Who else has grown tired of the term 'neoliberalism'...

Who else has grown tired of the term 'neoliberalism'? I'm going to stop using the term and just start referring to it as 'liberalism' because I feel that neoliberalism just masks what it is, not any sort of new, or corrupt form of liberalism, but liberalism in its purest form. Some bona fide liberals have picked up the term as some sort of 'fake' or 'corrupt' version of actual liberalism. I think we should be focusing on exposing liberalism for what it is as a whole rather than relying on popular buzzwords.

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Neoliberalism imo is just fake liberalism, granted liberalism is retarded and not so useful in the moment, but how can justify being pro-war while you are a liberal?

wew, you english speaking people sure have the worst political nomenclature ever. neo-liberalism is just neoclassical libertarianism, that means, libertarianism based in science instead of muh praxeology.

Neoliberalism is a specific political and economic program that has some marked differences from other forms. It's a useful term.

Liberalism, Anarchism, Trotskyism, Fascism, Conservatism… everything but Marxism-Leninism is fundamentally all the same idealistic bourgeoise shit.

Just like any other bourgeoise clattering of bourgeoise ideology and excesses as "crony" or "jewish" i dismiss it entirely as reactionary smokescreening.

Do you understand the definition of words

I'm quite serious, I'm asking if you don't understand the difference between liberalism and neoliberalism, why both are negative in their own way

Because trying to assimilate the deep state into marxism is tots going to work guys, the organization that has subverted every attempt through covert action won't do anything once we have control of the government, it'll just shake its head and say "Damn, well I guess we lost" and throw its hands in the air

Spare me "bougie liberal" nonsense when you clung to what sounded like the most political left extreme but in today's context is just that, people clinging to what they think is the left most political extreme. It's bougie liberal shit.

You know how you spay and neuter your cats and dogs

People should do that except their overly political teenagers who grow up never changing ideologically and never further reading on what values they hold

We would be saved OP, and many people, from ever making things worse.


Dumb tankiddie


no u


Yes, thats the point, my property

Except I never actually summed up the whole thing by making it one big "no u"

I just said subverting or hostile take over of the government is impossible because you are going against the NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA, Navy, Coast Guard, Disaster Relief, Army, Marines, Everything and anything out of Fort Bragg, the School of the Americas, the Air Force, and let's not forget the police and SWAT

Let's say, this isn't a direct fight against a militia

Do you seriously think the deep state wouldnt fuck you over as fast and as quick as possible

They've been doing this for a hundred years

How is explaining this to you a "no u"?

It sounds more to me like, stop LARPING

Isn't neoliberalism just the resurgence of 19th century liberal, 'free market' ideas??

Except you did. Nothing of what you say adresses the fact that pretentious wannabe leftist bourgie fags of your kind can go eat dick.

t. Autist-Autism

The Discourse

Well, at least the nazi and an anarkiddy is with your incoherent whining, asshurt bourgie fag. That company suits you well.


This has become your latest buzzword; not a single thread goes by without you using it. Not even a tankie but holy shit kill yourself.

However I did admit to you probably being an edgy teenager who still has hope the US state and the world econmy is an impossible task to take down in any significant way that isn't subversion and not straight on violence

You're just, really dumb.

If you want to show us how smart you are by all means, go up against the deep state guns loaded up to the gates of fort bragg and say I've come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass and I'm all out of bubble gum and watch how quick you're killed

Do it with ten people, hell, how about fifty

Same end result



viet cong quads

It is not a buzzword holy shit how fucking new to radical politics are you

It means the CIA, NSA, the like.

They used to opperate on their own but as of Clinton being Secretary of State the longstanding distance the military has had with intelligence agencies has fused into bureaucratic monster worked out of Fort Bragg

So now the intelligence community and the military are combined as one gigantic fucker you have to confront who can coordinate simeoultaneously.

Good luck fighting that with a strategy that's no more than zerg rush, really.

It makes total sense if you zerg rush enough, the coups will stop


You are new?

I guess "Nigger" and "Jew" aren't buzzwords either, as they have "meaning".


Go home reddit.

It's literally a buzzword. Saying [x thing exists] is about the weakest thing you bring up and you're holding yourself to buzzword-tier critique of praxis if you think that intelligence agencies aren't factored in. Hell, most discussion revolves around not just revolutionary activity in and of tiself, but around what any post-revolutionary situation would look like. Your response to this is to inject in >muh deep state out of nowhere (as if it's related to models of post-capitalism) and whenever questioned to say that only autistic anarcho-spergouts are the way to go, begotten of any kind of idea of what is to be done afterwards. If this doesn't touch on Zizek's V for Vendetta critique and its idealist polemics, I don't know what does.

"Deep state.

Go back to >>>Holla Forums and take that faggot tripfag friend of yours with you, all he has to do is change his buzzwords and he continue with his incoherent meaningless bourgie rants.

I didn't bring it up at random, I brought it up as critical flaw in modern ML/MLM thinking

Because you honestly think the way it works now, where the state is almost totally decentralized to prevent revolution, and the intel agencies are strong as ever coordinating directly with the military, combined with a militarized police force

You have a chance in hell of doing anything to the state short of keying someone's car.

Only the car is self aware, a monster truck diesel engine roaring eighteen wheel monster truck, and it screams how dare you revolt against america communist scum, and mows you down before you get on your knees apologizing

You actually revolt by improving people's conditions without help of the state, in order for people to become less and less reliant on what "jobs" they have, and what state associations they have.

I'm not a new tripfag, first off, second off, if you want to make this "ur new ur new ur new ur new" you can leave the board. when half this board complains about getting new people.

If this is the calibre of new we're getting I'd rather say close the gates

who is this qt 3.14?

This poster is Holla Forums

deep state
noun: deep state; plural noun: deep states

a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military


Nice try, bourgie fag.
Actually, no, not really. Piss poor incoherent whining.


Yeah this is Holla Forums

"Buzzword" refers to any actually existing term used in a fashionable way without any antecedental purpose. The way you use the actually existing term "deep state" is like a buzzword.

“. . . the discovery of the Jewish virus is one of the greatest revolutions that has taken place in the world. The battle in which we are engaged today is of the same sort as the battle waged, during the last century, by Pasteur and Koch. How many diseases have their origin in the Jewish virus! … We shall regain our health only be eliminating the Jew.”

t. Deep State

I used it in a completely legitimate way, however

Change jew to white

"… In der Judenfrage ist unsere Stellungnahme unverrückbar festgelegt. Sie wird nicht bestimmt durch Momente des Fühlens (Gefühlsantisemi[ti]smus), sondern durch nüchternes Erkennen des Tatsächlichen. Danach wäre folgendes zu bemerken: Der Jude ist als Ferment der Dekomposition (nach Mommsen) losgelöst von gut oder böse des einzelnen Ursache des inneren Zusammenbruchs aller Rassen überhaupt, in die er als Parasit eindringt. Seine Tätigkeit ist Zweckbestimmung seiner Rasse. Sowenig ich einer Tuberkelbazille einen Vorwurf machen kann einer Tätigkeit wegen, die für den Menschen Zerstörung bedeutet, für sie aber Leben heißt, so sehr bin ich aber auch gezwungen und berechtigt, um meiner persönlichen Existenz willen den Kampf gegen die Tuberkulose zu führen durch Vernichtung ihrer Erreger. Der Jude aber wird und wurde durch Jahrtausende hindurch in seinem Wirken zur Rassetuberkulose der Völker. Ihn bekämpfen heißt ihn entfernen. Und erst nach seiner Entfernung wird der Kampf gegen den Judengeist und Mammonismus aufgenommen werden können. …"
Aus einem Brief an Konstantin Hierl mit Briefkopf der NSDAP vom 3. Juli 1920.

Just saying, like, completely legitimately. You're a Jew, after all. Makes sense, according to your incoherent shitposting line of "thought".


I'm actually trans jewish, you sinner

Deep State

You really didn't. You brought it up in context of a discussion regarding the content of Marxist theory (lit. "assimilate deep state into Marxism"). You're not just using the term as a buzzword; you're using it in context of Marxism (a set of economic and philosophical theories) versus neoliberalism (a policy of capital).



Its an ideal term for corporatism fueled liberalism.



The problem with that is that Marxist theory in previous context cannot be applied today because the state itself is beuracratic nightmare meant to help porky, and fighting it means shit all when its so decentralized in everything but its ways and manners of subverting you

It's become a clean machine of geopolitics since the cold war ended

It won't magically end when you "take control", however that may be. It would be suspicious if you even did easily.

This is the first time I've notice dit.

AnFems and NazBols are the true vanguard of the community

The fucking irony, i couldn't have asked for a better demonstration. I'm just glad nobody accused me of being behind you two guys playing you as puppets.

Read a book get better strategy, get better theory, I'm not asking the nazbol to be my baby beta orbiter

Nobody contests this. It's the beginning of Marx, really: historical stages determine the basis of society and its conditions.

Literally where does anybody suggest this as praxis or suggest that this is not what the state has always been: a tool of class rule?

"The facts speak for themselves" is the arch-statement of ideology.

Not implied.

Democratically elected Marxists with majority in parliament have instantly been overthrown by the global strongarm of capital, as predicted.

Really activates those almonds.



I agree.

Hence the total intellectual supremacy of capitalism over silly spookcuck legacy-puritanism.

It is a tool of class rule, but the problem is that it has changed significantly.

Hell even labor in the late 19th early 20th had to fight hard as hell, especially during the depression.

The problem is during the cold war, on both the Soviets and Americans, the intelligence communities became weaponized.

They were separated from the military, but answered to the executive branch. Now that the Cold War has ended, one of Obama's biggest accomplishments has been joining the intelligence community and the military together centered out of Fort Bragg, has been one of his biggest accomplishments, along with the help of Hilary Clinton.

What you're saying isn't wrong, however it is far too general at the same time.

Intelligence Agencies are covert, they'll make a coup and blame it on anything else better and "more free: and the media will spread it, and the media will reflect this if any civil war broke out.]

They'd profit off asymmetrical forever direct fighting

I'm telling you that traditional means of revolution today are over, and the answer is simple.

Redistribution of massive theft.

Just because libertarians use it, does not make it a non useful term.

It just means anything to do with the CIA and NSA, and how they now relate to both the military and executive branch really.


The resources that make might possible own the might. Making might fairly subjective if the rug can be pulled under you in seconds.


I wouldn't dismiss the concept of the deep state simply because idiots latched onto it. The entrenched unelected bureaucrats who run the security and foreign policy apparatuses of the world are real and it would be naive to think they don't have their own self interested agendas that last beyond whatever flavor of the month politician is in office.


seriously, 'capitalism for the poor, socialism for the rich' is the best system known to man

Why did you quote this but not my very first sentence that confirms that we already know this.

So exactly where does the use of the term "deep state" here as a reply to the mention of Marxism proper (theoretical) and neoliberalism as economic policy not function as a buzzword? Demagoguery is the buzzword I'm reaching for but not quite sure.

Woah, really?


Because if we focus only on economic policy we forget all other avenues of adaptation we must take in order to properly revolt.

Proper revolution has ceased becoming violent unless things get worse enough, even then I doubt it, because the state has outmatched us far and above in fire power and strategy.

What you don't understand, is dismantling the state means strategy. An enormous amount of strategy. Strategy that takes on just as much critical importance as economic freedom, because if we do not strategize against all possible ways of subversion and destruction of it, we hope to become nothing but another list of "communism never worked" lines.

What we need to do is focus on needs of the people, so we take advantage of the hatred the population already has for the bureaucratic Western states

When I say deep state, I mean the very thing we must confront strategically, and its of such importance we do that it shouldn't be disregarded.

In fact, it is one of our biggest problems. Not of any economic means, but of direct attack.

What you're talking about is called military-intelligence convergence. The military and intelligence communities are blurring the lines between Title's 10 and 50 of US Code which govern the way they operate respectively. The CIA now has a fleet of drones that allows them to operate independently of the military. The military has expanded and developed their intelligence capabilities with JSOC. It's going to be a big issue in the upcoming years.


I've only heard it talked about as the deep state, or only talked about it with that term.

Thanks, I don't mean to sound like a broken record. I just mean to warn that revolution in the future might become extremely difficult given how apt the intelligence agencies are at squashing physical dissent and rights to any sort of mobility people of the world have. It'll be a nightmare of false information and coup attempts, coordinated attacks against us that if we can't plan for and counter, we can't win.

And it will just add to the growing strategies these groups have in preparation for the return of mass organized labor

I'll use the proper term for it.

"We" don't, although "dude smashie smashie and redistribute wealth lmao" resembles this more than anything.

Woah, really? Really makes you think. Totally justifies off handedly spamming the term "deep state" every it's at best microscopically vaguely related to anything whatsoever.

Criticizing the use of "deep state" as buzzword =/= not ackwowledging its importance in modern politics. If anything, elucidating the thoughts beyond just the term itself in use has shown that it's been elevated to a superstructural category even more important than capital for the people who spam is as a buzzword, and that there's little thought behind "woah, this modern tool of capital rule is really big and scary, don't forget to mention it whenever possible for extra points!".

Military-intelligence convergence isn't the "deep state". It's a way to consolidate power within the "deep state".

I fail to see how direct violence against the state isn't political and physical suicide for all of us, not for reasons of liberal pacifism, but for strategic reasons it cuts us off far far far longer than it could have at a different time.

I'm saying steal. I'm not being a pacifist, I'm saying steal from massive corporate powers between states, and immediately spread it.

When the state voids all money gained to people in need, presto class awareness.

I'm more or less suggesting our strategy of violence against Capitalism, should be not one the state is prepared to deal with, which is well hidden, well acted as another more reactionary group which does similar on a smaller scale;

Fiat currency piracy.

With actual legitimate money, cross platform, stolen, it becomes a matter of digital bank robbery of sorts, counter fitting what have you. There is a surprising lack of security into how you can't make this possible.

One group just the past year did it and they never got caught.

Violence, in a world where violence is shrinking, is negative to our own interests. It seems that piracy of excess is. It makes people reliant on us, and not Capital.

We disagree however, on what to do from there. I say the establishment of a state makes you far more vulnerable to subversion and assassination, destruction of all that work.

It's more of a convenience sake for describing the spanning of the military industrial compelx and the intelligence community combined. But its more or less what user said.

You just suggested the following, which I quote directly:
Unless I'm getting a wew'd that exactly what you're prescribing. This is the essence of smashie smashie politics; divine violence without any sort of praxis whatsoever, a trap even so-called state socialists do not fall for anymore, if not simply because it is no longer even possible.

Another trap so-called "state socialists" do not fall for anymore: recognizing the multiplicity of the prevailing ideology's ideological structures, and their operative effect on maintaining the hegemony of capital.

My got.

So the best justification for essentializing the so-called deep state (nested intelligence structures of capital) is to have us all go dumpster diving? If this weren't the final trap so-called state socialists also did not fall for: that the building of barricades against those who administer the bomb is ridiculous (t. Adorno).



I fail to see how we convince people otherwise without giving them results to ensure their interest and trust. Of course the money will be turned void, and of course it could turn those people against us.

But it could also enlighten people into what we're promising more directly to them, which is the resources needed for all to survive.

If you have a better plan lay it out in further detail.

Explain to me how? How is delivering massive amounts of stolen Capital to say, the homeless, not going to generate massive antipathy towards the system that not only made them poor, but voided the money people fought for them to have.

It's naive to say that anything other than direct material reliance upon us will do anything short of make us those commies again, and nothing short of finnancial disaster in the coming years will supposedly bring radical leftism back.

It could, but you are acting in defiance of any kind of strategy by quoting of all people, Zizek

A cultural critic from marxist perspective, and hardly a man of strategic genius

That is not what I said at all.


I said, that what we know of the intelligence community's preperation for revolt is little, we do know however that there is a surpising lack of transparency between international trade.

Stealing digital currency between Thailand and Zimbabwe or what have you, from a gigantic megacorp, cannot make you easily found because the security set is just not there.

This is not dumpster diving. That's like saying Soviet train robbery was dumpster diving, that's like saying depression era bank robbery, was dumpster diving.

It was not.

We rob. We spread. We create a network where people can get quite literally, anonymous free money no different than anonymous free piracy.

As stupid as it may sound on the surface, a pirate bay that can instruct you how to be safe and how to take this money responsibly into your hands, has more potential than violence.

Just Robin Hood the fucker