Reddit style thread: Change My View

This board is reactionary because it doesn't prioritize the most oppressed under capitalism by rejecting intersectionality.

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Being a socdem should be a bannable offense

That's no way to talk to your comrade.

Your approach is liberalism because it proposes reforming capitalism and focusing on single issues instead of destroying the system as a whole.

What if I told you… Your perception of who is most oppressed doesn't matter because some asshole with money could always inject cash to create more wedge issues between yourself and what they want the longer you ignore class warfare in favor of identity issues that will most likely sort themselves out anyway? The less we argue over vague identities conceptually and the more we attack class problems that coincide with identity issues like private prisons the easier these things will be in the long run. Stop fidgeting with pronouns and start agitating against moneyed interest.

Socialism can be legislated into existence.

Ex-Soviet countries are hell holes. China is a hypercapitalist polluted wasteland.

SocDem countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are practical worker's paradises, and get closer to communism each year.

Intersectionality rejects any kind of "most oppressed" narrative because it would exclude people of a different class. As soon as one identifies the mechanism of oppression (ie class) all other concerns become epiphemomenal.

The oppression of women, POC, and LGBTQ people is more real than any of the class oppression you have experienced as a white male in a mixed market economy.

Bullshit. It's an objective fact that POC women are more oppressed than white men.

Nobody here is your comrade, liberal.

Don't you have some workers to be selling out anyway?

No it can't. You don't abolish capital without revolutionary violence.

Where's the argument?

Not even sure where to start tbh.

You sound like an /r/The_Donald user.

There is more to oppression than capitalism.

You can start with an argument.

So oppressed.

If you destroy capitalism the most oppressed as you say are no longer oppressed by it and everyone can get down to actually solving their issue created by capitalism indefinitely.

Stop calling people colored you racist piece of shit. Seriously kill yourself.

Social democracy is lukewarm adventurism into entrenching labor's rights in an economic system that can only end up crushing it, enacted by people wedded to the machinism of capital. Consider suicide, as they would say.

Beyonce will face real violent, institutional racism after Trump takes office. A white male blue collar worker might lose their health insurance from their donut habbit.

Cry me a river.

White supremacy existed before capitalism, and it will exist after capitalism. White people and their culture are biased toward supremacy and oppression under any economic system. Just look at what the Soviets did to central Asians. Remember Stalin's treatment of the Jews?


Maybe although I'm not… Fuck it my identity doesn't matter. Money is at the root of most political problems though and despite Trumps victory and the possibility of egg on my face I actually think most identity issues will "progressively" become a thing of the past. Inversely class warfare and class consciousness among the poor is at an all time low. It seems very unlikely things will just get better economically without proactive work in that area and there are very real obvious financial barriers and people clogging the system on purpose for things to be this way.

Now back to cherry picking mentions of similarly hellholeish examples of Marxist communist movements in the 20th century, why don't you.

Trump isn't a racist. Mexican isn't a race.

You're just a muh privilege denying white male. You're a dime a dozen on reddit. Not interested in educating you tbh.

Fairly certain this is a Holla Forumsack baiting.

Why don't you go back to where you'll fit in then, Kamarad?

But all of them were hellish. It was a bumper crop of cherries.

Mestizo is a race. Trump is a racist.

Socialism is the control over the economy by the workers themselves. Everything in Scandinavia is still in the hands of private capitalists. Getting capitalists to give you stuff is not socialism. Having really good public services is not socialism.

I have never heard Trump talk about mestizos and in any case mestizo doesn't mean Mexican you racist.

Cute I love b8 with some effort or at least that is what I will tell myself this is to keep my sanity.

You'd have to wonder why ex-Soviets largely prefer state centralism to post-Soviet liberal autocracies then, don't you lad? In fact, there's more people wishing back the glory days of Stalinism than there are people wishing back the supposed glory days of a still functioning succdem welfare state.

Nice erasure of transsexual, questioning, flexual, asexual, aromantic, gender-fuck, gennderqueer, polyamorous, bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism, pansexual, intersex and ally, you piece of shit.

What an unnuanced understanding of Scandinavian socialism.

There are more state owned industries in SC than in other parts of Europe. Also, SC's extremely progressive taxation makes sure that workers get their fair share. SC also has strong unions and labour movements.

SocDem has delivered where Leninism and Maoism failed.

Something like 80% of Mexicans are Mestizo. Don't defend Donald Drumpf.

There's no such thing as a non-feminist socialist, and most anti-feminists are scum, whereas most non-socialists are just propagandized and decent people.

Rapists will be shot in the revolution.

That little video just confirms that leftypol is just brocialism.

You fucks will never learn unless you clear your fucking mind of these abstract ideas.

And there are plenty of mestizos in Brazil too. Doesn't mean shit.

I guess you have done that since you've cleared out all the math and science from your brain.

ITT: Brocialists defending Drumpf.

You gave the corporates more power and enabled the Fascist in the west, great job.

Stalinism is red fascism.



t. Liberal defending corporate designed rebranding of people

I'm starting to understand why everyone wants to give socdems the ice pick.

Socdem is a liberal wearing red

This flag has done more for workers than any socialist authoritarian ever has. God bless this flag.

forgot flag

I understand now. Reddit and this entire city must be purged…

Did nothing

*Did nothing wrong.


Tranny here (to avoid accusations of being a worthless evil cis white male ;^])

1. By definition, leftists are not reactionary in a world that has had capitalism as the dominant system for hundreds of years
2. Intersectionality is garbage that primarily serves to divide and neuter movements, ensuring that the status quo never changes. It is far more effective to work with leftists on leftist issues, anti-racists on anti-racist issues, anti-sexists on anti-sexist issues, etc. because you are not limiting yourself to only the set of people who agree on every single one of your pet projects, expanding the pool of people you can work with on any given project. Of course, there's no reason why people who share opinions on multiple issues couldn't group together and form a crossover movement, but it must be clear that these are separate movements. Otherwise you simply alienate the pro-GSMer who isn't on board with full communism and the leftist who isn't on board with bun-kin. And perhaps in time after working with someone on the things you both support, you'll be able to convince them to join you on other issues.
It's also interesting to note that only leftist movements seem to be required to be dissolved into a leftist x * movement, and not the other way around…

Of course, but bait is often a good time to articulate points.

Typical MTT thinking.

Intersectionality is the bread and butter of the American left. It gets POC out to vote. You're a white man in a skirt.

TERF and proud.

How are you going to dismantle capitalism if you do not appeal to the huge segment of people that are the least disadvantaged by it? You really think you can have a revolution without white men?

If voting changed anything it would be illegal.

This is how I know you are not a real woman.

Capitalism by definition exploits working class people
Regardless of your personal views on social issues, there is no rule saying you should specifically care, or not care, about marginal groups.
All that matters is the emancipation of the proletariat.

Now this bait isn't even good or fun. This is Holla Forums-tier bait.

I wish that was a blunt

I'm not even the one claiming to be trans here retarded succdem. And that's not even what I would say. Hillary is surely not the same as Trump; she's far worse.

Communism is the easiest religion to troll.

We're reaching levels of brocialism that shouldn't even be possible!


People with some obscure gender and a bunch of made-up pronouns are not the most oppressed. The oppressed people are the actual workers of the world who live in poverty and drone through what seems like a pointless life full of suffering. Additionally, any communist (or serious socialist for that matter) should prioritize the needs of the many. The entire point of the revolution is a revolution that prioritizes what is best for the majority. The "most oppressed" group you speak of are not the majority, and leading a revolution in the name of another minority group will just bring about the rise of another upper class that will subjugate the proletariat the way they see fit.



Intersectionality couldn't give a fuck about black africans.

How much white phosphorus did Trump sell to KSA to kill Yemeni women and children?

Why does everyone on this board feel to make serious responses to the most obvious bait imaginable.


You have to go back


It's cancer

With someone as blatantly wrong and ignorant of history/theory as this, it's obvious that OP is either COINTELPRO or from Holla Forums

You're right, this board is trash. That said, please stop being a socdem.

SocDem =/= Socialism.

The Nordic Model is doomed to go fullfascism the more the Capitalist Crisis continues.

Transgender here. Idk if you're making fun of me but I far and away place class above my gender issues.
Class is the reason I have to choose between adequately feeding myself and affording HRT
Transphobia is the reason Holla Forumsshits think I'm a sign of the coming apocalypse.

I'd take access to hormones over not being called a tranny any day. Thus, for me, class precedes trans

However, I do agree that people on this board take things too far, to the point of literally blaming idpol for every failing of the left.

Well, without the idpol bullshit we would have a stronger far-left. It is possible that it wouldn't be successful, but at least they would try to do something instead of making compromises for the sake of catering to smaller groups of people and dividing the masses. But it's true that idpol is not the only problem.

Kill yourself.

Even Marx didn't like idpol. Kill yourself.

Don't you guys have something better to do that eat bait 24/7?


SocDem using a shitposting flag here.

OP, assuming this entire thread is you, please stop being a cunt.

this board isn't reactionary, its impotent. allowing soc dem fabian scum to post on here is part of the reason for this

ur right tbh. Based insectionality. Have any of you heard of this powerful voice from the anarcho-intersectional community in uk?

grossly underrated tbh

This man is the best hope for raising class consciousness in the political mainstream. A combination of Russell Brand and increasing automation will kill porky forever.

idpol gtfo

smh tbh

why did he have to tell people not to vote?
we could've had paradise if he had endorsed ed from the start.


I just wish more people would be aware of this intellectual mind

He's just beyond some people on this board. They don't see the raw theory behind the engaging if occasionally populist front.

Is this some kind of a sick joke?

Its the future lad.

Nice try, I am inimitable. You're all liberals compared to me.


Honestly I've always thought this was the most. Butt hurt cartoon ever. If your beliefs are right it should be able to stand up to some kind of scrutiny, and you should familiarize yourself with the common criticisms of your theory or model.

If the sea lion was arguing in bad faith like cherry picking then the cartoon would make sense but it just seems like the sea lion has an actual back bone and is demanding a cogent rational

Oh it's some other faggot eceleb. Remember when some leftcoms tried shipping rafiq? Getting embarrassing.

lol go back to Holla Forums and read some books.

Take your shit-tier normie theory salad and get the hell out.

lol butthurt.

Explain what a rhizome is. No googling. Go.

I'm not going to spoonfeed Jahanism to you lad. You've got to listen to the man himself, don't get trapped in arborealism.

provide an argument or get out

You're a putrid little earthworm choking down the detritus of late stage's worst effluvium. I insist you desist immediately, and return from the ignominious little nest from whence you emerged.

Well obviously.

lol read jahans and stop being a classcuck


Why did we have to raid reddit again? Now they're here

he wrote a lot of books as well, you can read them if that's your preferred type of media


They're from /cow/.


Your ignorance of left yt is amusing, comrade.

This guy is pretty good actually, I wouldn't call him a game changer but he's certainly got potential to be a face for our side of things.


Would absolutely call him a game changer. He can reach the next generation while remaining esoteric.

If you get past the fact that he's a bit of an autist his content isn't that bad.


His obsession with the alt-right is boring, and his videos are long rants that usually has nothing to do with the title. If he wanted a following or to spread his ideas he should make shorter videos. I pretty much agree with what I've seen though.

You disgust me.

Jahans has really opened my eyes. Thank you, comrade.

I find it sickening you would praise this faggot yet disregard such speakfigures like Rudd. Really shows how the intellect of this place dropped with the influx of reddit.

He's got potential tbh. Even that stupid right whinger millennial woes ended up fleeing the country, conveniently just before they were set to debate.


Gordo took out the trash.


Kek, which video is this from?

Alt-right btfo

/britpol/ then. You're worse than the CWC goons with your obsession.

My nigga.

Shit, this guy is the real deal. I'm on the Jahans train now.

He is a symbol of what it is to be living in late-stage capitalist hell and how to ride the tiger.


Yaaaaaaas!!! I loved her on University Challenge!!! total whizkid and brilliant orator.

She's really brave, I hope you aren't ironically posting her.




t. stirner fag


What do you have against him? I'm not shilling quite honestly, his videos are actually really good and insightful.

They're GCHQ puppets who fear radical change.

ok hun

Keep going, my sides are about to go

Look, there's only one answer to this problem. And we all know what it is.

Jahans is a joke. After viewing (skimming) some of his videos I can honestly say that he's limited in his understanding.

Seems like they don't practice what they preach? unlike Jahans

You're missing the point. He's enlightened.

FYI Jahans is nearly 25 now.

Looks pretty good for his age.

jahans is like the tv show friends. people who tune in for the story of the week aren't gonna get as much out of it as his followers.

No, you need to pay attention. Jahans is quasi-articulating a discourse in a series of performative leaps which deterritorialise apparati of constructed logocentric plutomediums dating back to the norman coquest and ride of the anglo proto-bourgeoise over celto-brythonic embryonic proletariat class consciousness. Jahans has synthesised the demiurgic theories of nontersectional resistance with fidelity to the event which posits the empty set of the body without organs.

he's required reading before you tackle Rudd.

Intersectionality is a dumb meme created by liberal academics who wanted to avoid the deeper Marxist theory and thus stay out of the cross-hairs of the House of UnAmerican Activities and FBI.

What you need to realize is that there is a structure and inner logic to our society that both produces and enforces these undesirable social outcomes like systematic racism, sexism, etc. This system is called capitalism.

To try and destroy racism, sexism, and the myriad of other social injustices without understanding their class character, without attempting to tackle the way in which the capitalist system creates and sustains undesirable social outcomes will be like trying to kill weeds without killing the root. It will just keep growing back.

And I would also argue that the bigotry we see in our society today has a distinct class character perhaps more than ever before. Take the recent HB2 law in North Carolina, for instance. HB2 doesn't directly oppress LGBTQ people in any way, what it does is make it perfectly legal for the bourgeoisie to oppress the LGBTQ community. It directly uses the class system of capitalism to oppress minorities.

You're stuck at the surface level. You have to read between the lines.

How do I reconcile Gordon's early Farsh Nuke series with his more reserved Alexander Jahans portfolio?

Indeed. Some here who're obsessed with avoiding perceived "idpol" should really read his stuff on sexuality. Here's an excerpt he read out from his dissertation on the paradoxical relationship between feminism and quasi-violent sexual fantasies.

I want you to choke on a dick you retard

not Rudd's, clearly : - )

That's just autistic enough to belong on this board tbh.


We need to protect Jahans and his work at all cost from the alt-right deliberately hijacking him

Unless we affirm the leftist identity of Jahanist thought as a board-wide effort, he might be dangerously bullied by the sickos from Holla Forums. This board has got to ACT people.

please respond

This excerpt from The Good, The Mad and The Neutral got to me

I mean it seems so disonant compared to the tone of his current social commentaries. Are Farsh and Gordon even the same person?

Jahans the man is vulnerable, but Esoteric Jahanism is not a man, it's an idea… and ideas are bully proof.

Well, I need to study it for at least an hour without disturbance clearly, but "Woking! Woking! Fucking Woking!" Is clearly a dystatic cry of alienation at the emmiseration of archeocapitalist suburban rhizoturfs, or an ironic Derridaesque "I have forgotten my umbrella" in the style of Celine tbh.

what a spineless wretch. you'd rather shoot """anti-feminists""" over porky.


That wasn't his question. He asked weather FarshNuke and Gordon were the same person or not. To which honestly I don't see where this accusation even comes from. Stop confusing people trying to learn something with your fanfiction okthankyou.

Anarcha-feminism > liberal feminism

Read a fucking book.


Alexander Jahans
Gordon Jones
The Farshnuke

They are one, and yet they are separate. The esoteric holy trinity.

His works penned under the Farsh name seem a lot darker. I wonder if he was experimenting with an alter ego. Like JK Rowling, who was more grounded in reality with her persona Robert Galbraith. Or William Luther Pierce, who was more fantastical with Andrew MacDonald.

Would make sense in those early years. His father's works were a hard act to follow, but ultimately he pulled it off.

Geez, I feel sorry for the lesbians.

not mentioning Schröder and Agenda 2010

What the fuck is going on in this thread?

I think reddit started a raid earlier, started mocking people like Rudd and Gordo trying to get a reaction.

reddit. ignore them. no use debating people who are too proud to read Farsh.

sophist faggots too proud to read into esoteric jahanism

I don't know who is more delusional, idpol liberals that thinks having oppressors that represent all groups will make it better or leftists that think that ignore intersectionality and being class reductionist will make leftism relevant again.

can we get Jahans to run for MP?

Social democrats do not want to abolish capitalism. Even nazbols we can agree on THAT much with. At best the social democrat will pretend to work with you then stab you in the back.

I'm a social democrat who wants to transition away from capitalism

fite me

get therapy mate, i'm not even joking

Their own Ego determined that they benefited from transition. You're actually spooked for imposing your Ego onto user believing you know what's best.


Not related to the thread, just a perfect reminder of the fact Stirnerism is nothing but cult-tier circular reasoning.

If the Ego sees it beneficial, it is. You are applying the spook that is morality since you find user's lifestyle is improper.


Who's this semen daemon?

Teach me your ways so I too can be like "hello there follow lefties…".

You faggots are so embarrassing.

Ready to let go of your spooks?

This is the real danger of the spooks kids



Thanks bro :)

fascist's ego also determined that he benefits from genocide of non-aryans, doesn't mean he's not spooked

gender is a spook, saying you feel like x gender and enduring societal discrimination all because you are spooked is why this is a brain pathology and should be treated with meds and therapy.

Who are you even talking to you bro?

This board is beyond saving.

you can deem something beneficial while in reality it isn't and the dissatisfaction you perceive comes from something can stem from something completely different. your notion of the "ego" implies that everyone is 100% sure of what they want in the first place, while that's not the case in most people and especially in people with psychiatric pathologies

Stop glorifying the socdem model, if you haven't lived in it.
Denmark is getting closer to neo-liberalism every day. The bloated bureaucratic system lacks efficiency and becomes more of a detriment every day that passes. The government isn't bothered with trying to cut down on unnecessary sectors since politicians in socdem states aren't trying any harder than in any other country. Laws are passed on basis of public opinion and not efficiency or morals. Companies leave for other countries because they can make more money that way. The pressure of the global economy causes the workers to lose their jobs. The ones who have minimum wage jobs, get less money than people living of autismbucks. Tax money is spent on superficial projects that improve the political image of Denmark, instead of help improving the standard of living. The countryside is mostly ignored, in favour of funding tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Taxation has remained the same, however, services (stuff government does) has decreased over the past 10 years. Politicians would push for neoliberalism the second public opinion would shift because no one wants to be responsible for the crash that seems to be approaching in this capitalist country. It doesn't help that the self-proclaimed communist party is considered Stalin tier communists, even though they are nothing but America tier liberals, with the same economic program as bornie sonders.
t. Danefag

As for Norway. They just have oil and gas which they can sell to fund their socdem state.

Is Jahans the new Jim Profit? He seems a lot like him. Jahanist-Profitism when?

take this shit to the Jahans general please and stop shitting up other threads

SocDem IS neoliberalism, it's neoliberalism in one of its purest forms. Denmark has been a neoliberal hellhole for decades now. It's one of the most miserable places on earth.

nice meme


-Bananas is the healthiest food in the world

Seems pretty based so far honestly.

The most oppressed are pedophiles. You can be the most kind and gentle person in the world and still end up despised by society simply for the desires in your head. Electroshock therapy is still considered a valid "treatment" even for non-offending pedophiles. They are literally categorised along side terrorists and war criminals for a sexuality they had no choice over. People actually think that throwing them in prison is "helping" them.

So, when are you going to donate to some pedophile advocacy groups?