Relationships in a communist society

Greetings, comrades.
What way do you propose to treat relationships in a communist society? Since nobody really owns anything, can we truly blame partners for "cheating", as the cuckitalists put it? After all, everything is shared, comrade!

Other urls found in this thread: Cardyn, Sexualized Racism, Gendered Violence.pdf

This place is slowly turning into some weird parody of /r9k/

Sex is disgusting and bourgeois, reproduction if conducted at all will be on a clinical basis in collective nurseries

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Producing more humans is unethical because humans are genetically flawed. We must work to build artificial intelligences as soon as possible and then hand the world over to them. They shall be our descendants.

If you aren't signing a slavery contract you have a very boring sex life.

These relationships in socialism threads are sleath lefty r9k threads and they should not be allowed

In an ideal Communist society we are provided as many free black cocks as we need. Why should we spread our genes in such a society?

They're just kind of stupid because the only answer is "however people want relationships to work". It's like asking what food people will eat under communism.

What will happen to my findom mistress under communism? Is she porky? Will she get gulag'd?

Slavery is also expecting your S.O. to not find pleasure elsewhere, with men who are more qualified to provide sexual pleasure than you are
it's the way of the world, comrade
embrace it

Sup Holla Forums

It's a trick question because everyone starves to death!

When I tried to take that notion to them, they laughed at me and called me a "cuck". Guess I'm a "cuck" for believing in freedom of choice.

Now that is just false, comrade. Everybody knows that "communism" only failed because it was really state capitalism, and that rationing and totalitarian regimes are capitalist principles, which is why the economy was shit until countries started adapting leftist measures, like the welfare state or progressive taxes.


I hope when you say choice you are talking about black bulls. How could white men possibly compete? It's Communism, we shouldn't have to.


I fucking hate incels, always gotta bring thier sexual insecurity into every conversation. Incels not allowed on leftypol, kindly fuck off

I meant it generally, but yeah. Black guys have large dongs, deal with it.

Well, they seek to make people equal, don't they?
Isn't that the principle of leftist ideology?

Stop watching porn.

Patching up capitalism's excesses isn't the goal of the Left.


Says an an-orca-feminist. Pretty sure I'm free to do my thing in an anarchist society.

Damn right, this a volcel board!

The BBC meme is a racist stereotype designed to pit the races against eachother. Pornography, being perhaps one of capital's most disgusting tools of social control, has done a splendid job of spreading that idea over the past 20 years or so.

Do people still fall for this

It's literally confirmed by statistics.

Hmn…really makes me think.

not all people obsessed with dicks like you

wtf, i want to abolish the orgasm now

Holla Forums: the jews are doing this to cause interracial breeding

it is completely down to the individual couple what they agree on and so forth.

Any suggestion that the state or any organisation for that matter should have a say in love is disgusting.

Bar pedos obv that shit ain't love.

Stop this shit, we've had so many threads about this. sage

The BBC myth was, in what is the greatest example of cosmic irony, fabricated by pro-slavery racists during America's Reconstruction era

"As the stereotype portrayed blacks as virile young men, they were believed not only to have sizable endowments, but to be extremely skilled in the art of procreation as well. Even if a black man didn't fit this description, it was believed by many of the more superstitious types that he could always increase his strength or virility through magic spells anyway."

If you want a more professional source, here's a thorough study on the whole phenomenon Cardyn, Sexualized Racism, Gendered Violence.pdf

attains its maximum development often reaching massive proportions." Genital Peculiarities of the Negro, supra note 211, at 842. Another renowned medical doctor opined that "[wlhen education will reduce the large size of the negro's penis as well as bring about the sensitiveness of the terminal fibers which exist in the Caucasian, then will it also be able to prevent the African's birthright to sexual madness and excess." William Lee Howard. The Negro as a Distinct Ethnic Factor in Civilization. 9 MED. 423. 424 (1903). On the tendency for white fears of black male power to be concentrated at the genital level. see LERONE BENNETT. JR., BLACK POWER U.S.A.: THE HUMAN SIDE OF RECONSTRUCTION 1867-1877. at 370 (1969): BERRY. THE PIG FARMER'S DAUGHTER. supra note 293. at 27: BLASSINGAME. BLACK NEW ORLEANS. supra note 257. at 203-04: JOHN DOLLARD. CASTE AND CLASSIN A SOUTHERNTOWN 160-62 (Anchor Books 1957) (1937): FANON. supra note 252. at 157: GENOVESE.supra note 95. at 461-62: JORDAN. WHITE OVER BLACK, supra note 159. at 34- 35. 152. 156. 158-59. 501: ABRAM KARDINER & LIONEL OVESEY. THE MARK OF OPPRESSION: EXPLORATIONS IN THE PERSONALITY OF THE AMERICANNEGRO 45 (1951): KOVEL.supra note 304. at ALEXANDER THOMAS & SAMUEL SILLEN. RACISM"

Really makes you think

And you wanna know the kicker about that study? It was made by Lisa Cardyn: a professor on gender studies (don't mean to give any Brocialist vibes, fams)

I spit out my drink, my fukken sides

you have some issues there friend. i suggest visiting a shrink, all memes aside

"Grab them by the pussy (seize the means of reproduction)" –Donald Trump, 2016

Wtf, I love Trump now.

Will there be interracial breeding grounds under communism?

Traditional pair bonding is Jewish and bourgeois, everyone should get a turn with Brazilian qts (Aryans get priority to encourage superior genes however)


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