Started a war with reddit

You faggots should have known this wouldn't end well.

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leddit started a gay LARP war on themselves and screamed "HELP! LEFTYPOL woman haterS ARE RAPING US!" from the aspergian ramparts.

We legitimately dindunuffin

Redditors coming here means they are unsatisfied with reddit


This is actually true and not meming. They banned users for also visiting Holla Forums, threw a nuclear sperg fit over feeding the Wolff, and are currently tearing themselves apart with the ensuing drama. They think Holla Forums is raiding them, for some reason.

Not saying it's our fault or that we did anything. I'm saying it was pointless for us to respond to their retarded e-drama and it's only going to make our board worse off in the long run.

this is a documentary of what happened

you can make it better than it was originally by leaving, nazbol


I've been here since 2014. I'm not going anywhere.

OP is a Holla Forums shill trying to divide us

Please go back to reddit, faggot.

You sound paranoid like them.

Go home Holla Forums


Forgot flag.

hating other leftists makes you a hypocrite

pick one and only one.

No it doesn't.

Can't wait to see all you Nazbol leftypol regulars on the wall.


Am I detecting some butthurt, reddit?


Who's gonna hold the rifle? You? The kick would likely break your limp wrist.


3/10 made me reply.

Didn't you faggots migrate to the Poland board or something?

marx is looking down from heaven crying

I don't know what that is faggot.

Or was that a joke?

nvm you're talking about .pl. yeah, lets say we did.

I hate Holla Forums, but I didn't want to post the full thing out of oldfag common courtesy. If Reddit faggots are here, they might go there. Reddit is bad for all of us.

They can go there. We just put that up as a decoy for when we were being raided by Holla Forums.

what's the matter comrade boll? afraid?
heh, no worry
actual leftists will show how to defend motherland

let them come
only death will they find

We didn't start shit. Reddit burnt itself down and blamed it on us. We're merely liberating the comrades behind enemy lines.


This rests on the faulty assumption that there was a standard of quality here to preserve.

There wasn't.

but what if they go to our side



t. Holla Forums

we're all anonymous here, we can just ignore their posts. how hard could it possibly be?

I don't get what the big deal is with reddit. They seem pretty similar to us, we should just be friends.

Reddit claims we 'started a war with them' every time their incompetent mods make the whole sub hate them. For all their talk about 'self criticism' they refuse to apply that to themselves.

It was merely about supporting a drawfriend contributor, was it not?
She got banned, we called them out for their faggotry that they very openly disclosed through this little event and they're now losing their shit.

What am i missing?

fucking nothing, don't pay attention to these dweebs we should raid reddit again tomorrow

There was no raid.

They were persecuting out catgirls, we had the Defenders of the Animu cassus beli. Nice mangled-ass narrative tho.