Liberal columnist suggests running Beyonce, Matt Damon, and other hollywood celebrities against Trump in 2020

Liberal columnist suggests running Beyonce, Matt Damon, and other hollywood celebrities against Trump in 2020.

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ffs I forgot the link

Posadism is unironically humanity's only hope.

Liberal deification Beyonce is borderline creepy at this stage tbh. Seeing so many people jump to her defence when it was revealed Sri Lankan sweatshop workers were making her '[bougie] female empowerment' clothing line was also disgusting.

Liberals are pulling some amazing mental gymnstics to apear blameless about their defeat.
Soon they will plan to evacutate the country and leave it to rot or they will all become conservatives once the working class mvement comes after them.

Beyoncé is slaying it and as usual brocialists can't handle it 😂

wew lad

liberalism is a mental disease

lmao, Trump would most likely shred her in the debates


Liberal zealots…




Well, it worked for the republicans with Reagan…


President Ronald Reagan, Governor Ronald Reagan, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor Jesse Ventura, President Donald Trump

This is hardly new. The morphing of Hollywood and control in this fucking nightmare world of Late Capitalism could have only gotten since Reagan was gov of California, then president, Arnold getting to be "Govenator"

We will only see this get worse

==I predict a future, a dark future, of no hope for any of us, where presidential debates become beefs between rap celebrities that liberals fawn over. Conservative Kanye West threatens Democrat Beyonce Knowles, and America has to sit down, take it, while we wait for the next election cycle where George Clooney is president. Nothing will stop the late capitalism trains and all of us should be ready to commit suicide once we have a Clooney administration. Because you fuckers know they want president goddamn George Clooney


Trump is the new Reagan.

And Kanye will be next.

This is why I admire the people waging urban guerilla warfare. Life has become unbearable, having to consume so much liberal ideology day in day out with everyone around me oblivious, but even if I didn't have those 2-3 things that keep me going I could still never go full urban guerilla and abandon my gf and family

Well… You don't need to abandon your gf! Just make her work with you!
And then you get to go to prison toghether!

if i could be with her in prison and i didn't also have a younger sister i'd do it lad

every single liberal will be gulag'd without exception

I'd vote for Matt Damon though

Like he's pissed at Obama for not holding up his promises, he seems to be decently conscious

I'd bang her

Kanye will run as a Democrat. Yes, he is one of the few black celebrities to like Trump, but that's mostly because Trump's win give Kanye hope that he can get it later.

I'm really hoping for a Kanye v Trump race in 2020, tho, because those two egos on stage together will inevitably create a tear in space time and suck this entire stupid world hrough into its own asshole.

Alright so it will be George Clooney vs Craig T. Nelson

The worst possible future

I admit I'm a pleb who doesn't know who's the guy on the right.

Wasn't he BFFs with Howard Zinn? That would already be an immense improvement over any burger president.

Howard Zinn was basically a third worldist. Someone like that should have no influence in politics.

No he wasn't, Zinn was 100% behind American Labor movements. There are some good criticisms to be made of him, but calling him a third worldist is blatantly false.


Mein gott


May Marx have Mercy on your soul

I saw this before, and it was objectively vile.

Matt Damon is the least awful on this list - that Reason TV confrontation was blessed and explicitly anticapitalist. He's also a relatively solid debater. Even if he's still a festering liberal, he's likely a socdem at minimum.

Apart from that, fuck 'em all! FUCK 'EM ALL!

It's almost a shame that McCarthy got rid of all those communists - if he hadn't, this might almost be good praxis

he was right about aliens, wrong about nuclear war



what is wrong with this person seriously ?

and why is she even famous ?

Looks like CIA finally snapped

We haven't had a thread about what dumbasses they are for doing this though. I'd support a cyclical Liberal Hate Containment Thread. Take your meds.

Either them or hotpockets from reddits


Something, something, feminist, grrrl power, stronk womyn whos breaking hetronormative norms of the media etc.

because she's le quirky white girl millennial who talks about sex and does vaguely pro-feminist publicity stunts.

She's a poster child for the Cluster B Generation.

HBO and a general sense of confusion about what feminism is supposed to be and do in the 21st century.

A lot, including being an admitted rapist (though she would never call it rape).

She has an HBO show where she gets naked occasionally (hooray fat positivity) and the women are the female version of neckbeards. Somehow it's supposed to be empowering, even though it portrays women as a bunch of pathetic losers.

I was beating the meat on pornhub and a sex scene from her show was in the results, I was curious about it and it was some hot chick getting fucked by some ugly bro, and he was like 'do you like my cock' she said yes, he asked again said do you like my cock, whore'.

She stopped the sex and lectured him about how liking cock didn't make her a whore, it was the most ridiculous pandering bull shit I've ever seen, but in another scene the guy came on here tits when she didn't want to lel

Third Wave feminism was a mistake.

don't make me say it

link pls

These are insane times.
Looks like the bourgeoise liberals are desperate as hell to prevent Bernie Sander's from ever becoming President and any left liberal working class movement from occurring.
I love how Trump's victory completely revealed how corrupt the system is.

Bernie Sanders is not the answer to your country problems. Trust me.
I live in a country that has a whole string of Bernie Sanders prime ministers. You don't want that path.

Are you implying what we burgerstanis have would be an improvement on your country?

She belongs to a certain ethno-religious group known for their nepotism.

Fucking micks.


i'm stil hopping that i will see president Kanye West in my lifetime.
just seeing him interavt with other world leader would be gold.

It may happen gomrade, AmLib politics is just about triggering eachother the hardest now.