I don't know about you but I see absolutely no reason to have children

I don't know about you but I see absolutely no reason to have children.

I'm white by Holla Forums standards, and they shame any white person who doesn't have children, but adding to the number of "whites" doesn't matter to me.
Some say I would get enjoyment out of having children. I disagree. I already am quite happy. Most of the process of having children to doing shit for them (bathing them, finding a school for them, finding a doctor, telling them every night to brush their teeth and go to bed etc. None of that sounds remotely fun to me.)
Some say I would be contributing to the economy by having children. Well, I want Porky to have as least money as possible so there's that.
And of course my parents would love to be grandparents. And what I have to say to that is I have a sister and she already plans to have children.

So by not having children I am:
Saving time
Saving money
Helping a small amount to the problem of overpopulation
Plus one other thing, when you think about it when you have a child you're essentially bringing someone into the world without them asking to brought in. I see that as quite selfish.

I don't see what's wrong with any of this. Do any of you plan to have children?

What the hell does this have to do with Socialism?

Selfish hedonism.
Selfish hedonism.
Yes. Good.

Marxism is an deeply triggering and problematic death cult, keep up.

Adopting is good though.

Good, natalism is unethical. I want to adopt.

It has a lot to do with socialism.

It isn't a rational thing to do, but most good things aren't.


i bet you have a tattoo

Go to bed Arthur.

Hell yes, I fucking adore children.

Raising a little version of yourself, teaching them about the world and playing together, just seems so much fun.

Then again, I have an unusually strong paternal instinct.


Why not adopt though when there are probably hundreds of thousands of orphans in the world? As long as you adopt young enough, you can still have them be a little version of yourself.

On second thought, maybe man had a point?

Dogs are shit, they are dangerous animals who drool all over you and with which you cant have a conversation.

I dont want to adopt.

Schopenhauer was sort of right but since nothing matters in the end I'm going to have biological children anyway, blow me, samefagger.


Oh right, look mates, I got surgery so that I am fertile, I'm not going to let that go to waste just because you guys are trying to guilt me into adopting children. I dont give a toss about those kids, mass adoption is not the solution to the greater problem, most of the worlds kids are up for adoption because of poverty.


If I am going to adopt at all im not going to adopt black children, mate. Im not doing something just to spite a fringe retard group.


Correct. Staying alive isn't rational, the world isnt rational, I'm not rational, what are ya gonna do about it? I'm going to do whatever I damn well please, you bunch of spooked moralfags.


If you don't even think continuing to live is rational then why the fuck do you think creating a new person is a good idea?


This is what he actually believes.

Fucking this, and also: fuck condoms. It's like taking a shower with rainwear on.

Who wouldn't want another one of this guy around, huh?

with all my unique talents and so on!

Socialism isn't about not having kids so I don't see what these retards are on about. Anti-natalism is the "ethical consumption under capitalism" meme taken to a whole new level.

I sympathize with you I've always liked children (though I don't love loud noises) and as the older sibling I feel like I developed a paternal instinct looking after my brother since there's a 7 year age gap between us.

My gf and I want to have children some day but we can't afford it yet, and there are some other things we want to do first. It seems like it's getting harder and harder just to care for yourself let alone start a family so I'm sure that discourages people here who aren't convinced anti-natalists.



Enjoy your aids

I would love to hang out with myself.


Litterally nothing matters, there is no meaning to life. So I create my own meaning and purpose. What I want to do in life establish socialism, have a somewhat enjoyable job that improves the lives of humanity (or a subset thereof without adverse effect on the rest) and have a child or two.

You don't get to tell me why your "objective morals" are correct and why I should do as you say.

You already do, you moron.

Ethics is always purely a meme. There is no truth in the world, all morality and ethics are subjective and only enforced through majority consensus.

Exactly, and its pretty fucking great. I would love to have a child I can brainwash into communism teach about the world.

} purely a meme

} purely a meme

Are you a Christian?

How euphorically rational




Actually I can say that is one mistake I haven't made. Who knows what the future will bring though?

YOLO, amirite?

Singer's based. He started the animal rights movement, and assblasted everyone for decades, what have you ever done?

*Tips fedora*


This is literal primary school level argumentation. According to this logic, I could never complain about a dish I receive in a restaurant because I am a poor cook myself, and I should always agree with all the decisions made by economists and politicians because I am not one. Go kill yourself.

so you think that they actually exist objectively? Ethics are ideas, so they cant exist objectively. Thus they exist in the mind and societal ethics are decided by the majority or those who can enforce them.

I've been thinking lately with how fucked the world is, maybe I'm killing myself worrying. YOLO might be the right remedy or maybe I'll just hate myself more after a month of funless fun.

This but unironically

Not an arugment.

Ideas, are just, like, in your, mind, man.


Did you bring that sack of salt home from work?

Three of his kids lived, so I count that as a net positive. And besides the price was worth it for the dank theory.

Going full-YOLO is soul crushing for most people. What you can do is limiting what you care about to what is in your immediate vicinty that is in your power to directly influence.

Post cute families


It's exactly because he didn't sacrifice his last three children to the Theory God that Kapital was left unfinished. Fucking Marx and his feel-good natalism.


Jeez sorry that your childhood was so shit man.

at least it was real


I see what you did there

Ethics is a meme so this isn't even as bad as it may seem haha. There isn't a "bad" even. People literally just made it up. Under FALC we'll see some good new topography on the flourishing landscape.

getting very Oedipal ITT

why Lacanians always gotta make it weird

sorry :(

I'd like to have a kid but I don't think I'll ever be able to afford it. The thought of knocking someone up is really hot though

you are a meme

I'm really tired of smug dipshits saying morals are not real

But they are not.

They are literally not real. Show me where morals exist.

I actually saw a couple of morals in the Swiss alps, their natural habitat. You are a moron, tho.

in human society

if society is real, them so do morals

Well, if I ever have a woman, a house and a stable income… Sure! Why not?

IF i ever have…

So these are sufficient reasons to reproduce in your book?

Show me where logic exists.

Pro tip

You can't

let me show you

1+1 = 2 ← logic exists right here

now you show me morals

check and mate

They don't, and neither do morals.

If logic doesn't exist then it follows that it exists.

Basic needs covered.. … Yep! That's it!

Am a simple man! Being a prol is fine for me.


Remember what happened to Rome?

dialectics everyone

from contradiction follows everything

I think I'd enjoy looking after a child for the first decade or so, especially a little girl, but it would be unethical. As you point out, I'd be bringing a human being into existence in an extremely barbaric and primitive society - the same society that has left me with crippling depression. There's no way that could ever be ethical.

Not seeing any logic. Just seeing some symbols.

Presupposes logic.

What happened to Rome?

It's okay, you don't exist.

The thought their economic system was great and would last forever.

It didn't.

What that got to do with kids though?


Just do it, we need more commie kids.

Keep telling yourself that Max.

We should start memeing full skepticism. Kek appears to will it.

Which of the 14 words are you having trouble with? Also, you should have posted on Holla Forums instead and earn a ban.
For the individual it's better to be a selfish bastard and have no kids, but if everyone were like that society would crumble.
There's no overpopulation problem in your country. There's an underpopulation problem. As for the countries that do have overpopulation, if we stopped wasting resources on them nature would solve the problem one way or the other.
Your first two reasons for not having kids are purely selfish and now you accuse the people who help perpetuate the species of being selfish? Besides, while the kid never asked for it, that's life. Most don't hate it enough to off themselves so it clearly isn't a problem.

No, if I disregard my ethics you won't like what happens. It sets a very bad precedent.

Anyway, it would require me to get a 3DPD girlfriend.

yea, you are all part of my imagination
the worthless part

I guess he is one of those faggots that think Rome fell because they integrated "barbarians" in the army, not because the economy went down, they couldn't support the army, since they overexpanded and couldn't pay them in land and the rich were corrupt to the bone and corruption was everywhere.

You know…

Same as "It's anuddah shoah! Not the fact that the economy is shit and the rich are corrupt and so on".

It's easier not to face reality.

The same can be said for capitalism. It's shitty logic.

I dont hate capitalism enough to kill myself. I do hate it enough to change it to something better.


There is literally nothing wrong with peacefully going extinct

Question for anti-natalists:


Whats that

Nah I'm a voluntaryist. I think people will do it via the strength of my arguments in favor.

Not a fucking argument my man.
Animals are innocent creatures that deserve humans to look out for their welfare. (within reason)

google it


Why should I stop others from suffering?

That would probably lead to more suffering and not respect people's freedom. We can encourage anti-natalism and voluntary human extinction but not exterminate people.
I don't care about suffering as much as I do about people's liberty. In the mean time I hope to build socialism to ensure liberty for the living.

By now you should have realized that the contradiction in dialectical materialism isn't of the order of logic, but of society. "Antagonism" if that makes more sense to you.

Anti natalists should be banned from leftypol tbh.

Yes they are all spooks and morality is relative. But why can't you deduce that I'm advocating a (subjective) OUGHT that is nonetheless completely reasonable?

Watch any of the many documentaries about the conditions in animal farms. If torturing animals doesn't ignite your ego's rage you are a fucking psychopath.

I dont believe in needless torture of animals but I dont particularly give a shit about lower-intelligence animals. Smart mammals and shit need to be respected, but the further down you go the less I care.


So, how do you feel about fourth trimester abortions?

corruption has nothing to do with the fall

what kept roman empire going after the first century was army and nothing more

old polis-based slave society was falling apart as rich landowners concentrated huge amounts of best land in their hands and started to replace slavery with colonat

what counteracted this tendency were army veterans that were given land and money to renew slave-based mode of production

large landowners were already one feet into the feudalism

that is why by the end there was a constant war between army as an institute and senate as a representative of large landowners

soldier emperors vs senate emperors and all that shit

But that makes a lot of sense. I don't really cry when I genocide bacteria by washing my hands.

My whole point is that in our present capitalist society we have little worry for the clear and existing exploitation of animals, worldwide.

If, for the majority of people, the welfare of farm animals is a concern at the level of "mildly relevant, we'll care about it later", I want it to be at the level of "utmost importance".

Grounding up chicks alive is wrong. There is no logic in this statement. But wouldn't you prefer if it was not so?

Further proof egoism is basically a rationalization for one kind of feels > reals and an excuse to ignore any spook you don't already like. Cancer.



I was using his perspective since he was the one to do an 'appeal to spooks'.

As in, 'I really don't like you and you smell'. What the fuck did you expect? "God has objectively decided you are bad"?
yes I'm edgy
Feels always trump reals because you can't derive an is from an ought. You have to make up your own oughts based on your FEEEEEEEEELS. In my case I chose utilitarianism. And I'm telling you my own oughts are better than yours. What else?

Nah. Read some real books then get back to me kiddo


I never said "spooks", I'm not a faggot. I'm just pointing out your flawed and unmotivated prior presuppositions in this type of arguments. Pure moral relativism is totally incoherent, an appeal to aesthetics. The other options are not limited to theological command deontology.

Eh, why? They are killed almost instantly and male chicks dont make good meat.

But they are making a thing that can check the sex while in the egg so the eggs can be terminated.

Can you elaborate without resorting to 'Read X'?

It's silly, but something about Jainism appeals to me I just can't quite put my finger on it though.

anti-natalism is fucking cancer

Yeah you're right there. Still I'd prefer it wasn't so. You could also ground up undesired newborns. That's hopefully abhorrent for you. Well my abhorrent-ness level is just set higher.

An appeal to your private emotion and sensation summed over everyone results in something like might is right, or at least totally incoherence. Hardly ethics.

Youre just a pascifist shit.

You could, but they are mostly just aborted before they grow into thinking beings.

And this wasn't the economy, how?

"It's megacorporations VS the state apparatus and so on"
Yes. The economy.

They're stupider than most birds.

And so the trot reveals themselves as the liberal they are.


People often dont like it when you kill human babies though, because they belong to our species.

Moderate anthropocentric for life.

I'm not really appealing logically to my emotion, just admittedly being rhetorical and appealing to your emotion.

Well might isn't 'right' ethically, but might sure trumps reason.

Ok. I'd add reason is in most senses nowadays a form of might though.

Yep, and it's only going to get more significant as artificial intelligence improves. One day wars will be fought with weapons and strategies which no human understands.


Are you likening me to Stalin because I completely agree with that quote.

I have to be one of the few people here to actually have kids

Are they cute?

Although most peeps here seem to be in their early 20s so it makes sense I guess

No, I'm pointing out that caring about liberty doesn't imply one is a liberal.

Cute wife and husband

No, but the statement you made before that most certainly does.

If I ever have money I'll raise a child. How cool would it be to have a communist daughter that can afford to be an artist or writer?

Having children, but having so little money you basically bring them into a world of work and struggle seems cruel

when FALC comes in progressive people will have children at much higher numbers

I'd say most kids are cute when their 2 years old really

I'm 30 god help me.


We need to refine our Cultural Marxist theories to eradicate the white race, remember ?

Pshhhhh it's not so much about age but when you find someone you really care about

Are you keeping those human childrens on healthy and fattening diet, yes?

>wanting to exterminate humanity for suffering
you're one spooked lad. Stop projecting your shit worldview on the rest of the world.

"This mailbox is mine
and this triagonal sign
this blue balloon, the month of June, they're mine mine mine mine mine" - Max Stirner

It's ok.
Am 30 too and have no wife.


I'm 33 and I pay alimony. I'm literally the JUST guy


Contrary to pol, dominated by edgy teenagers and so on, leftypol is dominated by people born after he 80s, raised in the final days of any "socialism", no future in capitalsm, while having seen and been sold the good days of capitalism…

Ye.. makes sense.

yeah, you have none otherwise you'd never have come to that conclusion.


OP enjoy that slow and mediocre slide into hell. Not even your friends or family will be there as they're all raised to become a narrow minded, individualistic, egocentric, materialistic human who see paying and honoring someone's life in the hospital an inconvenience to their own life and a expierence that is not good for their mental health.

Enjoy your death bed as the majority of cases already die alone. The baby boom generations truly bread this cancer. You'll be hooked up to some oxygen tanks while you gasp for air laying in some terminal room while some third world shit stain nurse will abuse you just before you cross over.

Don't forget, just enjoy yourself, plug those ears and repeat after me: 'I'm the only one that matters, my well beeing is all that matters!'.

Is your argument that I should have children so that my final 3 days can be a little better? I'll be *dying* anyway.

Are you also saying that after all my adult life I'll end up with zero friends to visit me when I'm dying?

fuck off faggot
die alone like man and stop inconveniencing others with your existance

He's right you know. In any case, the machines already are on top of this, and will replace us with perfectly contented beings of pure rationality.

Good god.



This isn't an argument for continuing the human line overall though. Ultimately, this is just your preference for an anti-materialistic lifestyle and existential Angst brought upon by neoliberal anomie.

más huérfanos para familias cristianas ;3

You're a bunch of idiots if you think anyone would consider having children just for their last days in life won't be lonely, i'm saying this is the future you choose. Implying friends will visit you is just topkek, you might get a 5 minute visit to say farewell; but that nurse is still going be slapping you around.

FYI, raising children is one of the most joyous things you can endeavor on as a human being it gives you a sense of purpose, a chore and meaning to life and so much more. It will actually cause you to focus your purposes outwards as well since you want to improve the life of your child and that of others to have a better future then you did. There are many happy moments to enjoy when raising a child and seeing her/him achieve goals.

People who ask this question, have never had a family life to begin with, presumably a very dysfunctional life or raised in some single parent home and have no clue what it is like to live in a loving family setting where one care's for one another.

Then again u could just sit in front of a computer all day everyday wondering wtf the point even is of all of it like the majority of depressed tards up in this bitch.

Just enjoy yourself.

I'm 24 and I have two friends of the same age who just had children.
It's a weird feel when you just dropped out of uni a few months ago, and find yourself a NEET who can't find a job, who can't take care of himself.

I don't really know if I want to have a child someday. Sometimes, I think it would be shitty to create a new human being in a world that often makes me feel miserable, as well as generating some potent death anxiety to someone who hasn't ask for anything.
But sometimes I feel like it could be fun, and it would be some sort of afterlife. Transmitting to them a set of values and knowledge that is important for me, so they might do the same or challenge them in a good way hopefully , to make the world a better place and so on.

Anyway, right now, I'm a child myself. I want to travel, to do some stupid shit, to make music, shitpost on the internet. I was glad when I've heard Stephen Malkmus saying that having children even in your 30s was too early.
So yeah, we will see in like 10-15 years, when I will hopefully be a more wise person.

wew, it's like you're dumb or something

t. Coca-Cola

I do whatever the fuck I want lmao

go back to your board neet

Don't have children if you don't want to. Live life as you want to. That's communism.

Personally, I would definitely like to have a child. Only one tho because siblings suck. Will it use up a lot of time and money? Yes, but it will be worth the experience. Plus I can teach my child Marxism and help redpill the new generation.

Oh, and overpopulation is a Maoist meme. The population will level out eventually.

I think that's highly dependent on parenting and possibly genetic personality traits. There's no reason it has to be true in general.

You can stop overpopulation by not letting Bill Gates and others Jews feed Africans. If you can help in that, you don't hang. Instead, you will be quickly and painlessly shot in the head.


adopt you fucking faggot. Raise some children to be good people and then they'll care for you in their final days.

b-but muh Heritagé ®

Don't have kids, but want to. Assuming I meet someone I want to be with.

I would consider adopting, but I wouldn't want to risk the background check given that I have a hard drive full of loli art. Also I'd have to marry 3DPD first.

I doubt bg check for adoption includes giving them access to your hard drives, feces samples, etc.


Nostalgia is the lens through which the happenstances of childhood memory; the loose pebbles, chipped teeth, battered fish, traffic signs, and plastic bags conflate and become hungry ghouls who stalk the landscape of our later lives. The ghosts living inside our bodies whisper us secrets, sometimes we ignore them, sometimes we entertain them, sometimes we devote our lives to them. What is certain is that the photocopier into which we press our remembered pre-lives, can only make bad copies. And herein lies a way to amuse ourselves, read between the lines! or any other way you please! This smudge sort of looks like a whale. You can pretend that there is a sort of liberation in it. I think that's what most people do anyway.

I really hope you are not that Tiqqun newfag.

They certainly check your internet history.
I could probably pass it, but it would be a risk and there are far better ways of helping humanity than giving a home to kid.


There's nothing wrong with libertarian lifestylism as long as exploitative modes of production are eliminated.

It's an important aspect of it tho. Read The Soul of Man Under Socialism

Children are for people who don't have things important in their own lives going on.

People who do have a lot of interesting shit going on in their life if it being an artist or a CEO they tend to have no time for their children making them come out warped.