/r/socialism mods go "on strike", leaving the sub completely lawless and open to Holla Forums recruitment

/r/socialism mods go "on strike", leaving the sub completely lawless and open to Holla Forums recruitment

This is our chance comrades, let the people see that there is an alternative out there!

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google.com/search?q=dogs humping cats

fug…why did i had to be banned from there. Now i could post all sorts of bs there.

Make a new account ya moron

But don't post spam shit, that will just make the userbase desire more authoritarian moderation

Do they have the 3 day rule or can i post immediately after i created the account?

no, please, do not bring redditors here!

Well, thats thier problem. they're a fucking volunteer mod team. its supposed to already be community self moderation

3 days

Riddle me this,redditors: If an opinion is so contraversal, reactionary and bigoted, wouldn't it already get downvoted into oblivion? Isn't that the purpose of the downvote system?

In theory yes. In reality, people just downvote wtvr they don't like and the majority don't even bother in engaging with a discussion with you.
This is why i got tired of reddit very quickly.

yes but the majority of people disagree with mods.

so they get banned


As if there's any chance that they'll admit that the subreddit is better without them. They'll probably use throwaway accounts to spam porn or something to ensure that self-moderation is a failure.

make a thread about this there. its a valid point

the mods kept saying they were being raided by us anytime people disagreed with them

let's see how this goes

This is just going to get them brigaded by Holla Forums and then they'll blame us.

how about we teach them a lesson about political correctness
reddit dot com/r/socialism/comments/5nrucb/slavoj_zizek_on_the_problems_of_political/

why the hell you fucking newfaggots do not post normal links?

kek tbqh

this is the problem of mods, they think that their opinion on things is reflective of the entire r/socialism subreddit

i mean, how many people would actually agree with that one mod that drawing catgirls is woman hateric?

reddit can detect where you come from when you click on a link. if you come from Holla Forums, you get autobanned from several subs


say what?


This opportunity should be used to double down on exposing the shitty mods and post idpol and language political critical content. Shitposting will only prove their point.

fair point. Still redditor but at least you are raiding them, keep up.



TL;DR: people are wrong and the mod team is right, hence we strika against these fooliah people

It will backfire

People realising they are better off without these assholes.
They have to ban half the sub, because people just won't give up their new earned freedom so easily.

This is great.
Sticky this thread, this is a once in a lifetime event.

Subreddits are not self containes sites, people from shit places would dominate really fast.


Holla Forums will undoubtedly make a move, so perhaps we should make sure to downvote all the incoming fascism.

Just posting the comics would be enough

Christ can we stop with the fucking reddit drama?

There's no point to any of this. The mods will just resume their total dictatorship afterwards, point to all the posts currently on the front page as evidence of "brigading" and reactionary elements invading the subreddit, and crack down on anyone who criticized them whilst they were gone.

Yeah, but hopefully the subreddit will be discredited and its users will look for better places.

This is a trap.

r/socialism is now a battleground.


Fucking liars

i meant to say we are at war with Holla Forums



Lol they deleted the leftypol thread. So much for being on strike.

I wondered if it was, but I don't see how the mods could survive the orgy of banning that would have to follow.

100% liars

Funny sort of strike.

so far this is just cancerous please stop

Filthy strike breakers.

That lasted long.

You can't make this shit up.

so are traps haram on r/socialism too?


Strike over.

We've always been at war with Holla Forums.

someone make a post with this put o imgur: "The mod team isn't really striking."

Fucking redditors can't do anything right.

What is even happening anymore?

a) disagreement between mods, some mod from Üzbekistan just woke up and got asshurt by his teammates not consulting him before the decision
b) cointel attempt at retaking power


Don't fall for it guys.

They will reinstate control and use "brigading" as an excuse to further authoritarism.

I don't understand reddit. When i make troll posts i get a shit town of upvotes, when i say my actual opinions i often get downvoted into oblivion.

r/socialism is a perfect example of why vanguardism doesn't fucking work.

Not too different from elections eh?

Wonder what would happen if leftypol mods announced a one day strike and took it seriously.

Probably this: some autist from pol spam + the community bumping worthy content… Nothing out of the ordinary, really.

People won't give up their freedom so easily

It would get overrun by Holla Forums, I'm pretty sure. There's thousands of 'em just 2 clicks away.

And the three day old account filter is back.

We'll hopefully be able to save some of them. It's a shame there are no decent alternative subleddits, Voat went over like a lead balloon, and only a tiny cream of the crop among normalfags can withstand the bantz of imageboards, so a full-on exodus is impossible.



And the mods continue to crush dissent and ban the people whom they baited into speaking out against them.

is how strik formed??


This is such a beautiful death lmao

yup, I'm bannned

Was the plan to purge, all along?

Not even Stalin could think that up!

Fucking trots.


leftypol is pretty based even though i don't agree with you guys at all

you have my sword

Oh shit, it's the Hundred Flowers Campaign all over again

start an honest "Hi, I'm pol and this is where we disagree" thread and take the replies seriously.

Looks like you arrived just in time to go to the leddit mod death camp with us :^)

What a bunch of cunts.

Let a hundred flowers bloom!

Tbh, anyone who stays in that cesspool and considers it their primary forum for politics, even after all this, is trash and probably not worth working on.

Maybe humanity deserves to be enslaved to capital.

right winger here

why do they call you "reactionaries"?

Becauze we say fag and like anime.


Same reasone we call you reactionaries.

Because they're the kind of retard you usually call socialist

Oh shit no, I can't say retard

Because most of Holla Forums has rejected their identity politics and bourgeois interpretation of intersectionality.

Also we use mean words like fag and nigger and idiot.

And also because the mods of /r/socialism are working for the authorities as controlled opposition.

He's not the only one from Holla Forums here. You guys piqued my interest the other day with that RDW shout-out and I have been lurking ever since. These last couple days have been hilarious to watch. I applaud you guys for having a hand in this Plebbit meltdown.
Don't worry, I'm reading Marx (just for you). I may make a thread when I'm done, but I don't want to shit up your board. I already have a pretty good idea of Marxism and my gripes with it, but I guess I can't really speak on it without actually going through the primary source to make sure I'm correct in my understanding.
Polite sage.

Because we take a firmly anti-SJW stance. Or rather, most of us do. There are one or two feminist shitposters who regularly post here.

Because we do not support petty identity politics and want a broad, class-based movement instead of every segment of society running off to form their own little interest groups. Transsexuals and black people aren't going to destroy capitalism; only a united working class encompassing all people can.


Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon.

Because I couldn't find any Mohammed catgirls.

Loli catgirls are an acceptable substitute. I suspect that drawings of lolis are banned in at least as many places as drawings of Muhammad.

Does anybody have an unbanned three day old account? I notice that nobody has posted the screenshots of the various after ban conversations in the big free all prisoners thread.
Pls do.

give me the image



I would ban you for that pic. I like catgirls draws, but that's just perverted and wrong on so many levels.
But then i realize you only have that fetish due to an overwhelming amount of diferent porn.

Like obamacare was anything good to begin with.Not even universal healthcare equal to the ones in France or England that fucktard Obama could put in his country kek.


Obamacare was shit, but that doesn't mean it has to be abolished.

Cause we are the 5th international and can apply any pressure in the real world.

I actually posted it more as a simple act of civil disobedience against stupid censorious fucks. I'd struggle to fap to that because it isn't really my fetish. I mean, lolis are better than non-lolis, but simple nudity is just boring.

Oh, and I've been perverted for as long as I can remember. I was into bondage and certain other unspeakable things long before I ever got a computer.

Tbh Marx is not the best introduction when it comes to socialism. Best of luck anyways.

I just got approved as a new mod

I thought lolis were girls between 12 and 17. That pic looks like way younger.

Bondage isn't perverted nor wrong. I'm into gentle femdom and pegging btw. SO i can relate to you in a way.


They've deleted the free all prisoners thread.

They've deleted the Animal Farm thread.

"loli" refers to anything older than toddlers. I'd say Yotsuba (5 y.o.) is about the bottom end of the loli range. There are also "legal lolis" who are older than 17 (sometimes even hundreds of years old) but still have child-like bodies.

>Donald "drain the swamp into the cabinet" Trump

Someone should make a a thread about the CWI rape scandals

If that's true you'd better shut up about it or word will get back to Reddit and you'll be purged for disloyalty.

Thank you for your input, CIA sockpuppet



They did.


No, I am retarded. Here.


i swear someone should get dox on their mod team and we go full dickhead

Raping an individual cannot be compared to drawing catgirls, which oppresses an entire gender.

Not to mention the cat part, which oppresses an entire species.


Feminism is a shitty name for an extremely broad range of ideologies which includes everything from TERFs to egalitarians. Some people who call themselves feminist actually adhere to decent ideologies, but the overwhelming majority are just liberals or worse. I don't hesitate to call feminism bad for the same reason I don't hesitate to call reddit bad.

To be fair I would have banned you for that if I were in their shoes.

honestly how the fuck can these people call themselves anarchists and yet relentlessly censor anything regarding actual oppressed people? Anybody that is not drowning in liberal ideology can realize that pedos are without doubt the most oppressed people in western society. They are so oppressed that even mentioning them can get one shunned from a group forever

Then you are liberal cancer and need to get the fuck off my board

ecks dee


You are why revolutions fail and turn into authoritarian state capitalism.

If we can't even discuss the reasoning behind important society-wide decisions which impact millions of people, what the fuck is the point of discussing anything?

are posters like this cointelpro, or are they just liberals from reddit?
Why the fuck do reddit liberals even think they are anarchists anyways?

they prefer "anarchist" to "worse liberal"

If you wanna troll, that's fine, but be honest about it.

I know a board that will be willing to discuss the matter
>>>Holla Forums


Are you guys really doxxing the r/socialism mods?



So there's nothing wrong in sending you to a gulag, so you can learn how to become a decent and productive member of society either.

Do you want Holla Forums's help? We can help out no strings attached.

dont think so, but someone should i guess


can tankies possibly be any stupider?


I like it. Count me in

this will in no way end poorly


I guess start with the moderators post histories
and more information online about CWI memebers
and try to connect the two

top kek

Well, if that's what the upper party has decided…
I mean… Why would Comrade Stalin do anything wrong?

And there are supposed to be "anarchists" there?

Molotof - Ribbentrop, Never Again.

The only argument against it is the risk of genetic disorders in any offspring. Therefore, same-sex incest is perfectly okay and straight incest is okay if sufficient precautions are taken. Going into the future it will become easier and easier to screen for genetic disorders, rendering incest entirely harmless.
If it's consensual, nothing. If it's non-consensual, the same thing that wrong with most human treatment of animals: they suffer.
If the dead person agreed to it, nothing is intrinsically wrong with it. It's risky because it provides a very good pathway for pathogens to infect the cannibal, but they can still choose to take the risk. If the dead person doesn't agree to it then it starts to cause people a lot of discomfort because humans are very picky about how their bodies are disposed of.
Voluntary assisted suicide should be legal, but human sacrifice is usually done due to mistaken beliefs. People have a right to end their own lives in this way, but they should be fully informed of the current scientific evidence before they go through with it. Obviously murdering people without their consent is bad.

Is there anything else you'd like to discuss, or do you already have a complete understanding of everything?


How can an animal consent?



You're a good person, user.

they cant

how do animals consent with each other? If a dog rubs its crotch on other dogs to get them to mate with it, why cant I mate with it when it rubs its crotch on me?


Do you mean how can an animal communicate its consent?
Anyone familiar with animal body language can easily figure it out for most mammals. For large mammals (eg. horses) you can tell they don't consent from the skull fractures left by their hooves.

They're insisting on discussing it in the other stickied thread, which has hundreds of replies. They know how Reddits "unique" structure will stifle discussion there.

Dogs rubs their crotch on other dogs, not cats and goats.

Idiot. All kinds of animals mate with other kinds of animals all the time. It's not unusual for a horny dog to try to mate with a cat, or a sheep dog to mate with a sheep. All animals do this. Either due to misinterpreting body language, or due to conscious desire.

You need a certain amount of intellect in order to "connect".

google.com/search?q=dogs humping cats

For your viewing pleasure.


Absolutely. Some people can't tell the difference between a happy cat and an annoyed cat. Those people shouldn't try to fuck horses.

Congrats, Holla Forums

addiction to power is a powerful thing.

Especially with Holla Forums being discussed unbiasedly as the first topic

dubs confirm, praise kek

Ok pol.
That was funny. I'll give you that one.

okay cointel/pol/, you really made me think

So is Holla Forums like a boogeyman on the left?


Tell me that doesn't describe /r/socialism's moderators.

Among feminist circles (which includes the vast majority of the modern left), yes. They either don't know about us or they see us as Holla Forums-lite.

It looks like part of r/socialism desperately want us as a folk devil.

We are the left.
We are the boogeymen of libruls



little tip guys, if you really want a revolution of the working class you're going to have to deal with the cultural traditions (heuristics that have built up over time through trial and error) of actual people. embracing bestiality, pedophilia, human sacrifice…people are not going to get down with that. that's why libertarians are almost universally seen as a joke now on the right.

but hey, I'm sure your abstract ideas that you've managed to generate in your small lifetime will probably work much better than hundreds and thousands of years of tinkering that produces tradition.

It's like how liberal racists call Holla Forums stormfags

No, fuck off.

I'm not Holla Forums, but I'm glad I brought you happiness.

To be honest what really annoys me about people who condemn bestiality on the grounds of animal rights is that almost all of them eat meat made from animals kept in horrifying conditions and killed in slow, painful ways.

Your a hero among men user.

I like to think of leftypol like the pancho villa of online leftism, and we are going to do some raids on the pinche neoliberal gringos and idpol'ers

Actual animal rights would be realizing they have consciousnesses too and do indeed enjoy sex, and make informed decisions about when to have sex. Sure, they may not have human concepts like "rape", but does that make them "wrong"?

well you know some human beings get off on the idea of being eaten, so who's to say that cows don't enjoy being brutally slaughtered and eaten? that's just like, your opinion man.

You're not serious. Right?

Thanks, but I mean, the goat is obviously not giving her consent here. I don't she would for a human too.

I am entirely serious. Most animals large enough to have sex with have sophisticated memories, and thus experience. They can use that experience to decide what is a desirable action and what is not. They may not have epistemology and logic, but they sure as hell can decide, and often do.

-t. animal

I'm posting here on an anonymous imageboard precisely because my comments are enough to get me lynched in real life.
Anyway, I don't expect people to support leftism because they heard good things about it - I expect them to support it because capitalism is letting them starve and they need an alternative.

As for your other comment, we actually invented a way to discover truth without relying on guesswork and appeals to tradition. There's this newfangled "scientific method" thing that's hip and cool these days.

you're not wrong. In fact, it truly is horrible that most humans do not realize they are also animals. Why is damnable for a human to love someone of another species, but when someone from another species does it its okay?

Here's some more to add to your collection.

Looks like the /r/socialism mods will be getting some of their first legitimate bans in years.

ur not fooling anyone handsomejack94

Actually, as far as goat mating goes, its never consensual. Goats are one of the species that breeds through means of rape. Its nature fam.

redditor here ama

Honestly it's my fault for falling for obvious bait like .

Thank you. The one with the monkey trying to fuck a dog is pretty cool too, nature is fascinating.

Fucking hell. This is just the worst of both worlds.

the cult of science is one of the things I find strange in any political ideology. Also I find it strange that you think that because people find capitalism bad, they'll somehow find leftism better.

You can't really use the scientific method to determine things like ethics and cultural norms, and the social sciences are rife with oversampling specific kinds of populations (generally college students in the western world) and drawing far-reaching pop-science conclusions in order to pad out their resume.

Furthermore, a lot of science was first based on heuristics and tradition. How did we discover aspirin? An indigenous tribe had built up the traditional heuristic of using the bark of a tree as a medicine.

Science will take a bit of knowledge like this, reduce it down to a single variable, and apply it universally in a reductionist manner. The scientific method only even works if you're able to do experiments, and it quickly comes up against some problems when talking about complex things like ethics or ecology.

Ignoring hundreds and thousands of years of hard won knowledge because we think we're clever with our electronics and plastics that drive us from the real and poison our bodies is myopic at best and most likely suicidal.

will you ever stop being a liberal?

what's it like to be a liberal?

The worst thing about this whole situation is how utterly sycophantic the user base is. The moderators literally set up a Hundred Flowers campaign and banned several people for daring to speak out against them, and then purge all dissenting ideas as per usual. Yet some of the highest rated posts are "Thank you mods that continue to remove reactionary trash" and "Comrades, isn't all this shitposting a little bit of an immature overreaction on our parts?" It's like these idiots want to be ruled by the totalitarian thought police.

Zapatistas are probably a better comparison, dug into our own militantly isolated territory, while the liberals everywhere else fall to total depravity.

not a liberal tbh i am an anarcho-communist

did used to be a liberal though tbf

also i don't like how you can't ctrl-enter to quick reply on this chon

are you a spooky fuck?
List some things you are spooked about.

this is what we mean by liberal.

This was the shortest 24h strike in the history of mankind.

I'm talking about a future where the majority of humans are unemployed thanks to automation. In that case a leftist solution is obviously preferable to free-market capitalism because the latter leads to starvation. Even I'm not convinced socialism/communism are really viable at the present time with humans as they are.

No, but it can be used to disprove some of the logical leaps used to get from, say, "inflicting suffering is wrong" to "incest should always be illegal". That rule was a good guideline historically, but now we understand exactly what parts of incest cause problems and how to prevent them.

although it acomplished nothing i will always hold the reddit catgirl meltdown of 2017 in my heart

The r/soiclaism mod 24 hour strike of 2017.

how did sjw's get control of all major leftist boards?


Because that's what people think being Left wing is about these days.

turns out being a skeevy trot rapist means you are king of the sjws


its like he wants to be identified


you know, the usual stuff - capitalists, christfags, normies

hey fuck off tankie haha

not sure tbh

leaning towards some sort of insurrectionary right wingers because nobody can be this stupid

The downfall of the goons

made some errors with replying :x

COINTELPRO and JTRIG are good at what they do.

lel, he deleted his account


Yep. Nothing is going to change here. Even if there is an alteration, they'll slide back into their old ways. If they were sincere they'd announce immediate implementation of the transparency bot the foilhat subs use.
We can at least be certain that there'll never be another r/socialism mod strike.

This, it's not just reddit, but a shitload leftists IRL I've met are full on idpol.

says the retard that hates all opressed and marginalized people cause they are spooked with neoliberal idpol
top kek


You're welcome :^)

you're cool sometimes n1x

why do you post on a board that defends rapists? i mean you guys are supposed to be the vanguards of feminism

Ban hammer incoming.

A weeks ago brethren, I and some other Holla Forumsers made efforts on subtly messaging and circulating a petition to gain support for mass reform of r/socialism. This even involved messaging the board owner, who never got back to us. But the door is opening comrades, and I have re-posted the petition in their little "containment thread". Please respond and do anything you can to get this shit to the top, because this might be the small window through which reddit is reclaimed for non-sectarian leftism.

If we sit back and let them, the moderators will again corral all of this sentiment for democracy and transparency and things will go back to the usual with a few window dressings to feign change. Don't let this happen if you give a fuck about the spread of socialism on a huge and popular site like reddit being fucking wasted by Stalinists who want to protect their special snowflake statuses.


ohhhh this is just too delicious


what do you mean


The good old Ulbricht trick

COINTELPRO confirmed then?

Even more ammo for the arsenal then, so to say. If that happens, I'm going to continue my underground work of PM'ing and reaching out personally to disaffected users.

Implying I'm a r/socialism mod?


Was there ever any doubt?

They are purging within their own ranks haha.

This is what Walter Ulbricht did when he was in charge of the GDR.
Comrades complained he was rough on them, He "conceded" and promised to start a discussion where everyone can suggest improvements and everyone who made a suggestion was purged.
Then he went on to play table tennis.

Then I pray comrade, help me. Submit your username, and if we are banned we will continue the fight by PM'ing users.

People are currently PM'ing and upvoting the link comment, and I will do the same underground shit I've been doing if I'm banned again. They can't stop us forever.

I guess in case anyone doubts, that is my username in that comment. Forgot trip in previous post as well. I'm taking the same risk as the rest of you.

ok i responded, not sure where to submit


I haven't keked this hard in months.

I'll leave this here.

Also, I guess we can now start saying "/aninterestinggroupofpeople/" instead of Holla Forums and see how the censorship will react.

I like this. But im no redditor.

You're not going to get enough support. Their userbase consists mostly of LARPing liberals and those who find the Stalinist boot on their throat comforting.

So basically, all of this happened because you sponsored Wolff ?
I love you guys.

You start saying, they start banning.

best 51 dollars I ever spent

These mods are insane. their "strike" gambit is clearly an abusers tactic. they really have a pathological need to avoid criticism. I'm going to call it now, their next move one of them will threaten self-harm or suicide. I know these types of people. they'll probably get a lot of responses saying "lol do it" though, which will only make these narcissists more self assured.


yes, they got jealous and went ==insane== banning anyone who didn't shit on leftypol

Yes, it happened in the related threat. This whole chain of events is hilarious.

Yep, same. It was worth it to hear Wolff say the name of an obscure community I love, as well as imagine the r/socialism mods flip shit that our little "brocialist" board could do more for socialism than they ever did.

So does this confirm that the FBI or some other org is legitimately afraid of Holla Forums and is actively trying to isolate us?

Shouldn't have posted it here, now they'll just dismiss it as Holla Forums brigading if it becomes successful.

First, Prairie Fire and RAIM, now this? Why is the socialism coming out of Colorado such cancer? I'm beginning to believe all those conspiracies about the Denver airport.



Maybe so, but I'm fed up with it man. I've been doing the boring work of PM'ing people for a while now, and every now and then I know people from here ask me whatsup and how can they help. I guess I'm at the end of my rope here, and see this as the first bonafide opportunity for change there that will probably pop up for a long time.

What can we do?

They're like fucking Stalin and his bureaucracy

A lot of today's drama happened overnight, meaning a lot of people may not have had time to learn what's going on. It'll be interesting to see what happens when people start getting off of work. Will the fire rise even higher? Who can say.

What the fuck does the FBI have to do with this?

I was actually thinking about working for them for a bit then changed my mind


Anything I can do to help?

no, do it user, we could use someone on the inside. Once you gain their trust, ask about the counter-extremism online programs.

They've deleted all the threads from the strike period. Even the fucking rape coverup thread.


being the fucker that banned catgrill and then doing this makes me want to figure out who this sack of shit is even more

Just post a reply to that comment with your usernames, or just PM my username to add your name. At this point that's the best you can do, just make some noise for the petition.

Further action will depend on what card the mods play next, if they respond at all. But if that petition gets big enough we will force their hand. I've been thinking this shit through like a fucking chessgame, and I think this is the straw that will break the camel's back (the RDW post that was deleted).

FBI was formed basically as America's own Gestapo or Stasi-type political/secret police. It later came to take on many other duties because Hoover was power-hungry as f. No matter how hard they try to convince you otherwise, on of their main functions is still to disrupt political organizations that maybe a threat to the American state (the Left in particular).

All my reddit accounts have been banned from /r/socialism so I'll make a few new ones for a later date

He was FBI most likely. This is their MO. Basically they use their guys to start shit within organizations and then extract them before it gets hot.

One for the petition is sufficient. You can post it here if you like, I add banned accounts to it as well.

I actually agree. This was a concerted effort.

From where I was standing the post quality didn't drop when there was zero moderation, it just became more anarchic, and there was more /interesting/. In 24 hours the energy level probably would have dropped to normal, and the lack of a need for powermad mods would have been clear to all.

the mods created a meta board for soc in the name of transparency but it's now private and you need to have posted there for 3 months before you can view it kek

They can't delete this stuff from any of the other subreddits it's on, though. We have to keep posting about it until everyone can see what's going on.


And the mod is a mod of r/soc.

Character from popular video game series+ year of birth in the early to mid 90s= hello fellow kids

That's because there was never zero moderation and all shitposting and Holla Forums subversion was still instantly deleted.

The mods clearly didn't want to take that risk.
The are even creating those fake threads praising them for "quality control" during their "strike".
Absolutely pathetic display there.

The worst thing is that I do not believe these are fake. The population really is this servile and dumb.

especially that fucking ==CHRISTIAN SOCIALIST==

I bullied him so much and he didn't cry >:(


Nah. They wouldn't hire me anyway simply for being associated with this board..

Also I wouldn't be doing agent stuff I'd being working a desk job

Sure, after years of banning this tends to be the case, but I am sure, there was some egging from some mod to a regular to create this kinda thread.

I made the same experience in r/europe. If you make a statement a mod disagrees with, He will call his personal guard upon you to make clear who is in the right.

he prayed, instead

Only one way to find out if they're fake or not. Keep posting on /r/soc and trying to warn people there. If your thread gets deleted, just make another account and try again. Try making your posts inquisitive. You could post a thread asking what's been going on there because you heard there was some kind of drama. And of course, keep telling people about this through other channels. We've got that Facebook page, maybe they should post something about this there, and on Twitter or other sites as well. Maybe a hashtag is in order?

Holla Forumslack here, never thought I'd find myself defending Holla Forums on reddit.

We are living in strange times.
Anything goes.

Some of you aren't so unreasonable, but there's a lot of hotpocketeering on your board, too. Why do you take that from them? Ever since the Trump campaign started up, Holla Forums has been heavily censored. Late-2014 Holla Forums was somewhere you could at least have a discussion even if you don't agree with someone. Why were so many of you willing to give that up?

Their CSS just changed, and now there are only ten mods.

Probably a coup with the hardline authoritarian clique, if anything.

The FBI agent fucked off.

We really can't do shit about it. And a lot of our best people have fled to other communities after that stunt /baph/ pulled and the mods let happen without batting an eye. 8/pol/ is currently under maintenance until further notice.
Honestly, you know something is wrong when you have more in-depth political and philosophical discussion on a rival board than the board full of like-minded people. It's getting out of hand, and somebody is going to take the fall pretty soon. Whether it will actually fix out problems is another issue entirely though.

The dude who said he was the only anarchist mod is gone. You're probably right.

hmm cometparty did this last time, deleted css, unbanned everyone, and purged the mods

Holla Forums was/is big and energetic, and states are willing to infiltrate tiny ecohippie activist groups. You might actually be targets for government subversion.

Yea, they only deleted the mods who were promoted most recently. The core leadership remains unchanged.

He supported a mod system similar to the anarchist subreddits. This is an authoritarian coup.

Just had another idea. Contact leftist news outlets like Jacobin, WSWS and such, and bring the issue up in IRL leftist groups.

Exactly. That is why the petition I posted demands the total recall of every mod listed. They will do their best to keep the core as well as assuage people's anger into superficial changes.

This shit is forreal people. We can't let them off the hook.

Double trips

His account is gone too.

phishing email from the russians to cometparty when???

Not defending their decision to ban 4th e drawfag but still, what else were you expecting?

mods are back. any /interestinggroupofpeople/ among these? Don't have to say specifically if you are

Spring has come for r/socialism. The tanks are out.

So… both mods gone WITH their accounts..

Now that's what I call /INTERESTING/


8pol is turning into absolute shit, I've been banned way too many times for bullshit things. Some of our best content creators buggered off and the mods do nothing but encourage drama and bullshit while locking good threads.

I agree with this user,

A lot of people also told them to fuck off. I love how they tried to get everyone to suck their dicks.

Yeah, their bluf didn't work out at all.

He only started to notice all of this an hour ago. I wonder what is he going to do.


Check this vague topic.

An anarchomod post? makes u think

I don't know which variant of Holla Forums you are, but if you look through some of the other threads on this you can even see this stuff happening on Holla Forums. Maybe we both need to do something towards getting our communities back at the same time. Honestly, I look at Holla Forums almost as much as Holla Forums (though I rarely post there because of aforementioned hotpockets), and I see a lot of people who have legitimate reasons to be angry and afraid. I see people who've joined white nationalism because they feel like it's the only way to stop identitarians like the ones who tortured that white guy on stream just for being white from literally genociding whites. Not wanting to be killed for your skin color is entirely reasonable and it's thanks to fuckers like this /r/socialism mod team that white nationalism looks appealing. In fact it's probably the biggest factor in why the libertarians left Holla Forums (other than mods banning them).

What's with the 'bless' responses? Is it an in-joke?

They are all old guard. I have them all tagged as "/r/socialism moderator" in RES.



those pesky brocialist spies!

Is Zerthimon the only mod who got unpersoned?
And even if they did kick him from the mod team, why would he immediately delete his account when he clearly has some support (regardless of the side he's on) in the user base?


They made them applause and the one that stopped first got removed.


More are being added back.

Literally no one new.

Why would BOTH delete their accounts?

Clicked on /u/socialismmods, their last post is on how cat girls are woman hater.



Zerthimon is gone. He was mod of the metasocialism thing, he was critical of the mod team, he was an anarchist. AUTHORITARIAN COUP!

So most of the mods are back, lmao

nothing changing eh

are they fucking serious?

Ok. But why delete account?

they're adding new mods that are 20 day old accounts

my guess is the mods they "kicked" are just reinvited on their new accounts

It was probably just one guy kicking them all.

They also added this guy: reddit.com/user/Detroit_Red/

24 days old account, calls to one of the /r/socialism moderators by name in one of his posts. Wonder whose sockpuppet this is…

if you're cointelpro, it's beneficial to add an obstacle to doxxing

Maybe they got reprimanded.
But probably not really.

That's what I want to know.

Whatever the longterm outcome. This is lulzy on so many levels. This is Holla Forums's chan moment.

Probably one of the mods who removed his account

So, is it autharitarian coup, or COINTELPRO passing as autharitarian coup?


Neither, imo

Ah I see. It's probably one of those white mods who deleted their account and is now going to waste everyone's time by pretending to be a POC.

I'm guessing they're trying to make it seem as though they kicked the offending moderators, faked the CSS stripping to get attention and make it seem like a mod took it out, and then allowed those mods to come back on alt accounts.

This is possible as cointelpro and as not cointelpro

It's a previous mod who deleted their account during the last drama.

He seemed to have been in favor of opening things up.

Also two reasonable mods left because they thought the ""strike"" was BS.

It's nice that they're yet again just adding mods with no user input again.

Another "new mod. From his post history:

fullcommunism going down the same path


They really are scared of us. Wow.

Friday the 13th of january 2017.

The day Holla Forums triggered reddit so hard that they imploded on themselves.

What kind of a world is this…

Can we ask them to leak some inside info?
I mean, if the current mods aren't willing to give transparency, surely, it is the ones that don't have to expect to lose anything that ought to do it in their place?

All the more reason to keep Alunya as our mascot.

Check this one.


I don't even like catgirls or Alunya, yet I feel it's become some kind of point of principle at this point.

8/pol/ here. I haven't really been on any of the Holla Forums boards in a while, but I wouldn'r be surprised if they're beginning to decay too. Holla Forums is definitely due for a change in moderation, or at the very least the mods and vols need to make an effort to open up a dialogue with the entire community, even the ones they purged a few weeks back in their "TRS purge". It got way out of hand, /baph/ took over the board for a few days, and legitimate users got banned by the dozen. Our UID count went down by at least a couple hundred during the mass banning spree. I would completely support a cooperation with other people from different boards to address the current moderation troubles across Holla Forums and possible solutions.
Polite sage so that I don't shit up your thread with Holla Forums posting anymore than I already have.


Welcome to the post-ironic ideological era

The mods of r/fullcommunism are the same stock as the mods of r/socialism.

For my part, I'll choose "quit". ;)

/u/enji-iro is an alt of /u/rulbam, a former /r/socialism mod who deleted their account after they said they don't support legalizing sex work. They're also behind the ableism policy.




Old school trolling.

Is this anime-gate now?

Now that's some serious spectacle right there!

I hate living in that era
I really really hate it.

Because I can see the punchline miles away. I know where it ends, but we need years to reach it.

This day just keeps getting better and better.

Not yet, but soon. Very soon. This is just the spark that lights the fire.

This is how it happened with Holla Forums as well. The political establishment fears us and our anime.

What is it ?

Why do libs keep doing this. What is it about anime that they hate so much? I get that it's silly and sometimes can have lewd connotations, but come on. They're just drawings. It definitely shouldn't be a reason to whip up an entire community, go on strike from moderation, and then proceed to purge a ton of users during your "moderation strike".

This is actually happening. Let that sink in for a moment. One of the largest leftist spaces on the internet is degenerating into infighting and lashing out against another leftist space because their ban of fucking catgirls was challenged. This is the world we live in. This is legitimately the state of the Left on the internet presently.

I hate to say it Holla Forums, but I think you might be dealing with a goon problem.

fucking based

My question is: why?
Is there some inherent revolutionary quality to anime that we're all missing?

It's easy to draw.
There is no limitation on what i can be.
It wasn't prepurposed as "for children".
people fap to it

It messes up with the spectacle the have setted up.

wew can we just have our cute drawings please?

Where was that posted?

I posted it here:


"lol bless" is one of those hostile circlejerk memes.

These people, McIntosh and the likes are often the children of Christian fundamentalists. The kind of people that banned their children from reading and consuming fiction because of their bad influence.

This is the root of this line of thinking, nothing but heretical media.


Can we spread this to anime and furry forums?

fuck off



so is /r/socialism all trotskyists? I can sort of see why Stalin purged them.

Should probably move discussion over here.



that is all

if we end up getting an influx of newcomers, maybe this will help make the site more friendly: github.com/kmantel/8chanX
found someone updating the old Holla Forums x, has a halfchan style thread watcher now

polite sage

most people on here are moralfag liberals

Next time if someone asks about what's distinct about leftypol we just say we are pro-catgirl leftists, a'ight.

and /interesting/


its like youve spent all of 5 minutes here

probably the same person since they make it so easy to identify them

They're getting scared comrades.

As I Holla Forumsack myself I have to say this is quite wrong.
You see, they perceive us as nazis, fascists and so on. They don't expect much of us.
But you are even worse than that. You are nazis and fascists like us but you are using the 'left' label. You are supposed to be a feminist, a BLM activist and pro-identity politics in general. But you are not. So not only are you are a nazi but also a traitor.


it was more like 20 minutes

because "losers" are obviously more in favor of wealth redistribution and also tend to like anime because it has jerkable idealized babes that are insulated by a layer of abstraction (being a cartoon) that makes them less threatening than images of real women

I mean, it's a minor victory for socialism, but I'd be glad to contribute anyway next time. But /r/socialism is a net negative for the left, so a fucking phytoplankton technically contributes more to socialism by doing fuck all.

I've noticed this too. Like, there's gotta be a shitload of sock puppets or just useful idiots there that agree with everything they say to have threads like that. There is so many people licking the mods asses there, even when they clearly have overstepped their bounds.