What does leftypol think of masculinity? Do you consider yourself masculine? Are you confident in your masculinity...

What does leftypol think of masculinity? Do you consider yourself masculine? Are you confident in your masculinity? Do you believe it is important for you to be masculine?

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It exists
Somewhat, I do have a small lenin-beard.
What does that even mean? I dont give a fuck what people think about how masculine I am.

Masculinity is an extremely limiting principle that reduces men, and restrics what they can or should be.

It's more restrictive even that femininity, although in some senses it is to prefer over passive femininity because it is at least somewhat embraces will to power.

We'd be stronger and better off if we got transcended it though.

It's ok for some, not ok for others.



Well I enjoy being fit and prefer to look muscular/lean muscular, so I guess.

Do I even have to say it?


a spook

Only homosexuals can be truly masculine. You're a pussy the moment you get pussy. That's why the manly Greeks and especially Spartans knew what to do. They fucked each other in the ass like real men do.

Irrelevant and also idpol.

By society's standards? Yes. That's it. I don't use it for politics because it's still idpol.

Sure. It's still idpol, but sure.

It is irrelevant to revolution so no. Also idpol.

I guess yes to all. Not in the overtly manly sense.

No i am a chubby homo furfag and like it, i am soft and cuddly, if you want to be /fit/ it is your choice

Spartans mainly had sex with little boys, so as to sexually damage them and turn sexuality into something unpleasurable for them, so that the energy could be redirected into being warriors.

What? Your "identity" isn't automatically identity politics lmao

Spookier than a coney island funhouse

Identity politics are stupid.

I exhibit some behaviours that are considered masculine in our society. I exhibit some that are not.



This is a thread asking about my identity in a politics image board. So yes. This is identity politics. It's as meaningless as asking if I was confident in being white or secure about my whiteness.


Lol that's the not the definition my guy.

So you're white as well? Why volunteer this information then?

I never understood this meme tbh.

I mean I get from the perspective of wanting to insult men by declaring them not-masculine because men make you angry.

But even by their own analysis masculinity is not "fragile".

I'm confidently masculine and yet still believe that there is absolutely no need to be stereotypically masculine or to enforce masculinity. I accept traps and twinks as my friends.

Also I always play a female in video games. In fact it's the biggest selling point for me.

It's just a really sad form of trolling.



I do, even though I look like a twink, which I plan on fixing in the next few years by getting /fit/

I guess not, but then again I'm not confident in general.

Yeah. Identity is important to the ego. It's hard to explore an entire world if you've not even explored yourself first.


literally "identity is important to identity"



p hot tbh

Masculinity is a spook.

Health and exercise of the mind and body are good though

I am not in the mood for bodies that have the curves of a brick and the average ass quality of Hank Hill, with the inability to even arch their own back sexy. Too much hair too.

Not my thing.

Girl's have butts

Britty cool I love predator and all the hyper macho action 80s films.

Not really everyone says I look gay in the effeminate way


show me yours



Important for siezing the means of production.

Ehh sort of. Currently working out to grow strong enough to break a fat capitalist back (it's hard since they have all that dampening fat)

Kind of

There will be no revolution from thin anorectic pussies.

(Also I think masculinity should be important for women as well. I dispise weak and frail women. The only women I date have to be almost as masculine as me. I want equal power within a relationship and subs turn me off like hell)

Anyways quit the identity politics :v)

Femininity is a form of oppression against women to discourage physical violance against oppressors. Females are not weak. Femininity is.

why you gonna punish me?


I am just me, and I want to be the best me I can. I dont bother to atomize my being into useless categories.

Again, suggesting feminine strength is masculine and masculine weakness is feminine.

You're doing the thing where you say some liberal shit, try to hide it, but then cover it up with some more liberal shit.

There's nothing stopping a woman from being muscular in any way that has to be masculine, if we're going to throw loaded identity grounded words, why don't we keep things simple. Feminine for the girls, masculine for the boys.

Femininity is weak is a good joke.

If it's so weak, how did it end up hurting so many of you so clearly.

No my ass is big I don't blame you. If I was in your position I would admire my ass. I admire my ass every waking moment of my life.

Redpill me on feminine strength

you can't just talk about how nice your ass is without showing. You have to provide a source to back up your claims. Now I'm all curious

Alright let's count some feminine steriotypes and then some male steriotypes.

Cries a lot

Doesn't show emotion
Born leaders and take control
Not afraid to stand up for what they believe

These are gender roles and steriotypes that have been applied to women and men. Men can be feminine and women can be masculine but YOU are the one with the identity neo-feminist politics if you say that masculinity and femininity are equal in strength. It isn't called masculinity because it can only be applied to men. It's just a group steriotypes that men have filled. I just think people should be mostly masculine but with the good strengths of femininity added into it.


Let's see. Not to go full on white woman comedian

But bleeding out your genitals every months and getting cramps suck. It's probably the worst pain ever

Penetration with anything good usually ends up like, fucking hitting your cervix, which is the worst pain ever. You ever notice that pain you get when your all numbed for dental work, but the dental drill still leaves that sharp dull pain and you can't stop it, and it just gets more intense.

It's like that, a dental drill that's inside you every time it hits. Now imagine giving birth where everything in there has to be stretched open. Doesn't sound too fun does it?

In general, feminine strength is what men lack in strength. Which is, actually pain endurance. From being used to being in pain. Men stub their toes and act like its the worst, honestly can't say it matters to me. You can go on having your leg cut by a chair and not even notice until someone points it out.

Puberty numbs you to everything. Makes you cynical as hell.

That sure proves me wrong

Hooked and you can't stop staring?

Isn't this a problem with some later schools of feminism? There is no universal female or male experience or essential femininity, so it gets distilled all the way down to a single binary power relationship?


Is one of the most retarded conservative things I've read today

probably if I could see, I just need those juicy doubles what can I say

Fuck can someone shut up shitpost asian and titling tito over here?


No the worst pain even is not even remotely close to that.

Pic related

What the hell is a male strength. If a woman has muscles, its her muscles, its feminine strength.

I've gotten cramps so bad I've had to throw up, and that's not that uncommon. So no, it can be the worst pain ever.

Doubt the best female mma fighters could take a punch from your average male fighter

How is greater pain endurance not a strength? I mean that's not even me saying that as an asspull, there's data to support that women are able to go through amounts of pain men otherwise would not be able to.

Gee, we sure rejected idpol, guys.

You've never been hit in the groin. A lot of science points out that it can be equaly painful, if not more painful than giving birth. (This ofcource varies from person to person)

All the things I listed that you apparently didn't read. Mostly, if not fully based on emotions and psycology. If a woman is physicly strong that doesn't mean she possesses the same strength as steriotypical masculinity.


And? The real world is not mma. I also seriously doubt that. But that's beyond the point.

Arguing over muscle mass in a time where its become more and more useless as a trait is pointless because really what does muscle make?

There's no reason to classify people as superior/inferior based on physical muscle alone

It's biopolitical might is right nonsense from Holla Forums.

Boo fucking hoo. That doesn't prove its a bad pain, just that having cramps in your stomach region makes you throw up (wow, big surprise, muscles tightening around the thing that contain your juices makes them come out).

I've had several times where I've had to throw up purely from pain, not from illness or muscles tightening in your torso/body region, its not even that big a deal.

Also throwing up from pain seems more like a weakness than a strenght to me

Proofs? I'd like to see these studies lmao

I said pain endurance does not show any other kind of strength. A girl I was flirting with a while back could fucking stab herself with glass and not flinch but would break down and cry if I insulted her looks.

No it isn't. Simply because the amount of nerves inside the groin is less than the amount of nerves in the clitoris alone, which, when stretched to its absolute limits shitting out a giant 13 pound mistake

Its going to hurt. Especially stretching our your Cervix, giving your whole body cramps. Bleeding everywhere. You get the idea. I've never heard that argument before, and I would like a source on that.

So if a woman is muscular she wants to be a man.

That's the dumbest Holla Forums lite shit I've ever read

Sounds more like most men who post here


Anyway I knew I should have reported this thread. It was only a matter of time before some two cunts started to get insulted that their sexes were being put over the other.

Saw them a long time ago. Don't have link. You could always google. Still I might be wrong about the pain but my point was

Yeah no. It fucks with your hips and your lower back, and can come out of nowhere and force you to double down in pain. Like you're recovering from someone hitting you in the back with a crowbar.

Sucks doesn't it?

Non issue


Who does?

It basically is.

It's a socially constructed, historically located set of behaviors that are usually attributed to people of the male sex. Biology may or may not significantly influence the way an individual behave according to its sex, but it doesn't change the fact that "masculinity" understood as a value, as an expectation or even as an obligation is shaped by social forces.

I don't waste my time "identifying" with made-up gender roles. Besides, I am of the male sex — so shouldn't my behavior therefore be considered "masculine" on the get-go? Funnily enough, it is also possible for women to exhibit so-called masculine traits. That is possible precisely because the content of masculinity is arbitrary.

This question highlight an interesting fact: it is apparently possible to "lose confidence" in one's masculinity, at which point the individual is supposed to feel shame and/or guilt. Just goes to show how it is a disciplinary device first and foremost.

No. Why should it be? More importantly: who would even benefit from it? Certainly not me. And that's when the issue becomes political: what if masculinity could be used to manipulate people into behaving a certain way? It's no surprise masculinity and militarism were (and to some extent still are) so closely related to each other.


When you got proven wrong by a simple counterexample and then undermined your entire point afterwards

Men on image boards are so fucking sensitive

I never said so?

This sounds like projection to me from the random classifying of traits as either feminine or masculine cross sex.

Not really, I've had worse pains that didnt make me vomit, or prolonged stretches of continuous pain that made me unable to move or fall asleep, rendering me bedridden and emotionally broken, but you don't see me claiming these are "the worst pain there is" or using it to proclaim my superiority.

Perhaps you haven't notices, but "masculinity" and "femininity" are just a loose collection of bahaviours and looks. Saying that femininity as a concept is generally said to be less tough than masculinity says nothing about the sexes, but you are too triggered and feel as if your identity as "a woman" is under attack and jump in to defend it. Same goes for tito poster.

You're both infantile 14 year olds and should take a good look at you and your spooks.

Where? How?

In my honest opinion I think you are full of crap.

By saying that strength isn't a prerequisite and chasing superiority of people over what they can and can't do, all day over the internet, is a hopeless endeavor? As it is fruitless?

That's not me saying waahh you hurt my feelings that's me saying the first ones to throw stones in glass houses are the most vocal about differences between sexes, be it on tumblr or on whatever image board.

People aren't a power level contest.

Where do you think you are?

When you claimed that women have superior pain endurance and ignored the simple truth that women cannot take punches from men like men can

This is my last reply to you, work on your cognitive dissonance honey

I'm not saying that I'm saying its stupid to say that feminine strength is somehow masculine, because men = muscle girl = LOUD COMPLAINTS BITCHING no muscle

It's just stupid. Men are sensitive to anything said about sex, it's like for every part they complain about some liberal feminist bitching they have their own inner opposite liberal feminist to explode out to tell them how wrong someone is about whatever hits their balls the hardest

It's stupid.

The reason I wrote that was because you didn't respond to

With an argument

It can depend, but on a basic level this is true.

You seem to not understand how physics works

Good. You can argue about female mma fighters with your dad when your mom asks where the house payment went

It's the only thing that can save the left D DDDD::

It is.
That's the whole point of it. To render women weak and passive so that they may be dominated. Read anything by almost any feminist theorist ever. Begin with de Beauvoir if you need suggestions.

You basically listed the dumbest imaginable stereotypes of how human beings work and then said getting kicked in the balls was seriously guys just like shitting out a newborn baby, then went onto say you knew someone who could stand being stabbed by glass

Honestly I have no idea what you're arguing you've done such a terrible job at offering anything counter. Your idea that feminine muscle must be masculine is almost Jungian levels of ass pull bullshit

Men on the internet who think simplistically like this are doing a great job of dominating women in real life when they still live with their mom and are afraid of women.

I think the reason we are arguing against eachother is because we are talking about different things. You are talking about physical strength while I'm talking about emotional and psycological traits.

How the fuck am I defending my masculinity in any kind of way. I'm saying steriotypes exist and both sexes should mostly be like the masculine steriotype but with the good female steriotypes like caring or being a good parent added into it. I am in no way defending my own masculinity.

I guess most feminist theoreticans live in basements.

Sex =/= gender, step your game up.
"femininity" does not mean "female humans" its the ethos of a socially constructed role. One that is supposed to be passive and weak.

Luckily, femininity can be transcended, which it in many cases is.

Maybe because you refuse to read much of what I've written ;)

Also it seems like you're one of the only ones who don't understand what I'm arguing for. I've stated it several times in almost every single post.

Psychology is nice but most of it is horse shit.

You either get material evidence or you don't have it. You can't just pull psychoanalysis out the ass when it's been debunked.

Men on here are more sensitive than most women I'm into.

Must we do this. I agree.

It can be, though I doubtless think ascribing it forced as a way of classification of behavior like Tito poster is doing, is in anyway accurate and not dubious as all fuck.

Jesus fucking christ where do I even start


Feminine and masculine are collections of character traits and physical attributes. Masculinity is characterised by muscles, physical strength, pain endurance, lack of emotion. Femininity is not charactarised as those things.

Again, it has nothing to do with the sexes. Just because you feel as if people are attacking you as a person, even if they are not, does not mean you can just make up your own definitions for femininity and masculinity.

Sure you do buddy thats why you started bragging about how tough femininity is because women, who as a sex have nothing to do with femininity, bleed out of their vajayjays.

just like "im not racist but" is not something you can say to make your arguments valid, because you do sound like her.

Again, femininity and masculinity are retarded outdated concepts, but you clearly identify as "feminine" for whatever reason and now feel the obligation to defend your identity because the identity does not align with how you actually are.

Again, its fucking retarded, and nobody here should give a shit about femininity and masculinity. Only dudebros and bimbos do. Only people who are worthless as human beings feel the need to form themselves by aligning to a group identity, rather than by their achievements. Doing shit like this makes you an identitarian, and being an identirian means you don't feel confident in yourself enough and be proud of who you are and what you did, so you try to embody the ideals of other so that they will acknowledge you.

tl;dr stop it, stop believing in masculinity and femininity, they are stupid antiquated concepts that in no way reflect the reality of any living human being.


Tell me again one more time about how women who aspire for muscular strength are chasing masculinity, and other such great hits of non material empty recycled garbage analysis the internet shats out to impressionable hurt men on the internet 24/7 now

Again, it has nothing to do with the sexes. Just because you feel as if people are attacking you as a person, even if they are not, does not mean you can just make up your own definitions for femininity and masculinity.

This guy gets it.

Okay, as long as you understand that if "femininity" means "whatever women are at any given point", then the term becomes arbitrary and useless within a feminist framework.
It's used to describe the classical gender-role of women, which, it is fair to say, is supposed to be passive and submissive within our culutral framework.

This whole time I've said that I'm not talking about muscular strength. Are you dumb or do you just refuse take read anything I've written?

Where did I say female domination? Where did I say specifically that? Or rather, when did I say you "dominated females". Was it that I brought up your mother?

You're into psychology

Tell me about your mother

Trying to inject cartoon stereotypes into mental analysis is fucking hopeless as fuck. You're arguing sociology, it can't even be considered psychology. It's social science nonsense, and it has no basis in material fact.

Just because you cringe doesn't mean its true. There are differences between the sexes. Gender can be socially constructed, but how the sexes interact cannot be as reductionist as, if we're using comedy sketch as example



Except between sexes, and predicting human's behavior, when ultimately even people who ascribe to this shit don't believe it on a person to person basis.

Reread what I'm arguing, realize how stupid you are for getting upset. If you are still upset, rinse, repeat

Spo00ooked again

Medical Science comes first.

I just told you a fact that psychoanalysis has been debunked, no need to get upset.

It really doesn't matter because the argument I'm making could be applied to any application of what you use as "strength" because the application without any evidence is the problem.


Again, masculinity and femininity have NOTHING to do with the sexes. They are stupid cultural standards. They are meaningless social constructs, stop considering them real.

Confirmed for spooked fucker.

Anyway asian shitposter im going to let you dabble in your retarded IDpol and your conviction reactionary belief that sexes and masculinity/femininity are somehow fundamentally connected and set in stone. I have better things to do.

Also learn how to form coherent sentences.

Notice I didn't say psychology, but psychoanalysis

Notice I didn't say psychology, but psychoanalysis. Also, it's usually Psychology becomes Tertiary care while Psychiatry is Quaternary and most important.

It's like comparing an OT to a Physician, it's not supposed to work as a basic ground rule for human behaviorism, and I wouldn't fucking touch anything related to that with a ten foot ruler, stinks of shit and can be constantly worked upon.

I disagree your cartoon stereotypes equate an understanding of culture as it is. Or if culture can effect indivual by individual relations to what femininity or masculinity is across the board.

Most women who get muscular do not do it for the sake of being "masculine", most women who have emotional strength do not do so for being "feminine"

It's useless to describe these things as such in culture and argue them as universal personal held belief. Its not.

No. I refuse.



Yes, maybe because I don't feel bound by it.


I think I'll stop posting now. Getting pretty annoyed by having to repeat what I already wrote ten times.

Oh, please tell anfem.

To say its validity is dubious is to say that bears shit in the woods, it is common known accepted fact to take psychoanalysis with a grain of salt.

No you tard. Culture dictates what these catagories are. People who get muscular do it to get muscular, but society dictates that this trait is considered "masculine", and that caring is considered "feminine". As I said, they are stupid concepts and nobody except lowlifes like dudebros and bimbos actively go out of their way to avoid the thing of "the other side". Noone who is sane is caring because they want to be maximum feminine, or be muscular because they want to be masculine.

You should take "psycho"-anything with a grain of salt. ADHD medication is given out to any child who is vaguely distracted, and even when there are cases where the brain is functioning abnormally, virtually no attempt is made to see if this is environmental in nature.

My point is some women get muscular because of feminine drives and sometimes its just that simple. It is one example, but the focus of masculinity and strength being one, and caring about masculinity or caring about femininity makes you wrong, it is just hocus pocus shit

I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but I also disagree that society even dictates such levels of control on the population to ever make it a valid point a majority of women who have muscle mass consider themselves masculine or near masculinity.

At that point they would have transcended what we call "femininity" unless you're using the term in a religious/metaphysical sense that is divorced from the sociological sense that I think that most a refering to.

My major, what I'm studying is, emergency psychiatry. That is, treating people who failed attempted suicide, people who have brain injuries and cannot function without help, the mentally disabled who lash out, abuse victims, and basically the whole meat locker in inpatient.

I think I can safely say that psychiatry can do more help than harm compared to psychology, which at best can give you DBT and a good therapy session as a secondary.

Saying its full of shit denies people who cannot function or are severely alienated from Capitalism the proper medical care and compassion they deserve.


Because then that would have nothing to do with femininity.
It's like talking about a free slave, or a white black person.
It's simply a contradiction in term. If it has Will to power, it is no longer femininity, because femininity, as defined as the classical gender-role for women in our society, is marked by its expectation of LACK of Will to Power.

I want to be an anime girl

masculinity should be discouraged so we have more cute femboys

But that's wrong

Nonsense, if the still want to be sub in the relationship and accentuate their female beauty, as all these little muscle heads do, they are Feminine by definition of the role they play in their relationship and how they want people to see them, ie attractive healthy woman, pls breed me.

Read lacan

Okay. Then the term is arbitrary, because it can mean ANYTHING.

And I suppose the same would go for the term "masculine" and then this whole thread would be pointless because gender-roles don't exist already and we're in a completely gender-egalitarian society.

If I wanted to read a cult rag I'd just bargain with Dianetics

It could. But that's also wrong. I've been around all sorts of women sexually, none of them identified their role as any masculine one when it came to domming me as a more muscular partner and vice versa and everything in between with the exception of several, and you'll hear this wherever you go.

Femininity towards gaining muscle is completely and totally real, and arguing with some dyke about the social conditions of femininity is within society is a really fruitless thing to do.

I know all about what it can be, you are labeling one aspect of what society sees in it, but society is not an overarching thing, demographics exist that shape narrative and how people interact, especially when it comes to sex and role.

this is the dumbest shit i have EVER read


Thanks, glad I could help.

But then we render social science impossble nonsense and can't talk about sociological trends because people can choose to reapropriate the terms in a way that doesn't conform to the original meaning and therefore rightfully has nothing to do with the concept itself, save for a purely cosmetic similarity in that peiople who ascribe the term to themselves are both of the female sex.

They called it feminity. IT WASN'T. It was something else, something beyond femininity. There is no female essense, just as there is no male essense. We're talking about purely sociological concepts here.

I don't think psychoanalysis is trying to deal with people with mental, or physical disorders. It doesn't change the fact that psychiatry is a business, just as much as every other pharmaceutical industry. The bourgeoisie profits handsomely off of incessantly prescribing Ritalin, Xanax, etc. I guarantee you than in a few decades, people will look back on the way we deal with "mental illness" the same way we now view lobotomies.

Structuralism is the logical extension of Marxism to the psyche. The axioms they use to structure their theory are just as theoretically sounds. Rejecting psychoanalysis for being unscientific while embracing labour theory is extremely odd.

You can literally ascribe this to all medical professions, but that does not change their validity. You are putting particular emphasis on the brain when the health of any organ or what have you of the human body is of importance.

There are drugs outside of the big bad stereotype of psychiatry that can fuck with the mind. It isn't the Psychiatrist prescribed drug that's being abused everywhere now anyways

It's pain killers

Psychiatry can do a lot of help for the people who need help most who have nothing and honestly would not be living if not for under supervision, or would not be functioning, or would continue self destructing,

I refuse to ever admit that care provided is negative when the alternative is exactly what Capitalism wants, which is let them rot away jobless or not


On the other hand,
Goddamn it leftypol you're fucking retarded

I didn't say that psychiatric medicine can't be beneficial. Though, I think psychiatric meds more often than not functioning as pain killers is a good analogy.

When did I say there was a dichotomy? Are you denying that porky exploits what use there could be for medications for profit, and as a result, alternatives aren't pursued as often?

Oh spare me the mind is seperate from the brain and other joojoo horseshit

Your awareness is not anything else than a reactive organ combined with many, a very complicated organ no doubt, but an organ nonetheless

It is not spiritual, it is not metaphysical, it is just, physical.

There is no difference between brain-mind mind-brain, it is fucking synonymous, and don't argue otherwise.

The only person shilling for big pharma is you by blaming the people who have to provide care to people in need. Especially the field I choose to work in to help others which is emergency fucking psychiatry. If I can help just one person alienated by capital, just one, who is beyond the verge of tears and ready to pull the trigger, or tie the noose, or slit and sit in a bathtub and bleed out, and give them happiness again, I could say it was a major well earned. That's my goal in life.

When you get rid of psychiatrists you have nothing fucking left but pharma.

And Psychiatry is hardly the worst to blame. Again, pain killers are the prescription abuse of choice now. Blame easy fucking physicians far more than blame me for wanting to help the lives of people in desperate need of it. I don't see any of you helping people alienated from Capitalism besides this sectarian bullshit.

Stirner's ego has nothing to do with identity tho

Emergency psychiatry is actually pretty commendable dude. But your philosophy of mind is absolutely retarded. You're literally denying phenomenal consciousness.

It's not about assigning blame and good guys and bad guys, it's about material and sociological analysis. It's not about getting rid of the naughty people. It's about looking at the big picture. That's what leftism is.

Take notes around the people I've taken notes on, and then you'll understand how beneficial it can actually be. This is not an easy career for anyone to take, and the results can often just be nothing. But it isn't our option, it's usually the option of the rat fuck American health care system.

Just because I am in health care, does not mean I defend what we have, by any means.

I am just doing what I can to help however I can, or could.

I really disagree with the idea of phenomenal consciousness more than it is evidence of how we interact repeated, though how or what it means is anyone's guess. Consciousness outside the mind, or self awareness of any sort outside the mind, is really just not able to be simulated outside of the firing neuron and the ever growing connections we have. I think what it is more is strict behavior over a long period of time responding to stimuli depending on culture and society.

And often times that has a physical impact on mental health in America from childhood development up. Not to mention, how gutted our mental health care is here in the States.

No I'm not. I'm implying that the benefits of psychiatric medicine is exploited by the pharmaceutical industry.
No, it's about contradictions. The contradiction relies in a struggle between the real benefit of medication, and the incentive to commodify said benefit.

Your statement on phenomenal consciousness is garbled, I think because you do not have clear thoughts on it, but no one really does, to me it is almost the fundamental question of philosophy and positing a straightforward mind-brain identity is totally incoherent. Just think about what it is you're saying:

Yet everything that matters to us, all human experience is contained within it. If we didn't feel pain, if it was just a reaction to a stimulus without consciousness of it, we'd have entire different conceptions of good and bad, morality, everything.


Ascribing all people's psychiatric needs and all medication similar is in terrible faith. In this situation, you need us more than you don't need us, that's just the unfortunate way of things. Without us, right now, in America

You have a situation worse than Reagan did us in with. And remember, that's not about just removing institutionalization, which could be debated for hours

It's about how he gutted fucking everything else. You are getting angry at a ghost of the last vestige of actual medical care for people, actual mental health care for the disabled and the needy, that stands between insurance and pharma and the lives of people sometimes

I'm going to see end. Someone I invested in, someone I trusted. Someone I cared about as a patient. Someone I had to devote my energy to.

It is at all probable I will not be able to save that one person, who Capitalism ruined more than others, who trusted groups of people and got fucked over too hard to bounce back in any way. And honestly, fuck it sure it makes me tear up even thinking about that. I don't care if it sounds melodramatic.

But without some of these medications, these people could rot away in filth or die.

I am not in a field of some average psych.

I am for the people in inpatient who have nowhere else to go. Who must be observed at least 24 hours because they are so depressed they have cuts and bruises up their necks or arms.

This is a field for ambulences.

This is a field where I may not be able to save someone straight out of high school.

This is a field where I must accept because of the way our system is gutted, and how I agree, pharma is fucked,

I cannot save everyone I treat.

But I can at least try.

I was responding to the tripfag, and I didn't deny this at all but your understanding is pretty limited. The psychoanalysis kids here act like it's doping everyone up or Lacan as the only 2 options. There's huge amounts of nuance these faggots are ignoring though while getting on their high horse about it. There is a vast amount of relevant science and even clinical practice that is unrelated to this, the most obvious and basic, line of critique.

What do you mean by masculinity?
Submitting yourself to a certain aesthetics? Getting fit? Banging females left and right? Enjoying exlusively male stuff? Having resolve?

Anfem, pls

I was raised as an only child by a single mother. I've always had respect for women, and as a kid I was actually a little hostile to masculinity. My mum is actually not really super effeminate anyway, she used to take me camping and fishing, smokes and drinks - not that only men can do that shit but you see where I'm going.
But as I got older I learned to accept me for me. I'm not ashamed to be male. I enjoy working out, I like hanging out with "the lads", I drink beer and call people cunts (I'm Australian) and I'm from an initial impression a pretty blokey guy.
No one should be ashamed of liking stereotypical things of their gender. I have lots of female friends who I have a lot of respect for, who call themselves feminists and are independent who still like stereotypically female things like trashy female-aimed television, make up, shoes, cooking/baking etc.
If you are comfortable with yourself you shouldn't give a fuck.

Sounds like you were one of the lucky ones in the single mother factory of failures.


I'm not sure where that stereotype (over using that word sorry) comes from. I have met fuck ups with single mums, although usually they know their dads - my mum put her foot down when pregnant and said either he was going to be in my life or he wasn't - he was a coward and fucked off - so I never had to put up with going between houses and parents fighting each other.
Also my mum wasn't a slut who slept with a million guys at the expense of her child.
She never asked for child support and was extremely supportive of me. Couldn't ask for a better parent to be honest.

Kel, I was raised by a single mother too. Though I'm only barely masculine enough to not raise any red flag

Rude. I'm a failure because I'm poor not because I was raised by a single mother

Hit up the gym some time my dude, browsing /fit/ on halfchan helped me out a fair bit. It's not about getting laid like people seem to think - the endorphin rush is like a drug addiction. Picture yourself leading that red flag and you'll have the motivation.

Doesn't sound like an appropriate comparison

Well its a drug addiction that does the opposite of what most drug addictions do to you - makes you healthy. Its win-win no matter what way you look at it.
If you find yourself depressed at all, it definitely helps.

If you were my emergency psychiatrist, I'd probably tongue the pills you peddled to me and save enough so I could kill myself. Not going to lie.

You were poor because your mother was single

Vague. Masculinity as associated with men =/= masculinity as male gender roles =/= masculinity as biological traits inherent to men or far more common in men etc. All are topics but bundling them into one makes it pretty hard to have much of a conversation about them.

I'm male.
I have plenty of secondary sex characteristics that are specifically male (body hair, broad shoulders, facial hair, and so on).
I fit a lot of gender norms, but not because I feel like I have to. There are also ways that I defy gender norms.

I'm pretty sure my assessment immediately above is accurate, but I don't think it matters one whit how well I conform to gender norms, other than it's shitty when people like that get bad treatment.

No. Most traits associated with masculinity are value neutral. Some are generally good or bad, but the rest can be either depending on context. Some people will be more "masculine" in one sense or another, and that may mean they're better or worse at different things than another person.

some genius insight right here, wow, i can see the dialectic

I reject all unnatural and natural notions of gender roles. Critical analysis is the process by which I decide how to look and act.

I know you were trying for insult but you just come out of this sounding edgy as all hell and really pathetic

Are you just doing anti-comedy now?

there's really no reason to insult someone caring for the sick. just insult her for other reasons or stop responding to her its getting annoying as fuck my man

I was calling you an edgy fuck sorry for being rude

Not trying to insult, just stating a fact, jack.

shut up already. all you do is bait her into derailing threads

This thread was already derailed long before I got here.

I guess I identify that way by default but its also a fucking spook and should be reformed or eliminated as an idea.
Those who take it too seriously are without fail - fucking cancer.

Having every other thread devolve into she responds he responds she responds he responds is annoying to everyone and derails threads

Why are you white knighting for Nurse Ratched anyway?

Solution would be to remove trips entirely.

There is an easier solution

Yes, but its not permanent one. There will always be a tripfag and their opposition.

Stop socdem

How about just not being assblasted by banter?

There is nothing of value in this thread in the first place. Its all Identity politics baiting, there is no reason to try saving it. It should be sacked.

As a behavior it's meaningless. As an evolutionary development in times of war or labor it is fairly useful until machines take over, then it becomes meaningless again.

All I want is a long beard and maybe get fit enough to run lots, and maybe learn some self defense. I have a feeling I might need it.

I'm more worried if I'm smarter or not than the average member of my species TBH.

If it means 'getting fit.' Then no shit Sherlock. If it means taking risks, definitely. If it means arbitrary behaviors than it's a nonsensical fiction.

Women have a higher pain tolerance, which is needed for giving birth. Men have a lower pain tolerance, which is needed for detecting predators or attackers, or at least it used to.

Not really how it works. Sensitivity to pain isn't really related to maximum pain threshold.

More sensitivity to pain is what I should've said, then.

there's no such thing as complimentary opposites. everybody must have "masculine" virtues, which is to say loyalty, courage and discipline.

K, as a dude who likes girly butts, even trying to see from the perspective of someone who likes men (I get it, someone can enjoy the aesthetics of a tank, can like a blocky muscle man). But benis just seems so intrinsically ugly, like a large pink , slime spitting magot wrapped in human skin with a tumorous hairy sack beneath it. Boy butt just looks goofy to me in every movie I've seen one.

Not understanding how people can like things you don't is a sign of autism

Did i push a button?

The day I see any man from an image board have virtue, loyalty, courage, and discipline, is the day I no longer have to be annoyed

Most people that are "Masculine" are trying too hard

I hate it because it makes guys deathly afraid of teh gay which makes them extremely resistant to homosexuality which is hot. Also (and more importantly) such flagrant homophobia can be psychologically damaging to exclusively homosexual males during their formative years.

I occasionally enjoy participating in stupid manly fun.

You know idpol is losing it, when they start being snarky as shit.
It's a legit self-defence mechanism for them.

I believe in feminism actually. Fascism adopts all forms if chauvinism

What the traditions called masculine, whichever the motives behind such decisions, would appear as requirements for a successful revolutionary.

I didn't say I was white. It's just another example of an irrelevant factor.