Has anyone ever actually gained access to this place? Are they for real Pol Pot apologists...


Has anyone ever actually gained access to this place? Are they for real Pol Pot apologists? Was Brother Number One right after all?

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Pol Pot had theories?

Someone on here has to be good enough to write that essay and see what happens pls

I need to know what is going on in this place:




It's an actual thing it seems.

Sounds more like a cult worshiping the god Angkar than anything else.

This isn't even propaganda, he wrote this in his personal diary. That's some serious skill at denial.

Don't let Angkar hear it!



What kinda guy makes it apparent that he agrees with himself?


savage as fuck

You can't make this shit up:

1977 Plan:

- Make out effort to fulfill your respectiive tasks.

- Not yet given up the private ownership.

- Self-comfort.


Daily reminder that Heng Samrin did nothing wrong.


1. Our foreign affairs policy came out from our practical struggle.

In 1960, the party determined 6 factors:

1. Leadership by the party.

2. People are full of consciousness.

3. Strong military.

4. Have firm basis for support.

5. Strong economy.

6. Gathering as many friends as possible all over the world.

What's wrong with that?

I-it's okay if everyone starves as long as we do our best!

who writes and thinks in these kinds of lists, omfg

- Chickens: make best effort to support thhe party.

Does Vietnam dare to attack us? The party asserts that they don’t dare to do so because of the following factors :

- Laos : too bad and weak to fight us

-Thailand : does not dare to send troops tto fight us.

3. The Third World: There are three tendencies:

- Sacrifice everything with us and loyal tto us. Those are China, Albania, and Korea.

- Normal friends: Yugoslavia, Romania and Algeria.

- Some other countries do not feel contentt with us. They always oppose us, such as the puppets of the Imperialists - Taiwan and South Korea.

It's worth mentioning that Pol Pot wasn't the literal cartoon villain he's often depicted as. Not that he was a good guy or anything.

He was more of an idiot than anything, tbh.


Starving to death builds character, comrade!




I think we need to send these intellectuals to the camps



Think dialectically, comrade.

Just as Bolsheviks were supported by Germans?

Cambodia was literally funded by china, america, and Britain, because they were paranoid of vietnam creating a power bloc with the other countries like some sort of south asian soviet union.

This is why there was a racial angle to the whole thing, in order to have them hate vietnam.

Im pretty sure all the countries who funded the hell hole pretend it never happened and everything went down a memory hole