Reddit is making fun of us again


when did reddit got so intolerant about pedos?

fucking bigots

I'm not sure why they would think that when their mods are the ones power-tripping.

There are barely any tankies here while Reddit is overrun with them.

Tankie has lost all meaning.

Reddit has such a highground to attack people I swear. Remember all the times they actually talked about economics and theory instead of parroting IDpol and Liberalism.

Oh yeah, me either.

But Reddit is literally run by tankies. There's giant overlap between the moderators of /r/socialism and places like /r/communism or /r/fullstalinism.

this was posted on the badeconomics subreddit. it's mostly left-of-center liberals.

Right about the second bit tbh

remember how plebbit use to have a bunch of skeevy jailbait subreddits up and active for years?

only one r/communism mod is a mod on r/socialism. most of soc's mods are trotskyists, demsoc, anarchists, salt members, etc

He ain't wrong tbh.

Who are the fucking tankies here?


>>>Holla Forums

reminder that reddit had massively popular pedo subs like r/jailbait and r/creepshots and only banned them when that cnn found out about it


this. They ban people for even mentioning pedos. They truly are bigots.

How the hell is that supposed to work? Sounds like they're just stringing random words together.

Do you have a link?


/r/fullstalinism is dead m8 and literally anyone could become a mod on /r/fullstalinism when it was alive. The guy who ran it thought he was being nice by adding people to the mod team so we literally ended up with 100+ mods in the forum with maybe 400 subscribers.

Long story short is I think he got sick of the constant mautist spam and the idpol drama (I believe he intended to set up /r/fullstalinism to get away from it) when some Jewish idpoler in the discord blew up after he got kicked he just decided to shut down the whole forum.

The only thing I really learned there is whatever the redditors were there for, it didnt seem like they were there to learn about debate anti-revisionist leninism.

fucking kek

This amount of salt is amazing.

I hope the salty ledditor tears keep flowing