Based John cena

Based John cena.

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inb4 it will be worse than doom

I'm going to complain if it's not sexist enough.

What? Does this guy even have any acting experience? Now the movie is guaranteed to be shit.

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What the fuck?

Save for the blond airfield he's really lookalike.
Too bad they will probably make a soyboy out of character. And then they're going to wonder where's shekels goys?
I wonder if Uwe Ball will do his SWAG no-cash style directing like he doesnt care.

I can't think of any decent vidya movies at all. Maybe first RE was alright.


Isn't Michael Bay in charge of the movie? Hope he makes it a high T action kino.

It should be made in a format of "Hardcore Henry"
Eg. minimal amount of dialogue, first person perspective
But of course they gonna fuck it up

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this movie is dead before it started

Seriously I kind of enjoyed it, perhaps because it was clear that everyone involved was suffering because of it. The doom movie was okay

Thats not counting Duke one liners that is

Duke is a woke democrat, there wont be any guns in this movie either for you kid murderers.

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Cuke Pozzem

Translation: Duke's gonna be a fucking cuck.

Get ready for a strong female sidekick, Duke being in a the supporting role and of course despite starting out as a sexist pig in the beginning of the moving: DOING THE RIGHT THING at the end.

Great casting on their call then

I wish this guy was as dumb as cm punk so you could see him get humiliated.

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what did they mean by this?

iktf bro it ruined my childhood too
i was no longer same person after watching that
still wondering if there's any humanity left to me after what i've seen

Sounds like 100% Fresh turn-your-brain-off kinda fun… count me in!

No no, you don't get it, the movie is about Duke becoming "mature" and learning that all that stuff is bad. All the violence and sexism is gonna be done by some new female protagonist.

Fucking RIP.

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Y-you're pussies. But don't say anything mean that might hurt my feelings.

Actors literally are shit tier subhumans. Big Match Jhon is going to regret doing this.

I remember when the DOOM movie came out.

Apparently it's beyond the capabilities of directors to actually make a story in a video game universe, they just want their fucking edgy gritty action film and namedrop a few things in the game to get the normies salivating.
Expect the same forgettable mess this time around. There is no director in Hollywood that could do Duke justice, especially after Randy "moan and bitch" Pitchford acquired the I.P.

It's tough to adapt a videomgame to the silver screen, but completely changing everything about it except names and places does not help. Fuck Hollywood and fuck the egomaniacs who have to put their cocaine-encrusted fingers in anything different or interesting.

Lol you don't need acting experience to play Duke Nukem just one liners and pop-culture references. The casting is perfect!

The only way this could work would be as a faithful re-creation of 80's action shlock played so straight it goes beyond and makes jokes about how un-PC Duke is in today's culture but Duke doesn't give a fuck. And when the movie tries to shoehorn in some heartwarming subplot he still doesn't give a fuck. Almost as if his movie tries to be re-engineered on the fly to appeal to a broader audience but Duke's woman-slapping, alien-killing bravado defies everyone and everything. The female lead acts like a toughie but as soon as she gets captured she begs for Duke, as an example of what feminists would do once they're in danger. In the end Duke is such an impenetrable brick of testosterone that there's no learning or resolution to the story despite the movie trying to get a heartwarming moment, so the film gives up and ends with Duke defeating the aliens.

(Cosmo also makes a cameo)

He is going to be the dad in the upcoming laugh out loud commedy 'Blockers.' Where they take the premise of American Pie with a bunch of teenagers aiming to lose their virginity, but they are girls instead of guys this time! Isn't Hollywood creative!? But uh oh! Their parents want to stop them from having sex because they are just mean old conservatives who don't understand teenage girls! Such fun!

The Duke movie is going to tank and kill any chance of there ever being a successful revival of the character.

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How is Duke misogynistic?

He saves women from danger.

It's womynx you bigot.

Because some people in 2k18 still don't understand that Hollywood is a rotten and corrupt institution that turns everything it touches into shit. You have to be a low-IQ consumerist bugman or a braindead normie zombie to seriously enjoy anything that's made there. If you still watch Hollywood movies, you're part of the cancer too.

Actually, it's sad that in this era of personkind that you would still use gender pronouns at all. "They" is acceptable in both singular and plural when referring to any person.

silent hill

going to be shit

Mortal Kombat was kino

The voice of John St.John is Duke Nukem. This is going to be really strange, unless they dub him.

maybe he watched too much anime?

ah yes, god of war was ironically about anger issues, duke nukem was ironically about masculinity

holy shit literally 56% 49%

Uwe Boll could have done it.

He would do it better, I would legit rather watch based Uwe Boll's version than anyone else's. Unless they make an anime adaption, that would be good too.