When have you grown out of the emotional narcissistic belief that all people in politics are evil emotionless...

When have you grown out of the emotional narcissistic belief that all people in politics are evil emotionless sociopaths who cant have friends or care about people and their only interest is power and instead can be just normal people who can make friends and who try to make the world better with choices and have to take major decisions that the average citizen will never know or the reason they took such action.

It really can be a thankless job, well at least once Trump takes over the stereotype will be real.

Meh. American politics is a soap opera.

It's possible to be both an evil sociopath who's dicking me over and someone who makes friends and loves their family. And obviously I'm not going to thank people for exploiting me.

What leads you to believe Trump is emotionless? Why do you think he can't have friends or care about (certain) people?

President Obama is one of the few truly inspiring politicians, and i doubt we ll see that many after Trump's autism leads other retarded power hungry morons to get into the white house with fake promises and lies

Capitalists are slaves to capital who destroy the world and ruin lives because the internal logic of the system demands it. They aren't evil masterminds who are purposefully screwing things up for the hell of it.

Kek this is true in theory but not in practice. Plus porky sure as fuck as no problem oppressing people, porky never say well he did this because of capitalism


Joe Biden is attracted to children
I say this without irony


that's the case though. out of the thousands of people that enter politics, only the real hardcore institutionists that are willing to do anything get ahead. they might not be sociopaths, but they are certainly people that don't bother stepping on corpses in their quest for power

this is especially true for people that reach the head of state position, since they actively order mass murder and anti-proletariat measures without remorse


I don't think they're evil, I just don't like people who help protect capitalist interest and property through state power. You're in the way of achieving socialism, and I can't help if I kind of want to run you over because of it. Not literally, figuratively of course. FBI pls no bully.

When contrarianism comes full circle: the thread

Obama said gun laws or the lack of them kept him up at night. Maybe they really did, maybe him and Michelle had heart warming talks about it and did the whole "what if it was one of the girls" line of thought before basic sex and sleep every night.

The point at the end of the day was he was president and did nothing about this despite 90% of the US population thinking background checks and more stringent regulations are necessary. I picked guns because it was an issue he by his own admission said he had a moral/ethical quandary about and wanted to do more and yet he didn't do a damn thing about it.

It doesn't matter how moral you think you're or how ethical you think your thinking is when you allow rich campaign contributors to tell you what actions you can take and which you cant and statistically what they want is always given and what we want never sees movement.

Just ask the pakistani children bombed in drone strikes how inspiring Obama is.

Do you really believe a president can do whatever he wants?

Lets be honest, that is why Obama is getting so much hate, you have no idea how the system works and expect him to work miracles.

Unless he got the republicucks to agree any order would just get changed by the congress later

Retards who idolize children are the worst\


That is why morons shouldnt have opinions, you got no why he chose to do it other than guesses that you make to fit your fantasy of world view6


Be fucking honest with yourself, you accept the concept of "collateral damage" in the revolutionary struggle; you wouldn't give a fuck about children killed in the potential revolution (the children of the Tsar are good example).

America is a non stop lolcow

the reason being imperialistic profit wars? are you fucking retarded m8? are you actually defending us imperialism?

10/10 b8

I grew out of thinking that people in politics are just normal people who can make friends and who try to make the world better with choices when i realized thoses guys systematically get rekt by the evil emotionless sociopaths who cant have friends or care about people and whose only interest is power.

I'm not from America faggot and I wasn't defending Obama's legacy, I couldn't care less.
It's just that saying "Obama is A CHILD MURDERER 1111!!!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN" is fucking logical fallacy (appeal to emotion).


No but it's funny to me that Republicans generally get what they want barring faith based issues the ones they need to maintain so people don't start to see they are naked whores for the rich without shame and yet Obama could do nothing about an issue that had massive popular support and that he by his own admission cared a lot about. Obstruction was a problem for him no one can deny that, but at least half of Obama's problem was he gave up the fight more often than not on a dozen or so issues. It's not like he tried to help get gun legislation passed and it failed, he didn't even try. Generally when something keeps me up at night I would try to do something about it and if I had some of the powers of the presidency I would definitely do more than Obama did and rush the media bully pulpit to get my concerns out at the very least.

Also he had a filibuster proof legislative majority his first two years in office. He wasted the first year giving bailouts to Wall Street and he wasted the second telling congress to fight for Obamacare, when again he didn't even try for a better option like an expansion to medicare, a public option or just outright national healthcare. He instituted a republican plan, the same republican he would most likely and did eventually face in his second terms presidential election. I don't give Obama a lot of credit as a leader but as a campaigner he is almost without peer, I think he did the Romneycare plan as an advance part of his campaign against his most likely conservative opponent and in that sense it was a brilliant move for him as Romney couldn't take credit for something he genuinely accomplished as governor and secondly it allowed Obama to point out the flip flopping nature of his opponents positions on this important matter. The problem was though whats good for Obama isn't good for the country, it can be argued Obamacare was a step in the right direction, but it was an unnecessary step, when with just a little more effort on his part we could have had the whole fucking ladder.

Not the same person but if you believe otherwise you are a moron and cant be saved at this point

Kek. Maybe in your country swearing is kurwa emotional, but kurwa in mine it's kurwa like breathing.
I forget about cultural differences sometimes.



There is no purely rational reason to do anything or believe anything. Logic can only take you from one true statement to another - it can't create truth out of nothing. You need axioms on which to base your rational reasoning.

The problem is that with all the leaked emails we've been getting we know that they are all sociopaths that don't even deserve a blindfold and cigarette when they go up against the wall.

Nice Scavenger you got there!

Yeah, but it is a useless fact that does not change reality.

Not even a Holla Forumstard but Hitler seemed like a nice guy

Hitler was definitely not as much of a dick head as we're lead to believe.
however, neo nazis (Holla Forumsypes) are real dick heads, no need to open a history book to figure that out.

Hitler was a paranoid self absorbed asshole.

Trump isnt a real dick either, he just acts stupid and ignorant so he can gather the truth from stupid and ignorant people thinking he is anything like them.

The question is, how can you not be a dick when you have been the source of violence and dicks all over the place.

Both his supporters and Trump supporters especially the more simpleton ones act quite stupid, violent or dickish, and that wouldnt have happened if not for Trump and Hitler, so because someone might act nice in their personal life, what really matters is what their actions cause.

Obama tried to inspire people in his farewell address, Trump did nothing but repeat his autism

God damn it I'm tired of liberals. Leftism isn't a hobby.

If I ever decide to murder a bunch of people, I'm doing it in your name.

Yeah sorry, he is responsible for all of it, even though it is a minority of ultra autistic supporters, he is responsible for that and HE KNEW it from the beginning

good luck with that

Isn't there enough terrible shit Trump has actually done? Why do you need to try and blame him for things he had no control over?
Your argument can be used to discredit practically any movement or individual, and in fact it's frequently used by the police when they send in undercover agent provocateurs.

Isn't there enough terrible shit Trump has actually done?
Nothing wrong with pilling up more
He had full control over, the way he talks, the way he acts and the ignorant and often racist, homophobic attitude was 100% confirmed to cause an increase in hate crimes, we all knew it bar Holla Forums retards who think all of that is fake and how Trump dindu

He didnt even need to be directly and openly racist or homophobic, yet many of his supporters used Trump winning as an excuse for their racist and homophobic actions

Because you see, lowlife simpletons like them they dont have the courage to stand up to their beliefs so they need to excuse their hatred or belief with religion, twisted morality or in this case the president elect.

This behavior is a known fact, and we knew that the moment a person like that is winning the more people will use him as an excuse for their perosnal autism

Because they exist it doesnt mean you can say that everyime you dont like something

Why must liberals always feel the need to find scapegoats/idols to project complex social phenomena onto? No one and nothing exists in a vacuum.

Liberal epidemiology.

Fucking liberals.

Trump is a symptom, not a cause. You can't even spend one moment to take a step back and consider the problem as a systematic one rather than an individual one. No, everything has to be blamed on the something-ist words of one individual or another. You want the world to work like a fucking fairytale where there's a big bad witch who's responsible for all evil.

When I say that humanity is too stupid to solve the problems it faces, I am talking about you. You're too stupid to see that blame is an entirely useless concept when analyzing a systematic problem such as capitalism or discrimination. You're too stupid to see that it requires a vastly more complex and carefully considered solution than simply banning hate speech.

I don't blame you for the way the world is, but if people were less stupid than you it would be a better place.

You mean the crazed liberal lunatics burning down neighborhoods and beating up random people in the street in protest because Trump won, including dragging people behind cars and torturing the mentally ill?

Hang yourself.

never said Trump was a dick, i wouldn't really trust the man but that ends there.
i said stormfags were dickheads


You're trying to hard Holla Forums