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands victimized over decades
with declining birthrates and the current trend of the neoliberal agenda we could have an entire generation here of the working class who were turned into fucking sex slaves as children
the ramifications of this occurring in a first world country have far more capacity to affect the world than if this happened in a shithole like Bangladesh
porky didnt guide the 32 yo Pakistani mans dick into the screaming chained up 8 yo
and this didnt happen once, it didnt happen in an isolated incident in one ghetto in one city
this happened in every major city in the country, multiple ghettos of the same ethnicity
the authorities had covered it up for decades

I have to ask you, would it be better if it were pure-blooded Englishmen doing it? Would you be just as outraged? What if the victims had been a bunch of girls smuggled in from Pakistan, what then? Your answer damn well better be that it makes no difference, because that's the reality. And let me tell you something: everyone does it, doesn't matter if they're English or Pakistani. This isn't a problem exclusively or predominantly with Pakistani, it's a problem everywhere, and anyone with even a shred of respect for these victims damn well better treat it as such, instead of using it to peddle their fucking IdPol.

What alternate economic system exists?

The Islamic world very obviously has a problem with abuse of woman and girls. Don't put your head in the sand.

It would be less infuriating if this problem had not been imported wholesale from abroad for absolutely no good reason. The problem we have with Islam is so idiotically self-inflicted.

its more of a problem with them than with another group
I would
but id be less outraged because it would have been uncovered earlier
what excuse did the authorities give for not acting on their information?
they didnt want to appear racist
you can guarantee that wouldn't have fucking happened if all of the perpetrators weren't foreigners with the get out of jail free card for having dark skin


That's not an adequate answer. If there are many, please describe two.


Planned Economy
Market Socialism
The list goes on, on economies local and beyond that can be tested to work without hazard, that are forced to work within hazard, because Capital prevents all competition to itself

Ironic given the nature of Capitalism's insistence on competition

so neonazis murder people in greece, they get btfo and Holla Forums tries to derail the conversation into refugees been counter revolutionary providing no evidence for such a claim


are you the pro-EU sub bottom boy furfag who listed all these things in your own thread on Holla Forums and expected a positive reception?
didnt get one and felt reaffirmed by your own existence
because disgust can justify existence

i'm not the same guy that posted before in in this thread if that's what you're talking about
his posts seem to have been deleted

It is the same as the autists who start crying "omg a refugee raped someone, they are all evil rapist, must deport, evil immoral degenerates reeee"
Holla Forums is all over this place sadly

id post some ISIS execution vids and scenes from Saudi Arabia and their execution methods
but im not sure if gore is allowed unspoilered here

Yeah sorry not emotional retards like you to be manipulated by a mere death

death doesnt affect me but if you cant understand how Islam is taking over the West and will lead to the death of you and everything or anything you ever cared about then you're a moron
if civilizations are fixed to a set pattern, a cycle we're doomed to repeat until we cease to be then this has happened before in the West, 1600 years ago
and that civilization died and we entered into a thousand years of the dark ages

You are the moron here trying to scare people against refugees with theories that islam will magically be followed xD

no not magically followed
dispossessed and depressed individuals who find no meaning in their life convert to it as a way to justify their beliefs
theirs a difference between being an atheist and being irreligious
the former doesnt believe because they cannot come to that logical conclusion
the latter doesnt believe because they dont care
there are 1 billion muslims in the world and growing
their birth rates arent declining and people in the west are already converting to islam
in Rome they adopted christianity as a state enforced religion in the 4th century AD
it took 130 years before the philosophers of the Academia in Greece had to flee from the Roman Catholic Church to the east

Yeah because you see those people every day and are the majority xD
Oh wait you stayed in Holla Forums for so long you cant see beyond the internet memes and what anti west propaganda tells you

Are there any examples of these economic systems leading to societies/civilizations which exist beyond the tribal level of complexity and which last more than two generations?

If only the Greeks weren't Turks

Victims of foreign military intervention in Syria and Iraq are way more than ISIS victims.
Assad's regime alone has executed more people than ISIS and al-Nusra combined.

What was your point again?

Are long as they are liberal and atheist they can be quality husbandos.

That is the thing, some of us dont limit ourselves to dumb nationalities, most people are stupid but there are occasional quality people all over the world

Cenk pls


Hmm, which will be less neoliberal?

Also, FYI, every single Republican and Democratic president since Carter has publicly and vocally shilled for immigration.

The concentration camps to funnel desperate refugees into ghettoes across Europe? The agreement with Turkey that's been totally unenforced? The completely baseless accusations of gunning down widdle babies at sea?

Those can be readily explained by the need both to deflect populist rage at the blatantly pro-immigration European governments.

This. We have some retards, ledditors, and Tumblrinas floating around here, plus Holla Forumsack trolls.

Opposing mass immigration and opposing capitalists are not mutually exclusive. Supporting scabs and opposing the capitalists who create them are mutually exclusive.

Staunch the hemorrhaging, THEN bandage the wound.

Flooding Europe with refugees, and forcing people to stay in warzones, are not the only choices. There is the third choice of rich European workers subsidizing refugees in (geographically/economically/culturally) closer countries, as well as less wartorn areas of their home country. Which means supporting more refugees with the same money, keeping them close enough to stop their wars faster then rebuild their countries sooner after that, and not fucking over Europe.

Let go of the neoliberal false dichotomy.

Because we earn more, so we're vulnerable to scabs. They earn less, so they're vulnerable to being used as scabs unless we illegalize mass immigration.

Because that's a completely irrelevant minority compared to the infinite flood intended to destroy all unionization.

This meme is incredibly misleading for a number of reasons:
• Illegal immigration is a far, FAR smaller issue than legal immigration.
• Not all immigration through the Mexican border is by Mexicans, and not all Mexican immigration is via the land border.
• Many of these figures, including all of them in the article you linked, aren't actually for incoming immigration, but for immigrant population.
• Not in the article you linked, but there is a commonly co-occurring meme positing that there was substantial emigration back to Mexico. Such suppositions were based on decreasing migrant population estimates, which could also be explained in whole or part by migrants dying or being more evasive.
• There actually was a brief decrease in immigration rates, but it was confined entirely to the nadir of the recession. Neither Bush nor Obama's immigration control "policy" had anything to do with it.
• After the US economy recovered somewhat, immigration picked back up, and is now at its highest level ever, even per-capita.

Ameriburger here, will this reach beyond Golden Dawn to get some actual porkies (cops, politicians, corporations) who were backing them, or are they just going to be the fall guys?

golden dawn pm attacked elementary school teachers