It's time to stop posting

Can you faggots stop trying to subvert 4chan? We both know it's not working, largely because you guys are really annoying and nobody there actually believes in the meme-tier communist ideology (most of 4/pol/ is reformed liberals anyway; I did a survey on this a little while back).

What exactly is there to gain from bothering 4chan? You're just wasting everyone's time–your own included.


I'm not trying to subvert 4chan, you're trying to subvert 4chan.


If we're really just wasting our time why did you waste your time coming here?


We'll stop when you stop posting on cuckchan like the spineless faggot you are. And congratulations on finally finding Holla Forums, did you stop using google or did someone have to hold your hand?

So mad he had to come all the way here to tell us about it.

Don't be shy now, we've seen your threads about subverting /his/ and /lit/.

How so?


I'm honestly surprised you could find this place and didn't just post it on .pl like most of you do.

/lit/ has had plenty of leftists long before Holla Forums was a thing though, and /his/ mostly has /int/, /lit/ and Holla Forums crossposters

but I definitely agree we should stop posting on Holla Forums

We shouldn't stop until Holla Forums has an autistic breakdown admits to being nothing but a right-wing hellhole and forces Asian moot to make a 4chan Holla Forums to save the site from bad press.

most of us are reformed liberals too.
oh look it's reddit

Like it or not, your Marxist general threads pander to the same ideologies that are closely associated with Western liberalism. Reformed liberals see your threads and vomit. Often, they just turn into faggy civic nationalists.

Not an argument.

m8 I'm Lounglie. I used to run /8lounge/ and was one of the first posters to come to this site (even before the #GG debacle). I've had interesting conversations with you folks on this board, but it's incredibly annoying them some of you go onto 4chan to spam Marxist generals that just take up space because everyone in your threads is calling you a faggot anyway and not actually contributing to any kind of discourse.

Anarcho-Communism isn't a legitimate ideology because it doesn't actually work in real life.

I saw a "dank meme compilation" (basically webms ripped off of 4chan) with a thumbnail that had a stirner pepe on it.

You really need to stop using this word. Engaging in political debate on a political board is about as open and visible as it gets.

as for /his/ and /lit/, they've always been left-leaning.

kinda like anarcho capitalism or whatever the fuck the altright is on now?

Alt-right is a blanket term used by the media to describe a movement that is almost so variable it can't hold itself together. If the modern left didn't exist, the "alt-right" would probably be eating itself alive tbh


so it's a fringe group built to fight an even more fringe group? gee maybe you guys should get a hobby or something

are you retarded? I was responding to the other poster. anyways I'd be a bit cautious about calling these experiments evidence of it "working" considering most only lasted for a couple years and Ukraine and Catalonia weren't really as anarchist as anarchists will often claim. My point is that saying "X hasn't worked yet so it won't" is really fucking stupid to say unless you're a centrist or something

We did. It was called electing Donald Trump ayyyyyyyyyyy lmao

Seriously though, quit being sour and bothering 4/pol/.

but it's fun


:^D cheer up friend. be a communist!

No thank you.

Erm, how about no?

Fucking mong.

Yes it does. Do your history.