Why are you so quick to call us facists? Perhaps that's what we take inspiration from...

Why are you so quick to call us facists? Perhaps that's what we take inspiration from, but the modern alt-right is a different animals, and its goals and motivations are different.

We are concerned with aesthetics,beauty, and self-improvement. We promote self confidence and community.

And I have no illusions, we are mostly fucking losers. This is the impetus that runs the alt-right. A ritcheous anger and a longing to create that great society which is currently being dismantled.

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Sorry no stirner posting allowed itt. Please see yourself out


Doing it wrong OP.

Aryanism claims to be founded on ancient ideals, but they really do represent the views of the more idealistic alt-righters

Your views are about bullshit that doesn't real.

To be honest I don't even give you that, being fascists.

The only thing that defines you, the alt-right is cynical and nihilist hate of liberals.

So, this faggot somes to OUR board, with a NAZI FAGGOT FLAG, and claims that "NO STIRNER POSTING ALLOWED ITT"?

lmao at that aryanism site


so retarded

Rules are a spook

I'm convinced at this point everyone moved on from stirner and its just Holla Forums doing this to screencap and talk about how we don't believe in anything, which creates some new fucking bullshit idea of the radical left.

Not that ascribing to Stirner is bad, just not understanding his ideology, and making posts like this seriously.

It's suspicious. I sniff a scent.

talk about selling snake-oil every self-help hustler uses the self-confidence line to try to convince people their problems can all be solved through bourgeois society.

As for community this is so pedestrian that every liberal capitalist can agree with it. "Community" is often prescribed as the solution to all the problems created by the capitalists themselves.

The alt-right genuinely lives in bizarro world.

Lel, you are describing fascism

thats spooky

have you considered focusing on aesthetics and self improvement without hating niggers and sucking capitalist dick?

Unlike those self-help snake oil salesmen we recognize that you can only be the best version of yourself in a society that is conducive towards. But what we're also doing is giving people meaning. I mean how can you sit on your ass and claim to be better than niggers? You gotta prove it

The golden one is the kind of men we want to create, and I don't even care that he's a little bit dumb

Thanks, big brother

Total out of the blue comparison. It's the only relatable one I can make with this suggestion.

I think the Fly is a good example of this scenario. Seth Brundle, creates revolutionary technology of teleportation, confident as ever. In his jealousy of his lover's nonsexual conversation with her ex, he ports.

Only to fuse with a fly.

As time goes by, his body ages rapidly, he no longer was the confident man he used to be, he is now old, his product not selling in the Capital he trusted, but self confident to the end, and obsessed with fixing himself, he turns into a monster nobody has seen before, not a product nobody has ever seen before.

He becomes something else, on a basic horror level. A human fused with a fly hatching out of its embryonic human pupae. Beyond the surface, it is about aging, forever confident that you will succeed, no matter the cost, at making that new thing.

Without understanding in the process, the confidence becomes your undoing. You become your confidence that you have something that matters to this world

He wants to live on, he can't die without his technology. He nearly eats Stathis, and corners his girlfriend offering her to help him become human with their child.

He is willing to sacrifice everything for the first bit of confidence he sprung going through the faulty product he invented.

In the end, it's aging. Desperation. Confidence born of it. Sacraficing your family just to become possibly human again so maybe, just maybe he can make a profit.

In the end it doesn't matter and its too late, like I said, he hatches, and becomes a monster. He becomes what the world has never seen before. A deformed bastard cold child of his own lust for capital and fame, mind of insect.

He fails again, only to become the ultimate insult, the fusion between himself, and the product he desperately wanted to show the world for profit.

And he understands this, and begs for death. No family could accept a fusion of machine, man, and inhumanity, his choices in life, and the pain he is in.

So just as they met, he dies, never being the old wedded couple they thought they would be, but instead, a shotgun blowing his brains out. The ultimate end of the pain of living your labor so fruitless your devotion turns you into a monster.

Though, I doubt you could see anything from this long rambling metaphor I tried to make easier for you to relate to, the point being; Capitalism and confidence, no matter what your told, will make your failures ten times more catastrophic, and you will dwell on them as you grow old, until you reach a point where you no longer recognize yourself as human, and would do anything to make things back to the way they were so long ago, when it seemed capital was as easy as a magic trick with lingerie, and a billion dollar paycheck.

Everyone confident enough to change the world today is ignorant of their downfall to it. They will remain ignorant of it until there is nothing left for them, but insect like senility, and denial that it was the problem of all but himself, ignoring love for confidence, power. n

Until nothing was left.

I really think the character represents the Alt-Right very well. Willing to kill for ambitions that will not help them, but in the end, destroy them in the economy they trusted to help them.

You aren't fascists, you're pretending to be, but you're not. You're lost souls clinging to hope that feels so real, you ignore the lack of showers, the lack of hygiene, the hair thinning, the mind not being as fast, the desperation to come up with something new.

As with anything Faustian, arrogance is your undoing.

I appreciate that man. Good writing đź‘Ť

Okay so uh… you're fascists.

To sum it up simply:

Your problem is that you look outwards to compare. You have to look inwards. I climb that ladder of excellence every day, and the fucked up thing about it is that you can only ever go up, because nobody knows where the top is. It's not enough to be better than others. You have to be better than you.

Then they probably aren't alt-right then. Nrx, new right, or Nazi maybe but sure as Hell ain't alt-right.

Subjective shit.


someone screencap this

No need to be ironic, I'm saying you can't change anything in Capital, your frustration at this will turn you further inwards, and as you age, you will see yourself as right, everyone else as wrong. But it won't solve anything you're proposing to solve. Confidence and ignorance go hand in hand, ignoring vast parts of a complicated scenario is the downfall of basically almost everyone with a political mindset,ambition, the will to make bank, and change the world. You're going to be destroyed by your own confidence in your own ambition until nothing is left but an insect husk at the end of your life. And maybe near the end, you'll see that everything you believed in destroyed everyone you knew. Confidence can never fix what was blatantly never there. Only overcompensation to a disastrous degree.

Since it's an example from a movie everyone should read this in Zizek *sniff* voice.

Damn that pic is deep man

why do you need an athoritarian gov't to win?
why do you need someone to rule you so you can self improve?

why not do these things on your own, and rule your self? (you can do this)
only you can make yourself stop being a losers. do it

I would love Zizek to do an analysis of the fly, only if it being my favorite movie, more that its themes of anti-capitalism are subtle enough to the body horror, nobody relates the two. It just seems like a backdrop when its the message itself, about growing, agining, dying, to the last breath, desperate to make profit from a world that just doesn't care, and would not care, if only for his own ego and drive for capital, preventing him from even gaining it in the first place. It's no less anti-capital than Videodrome.

But regardless of all that, I crave a Zizekian analysis of that movie now.

Sure, but the ideal you strive towards is always socially constructed. You celebrate weakness, ugliness, and incompetence. We think it should be overcome

I actually did appreciate it though. It unironically made me think.

And I do understand your point, you are critiquing my slightly fetishised synthesis of aesthetics as something that is a political dead end. It's a valid criticism and I have to think it over

Only to get shitskins to leave. A Not Socialist ideal society will not be so authoritarian, because there won't be a need for it

Do you think we're this retarded, or are you ACTUALLY this retarded?

Read it please

the only good fascist is a titty monster fascist aaaaaawwwww yeeeeeaaaah

No. I built what I wanted. A lot of people still don't like it, and they don't have to.
I don't, but you're free to believe otherwise.
Then overcome it, but don't burden us with your ideas of what others should do.

Regardless, you're obnoxious, so you're getting the boot.

I love how you Nazis claim to not be racist and just want the best for each race then endlessly cry about non whites

Consider that, in the end. All of us die. We age. We grow old, we'll never be like we used to. No matter how many new ideas you have, no matter what you think of yourself, no matter the profit, or the idealization of who you are.

It's going to change with age, but you won't be able to admit that you couldn't succeed. This is the way people are to the bitter end, they can't understand that Capital does not have interest in ideas believed new.

This emptiness, this hollow core of who you are, will either create sorrowful monster who denies to the end he was worth everything, blaming it on everyone. Blame himself, for what he could have done. A little bit of both more than likely. Or, admitting to yourself that, chasing the rabbit hole down isn't worth it. You can't be that man you think you could be. Every man thinks that at same time or another.

Which becomes preferable helping fellow man in this unfair system trapped like bugs in a spiders web waiting to die, all the same ambition and hope, or clinging onto the belief that they'll be free spider web until mortality's jaws sink down your chest and you fall back to the forever sleep.

I would rather self sacrifice, being at peace with what you have sometimes, especially in the future we have, is all you can do. Nobody will get rich quick, nobody will become aesthetic to anyone but ourselves

Whether we like it or not, we will begin to age soon. Our bodies won't be what we remembered them all our life. All this talk of aesthetics will be gone.

So what do you chose to do, chase aesthetics and capital and what have you no matter the consequences? Or try to help make it a world where each and every one of us, as free people, can achieve the goal the web of capital not only traps us in, but prevents us from ever flying away.


At the strict expense of everything else. Maximum utility to Earthly beings isn't a concern for the right, so I don't care.

How can you guys call yourself a good Marxist when you are so quick to abandon your fellow fascist worker brother? Is this not the ideology of morals?

You have a fuckload of guilt and shame that you're projecting on all of us and it's absolutely le toxic.

Nobody is abandoning you. You will get liberated like everyone else. You can complain about irrelevant shiting in FALC.

In bizarro world the alt-right would be the Marxists. Checkmate, Christians.


You can't just say projection on everything. And there is legitimately no reason to be offended since it's not criticism as much as tragedy

If you think its not real, go ahead and ignore all the Salarymen placing themselves in front of trains.

yes, good worker brother. now liberate these boxer shorts with your mouth. be a good altruistic worker brother now.

No you fuckin idiot it's about not having to get up and spend the better part of my day producing surplus value for some porky so that I can earn the right to feed myself. And you fuckers want to keep it going forever with the continued existence of the fascist state, because you're a loser who projects his desires for social status and a girlfriend onto ancient utopias that never were and needs the fascist state to purge darkies and put women in their place. So basically we all have to keep going to work for porky, forever, because of the insecurities of people like you.

Sorry, bro, I only fuck Thai ladyboys.

I'm not arguing against you, it's just that your style is all romantic and tragic.

Yes we're all people who get old and die and capitalism exploits us all. But come on, become at peace with this. Kill oppression with comedy, not tragedy.

To be fair, the movie I used as example is a romantic tragedy. None of the horror kicks off until the start of the later half.

And tragedy has its place just as much as comedy. Tragedy hits home easier. Even if the tragedy itself is not immediately noticed.

Most horror, most gothic and tragic horror anyways, are filled with what shouldn't be so easily ignored in preference for comedy. Everyone is looking to be happy now in the face of a future that is very grim.

Nobody is willing to confront that future boldly, explain what it is, and represent it in form. What it means, what it could do, and how it can turn people into something they weren't.

I feel comedy does an awful job at communicating what is wrong, and how badly the consequences could mean for not just me or you, but the guy down the street, your aunt, your mother and father.


Just that something is wrong.

I am not against comedy, but comedy with a message is not nearly as effective as something that shocks the public.

lel faggot

Because of racism and them being alienated, they won't be able to lead the best lives they could. Instead of spending billions upon billions and decades trying to make people non-racist (and then have it all backfire like what is happening now) wouldn't it be better to try and create societies with good social cohesion?

nobody cares, poopsoc

Your worldview strongly implies that race is some magical, unchangeable element in reality, which is obviously an idea we do not entertain.

You also seem to think your extreme, obsessive hatred of nonwhites is shared by most whites.

I don't hate them. I just wish they weren't here. This isn't a rare position at all

A lot of people don't want illegal immigrants, full on ethnonationalism remains extremely rare.

I would screencap, but you had to use reddit spacing so it doesn't all fit on my screen.



This is astrology-level vagueness that could literally apply to any ideology. This could be easily about Naziism, Stalinism, Anarchism, every single political party that comes to mind… I mean it's motivational, but it's so fuckin vague, like it's trying to persuade the masses to act upon whatever their current ideology leads them to do. I don't get how this has anything to do with specifically aryanism.

oh. Yeah that explains it.

Who define's what's noble, though? You do realize there are several places around the world, hell, even within countries or even provinces, that consider nobility to be something completely different. Nobility is such a subjective word that can basically mean "anything I personally like and value". Like for me: I find libertarian socialism to be a noble cause. Again, all this vague shit that isn't really telling me fuckin anything. Is there any actual ideology in here?

> What people are you looking for?
Wait what? Oh lord. You do realize that the creator of the Nazi Party was an anti-semite militant, right? Completely against diversity. It says on this website you directed us to that you guys are looking for anti-racists… Even up in this thread (>>1237981), you're basically like "YEH WE GOTTA BETTER THAN THE BLACKS!" yet this website also considers this kind of behavior to be part of the "true left". I don't see any focus on a leftist analysis in this site so far. If it were left, that'd be like, the first fucking thing. If you are the anti-capitalists you claim to be, then I suggest you introspect on why this divisiveness could be caused by capitalism. Go out and read some shit.

It did surprise me that this "Aryanism" claims to be with the left and is looking for "Anti-Zionists, anti-racists, anti-democrats, anti-capitalists, anti-humanists, and any other noble idealists who despise Western civilization from its foundations". Oh hey look another vague concept to be against: "western civilization". I don't know what the fuck you mean by this. Could be very different between you and me.

I'm done with this for now.

Hah this

But that'll never happen because my ideology will save everybody! I know cuz I've read things that sound convincing and stopped there!
Seriously though. Immerse yourselves in other perspectives. I spend years looking at perspectives of the right and that's all I did, disregarding leftists as the bullshit I was told they were (thanks america, btw). Literally reading a book or two from the left and having a couple of meaningful discussions with leftists is all that was needed to switch me from the right, because some things, if given the light of day, are more convincing and their goals are better for everyone.

I have to agree. Strinerposting is being hijacked in /his/ and Holla Forums lately

My dude. You're a fucking Nazi.
So much for the self-confidence you were supposed to have garnered from your failure of an ideology. You can't even admit what you are.