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Asians and whites are too polite, you need sheboons for entertainment.

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Why are germans such autistic trash?

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so who got btfo? the chink or the tranny?

more like actual bodybuilder woman sees attentionwhore youtuber using the equipment wrong and disturbing people by talking all the time and takes offense

What the fuck is an actual bodybuilder woman? Is she exercizing her uterus to have more babies? That is not how women work.

Blacks truly are the alpha race. They don't take shit from anyone.

ayo dats right!

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The only way anybody is ever going to be happy is if we live in a homogeneous world with a clearly defined culture and expectations. Elon Musk needs to hurry the fuck up make white mars, arab venus, space station asia and just leave earth to be the melting pot at this point.

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beta cuck

Why is the Japan wearing a push up bra?

Melting pot is the best thing to ever happen. Why would you want to fuck only women of your race?


even if she was a body builder fuck her
body builders are the worst at the gym


how is any of that a prank?

also as far as body builders go they act like they live at the gym and you're just a visitor. It's annoying as fuck. They'll stand around and claim a whole area and get defensive when you try and use a machine near them. Like no, faggot, you don't get to claim 4 machines at once so you can rotate sets. That's retarded to begin with and you're the one cutting into my workout

i'm pretty sure every gym has a policy against filming people

t. soyboy


I want earth 2.0 where all the best whites are and we can learn from our mistakes.

Because I have only once fucked someone outside my race I felt disgusted and sick to the core. White woman are superior and have enough diversity to satisfy any man. My biggest regret in life par non is that I was not a virgin for my wife.

Your wife wouldn't have married you if you were a loser virgin. Women love experienced men.

I am apparently very attractive so I doubt my experience was a factor.