Modern Multiculturalism and Diversity Are Identical to the Colonial Era

Modern Multiculturalism and Diversity Are Identical to the Colonial Era

Holla Forums favorite intellectual pandering to their sensitivities yet again.

He looks like a cross between a hippie, a Russian hacker and a Croatian Nazi collaborator.

Do you seriously expect us to watch this?

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It's true tho, they are bringing technological advantages to us… oh wait!

tbh as much of the nonsense bs he spouts about politics i agree with him about of lot of drug shit

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Isn't this guy some sort of Pagan?

Holla Forums hates Styx because he wont shut up about Civic Nationalism and non-Kekopian esoteric memetetics

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I'd say it's more like a cross between trap, methhead, Michael Jackson and Jay Failor

Yeah I thought it was a tranny from the thumbnail. I mean, I got nothing against trannies myself, but it's weird to think that I see one and then read "Holla Forums favorite".

His videos on the occult are somewhat interesting but his libertarian political views are shit. He's right about multiculturalism being garbage though.

His argument has nothing to do with technology. His argument hinges on the native Americans being a monolithic group that lacks diversity which is the same argument multiculturalists use when they claim native Europeans are a monolithic group that lacks diversity. Both are of course wrong which is his point.

Can you make the argument that the Native Americans didn't invite/grant citizenship to Europeans?

Migrant != Invaders

The Americas was not culturally enriched because the Conquistadors and the like plus plagues killed them in vast numbers and destroyed their cities. How is the current situation comparable?

Literally 88% of the population of Britain thought Enoch Powell's speech was right and dockers marched to the streets.

This is an invasion, an invasion sponsored by the capitalist class.

Though, the big difference is that the Westerners merely brought small pox and that killed most of the Indians off, and they only slowly advanced onto the mostly empty lands. The mudslimes are swarming into highly developed land, and the leaders of our society are the cause of this migration. (As opposed to a great plague emptying our lands.)

(Also, the Natives actually allowed Europeans to go off into their tribes and integrate. Some early settlers simply joined with the natives due to the colonies being so shitty, before they actually figured out how to survive in the New World.)

i'm a libertarian socialist, he's a right libertarian, we're bound to agree on some sort of shit

his views on marijuana for example mostly just extend to "ree gub'mint"

and y'know, me too, so

The native American tribes didn't have citizenships to give out. Anyways that has nothing to do with the argument of that the native Americans lacked diversity and that that makes their displacement alright.

Irrelevant. That has nothing to do with diversity or lack thereof as justification for mass migration. Besides every mass migration period in human history has been marked by violence and death and we have reason to think this time it will be different.

The biggest real concern regarding mass immigration is actually disease.


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What is with these idiots and the roman empire? Do they not realize it was multicultural and filled with brown people?

Fuck this guy. Rocking MrE is a superior youtuber in every way compared to him. Watch him instead. He is a true genius who brilliantly exposes the evil cultural marxist conspiracy.

Not an argument


Porky certainly thinks so because to porky we the people are but cattle.

the Roman Empire was multi-ethnic. If it were multicultural they wouldn't have made such an effort to Romanize the vanquished now would they.