Electricity protests in Gaza: Hamas suppresses the working-class


Power shortages in Gaza, are leading to social unrest. On Thursday 12th January, Hamas security forces broke-up a demonstration that erupted in Jabalya, northern Gaza Strip. But more are likely to occur as the situation deteriorates.

Hamas security forces dispersed thousands of protestors on Thursday, who were demanding an end to the power cuts.

Fighting with police erupted in the Jabalya refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip, on Thursday 12th January, after thousands gathered to protest against the ongoing energy crisis.

Demonstrators marched toward the electricity company offices, chanting slogans against Hamas and Fatah leaders. Tires were burned and stones hurled at the armed security officers of Hamas. Hamas security forces, trying to prevent demonstrators from storming the power company offices, responded by firing gunshots into the air, thereby dispersing the crowd.

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wtf I love Israel now


tankie mind can not understand the fact that working lass might want electrical power ?

Maybe if they weren't being slaughtered and bombed by Israel every fucking day they would have the necessary infrastructure to provide power without cutting it out? Ever thought about that you kike?

That can not justify petty-burg jihadist paramilitary recketeering the working class, forcing the sharia law and holding the population of Gaza Strip as fucking hostages.

Death to Israel
Death to Hamas
Death to all nation states
Long Live Communism

Which was the first country to declear independance of Israel ?

I should not love Israel but hate all states


German antifa is just a bunch of liberals. Also Israel is literally a proto-fascist state.


Reminder that True Communists are against every state


How the fuck is Hamas supposed to be responsible for the power shortages?
Israel bombs their power stations, puts them under blockade, ruins their economy… and somehow this is Hamas' fault? This whole story just sounds fucking fake.

Hamas is responsible for shooting at working class, crushing prletarian revolt, recketeering population of Gaza Strip…
Both Hamas and Israel have interested in continuing the war

Just stop equating Hamas with the Palestinian working class, cause they are enemies


The energy crisis and resulting protests were an American intelligence operation to discredit anti-imperialist forces. Stand with Hamas against Jewish-American hegemony.

t. tankie

Gaza is a shithole and will remain a shithole even if Israel somehow vanishes and Hamas stays in power.

The whole Israel-Palestine situation right now is worrying, and it feels like with the help of the United States, Israel will slowly go on with its policy with attrition of the Palestinians with its use of settlements.


Yeah those kikes totally care about proles in Gaza getting electricity.

Little-known fact: Israeli intelligence founded Hamas and helped Hamas grow as controlled opposition to secular alternatives like the PLO and the PLFP. Imo It's likely they still have agents working in with Hamas despite the Israeli vitriol against the organization.

Anyone have the jihadi version of this?

I got u

kek reminds me of when Zahran Alloush called the Kurds "communist followers of Hegel"

Possible, also it's important factor that Plo and Pflp lost their major allies with the collapse of Eastern Bloc
Point is that both Israel and Hamas have interest in continuing the war


PFLP is a sad shadow of its former self.

The Palestinians are fucking doomed at this point.

The situation for the Palestinian cause is very bleak at this point, especially with Hamas on one side and Netanyahu's government on the other. And especially Trump in Washington.

This is going to end badly.

Note to shills.

You should put more effort into spreading out your posts and being more consistent.

It's really noticeable when a bunch of zionists come online at once.

This is exactly what was mentioned in the past Palestine threads: how many of these white liberals in the west will continue supporting Palestine as soon as Palestinian resistance (which in this case, consists of Hamas and a few lone wolves who are willing to carry out violent attacks) takes an anti-proletarian character, or doesn't fit within their model of what a national liberation movement "should" look like? Western leftists need to stop propping up "the Palestinians" (as in, an idealized view of who Palestinian people really are) as their flagship species and realize they don't exist for the sake of leftists.

(leftcoms are comrades now)

It has already been anti-proletarian for quite some time, and whatever proletarian tone has been sliding ever since Hamas has taken power.

Practically the only "leftists" I've encountered at campuses or just through anectodal circumstance were Muslims themselves, who were almost uniformally 1st or even 2nd gen immigrants. And their main effort is to force their universities to pass some sort of BDS-like mandate and hand out pro-Palestine badges at campuses. The amount of white or even just native, non-Muslim Westerners who care about Palestine is wearing very thing, and will probably deplete even more over the next few years.

I guess it depends on where you are. I'm in Boston and the BDS Movement is very big here, although about 2/3rds of the people involved are non-Muslim white liberals.


This is also totally untrue - see apartheid.

Only Zionist shills deny there is apartheid in Israel, but how the hell is the existing Palestinian "resistance" (if you even want to call it that) anything close to left-wing?

If I was some kind of paid shill I'd have expected to be given a cheque by now tbqh fam. Israel sure as hell isn't apartheid, the Druze as an example are a non-Jewish minority who are overrepresented in parliament. IIRC one was acting PM or something for a while.

Shill: "I'm not a shill"

fucking kek

As someone (maybe it was Chomsky) pointed out, Israel is worse than apartheid, because that at least relied on the african population, whereas Israel's goal is the extinction of the Palestinian population.

I wasn't even calling Israel an apartheid state in the first place, I was pointing out how leftists can succesfully contribute to the removal of a fascist state without crying for the installation of an ideologically correct alternative i.e south africa.

Except the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa initially failed after the ANC backtracked on their proposal for a land reform. Take a look at the country today and you'll see how whites, despite being less than 10% of the population, control over 80% of SA's wealth. All the rich people living on the hill in Cape Town are white, all the people doing the shitty jobs are black, it's like almost nothing has changed since 1980.

Not to mention the existing South African government is beyond corrupt. Labor unrest in that country is very high, and migrant workers from neighboring African countries (Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana) are often harassed by the natives.

To add: if there is a "one democratic state" in Palestine, it will be democratic in name only. Those evil Ashkenazi white devils will still control most of the wealth and good lands. Mizrachi Jews from Arab countries have often complained about discrimination even though they are the majority in Israel (plus, something like over half of all Israelis have at least one Mizrachi grandparent, meaning the ethnic distinction between Ashkenazis and Mizrachis is slowly but surely ending). Just imagine what will happen in Palestine when Palestinians find themselves unable to fully gain autonomy as they'd be working under the boots of their Ashkenazi overlords.

For fucks sake, you shills deliberately misinterperet every argument and type out a bunch of nonsense that doesn't even disagree with any of my points but merely strengthens imperialist and zionist narratives.

Only reason I'm typing this is as a notification to anyone else who reads the thread in the future.


This isn't all that far fetched in this case.

Why does one fuck up by Hamas all of a sudden validate IDF occupation and all the killing and destruction they caused just forgotten about

Hamas aren't socialists.

They're anti-imperialist, which is good enough. Fascism can be anti-imperialist when directed against America.

t. tankie

Hamas are typical working class militants. Fath are the porky ones…

Hamas' platform isn't proletarian.

Their platform is resistance.

Resistance to one bourgeois notion over the other, with extra religious toppings.

So Hamas, Abbas, and all major Israeli parties are all classcucked liberals who could care less about the working class in their battle over tax bases.

Palestine is a lose-lose scenario for leftists.

Yeah, but that won't stop most of them from taking a frothing side for the Palestinians

Got snapped into oblivion at my universities Occupy back when that was a thing because I said that in a demand to not raise tuition we shouldn't put "divest from Israel" (I lost)

Divestments were what worked in South Africa, but I doubt they'd work in Israel.

I thought what worked in South Africa was a consumer boycott by their own blacks, which caused the economy to freeze?

Mossad agents that think all leftists are as easy to distract as Trump voters

Come on man, even tankies are better than this Nazi filth.

A classic tactic for legitimizing imperialism is to foster the growth and popularity of unsympathetic fringe politics by desperate people with no one else to go to.


Divestments played a huge role internationally, but yes, the main source of resistance were the black South Africans themselves who were rioting all the time.

Compare that to the Palestinians today who barely fight at all.

The bigger difference is that blacks were the majority in SA, which made it dependent on them. Muslims are a minority in Israel, and largely unimportant to its operation, especially in the Palestinian Territories. Which is what leaves me scratching my head at Israel's refusal to just go for the two-state solution and wash their hands of them.

Because the TSS would require large numbers of Israelis be evacuated from E. Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, etc. The TSS is pretty much dead anyway. I could imagine Israel annexing most of the settlements (including EJ) while Palestinian cities like Ramallah and Naboulous just get given to Jordan.

they aren't comrades but obviously we support their resistance against zionism if you are a true communist

no its not

ya'll niggas need to do more reading about palestine. hamas is not the spook you think it is

Anti-imperialism is a part of socialism, but anti-imperialism itself is NOT socialism.

Honestly, that might be desirable for other reasons. All of the Arab countries neighboring Palestine have been harshly discriminatory to Palestinians, and maintaining quasi-permanent "refugee camps" that have been in place along the border for decades.

No one's claiming it is, but any socialist would support an anti-imperialist struggle over an inherently racist imperial nation.

Agreed but there is very little actual struggle by the Palestinians aside from a few antique rockets and stabbings (which were labeled a "new intifada" despite not doing shit).

Palestinians are a bargaining chip basically. Sure, Arabs are in the right to hate Israel, but what do they really do for the Palestinians aside use them as emotional blackmail?