Seriously what the fuck is wrong with Reddit's leftist subs.

All of them are shit, most are obsessed with ridiculous tone policing and bullshit identity politics. There's few subs left that don't turn into some ad hominem circlejerk right away.


These are the worst culprits – absolute shit holes.

I will no longer go to Reddit, I can't fucking take it anymore. a;dflkajsdf

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we literally have this thread already on the front page right now

Yes leave reddit, bring friends. Get your ass on here and twitter, leave that liberal hell hole behind you and don't fucking post slide threads like this which waste everyone's time

Join /r/Communalists. They reject identity politics and emphasize civil discourse and reason.

I'll create a subreddit, and i'll appoint non IDpol mods, so anyone here can join and mod the new subreddit.
Pick the name, i'll just get it started for Leftypol.

That was already tried way back in 2014. The Reddit admins banned it.

I've only heard this from idpol friends. what do you mean by this? Anyway all the leftcom subs are really good. If you'r looking for something less edgy and more "brocialist" I think that's PrinceKropotkin's angle and he has a couple subs. I never feel like him or his posters are all that well informed and they kinda get sucked into drama with the larger reddit left really often. If you like christianity, radical christianity can be good at times. It seems at times that liberals stumble into the place and believe they are at home though. My best advice is to look for small subs. Big subs will always be terrible.

When I said this, I meant compared to the larger reddit left, not the leftcoms. I'm really not sure how they'd rank as far as edge or brocialism goes


I'm on good terms with PrinceKropotkin.
He just hates the edgy r/anarchism types, and the mentally ill former LWSE people that still stalk him.


that was explicitly anti-leftypol as I understand
Yes I'm aware. It's really such an odd thing that they're so self-righteous about wanting to glorify violence. I mean violent people are no new phenomena of course, but LWSE treated edginess like a moral obligation. The idea that you're a "brocialist" for not fantasizing about brutally torturing the bourg seems totally reactionary to me. The goal of a socialist revolution is the seizure of property. If that involves violence then so be it, but to make violence itself a goal seems like steering communism away from its actual purpose. It's amazing that the mainstream reddit left bought that line so hard. I mean I know they're stupid, but I guess I underestimated just *how* stupid

another note, I was soooooo fucking happy when they finally b& LWSE. They were the absolute worst of the major socialist subs imo.

It is a mystery

Man all the good names are taken by empty subreddits…
No /r/unitedfront, no /r/popularfront…

reddit needs a function to reclaim empty subreddits.


Honestly I'd rather venture into meme territory before that.

Give me some minutes.
The problem is people always use "left" or refer to Marx. You need something more marketable.

By that, I mean the way they ban use of words like "dumb" and "stupid."

They act like not wanting to pick up a book means you're oppressed when really it just means you're a lazy bastard and need to stop whining.

Since when did socialism become a massive "woe is me" pity party?

Lots of the reddit "left" has essentially whittled it down to this. Whoever complains the most "wins" (what you "win," I don't know, but this happens a lot when threads get heated).

They offer zero context for discussing things, they spend more time banning words, like that fucking does anything.

I've just had it with these self-righteous edgelords that revel in drama over real substance and organization.

Plus, r/@ has a major obsession with shitting on white people.

Now, don't get me wrong, I know that there needs to be a major effort to combat infiltration by Holla Forumstards and plenty of other reactionary types, but they take it to a whole new level at times, almost in a direction that "left with sharp edge" did before it got banned.

You can be making a good argument with sound points, but they'll immediately attack you because of some minor detail about your background so as to never admit they're wrong about something.

It just gets exhausting how off topic people on those threads get.

My bad, I must have missed this thread. I rarely ever post on chan sooo… I'm really new to this shit.

But I'm not kidding when I say I think I am done with the Reddit "left" – fuck that place

What do people think of r/circlethedrain or r/brokensystem?

/r/readmoretheory: home of the people who never read any theory

Come again? Why should I use Twitter? Agitprop? Do y'all coordinate anything from here or.. ?


harvesting some classic imagery what about /r/thebossneedsyou


sounds like a board for fascists and/or neoliberals imo

that sounds good

make an /r/redditrequest thread, I think you need a 6 month old account or some shit though


No, sounds like radical centrism or something thunderfoot would start

Why does the entirety of this board revolve around reddit while denying to be redditors?

Really atomizes your apples.


An internalised hate for anything that is web 2.0, meanwhile having developed a crippling internet addiction and utilising every known means of achieving maximum internet stimulus.

/r/worldleft is a dead board but I'm sure the mods would give it to you if you asked them nicely ;)

take your meds

It's well known that the government used to infiltrate and subvert leftist groups. What makes you think they ever stopped?

Oh man is it a breath of fresh air finding this board after Reddit. r/FULLCOMMUNISM is also trash. They snoop around deep into the threads outside their own sub and just permaban those who say something they don't like. Not even people breaking any rules. Shit like that should call for Reddit admin intervention.

/r/redflag is a good leftist subreddit with non-shit mods. For now, anyway.

It's pure chance that my post was about Reddit. I'm a newcomer here, that was the first post I ever made :p

I know right?!

I am never going back, I hope more people come over to Holla Forums after this whole stupid drama went down.

I had to keep on the DL on my true feelings of the mods, and most users there.

I mean, I could write an entire blog post about stupid liberal bullshit that I ran into there on a daily basis. Most of the users there can't stay on topic either, and they're all very poorly read as well.

They are devoid of content, they just LARP and it got so fucking exhausting.

a-are you guys actually new here or just larping? i wonder how many people are coming here

I was already an occasional lurker of Holla Forums, and I agreed with their stance on idpol, but I used to spend most of my time on reddit because I was more used to leddit's normie posting style, but this latest drama cemented my hatred for reddit, so I unsubbed from every leftist subreddit I used to frequent save for shittankiessay (Even though I'm not a leftcom, I still enjoy shitting on tanks) and COMPLETEANARCHY (Because they are much cooler than FULLCOMMUNISM). Now, all my serious discussions on leftism will take place here.

In case there are some of you unaware, the fire rises.


No I am not kidding I am ACTUALLY a new user here as of two days ago

/r/zizek is the best subreddit

it even has a "Smell my mother into slavery" button under "Submit"

Wow, this is pretty much the situation I was in as well.

I used to be more of an anarchist, but that was a brief phase. I might be considered "authoritarian" by anarchist standards but I decided they're too idealistic. I might fall in line with traditional Marxism or even Leninism now, but I haven't read enough theory to really say "I'm X/Y/Z" tendency.

In fact, I remember I was banned from r/socialism over some really petty bullshit, won't say why just so they don't know my reddit name over there, but basically it had to do with gulags and they had the most ridiculous reaction when I tried to defend my posts.

Now, I spend more time in FULLDISCOURSE or FULLCOMMUNISM, but in the last week I just got so fucking tired of the edgelords, the voting system, and everything with Reddit.

Its not just the lefty subs and the shitty liberal smugness there, but the ridiculous hivemind surrounding all of it, too.

They actively punish people that don't fall in line for their dumb rules. Fuck them.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

This retarded crap actually made me delete my reddit account.

Up your game.

Seriously, it was never worth it even for the entryism. Stop doing this and stop giving Redditors a reason to come over here and shitpost you retards.

I got banned from r/socialism for calling someone an idiot and it turns out they cross-banned me with a couple other socialist subreddit. That's just too much. They are crybabies

Ageism, banned.

Eh. I'm still going to keep using reddit simply because there are some non-political subreddits I unironically enjoy, such as /r/languagelearning, along with metareddits that take the piss out of reddit such as /r/shitpost, and /r/Argentina, because, while it's still a right-wing shithole, it's not a straight up fascist shithole like /argentina/ here on Holla Forums.

stop fucking putting so many spaces between your sentences.

There are r/DebateAnarchism that sometimes would come with good threads, don't know about it now, and r/Communists, that is very good for commies who are not ML/MLM.

/r/Ultraleft is the most leftypol subreddit and has the best memes

SJWs duh

On the surface reddit looks even more chaotic then 4chan or Holla Forums but in reality it's a smoothly oiled marketing machine. Reddit has a tradition of a few users gaining moderator access to rising and top subreddits and then controlling them with an iron fist. It's not about the topic, it's about the marketability of the site as a whole, which is why places like /r/the_donald are allowed to stay but /r/coontown had to go.

Kek, I didn't know the catgirl-drawer was also the designer of the subreddit's banners. What a bunch of ungrateful shits those mods are.

well then welcome sempai
post catgirls if you'd like