Hello I am 4/pol/

Hello I am 4/pol/
It has come to my attention that your comrades from /r/socialism ban your content.
Is there some kind of civil war among the left?
Will banning woman hateric catgirls accelerate or hinder the revolution?

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I am amused by the world filter you've got here.


Post this in an existing relevant thread faggot.

Always, have you not seen the entirety of the 20th century?

Also, post link to article, we /relevant/ noaw.

There you go. Hope non-archive version is good enough.


thanks mate

Is this really news-worthy? I mean come on, it's an internet fight, not global politics.

It's almost like "the left" isn't a hivemind like Holla Forums wants you to believe.

there's your problem.

This board is about "say whatever you want. Not triggers and other BS".
r/Socialism is your usual 'murican neoliberal "left".

If you have any questions, ask.

Also, the left was never "united". If you think you people have "separate groups" we have 100 separate groups for every one of yours.

We've never liked r/socialism. They're more interested in talking about "privilege" than they are in seeing the end of class society.

report submitted

It's obviously Holla Forums related even if it's not news-worthy. It's not like all threads here are politically heavy-weight.

Yeah I know all of this because I've been lurking here for some time now. I just started this thread because it's hilarious that people who call themselves the "left" are focused on drawings of catgirls.


So, what would you rather have us do, dear user?
What would draw you closser to the strugle of the workers for a better future?

It's really redditt who's focused on it, whilst Holla Forums is using the liberal forum kerfuffle to highlight how obsessing over insubstantially offensive drawings prevents would-be-comrades from accomplishing our common goals.


This is fucking funny but will only hurt is in the long run.


Libruls were never our comrades.
It's like neocons and religious right came along and started claiming they are the new lolberts and fascists.

Holla Forums and the moderation team of r/socialism are mortal enemies
There's probably more hate for them here than Holla Forums itself

/r/Socialism and /r/Anarchism are both fucking terrible. Let's be honest though, pretty much all major leftist subs are.

Join /r/Communalists though, faggots.

dog girls?

Since when does the revolution not eat its children? Kek.

Thinking of it as the left focusing on catgirls is the wrong way to look at it. It's a matter of shitty leadership, as exemplified by the LEADERSHIP focusing on catgirls. For the otherside the focusing on catgirls is just to bring a magnifying glass to the absurdity of the leadership's actions.


You are aware that Hiroyuki is a dataminer right? What compels you to continue posting there?

What the fuck am I reading?

A click bait article that shouldn't even exist

Jim is a dataminer as well

Huh. I think you'd fit right in r/socialism, with your obsessive focus on race and gender and complete lack of interest in improving the status quo.

at least we're getting some good press from all this


Memes can change a lot of things these days.

Whoever made that image edit has never seen a ben garrison cartoon there is an extreme lack of labels