Is alex jones becoming class conscious?

is alex jones becoming class conscious?

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Or sales went down and he's desperate enough…

Selling the rope..


Accelerationism isconverting people you did not expect to switch sides in the first place, holy shit.

Wait a year and maybe Alex Jones and Jimmy Dore will do a show together. They may call it the Spitting Connection.

Someone post the "those communists are amazing" webm

I am interested in this webm

Yes, leftypol meme magic.

Ask and ye shall receive

lordy, whats the context?

According to a post here, written some time around July, last year, he drove past a Maoist rally that had a lot of public support until they went full retard, chimped out and started burning flags and chanting anti-US slogans.

Not sure how true it was, but it's the only context I've heard.

He's just posting dry fucking "wisdom". Dont get overexcited.

We should petition Alex Jones to read the works of Rosa Luxembourg.

He probably doesn't even know who Rosa Luxemburg is. He probably just liked it because it seems contrarian and Jones sells contrarianism even when his brand of contrarianism is completely retarded.

Even more of a reason to tell him about Luxembourgism :)


His Brain Force Plus actually works?

lmao good one
gotta buy those water filters, too!

Have we already come, buckos?

Being real for a moment: fluoride really isn't good for you

also they really are turning the frogs gay
look it up

First Varg Vikernes, now Alex Jones. The subversion goes as planned.

What's up with Varg? I thought he was still the good old LARPing viking boy.

Going by what others said because I didn't watch his videos. Basically he seems to keep getting more and more materialist and class struggle-y when talking about politics. I recall someone saying it's bizarre seeing him explain world politics so lucidly and then finish with "in conclusion, I blame niggers".

thing is, he is very much an isolationist and primitive-thinking anti-technology person
he hates being around lots of people who are different than him so that's why he married a wife who was into this stone age bear cult as he was so they could both praise odin n shit

he actually hates the state and other things that surround it, i mean he didn't even learn french and he moved from norway to france he's like a typical uninterested immigrant who is not even integrating into the broader society
he just believes in his narrow sense of being and his tribe and that's it
it has nothing to do with nationalism even, he made couple of videos on how it "lost all meaning to him" (and he thought he called himself nationalist before)
he just dislikes capitalism and thinks that communism is a bit better (due to it not having planned obsolesce and immigration not being so bad in former communist countries) but is never willing to say it is like that cuz when he talks about communism he thinks of ML regimes and that's it

he's a very conflicted person tbh and odd one at that
i'd say he's reactionary he's reaching some form of primitive and tribal anarchy soon

He made a video saying communism was preferable to capitalism (but shitting in the woods in anti nigger tribes was still the best). You could feel the greasy, flabby nazifag hands slapping on the keyboard in rage for miles.

Or it might have been a post, or an afternote in a video. I can't remember.

Alex Jones is a harmless meme, Varg isn't.

I wise move now that le non-estalishment became establishment

You will never play RPGs around the Odalist campfires ;~;

Feels bad.