I want communism but only for white people. What does that make me...

I want communism but only for white people. What does that make me? I'll still fight with you guys to overthrow the capitalists but I think society works better when it's racially homogenous. Why won't you accept this? Why do we have to have this infighting? We all want the same thing right? Overthrow the capitalists, gain control of the means of production, dictatorship of the proletariat, etc. so why does it bother you that I cling to such racial views?

I don't hate non-whites I think comminism will work better for them in their own countries with their own people. Multiracial and multicultural societies create conflict within the working class and really always lead to societal instability.

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read Asser
read dugin
and fuck off

Because some of my friends are not white and I enjoy their company

How is this an argument though? And it doesn't mean you can't visit them in Africa or skype with them in Mexico..

you sicken me

Because socialism can be achieved by those minorities.

Thomas Sankara for example, who greatly improved the lives of the people he fought for.

Not entirely. The only perpetuators of that are liberals, and identitarian politicians.



Burkina Faso was a racially homogenous country. Thanks for proving my point lad.

Burkina Faso isn't ethnically homogeneous, unless you fell for the "black" meme.

Because my desires are more important than your spooks, as their are mine

Im glad to know

They are all part of the black race

Because I'm not white

What do you mean by this? How was it not racially homogenous? Also race isn't a meme you dip. Get educated.

You people are really holding the left back because you refuse to acknowledge the realities of race.

Next you'll tell me I'm the same race as an Irishman.

you are spooked beyond help

So? You can still be our comrade? I'm not a Neo-Nazi advocating for the killing of minorities.

If you're American you're good since America was always a mixed race nation but it would work better if you helped your brothers back in Africa. I'm talking mainly about Europe anyway.

when a pollack who immigrated 3 years ago tells you you need to go back to your own country

Nations are a spook

So you're telling me a Norwegian is the same race as a Australian Aboriginal? They're not different?

The only one who is spooked is you because you feel for the 'there's only one race - the human race' meme.

A bullet to his head always could help :^}

You're Asserist, or Nazbol. If you commitment to your identity is superior to your commitment to abolishabolishing classes, then you're not comrade. You are my comrade if it is the other way around.
Also fair warning if you think sticking with race over class will end well for you, even if the race side wins, actually, especially if the race side wins. night of the long knives

Read Boas

Yes, the racial value judgement is a spook, They are equally different

Maybe when we achieve full communism. But right now we need the nation state to work towards communism. Stop being naive. You're holding the left back with your spooks.

Fuck you, America is a white nations unlike you cucked euros. The America is mixed meme is a lie perpetrated by genetic analysis companies who add a couple percentage black or native to the white genome.

Lol at this double-think. I know reality is sometimes hard to stomach but this is just sad.


Name the last time the state helped the exploited class:



Of course I believe that right now race is not a priority. I'm talking long term here. Right now we need to overthrow the capitalists and take the means of production. But long term we will need to think about these topics.


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not any more it's not.






nice try, Holla Forums

Answer the fucking question you coward. Are Norwegians and the Australian Aborigines the same race? Are they not different breeds of humans with their own unique traits and abilities?

Yes they are

I just did answer the question you fucking retard.


So you believe that borderline retarded people (in terms of intelligence) are no different than say a German? A quick look at them will show immense differences in cranial structure, bone structure and general look.

Lol. You really are delusional. People like you are holding the left back with your stupidity and unwillingness to face facts. Bet you think mass immigration is a good thing as well even though it hurts the white working class. Dummy.

Nice, we are breaking him

Nice try. But I'm still a Marxist. Just because I don't buy your delusional ideas about race doesn't mean I'm not. Also Marx was a racial realist as well.

But my desires are the exact opposite

Or maybe, there is no such things are black or white genome and what you have are alleles statistically more found in certains groups, but not absolutely specific to thoses groups?

You have phentotypic tendencies more or less marked amongst individuals. Not stuff like -4Str or +2 Int. Real life is nor DnD.

Love bullying your kind

Zip it, my property!!

The first one isn't full abo. Clearly irrelevant shited.

Here comes the trigger over wordfilters! Just watch

Africa is full of tribal violence no different to how Chicago is full of gang violence
the only African country that has avoided this is Tanzania because of Catholicism


If everyone was the same ethnicity and culture, people would kill each other over hair color


racialreality.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/african-iq-and-the-flynn-effect.html?m=1 >Proposed causes of the Flynn Effect include improvements in test-specific skills (Greenfield, 1998; Wicherts et al., 2004), improvements in nutrition (Lynn, 1989, 1990), urbanization (Barber, 2005), improvements in health care (Williams, 1998), a trend towards smaller families (Zajonc & Mullally, 1997), increases in educational attainment (Ceci, 1991), greater environmental complexity (Schooler, 1998), and the working of genotype by environment correlation in the increasing presence of more intelligent others (Dickens & Flynn, 2001). Many of these environmental variables have not undergone the improvement in developing sub-Saharan African countries that they have in the developed world over the last century. This suggests that the Flynn Effect has great potential in sub-Saharan Africa (Wicherts, Borsboom, & Dolan, 2010b). >Although the implications of our psychometric findings for the potential of the Flynn Effect in sub-Saharan Africa remain unclear, the Raven's tests and other Autism Level tests have shown robust increases in many populations (Daley et al., 2003; Flynn, 2007). So suppose that there were a well-validated Autism Level test that showed measurement invariant scores between westerners and Africans. Even then, lower Autism Levels of Africans still would not support Lynn and Vanhanen's (2002, 2006) assertion that countries in sub-Saharan Africa are poorly developed economically because of their low "national Autism Level". Wicherts, Borsboom, and Dolan (2010b) found that "national Autism Levels" are rather strongly confounded with the developmental status of countries. Given the well-documented Flynn Effect, we know that "national Autism Levels" are subject to change. An average Autism Level around 80 among Africans may appear to be low, but from a historical perspective this average is not low at all. A representative sample of British adults, who took the SPM in 1948 would have an average Autism Level of 81 in terms of the British norms of 1992 (J. C. Raven, 1960; J. C. Raven et al., 1996). Using older British norms, the average Autism Level of Africans would be much closer to 100. This is evident in Figure 2, where we compared SPM scores of Africans to older norms. In this figure, the average Autism Level of several African samples is near or above 100. Present-day sub-Saharan Africa is one of the poorest regions in the world and the home to some of the world's most deprived children. The majority of sub-Saharan children are chronically malnourished, not only from lack of food but particularly from food lacking vital elements related to both physical growth and intellectual development. It has been estimated that up to 70 percent of rural children live in absolute poverty and 90 percent suffer severe deprivation (Gordon, Nancy, Pantazis, Pemberton, & Townsend, 2003). A substantial number of sub-Saharan African children are under-educated. According to Garcia, Gillian, and Dunkelberg (2008), only about 12 percent of sub-Sahara African children have attended preschool, and this generally for well less than a year. They note that children who do not attend or have only minimal experience in pre-primary school tend to do less well in primary school than children who have had that experience. Further, it is important that the preschool experience be successful. For example, Jaramillo and Mingat (2008) have shown that children who have a poor experience in preschool and have to repeat a year or part of a year have a high drop-out rate in primary school (r = -0.875). The probability of preschool without repetition and who complete primary school is low but positive (r = 0.209). With or without preschool experience, approximately only fifty-five percent of 10-14 year-olds in sub-Saharan Africa complete primary school.

Also see pic related

See pic related.

Wtf is this censorship? So basically you guys are admitting you are no different than /r/socialism censoring leftist views which go against your narrative? This is sad.


KEK! Fucking told you!!

Burgers please leave

It makes you fucking retarded. How mindrotten do you have to be to believe in racist spooks that activly hamper your selfinterest?

Rwanda and Botswana may disagree with you on that.

Garunteed, there are still African warlords and corruption is a huge problem, but I could also say the same for other European countries.

Race is not a spook. Stop this meme.

t. Spooked

Roberts, Dorothy (2011). Fatal Invention. London, New York: The New Press. "The genetic differences that exist among populations are characterized by gradual changes across geographic regions, not sharp, categorical distinctions. Groups of people across the globe have varying frequencies of polymorphic genes, which are genes with any of several differing nucleotide sequences. There is no such thing as a set of genes that belongs exclusively to one group and not to another. The clinal, gradually changing nature of geographic genetic difference is complicated further by the migration and mixing that human groups have engaged in since prehistory. Human beings do not fit the zoological definition of race. A mountain of evidence assembled by historians, anthropologists, and biologists proves that race is not and cannot be a natural division of human beings."

Harrison, Guy (2010). Race and Reality. Amherst: Prometheus Books. "Race is a poor empirical description of the patterns of difference that we encounter within our species. The billions of humans alive today simply do not fit into neat and tidy biological boxes called races. Science has proven this conclusively. The concept of race (…) is not scientific and goes against what is known about our ever-changing and complex biological diversity."

Keita, S O Y; Kittles, Royal, Bonney, Furbert-Harris, Dunston, Rotimi; Royal, C D M; Bonney, G E; Furbert-Harris, P; Dunston, G M; Rotimi, C N (2004). "Conceptualizing human variation". Nature Genetics. 36 (11s): S17–S20. doi:10.1038/ng1455. PMID 15507998. "Modern human biological variation is not structured into phylogenetic subspecies ('races'), nor are the taxa of the standard anthropological 'racial' classifications breeding populations. The 'racial taxa' do not meet the phylogenetic criteria. 'Race' denotes socially constructed units as a function of the incorrect usage of the term."

Legal scholar Dorothy Roberts argues, "Edwards did not refute Lewontin's claim: that there is more genetic variation within populations than between them, especially when it comes to races. (…) Lewontin did not ignore biology to support his social ideology (…). To the contrary, he argued that there is no biological support for the ideological project of race." "The genetic differences that exist among populations are characterized by gradual changes across geographic regions, not sharp, categorical distinctions. Groups of people across the globe have varying frequencies of polymorphic genes, which are genes with any of several differing nucleotide sequences. There is no such thing as a set of genes that belongs exclusively to one group and not to another. The clinal, gradually changing nature of geographic genetic difference is complicated further by the migration and mixing that human groups have engaged in since prehistoric times. Race [however defined] collapses infinite diversity into a few discrete categories that in reality cannot be demarcated genetically."

Similarly, biological anthropologist Jonathan Marks agrees with Edwards that correlations between geographical areas and genetics obviously exist in human populations, but goes on to note that "What is unclear is what this has to do with 'race' as that term has been used through much in the twentieth century—the mere fact that we can find groups to be different and can reliably allot people to them is trivial. Again, the point of the theory of race was to discover large clusters of people that are principally homogeneous within and heterogeneous between, contrasting groups. Lewontin's analysis shows that such groups do not exist in the human species, and Edwards' critique does not contradict that interpretation."

The view that, while geographic clustering of biological traits does exist, this does not lend biological validity to racial groups, was proposed by several evolutionary anthropologists and geneticists prior to the publication of Edwards critique of Lewontin.


Well everything identity related is pretty good material for spooks. Even if nothing is in itself a spook.
I remember that thread:

The Holla Forumsyp here clearly seems spooked by race. For you, i don't know, i don't know what kind of actions you would make for your race's sake. I don't know what would be your choice in case some conflict arise between this ideal of yours and your own well being.
And personnaly, i think the time and energy invested in proving the validity of a concept on an anonymous imageboard is a poor indicator of someone being spooked by said concept, but some would disagree.

Racialists can't even fucking do it right

The fact you're so triggered is exactly why the filters are there lol btw it isn't censorship if we know exactly what you're saying

It's politically incorrect to admit that race exists. So this is not surprising.. at all. These scientists would be persecuted if they said otherwise. See: James Watson

kek, stupid candy-ass


What is a "race"? A miserable little pile of spooks?

never actually persecuted for anything and continues to publish papers to this day

don't let the truth get in the way of a good story though

it makes you a cunt

fuck off

You are retarded

Then it's not real communism and lower stage socialism, at best

This meme seems… undersmithed. Please send it back to the forge.

You will never have your "white ethno-state". Not now, not ever. Not even because we don't want to (though we don't) but because it's impossible.

Get over it.


An idiot.


Call it a lesson to be learned from. And since capitalism is still going to doom everyone one of these market crashes, and the only other remotely plausible alternative anyone's come up with is anarcho-primitivism learn from the we must because socialism or barbarism.


There is no agreed-upon definition of white, since whiteness is a social construct. This is highly evident when you go to literally any Nazi board like Holla Forums, where everyone argues whether "insert literally any European ethnicity " is white. So your dumbass society literally can't exist.

Nice to see you again on here debating white supremacists. Btw, what does your flag mean?

Do you really need me to tell you the answer to that question is "a racist cunt"?

Not him but the Sabbo-Tabby is a IWW symbol for workers sabotaging production as a way to agitate and organize in the work place

It's the closest thing to anarcho syndicalism as I'll get.

it makes you a racist


Wew lad.

There are a lot of people in the world who are nothing like me, and who I probably would never get along with - and this has nothing to do with "race", just boring interpersonal tension. But socialism will let us all live free lives, so I'll deal with them; we don't have to hang out in order to fight together for our emancipation from capitalism.

If you want to base your own social circle on something as dumb as race, I'll think you're making a mistake, but that's your prerogative. If you want to tear people apart based on those ideas, however, you're not fighting for human emancipation at all - it's just "stop liking what I don't like" applied to a global scale.

Multiracial and multicultural societies can only create conflict if people buy into the ideas that their own preferred culture or race is what matters - as you're doing right now! But why does that have to be the case? There is no a priori reason why we can't live side by side and tolerate each other's differences; without a capitalist elite to stoke tension, I imagine any problems would easily dissipate.

If you want to avoid conflict within the working class, it's easier and more effective to work for proletarian solidarity - and as an added bonus, it gets people regardless of "race" to fight for the red revolution.

Probably someone who's had ring worm multiple times in their lives

And lice

Not a good suggestion. Boas has been proven fraudulent (he falsified a fuckload of data to achieve the results he wanted.)

do you see how dumb you sound when its written out like this?

I agree. Whitey. Go back to your own country.

Good thing 'White' people are a group of people who respect the sovereignty and land rights of all peoples of the globe.

These sneaky minorities sneaking into our country from the other side of the world. How did they even find where we live? It's not like their were a group of White lads touring the world and telling people of the supremacy of White culture and White countries. Where'd all these 'minorities' get this idea?

Like why the fuck would all these Syrians decide to come to Europe. Where would they get the idea we were involved in their local beefs?

Plenty of people within the alt-right are socialist (somehow).

No, I want to overthrow oppressive hierarchies. Capitalism is the primary one, but I believe in equality for all. Not "all white people". "All people".

No, why do YOU hang onto such racial views? Humans are one of the most genetically homogeneous species on the planet. Why are you so hung up on such tiny differences between us?

The Communist Manifesto ends with the words: "Working Men of the World, Unite!" I don't know how you call yourself a communist and do not find solidarity in uniting with your fellow working person, whatever their identity may be.

what we allow you to have the "white peoples autonomous republic" but out side of this white peoples
automous, there are non-whites?

How about they can have, uh… Utah? Yeah let's give them utah.

Let's give them a gulag with only white prisoners

And that gulag will be utah. Gutah.

It will be a Gutah with a human face.

I'm glad we can come to an agreement on this. I feel like we've really come up with something productive here.

It makes you a Marxist. Remember that Marx was racist. Pretty much every single infamous communist revolutionary was a racist and I always laugh when I see some nigger monkey with a Che shirt. He was right about niggers.

Or you can choose Stirner, who literally said the world belonged the white man, and rightfully so.


Marx considered it outrageous that factory managers defend their economic positions and higher pay based upon what they consider to be their innate superiority in terms of talent based on class grounds. Marx compared this to the outrageousness of slave plantation masters defending their socio-political and economic positions in terms of innate talent based on racial grounds. One is rooted in racist ideology based on pseudoscientific racism, while the other is classist in nature, but nevertheless functionalist and dogmatic.

Shouting "racist!" isn't exactly a very persuasive argument m80