Is ISIS a far left group?

Is ISIS a far left group?


go away NSA


Praise hezzbollah

We should apropiate their terrorism and aim it at the propietor class


[request for Alphabet Soup to leave intensifies]


Hello FBI, we can discuss political theory all we want but we should never dare to engage in action, am I right? Otherwise we are the feds!!


>if you accuse me of being alphabet soup for wanting to fish for somebody agreeing that a terrist organization whose supporters are all on a watchlist, and that is secretly funded by the US, that means you are alphabet soup

ISIS is a right wing terrorist group

They're arguably to the right of Evola.

Shut the fuck up, FBI

No, you moron. You imbicile. You blasphemous, abominable rascal and damned scum of Satan.

How do we solve the ISIS problem guys?

stop paying taxes to cut them off?



It's not left-wing! Ban this sick filth!


ISIS is Alphabet Soup.

Hi, feds!


is ยต's a far right group?

they have slave girls close enough

prolly idk

ISIS can be considered far left only when you reach the highest layer of anti imperialism.

Sounds like leftism to me!!!!



doing imperialism's bidding isn't being anti imperialist, therefore anyone with a brain knows isis isn't leftist

praise hezbollah/pflp/syria/hamas/iran