Spencer-san will never bully you


why are so many right-wingers closet gays?

No idea, but this is probably the gayest shit I've seen

Pierre get out

fat ppl cant run from cops and will be first to die in revolution

do you want to be the first to die, anons?

Trying to overcompensate to get rid of the thoughts. To any lurking nazis: Don't think of a throbbing, hard cock with veins.


This crooked 2007-date sunglasses obviously overly expensive Nordstrom sweatshirt that he obviously got on sale wearing fag calling anyone a dork

Who the fuck puts that much product in their hair

That isn't mentioning how much of a "I want to fit in" haircut he's wearing

His face is trying to achieve a five 0'clock shadow but it just looks like he doesn't know how to shave

He's crossing his arms while all of this is going on and facing at angle because anything from the front and the side reveals his awful jaw structure

This, not mentioning his ideology.

honestly give him a I-Sweat-Every-Night-In-Persperation-Of-My-Future-And-My-Reputation-Everyone-Knows-Who-I-Am-Oh-God-Make-It-Stop-Why-Do-I-Humiliate-Myself-Like-This /10

Well I guess it's a good thing I'm going to the gym then.


How much of a low-test weak-chinned sissy boi do you have to be to get cucked by a homosexual?



this is the same guy who the media collectively fawned over, calling him "the dapper Neo Nazi"


How can anyone seriously be cool with caring another human being around on a fucking litter while they are clearly uninjured.

8 completely cucked motherfuckers in that picture. No fucking self respect whatsoever.


Actually, opposing hierarchy is the cuck thing to do, and he is the self-proclaimed natural, aristocratic leader of the alt-right.

Cult of masculinity.

qt bois

Actually, they already proved that alphas oppose hierarchy if they are on the bottom of the hierarchy and favour hierarchy if they are on top of the hierarchy

Betas are just the opposite

what if i don't identify as a greek letter and just wanna do my own thing with out getting fucked anally

For almost all of history men have fucked other men. It's just the way it is– and being masculine gives you particular insight into and appreciating for the strength of other men.

Why aren't more men gay (or at least, willing to participate in homosexual acts) in general? Guys are way more sexual than females.

idk user

Female sexuality is supposed to be more fluid and emotional whereas male sexuality is instinctive and driven by the procreative instinct

Men probably will go gay if they can't find any women though

Post timestamped selfie

Porn addiction has changed male sexuality big time, far more sissy shit, straight guys beating it to trannys etc.
Full gay is not going to happen as men genuinely enjoy the bonds they create with other men in a pure sense, fagging up is never going to catch on but fucking a crossdresser will.


We've seen the selfie with you dressed like a middle-aged white mom-of-three, I really don't think you can criticise tbh

Sexuality between straight male friends, doesn't contaminate the bond they really want, get the fuck out of here

user, it's already happened…

It doesn't though. I mean, how does a handjob harm intimacy?

Because two friends who know each other better than brothers, and trust each other over their partners even, to bring gay sexuality into it is to destroy the whole fucking reason for the bond, it is the non sexual element that creates the ease of brotherhood.
Don't you have a friend who is so close and trusted, the thought of that shit is repugnant and would fucking destroy the relationship?

I'd do him if he was wearing a cute dress tbh.


Look, I've done some dom shit to little fags in dresses, but I never want to see them again and when I'm not chasing sex like a degenerate and off porn, I don't have a thought in my head other than for woman, that's the baseline sexuality if you will.

But two males of equal standing, both straight, kissing each other is really stomach churning to me. I can't sexualise it, it's not a taboo it's just disgusting.


get off this board you fucking shits


open your wrists you piece of shit