TFW when you attend a "mixer for Bernie supporters" and it turns out to be a fundraiser for the Green Party with no...

TFW when you attend a "mixer for Bernie supporters" and it turns out to be a fundraiser for the Green Party with no music, barely any alcohol or snacks, and a bunch of candidates/drunk activists yelling at 125 very bored people in a cramped recording studio for talking to each other so they could corral everyone into a tiny room and continue to lecture about why the Greens will take over Los Angeles.

WTF did they charge us 15 bucks a ticket for? If an events at 8-12 on a Saturday, I expect to fucking be drinking and socializing.

They said it was going to be a party, not a post-Jill circlejerk. People slowly trickled out after 30 minutes of this shit.

It's going to be a long few years


A Jill circlejerk? Did they let you touch any little boys while you were there? I heard we get little boy butts when we win the class war.

Did they just go off the rails when Nader left or what? I voted for Stein out of spite, but I'm in California so I felt safe.

She was a dogshit candidate and everyone including herself must know it. I liked when she spraypainted the DAPL pipeline though.

Well they are the πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€GreenπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ party. They're all about that green. Now be a good sassenach and pay the $15 ticket fee.

i don't get this, but this was a post-jill group or something. They also had a few Democrats? And the woman charge spent 20 minutes drunkenly rambling about how much she loves Bernie. This is while someone is running around the studio yelling at everyone to be quiet and come in and listen to a lecture at 1030 PM on a Saturday Night.

jesus shit.

Greens are the democrats for people disillusioned with democrats tbh. The important thing is a break from bourgeois party politics.
For a doctor, she had some puzzlingly anti-science views on evolved plant labeling and nuclear power, though.

I really want #JillnotHill if you know what I mean…


>TFW when you attend a "mixer for Bernie supporters" and it turns out to be a fundraiser for the Green Party with no music, barely any alcohol or snacks, and a bunch of candidates/drunk activists

This looks like the work of your nemesis, The Arrow of Time!

I have never heard a single coherent argument against this. Just endless people saying "the people are too stupid to know what's good for them, so we need to let multinational corporations decide for tham." It's a joke. Even if you take all the right wing bullshit about free markets seriously, it still doesn't make sense because a market isn't free if people don't know what they're buying. Even capitalism's academic proponents admit that it only works if everyone has access to accurate information.

All I can say is the Monsanto PR department have done a brilliant job of convincing people that anyone who thinks people should be told what they're buying is anti-science. We need people like that doing PR for the left - people who can tell you your mother was a whore and then get you to thank them for the helpful information.

I agree, if the shit doesn't harm us, what harm is a label or a general indication that this product is different from what people had before? You can see it as anti-science but I think there is a consumer protection angle that people too easily throw out in wanting to seem enlightened.

Stein has problems but her "anti-science" views were blown out of proportion. She said the current science leads us to believe vaccines don't cause adverse mental effects. Or something like that. The point is because she left it "open" in the sense of not definitively saying no, like a good scientist should since everything is an open question, this was somehow an endorsement of "anti-vaccer's."

I'm not sure whether vanilla is the best ice cream, this must make me pro chocolate.



The vaccines thing is a tricky problem. If any significant number of people stopped having their kids vaccinated, the outcome would likely be much worse than that of any other possible course of action. Even if there's an open question about the safety of vaccines, it's irresponsible to suggest that people should choose not to have them. In fact, in this sense vaccination is a classic tragedy of the commons problem. It's (possibly) in any individual's interest not to be vaccinated, but the non-vaccinated population as a whole suffers.

Still, if there was a mass anti-vaccination movement, at least people would soon learn their lesson about why we invented vaccines in the first place.

What about the mercury thing?

Thimerosal is added to vials of vaccine that contain more than one dose (multi-dose vials) to prevent growth of germs, like bacteria and fungi. Introduction of bacteria and fungi has the potential to occur when a syringe needle enters a vial as a vaccine is being prepared for administration. Contamination by germs in a vaccine could cause severe local reactions, serious illness or death. In some vaccines, preservatives, including thimerosal, are added during the manufacturing process to prevent germ growth.

I guess it will stop bacteria from growing in your body?

Yep, it's a risk. I agree we need to do research and find ways to improve vaccines and make them safer. The answer isn't to give up vaccination though. You don't give up eating because of the risk of food poisoning.

Did you honestly expect a Sanders event to be fun? Because they are never fun. Also, the GP will take over Los Angeles.


Nader was never really in the party. He brought his own people to run his campaign using with help from state Green Parties that had existed since the 80s. This was all before the party became a national party.

After the GP became a national party, it started running candidates against Nader and other people.

Issue is bioavailablity. Mercury accumulated from eating fish, for instance, is found in the form of ethyl and methyl-mercury.

But in thimerosal its bound up in the chemical structure, so it doesn't really have the ability to build up in tissues, like the brain.

Green Party online: every fifth person is a tankie

Green Party IRL: no tankies, every fifth person is a conservative/centrist

it's honestly baffling how many MLs I saw supporting Stein

I vote based on who's least in bed with the Military-Industrial-Complex.

You deserved to have your saturday wasted tbqh.

It had something to do with her attitudes toward Assad and Putin. But regardless PSL IS the largest left party after the Green Party. And PSL is lowkey tankie.

There's been an odd surge in M-Ls everywhere on the internet. Now, they aren't in any meaningful amount IRL, and when they are, they can be useful for anti-war protests, but other than that M-Ls are cancer.

I'm going to amend that and say SAlt is the second largest left party. But PSL really did a good showing this year for some reason.

just another way for the jews to fuck over environment issues

it's a cult

she's a cult leader

just look at her face

looook atttt heeer faaaaace