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I'd like to bring pricklycactus to the stand

That FBI faggot mod needs to be taken out.


Just a reminder that cat-girls are only good for bullying.

That would likely be Cactus.


As an ordinary /leftyprole/ I don't know much about the invisible dictatorship. Is pricklycactus reddit or something?

Why did they track her down? Seriously this is making me super paranoid. COINTELPRO is just a meme right?

Also lol'd at all those white male socialists telling the drawfag how sexist/miso-gynist her drawings were. How progressive (or should I say "brogressive".)

a very divisive figure with, at least according to himself, "mild autism"

He's a mod a clique of attention whores pick on because nobody will go to their board.

There is no reason to ban an artstyle because "muh weebs" and "what will the normies think".

That's not very nice Prickly.

Why are you lying about being a mod of the leftypol and irc now. And saying you didn't ban all those people?

Cmon dude don't be shy and don't play dumb.

Err… sort of..? It's the sort of thing some intelligence agencies do. It doesn't necessarily mean any specific person is cointelpro but it'd be silly to pretend that nobody could ever be cointelpro.

he's a dog fucker that spends all his time talking on irc about how he's trying to kill himself but always somehow comes back

another ban is incoming, a user posted this in the subreddit.



reposting in new thread

On leftypol though? I sicerely doubt it.

How cucked is their userbase to accept this?


They aren't really, there's lots of deleted threads complaining about it.

I do too. I'm more talking about /r/socialism than anything.

cointelpro on 8ch…the 10,955 must visted website according to Alexa rank. What a waste of time

For the one's that are not being censored, it's "I'm with her!" tier

I am best drawfag
all other drawfags are bourgie

Get a twitter

It's not about visits, it's about influence. You want the most bang for your buck you go where the most influence is.


This. /letypol/ and twitter are the source of almost all leftist memes these days.

I love this picture

I hate that "Not my comrades" pic so fucking much.

Also fuck r/socialism, can we just stop talking about that shithole?

It was so successful that sincere leftists just do it themselves unknowingly, wrecking has just become a part of left culture

Look at someone like phil greaves probably a genuine communist but behaves exactly like a cop because those behaviours have become embedded in our politics. Pretty depressing tbh

We've had shills here who practically admitted to being JIDF (anti-Israel threads) and alphabet soup. I honestly believe they are on this board trying to disrupt and lead young leftists astray.

Delusions of grandure tbh. This shithole has little to no impact outside of a very niche communitty. Doubt porky is staying up at night coz of us.




So all that righteous brocialist hate over there is just a bunch of projection?

And worse yet, they're Trots!

Rape is good and women are the real sexists, how many levels of brocialism are they on?

social media is a spook

COINTELPRO is not a meme, it's a real thing. As far as its presence in any given online space, that's a different matter. The alphabet agencies are absolutely aware of this site. How much it figures into their strategies for subverting revolutionary groups is unknown, but it's colloquially a well known phenomenon that when leftists organize it's almost invariable that you'll get extremely suspicious people who disrupt activities.

Ew what the fuck

To be continued…

Fuck off retard.

spotted the cointelpro

hi fbi

trips cannot lie

alunya wills it!

Makes sense really, because having skeletons means you can be blackmailed.

The alphabet soup guys are definitely keeping some level of tabs on Holla Forums.

Don't get too carried away. They keep info on every leftist group they find, even if it's a short file. With the computing resources they have, it would probably be trivial for them to archive every post ever made here though.

K, so I've followed that sub for a long ass time (I know, I know) and they've gotten WAY worse in the last while. I'm convinced the latest moderators might literally be saboteurs. Could be vindictive liberals, but my money is on Holla Forumsintelpro. It's the kind of bullshit falseflag I'd expect from them.


Please be true.

Now I do want to raid r/socialism because if that's true

fuck that


The rhetoric they were using for why criticizing the mods are bad was basically the same sort of logic used to defend the rapist in question so it really wouldn't be at all surprising.


top kek

The thing is, it's not a parody because that's exactly the kind of thing he would say.

You forgot him yelling about the current year and then the audience pisses itself laughing

Someone needs to confront this and see if they respond at all or just erase

I tried to but looks like they delete anything from an account less than 3 days old.

Goddamn why do i keep losing my satanflag?

I seem to lose my flag when I open a thread in a new tab

10/10 Alunya will pierce the heaven


Well this just happened. I got banned from r/socialism an hour ago, and now I'm banned from these subreddits too. Never even used either of them.

i dont think it would be about archiving as much as making us look like retards more than anonymous forums would naturally

It's the same retards that populate all those boards kek. Reddit is pure circlejerk.

KiA has a thread too:

Why were the mods stalking her twitter account?


mein godd

Because they a sociopaths and probably want to rape her as well.

I'm sorry you got banned drawfag, but to be honest, I'm glad the ingrates on reddit won't be getting the benefit of your talent anymore.

How'd you get banned on /r/socialism? It appears to me there is a big overlap in the cliques running all the major leftist subreddits.

Because as we've discovered, theyre fucking rapists :^)

I made a post saying it would be a better idea to have a healthy debate with people on Feminism, "idpol", etc rather than just banning people, since it really just makes feminism look bad when they use that as their justification for banning literally everybody.

In other words, I'm too brocialist for them, but at the same time too sjw for Holla Forums.

I can say without a doubt that Gamergate was the worst thing to happen to western imageboards in general.

The fuck did my flag go

So let me get this straight

Reddit should be nuked.

Honestly this shit is outrageous.

Harmless fucking cartoons result in a ban? Those mods should be fucking gulaged.

I don't get if this post was supposed to be pretending you're the drawfag who drew that

How is that too SJW for Holla Forums?

We should start memeing about reddit mods being rapists. All our memes make it over there so maybe we can make them even more of a joke than they already are.

catgirls are not love catgirls are the hammer with which we destroy the enemy


How are you too SJW for Holla Forums?

We should probably get the story straight first though.


There is. For instance, is there even a socialist that /u/FreakingTea is not part of? They get one of their buddies on the mod team if a new subreddit and pretty soon their all on the modteam and the same rules in the new subreddit that people formed to get away from them are now in place in the new subreddit. The in comes the same group of shitposters and starting throwing their super-cancerous Mautist-idpol thought around.

It all happened to a sub I was a mod on (I think the founder chose me bc I was critical of idpol) he later just ended up nuking the subreddit with no survivors because it became so cancerous.


Yeah, I've been using reddit for nearly 2 years (yeah yeah, newfag here, migrated here a week before christmas and that was my first time using a chan), and all of the leftist subs have been getting worse. Hell, I remember when the shit about cometparty was in full force on r/FC.

Better yet, have one that shows them censoring women while trying to be 'inclusive'.

Dubs confirm trips of truth.

They are even worse than that pic says, they're basically an international rape cult for the dweebiest trots to ever exist, pure useless socdems in reality.

Basically every country they operate in has allegations of branches covering up rapes; the UK has a few, Ireland has a handful, Germany has 1-2 and the most recent one i heard of was in Australia.

what's funny is now Shit Reddit Says Discussion is actually more open than /r/socialism. it's still a minefield, but you can go in there being not a feminist, and you wont get immediately banned. you can stick to a strictly marxist interpretation, and you can say liberal feminism is useless, gender liberation will only come from socialist feminism. maybe make a thread there?

We can make this whole event a meme.

Also the /r/soc mod team is dominated by Irish CWI members which is the biggest and most rapey of the CWI national orgs


Hurry up.

Because I'm a feminist, don't think that issues regarding gender, race, sexuality should be ignored, and things like that.

For the record, I do thing that class issues should take priority, as ultimately they are the largest determining element in history, but not the only one. I do however thing that certain issues involving minority rights should be addressed, and we should be conscious of them. I think this quote from Engels captures what I am saying quite well. "According to the materialist conception of history, the ultimately determining element in history is the production and reproduction of real life. Other than this neither Marx nor I have ever asserted. Hence if somebody twists this into saying that the economic element is the only determining one, he transforms that proposition into a meaningless, abstract, senseless phrase."

Gamergate tried that and people on this board make fun of them for it.

Why are trots so rapey?

That's not the position of most of leftypol either tbh

Uh he's right and if you've organized irl you've probably met some new person that shows up and immediately becomes really anxious to start blowing up tractors or something before they disappear.

This board wouldn't exist without GamerGate.

The majority? Probably not. However I have had numerous arguments with people on here saying that class is the only thing that matters

Nice doubles btw

Hi there.

I helped start Chanology.

It was just a prank, bro.

Case and point tbh

until we live within a socialist framework that allows us to tackle other issues, it is

I've always wanted to bomb farm equipment.


So then you're not too SJW for Holla Forums.

/r/KiA is garbage
why? because it's reddit
come join us at the daily gamergoy thread here >>>Holla Forums11691602

Neither do we

So don't we

We aren't woman haters (at least not the serious among us). My problem is when people become militantly SJW to the point where they actually dismiss class issues, or attack you for them. Sort of like this quote that was floating around twitter:

dumping some alunyaXvivian shit

Nice shitstorm, I'm proud of you drawfag.

I'm kind of impressed that people are still doing gamergate tbh

I agree with you. I think the nazbols and other people that got burned by SJWs just overreact to anything they see as potentially liberal or idpol focused.

lel she went to sleep I think

Gonna be a hell of a morning for her.

Lol I'm in that 1st thread. I have contained my rage long enough!

we don't really do anything
we just shitpost all day and post screencaps of triggered liberals

Choose you sinful bigots.

Same tbh

hate to say it, but it's a level of autism I can't live up to and I'm into boat grills.

Is the Holla Forums thread still /r/the_donald with furry avatarfags and the french?

You would think all this human potential could be channeled into something of use.

It seems to me that aren't the trots that are rapey, but people in the UK are rapey and pedos in general. Damn, so many scandals.

Essence of idpol-tier reasoning tho

w-well, i'm making a youtube video about socialist video games…


What is gamergate and gamerghazi?
sorry, no troll. When all of this was happening i didn't bothered but after all the years people still talk about it. Is there some site where i can know about this?

I'd agree with you but in this case… "SJWism" works by burning people. Someone steps out of line, gets burned, then they either become more zealous or remove themselves from the group.


>>>Holla Forums11700645
What the fuck. Stop this. Mixing GG and Holla Forums is like mixing chocolate and menstrual blood.


That's someones fetish I bet.

*kills self*

Uh, they have a wiki

this is the faggot that keeps pretending to be me on Holla Forums

But you have to feed my dog tho

Go back to eating gold, porky.

we're the only force that can destroy the corporate-feminist cancer killing video games though :^)


Wakfu is shit, go fuck a frog.


c-can tripfag talk to me? d-desu?



You ARE the feminist cancer
the real answer is Capitalism


We already have capitalism you retard.


Have you accepted that capitalism's need for ever greater profits led to the marginalisation of the traditional video game audience yet

What's with all the anti-weeb sentiment? Why is reddit so awful?



I know you're just shitposting but you have capitalism right now
And gamergate exists so kinda self defeating

You're right. We just need more female CEOs then they won't have anything to bitch about ever~

Too far imho

Have you accepted that you are a furry yet.
Have you faggots done anything since the FE:Fates fiasco?

I agree to an extent. And that's why I'd classify it as counterproductive and destructive. I think it's silly to think someone who was burned by it would simply hold a fiery grudge forever and this would cloud their judgement, rather than just more likely having their eyes opened to its true character and thus being strongly opposed, while more regular liberals etc tend to just shrug and go "well its just run of the mill social changes let them have their lil discourse or w/e".

Capitalism means day one DLC, preorder bonuses, costume packs, casual games, console ports.

Fight for video games, fight for communism!

Damn true

They already came for the furfags– that's the scary part.

But actually the furfags are enacting that Ghandi prophecy instead… First they laugh at you…

You should kill yourself tbh.


reddit is retarded
there is no fixing it

I'm anti fur because of that cunt who raided us tbh

marche you're already a cancer in one board don't come be cancer in another

Lol they go find another SJW group where they're even more careful to keep to the currents of groupthink and end up one of the more zealous members to lynch anyone who goes out of line

FYI to Occupy Gamestop, we hate liberals just like you do.

I mean what did you expect? liberal feminism is hardly ever genuine

In a world which really is topsy-turvy, the true is a moment of the false.

For entirely different, largely incompatible reasons.


Because they fear the anime, they fear the weeb.

Yeah some do, I know a few people that just went from borderline SJW to like "fuck this lol this is retarded".

Was gamergate cointelpro though?

The whole thing did seem like a psyop

At the start it was good, it just got defined by the media as 'triggered video game virgins that want to kill all women in video games'

Nigga you have to take it slow. You can't just ram the dialectic in like that. Of the people coming here from GG I'm trying to let them know we're not the people they hate. Fuck's sake, let's try to get maybe 1-5% of the people when we can.

Uphold Marxism-Weebism-Autism

Yes, dissent can be commodified. It's how the market reaches wider audiences in the first place. Gamergate is the video game equivalent of organic food.


mfw you people actually believe you will get free iphones

That's like Christmas and birthday on the same day.

We should do something to demonstrate our support and solidarity with of our fellow leftist talent, maybe raise some funds?

I still have trouble understanding what happened. I think that was part of the problem. On one side you had these massive and confusing plots that often sounded a lot like conspiracy theories (and usually were) and on the other side you had "muh sexism." One of those is an easier narrative for the public to follow.

Perhaps not. But smart phones in socialism would have replaceable parts and durable enough not to break just before the next model comes out.

he's a faggot and we hate him

Well, lies will always be more palatable than complicated, uncomfortable truth. I don't know how we can change that.

Of course not
IPhones are fucking shot and run on software that doesn't respect our freedoms
Praise Stallman

iPhones are absolute shit at every conceivable level.

I want the ability to work and see the product of my labor instead of some faggot taking most of it for himself.

We have our own like that but I think she's asleep.

Would people be interested if I created r/circlethedrain as a new leftist subreddit?
No IDpol, but you need to be able to socialize with non leftists.

We don't faggot. Get out of here you liberal bootlicker.

the name sounds a tad depressing

you absolute cuck

We have our own but she's a trip fag and is just abrasive and obnoxious
We also have an autistic Nazi with a terminal case of no gf that shit up the board

What about a regular leftst sun that isn't shit? I thought we made one before.

Drop the subreddit ideas you idiots.
Leftypol is here, why change? Sectarianism is the basis of our board. Stay here and don't go anywhere.

No you dumb faggot. There must be dozens of other subs that emerged from threads just like these trying to "accomplish" the same thing. Stop splintering, your ideas are not special or interesting.

Just use /r/socialism2 or something, for god's sake. At least it has SOME user base, it won't just be a circlejerk for 2-3 autistic morons from leftypol that goes dead in a week.

Gonna repeat my suggestion from the other thread: /r/thebossneedsyou

You aint getting free iphones loser

obviously meant NONSECTARIANISM

Everything is a psyop now.

All dissent is commodified or neutered when it reaches true transformative potential, neutered, then woven back into the liberal progress narrative, even when the alleged progress is actually bad.

Pic related

nigga you couldn't pay me to take an iPhone. That shit has surveillance built in.

No gf Nazi literally advocates for state mandated wives under Not Socialism

IPhones are fucking shit tho

Please call Marche (>>1229769) a furfag. He hates that


we won

And you'll have to deal with game companies trying desperately to appeal to an audience who don't actually like video games

such is life under capitalism

Oh boy here we go. Also the anatomy on that is kinda wonky, have a better one.

Congratulations, you've out-autisted /monster/ what's the next step of your master plan?

wow that's really original did you make it yourself? :^)




not an argument
you still have not provided any evidence she is furry(USER WAS BANNED FOR PRETENDING NOT TO BE A FURFAG)

Fuck off, furfag. Why do you like fucking animals so much you god damn degenerate zoophile? Humans too difficult for you? You need to slake your lust with something less self-aware? I bet you fuck feminists too.

you are a furry my dude, catgirls have skin not fur

it's okay to accept it :3


OK, what is your definition of furry then

If it's covered in fur it's fur


it would only appear to not be an argument if you were totally illiterate to chan culture. So is it that or are you deliberately being obtuse?

not my comrade

stop pretending to be me you cunt
I would never associate with these commies


Then fuck off


Oh my god liberals are so fucking autistic jc what are they even doing here

Dude, the character is more of an anthropomophized cat than the other way round. There is no human skin and you have an animal nose.

Just accept it.


I support this mods but only if non-closet furries are still considered comrades

There's a furry board for a reason lad.

I'm posting it to make him fuck off since he doesn't like communism.

Isn't she a merchant in the series?


lol it got reversed

There is literally nothing wrong with anthropomorphic love making.

hah, we've been infiltrating their discord channel for months with fake personas, and here we learn all it took to bring down /r/socialism was drawing a couple of catgirls? looks like we wont need the mod position after all.

Don't count your chickens.


All you need is the power of memes and you're all set to get shit done.

Debatable in canon from what little I know of Waifu Doofus. Read somewhere they're human priestesses who acquire feline characteristics from worshipping a cat god. Similar thing with Polt from Monmusu, people can't agree whether or not she counts as furry, and artists can't seem to agree on whether/where/how much they have fur or just skin, or whether or not they have a muzzle/snout. Please let's not turn this into the autistic shitfits /monster/ has about furshit.


This drama now has a front page thread on the subreddits
Socialism (kind of)

and maybe some more I haven't heard of.
How long before Chomsky weighs in on which catgirl he would fugg?

Her ears are the same colour as the rest of her body, like most ecaflips. If that was skin you'd have a fucking weird looking catgirl.

Catbois > Catgrills


As the proud owner of a catboy BF, I am of course a fan, but we must support the rights of our hetero brothers

CompleteAnarchy as well (and some tiny subreddits like /r/shitleftistssay (a leftcom subreddit))

only when they have cute feminine penises imho

Nah, dogbois. Or better yet Wolffmen.


I just thought of a perfect name for our sub



take your meds, Holla Forums

We need to get out ahead of this drama getting a name. Nobody wants a catgirlgate. I recommend the catgirls spring.

Sounds like some weird social group to make friends.
It's perfect

What' wrong with catgirlgate? Would be funny to start some massive drama on the internet against overzealous mods.

Pretty funny, but kind of TOO leftypol. I mean I think a good reddit socialism board is still going to stick to more reddity standards of behavior rather than calling everything spooks.

Uh, ok brainstorm time. Here's what we've got to work with:

The whole thing started because /leftpol/ funded this month's economic update, right?
/r/socialism mods got mad and apparently tracked down catgirl drawfag and banned her
then their users got confused and mad because banning for catgirls is nonsensical
Right now it's blowing up on leftist reddit

Naming everything after Watergate is tiring.

-gate has become its own thing

people hear gate and immediately know its a controversy, it's like the official commodified controversy trademarked logo

The Cropping (as in cutting animal ears)

Too clever by 200%

And it's lame and boring and I don't want it to happen in this case.

The Great Ear Nick?

The Albanian Nekocide?

I don't like it either, but it's a popular way to brand these things.

I think you misunderstood me. I wouldn't mind a catgirl based gamergate against r/socialism, I just don't want it to be called catgirlgate

I like this.

No, try learning something from gamergate. The name should make it clear what happened and what side to be on. People heard "gamergate" and thought it was a controversy about gamers being shits instead of about game journalists being shits.

Which is why i want to come up with something else early in the hopes it will catch on.

I like catgirls spring

Bleh catgirl spring probably less good than I was hoping then, given 9 springs out of ten were "liberalization" against communist states.

Well, names of practices that denote animal cruelty don't tell you about which side is the righteous one?

Just call it a purge.

It'll piss the trots off to no end.



Hahaha. I'm posting in the GG thread and someone was deleting my posts.

Call it modgate. Easy to remember name specifically calling for the purge of shitty mods.

"Some sort of thing on reddit about banning catgirl video game mods or something like that."

the catgirl fursecution

inb4 all kinds of meow and fur puns

Dont lump Monster Girls in with furry shit
(This is tottally furry, look at that fucking snout)

A Cat is Bannable Too.

Not really. People don't think it through that way at first blush.

Best one I've seen. Something along those lines would probably be good.

Here's the points to hit. We don't need to hit all of them, but we want to hit as many as possible.

how about the catgirl



The great purrge

I like the purrsecution

purrsurrection's good

better start it on /r/cringe we'll have the best ground there

"Moderatorgate" has the assonance going for it with "rate" and "gate" and it also leaves a bit of tension at the end because you'd kind of expect the rhythm to keep flowing into "moderatorgator"

I'd like to also work "incidentally the mods in question don't know anything about cultural depictations of cats."

Catgirl revolution
Catgirl purrsecution
Catgirl inpurrection

The Purrtriotic War

Purrsecution is fun but suggests it's a furry thing.


Are you autistic

The Reddit Meowquisition


He's right that the whole political aspect is not included.

Hah, this is pretty bad user but it made my laugh.

I didn't know the mods on Holla Forums were that Holla Forumscucked
Here's the comic for those who are curios

Where do you think you are?

Catgirl spring pros:
Is a long-standing polticial reference.
Makes some reference to the uprising elements to the drama.

Historically [X] springs have been against leftist governments more often than not.

Holla Forums has been shit since at least the Holla Forums exodus.

Not really anything users can do about it

? I was just putting down some of the names and one I thought of. here's a list of what we have so far:

Catgirl spring
Catgirl purrsecution
Catgirl revolution
The great purrge
The purrtriotic war
The reddit meowquisition

I sure am glad we have free speech!!!!!!!!

fuck off my dude, vivian is clearly in her mid-late teens, w/e

It's also a nice reference to a small incident spiralling into a major and wave-making event.

I like puns like any other person on here but yeah it's just funny primarily funny but has no recognition value.

The Great Purrge and The Purrsecution are the best names. Purrtriotic war and Albanian nekocide are clever too, but not as strong as the first two.
please no one be autistic and make a straw poll, just use the one you like best, and we'll see what catches on.

great purrge is kinda anti-com though

great purrtriotic war is the best

Are you a run of the mill puritan or are you a retard who thinks cartoons are for kids?

there is basically no one alive who defends the Great Purge though. I think even most Stalinists would say it was killed too many innocent people(fucking SEED SCIENTISTS) and weakend the read army far too much.

Go back to reddit.

>>>Holla Forums

top kek, added to album

maybe I'm just dumb, but I had no idea what "spring" was referring to. they're as likely to think it's a reference to cedar springs as it is to the Prague spring, since catgirl isn't reminiscient of Prague in any way.

Fuck off UN.

t. catgrill drawfag

Would rather people whack it to cartoons than go out and actually exploit and abuse children.


Go back to the U.N.

The more immediate reference would be the Arab spring for most I think.

edit of this with catgirlfag literally when?

I think you're all discounting the name that we've always been using
"Anime Farm"
immediately obvious it's about communism, and some trivial shit about anime.


They removed her banner from their sub just now.

tbh don’t give a shit about the catgirls. Makes us look like autistic weebs in the worst sense.

But also, what do you expect from r/socialism? I’ve lurked around there and other online lefty places like it, and they’re just a bunch of high school-age tumblr-tier mods acting out their bully complexes or NEET woke white boys calling everyone “white.”

Being around them reminds me way too much of my ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Christian upbringing. Walking on eggshells, rule-paranoia, and suppressing all criticism as heresy.

Shit. It was right there all along, and the mods specifically mentioned anime, too.

This is perfect.


Where do you think you are?

What do you mean. They always. had the same banner :^)


But seriously I'm not gonna actually hit submit but someone should actually make one of these suggestions

hope its trans

That would shift the focus from the autistic hotpocketry of the plebbbit mods to whether or not catgorls are furry and divide the sides on pro- and anti-furry factions. Also it would piss off ancientfags who had to deal with furries when they were as aspergic about thier shit as the modern Holla Forumsyp.

That no one should really give a shit about catgirls is kind of the point. The mods shouldn't give a shit about catgirls, which makes the shit they DO give so absurd you have to go "okay something is wrong here."

Not just that but that the mod apparently stalked our drawfag's twitter and connected that to the reddit account. It's not like she posted the catgirls on reddit. They had to find the connection.

No they fucking shouldn't why are all of you faggots so dumb

Every other fucking week we do this same shit stop making new subreddits or facebook groups or whatever and expecting them to gain traction just by existing

Jesus Christ I hate you all autistic dumb cunts fucking kill me

I made it, just so that the name wouldn't be stolen from us. if there are some competant mods, and you're trustworthy, then tell me your name and I'll make you a mod.

This. A subreddit is the wrong thing to do. The right thing to do is to post about it on other subreddits and refer to it with the name.

I fucking hate you you're embarrassing god dammit its not even a good name wtf is wrong with you people we'll have like a dozen of these fucking things up and running by the end of the year and literally no one will use them

What subs do we have? Because leftypol is banned and I've never seen anyone mention any others

I agree with you completely but at the same time I can't help but enjoy how impotently frustrated you are to the point that it makes me question how much I value being right over enjoying myself.

Worrying about image diverts the energy that should be focused on the revolution. PR is for corporates.

But you are right that mods are shit.

You guys should be the replacement mods.

The fagbook page some anons made actually gained a lot of traction.

Not. Soon. Enough.

Maybe we should start a modgate here. People are allowed to promote Nazism on Holla Forums, but apparently not leftism. Holla Forums really isn't even supposed to be a political board to begin with, but if you have a political thread it should be neutral. Maybe if enough people come to 8ch as a result of this we can uncuck Holla Forums too.

It's to late, Holla Forums has been cucked to death and most fags there have shit taste anyways.

what about /monster/. There was a thread a while back literally calling Hellhounds niggers. oh and the whole Danuki meme needs to stop

Holla Forums used to be my main haunt on 4chan until I came here. It went to complete shit pretty quickly. Worse than the regular "can't have a decent discussion because of shitposting" thing. Now it's crawling with nazis who schizophrenically see da jooz in everything. We'd be better off making our own Holla Forums where we allow everything but fascists and post dank commie memes.

Just leave Holla Forums, even if you dealt with Holla Forums you still have Mark and he's still BO.

Commie Holla Forums would be cool. We do have >>>/leftyweebpol/ for weeb discussion, but it's pretty slow.

There is no reason for these Anons to not be here posting anime images and discussing here.

Sometimes a slower board without stupid newfags complaining about anime is nice.

Legacy board names are the ones that retain the most traction. Nobody posts on any of the leftist media boards.

There'll probably need to be a new thread to discuss this fully since we're getting close to the bump limit, but the right may try to do something to capitalize on this drama. There was already a story that circulated through right-wing media about /r/socialism. Maybe if we're lucky we can convert some of them. Given Trump's constant sellouts it might be a good time to try that. If not, we can always use it to highlight the hypocrisy of the right through such things as the Holla Forums mods banning for leftism but allowing Nazism to stay up.

an hour in

You should continue posting on Holla Forums from time to time rather than giving up completely.

kek, glorious

That's the thing, no one should complain about anime and should get bullied if they do, have to beat that reddit out of them until they understand where they are.

All I really think is that Holla Forums should sort itself out, Holla Forums finds vidya degenerate and the relationship will deteriorate on its own. On top of that Holla Forums has degenerate taste in things which will add to the issue.

Holla Forums now hates piracy, supports publishers, and is incredibly casual. They're like Onderon after the Mandalorians.

You're probably right.

Holla Forums really should tend toward the left considering how much so many of us got shit on as kids and then had our hobby invaded by capitalism pandering to normies.

Holla Forums ideology has shifted that. It's no longer easy to accept things like publishers being at fault for day one dlc, instead now it is sjws. It is not casuals being pandered to, it's leftists who want to take away our "masculinity".

H-how is that possible? Is Holla Forums just full of marketers now?

I've linked this thread to r/drama.

I haven't been on Holla Forums for awhile, but god damn this actually hurts if you aren't bullshiting me.

That stopped due to the classic "Liberal is the left" and "Cultural Marxism". Liberals shat on it masked as leftist for profits.

And why did you do that?

For reference, here's the reddit thread for Economic Update, with the deleted posts added back: [ ]
Someone posted about ceddit in another thread. The screencap is presumably the source of the ban. Posts highlighted in red were deleted.



shit. almost to bump limit. do you think we will need a 3rd thread?

Ideology. Blaming leftists and non-whites has protected the actual people who are to blame.

4/v/ I meant, I don't use Holla Forums anymore. There's arguments about piracy but it's mostly anti-piracy for "hurting the industry and giving us worse games", everyone talks about the "competitive" aspects of overwatch and assfaggots unironically.

It's insane to me that these people are mods. Even when I was on revleft things were never this bad. Did get banned for offsite bullshit though without so much as an announcement in the ban thread…

Sounds like they'll be obsessed with competitive splatoon and mobile games before long.

You should visit 8/v/. A lot of the posters there are just waiting to be contradicted in a way they can't readily respond to.

I hate the mentality of minmaxing in games, so fucking much. play what you enjoy doing in it, and enjoy it, don't just do the meta.


You gave me a heart attack user, I thought you meant here.

We're going to run out of space in this one, aren't we?

Cmon Comrades, we should be actively attacking this place.

I just tried to create it now but it appears the group name is too long, it's 24 characters and the max is 20. ):

People to ppl


who /comfy/ here?

they have a contained thread where people are making their voices more, and you go to new page and disable censoring, you can see all the posts that get deleted.
Right now most of the agitating is going on in different boards, anarchy, etc. in the SRD thread that are a ton of people saying "I'm socialist, but hate r/socialism" or some variarty, whereas Kotaku inaction has a fuckload of rightists making smug cancer posts. For some reason, the r/socialism mod decided to go to the KIA thread to assauge their fears, rather than the SRD thread. really makes you think.

That's really fucking weird. Surely that's obvious to anybody looking at those subreddits…

To spread chaos and drama, as is my desire.
Come join us on r/drama.
Don't worry, they also really fucking hate r/socialism and are laughing at their stupidity.
Look into r/LoveTheBomb, a free place for leftist discussions.

Because I enjoy seeing r/socialism autism drama.
They don't hate Leftypol, they really hate r/socialism.

Made a rant. Let's see how many seconds it lasts
Open Discussion: Calling on women in particular to discuss how they feel about Political Ideology Catgirls and similar. self.socialism
Submitted 5 minutes ago by Flambongsmoke
Just an interesting experiment that could go either way. Female moderators are welcome to chime in as well. Preferably more than *one.* In fact, they should, because right know it looks like the presumably male moderators of a 90% male community trying to tell a woman what is and isn't sexist and silencing her opinion. After they've taken the fruits of her labor.
But first my comment: if this sub is really trying not to offend anyone except "the right people" (fascists, brocialists (I think bro-anything is a stupid and useless concept but moving on)) they're not going to get very far. For example as a victim of bullying online that culminated in several hackings and got very personal my PTSD is triggered whenever people try to make light of internet harassment and other types of things. But if I went around blocking everyone who insinuated that cyberbullying isn't a big deal or Y or Z pretty soon I'd have cut off contact with a lot of people who weren't dangerous, harmful, or what-have-you, they just had a couple slightly backwards opinions. Guess what? We fucking all do. Even the holy moderators. It's appalling to me that you can talk about killing cops on here but you can't call someone d**b (that hurt to do). Far more people are triggered by violence than "slurs" that I as an invisibly disabled person have rarely had hurled at me, though I guess that doesn't say anything about anyone else's experiences.
Not to mention that if these mods had the same mindset and different opinions, they'd probably be banning the current mods for being culturally insensitive. If they weren't so allergic to anime as "mostly garbage" (paraphrasing) they'd realize the reasons why the Japanese ACTUALLY have taken to putting cat ears on girls.
It's kinky and exotic. And as we all know, straight males and lesbians expressing their sexuality through art depicting females with vivid and idealized bodies and personalities (which is by definition not objectified no matter how uncomfortable it makes you because objectification is a subtraction of the human element which clearly isn't the case in like 80% at least of anime because one of the key elements of a waifu is usually that they're emotional and have needs) is sexist! so I won't elaborate much on this point because fuck it these people can't be convinced why am I even trying.
It's escapist. Anime characters in general but especially waifus (sorry, patriarchal term, FICTIONAL LOVE INTERESTS) act like fairly immature adults (which isn't the same as acting like a child, though that's a thing too) not to make a statement on how women are or should be, but how certain demographics wish they could be. And this is as much about admiring that kind of woman as wishing you could be that kind of person. I hate to make a generalization here but think of Japan like the American South. It's a part of the world where a small plurality are clinging desperately to ideas hundreds of years old, and the younger generations in particular feel chained by them. So they develop fantasies about people who don't have to grow up quite as fast as Japanese kids are expected to, or give a shit (or even know about) these social rules and act out in public and do that sort of thing. It's an empowerment fantasy, not infantilization of women. Though there are plenty of western and Japanese incels who expect and even demand that women act like their FLIs, that's not how FLIs were developed as phenomenon, not who they're targeted towards and if you ask some people, the antithesis of what they're about. They're about unrealistically unbridled individuality, irresponsibility and innocence that the audience can project themselves on and look up to, and in the case of the more quiet type (none of whom fit the profile of a PIC character since it's a comedy).

not feeling it

Cats are typically seen as independent but friendly. Honestly the idea that some wussies would be upset about a woman portraying women as cats is mind-boggling to me because cats are some of the most liberated animals, arguably moreso than humans. They have sex with whoever they want, leech off of us because we're useful idiots and morality is a spook, do whatever they want all day, eat baby birds for the same reason, etc. If you want to see a cat as a possession I don't know what kind of cat you own because the only one obeying any orders between me and my cats is me. This is why cats are a popular kemono species, because they're harmless but know what they want. Cats also like to play hard to get and it's fun to chase a romantically challenging partner.
This isn't really a point about catgrills in specific but Japanese schoolgirls are arguably the most empowered and influential demographic… anywhere in the world right now, so it's no surprise all the animes are about Japanese schoolgirls because everyone wants to be a Japanese schoolgirl. So much for objectification, ja?
Alunya is literally based on the IWW angry black cat symbol. I don't think I have to elaborate on this.
I touched on this in other points but I'll say it again. It really doesn't matter how you feel about any of this, it's totally fine if it makes you personally uncomfortable, but you need to be focused on what the intention when posting was because language is 95% intent and 5% miscommunication.
So that ended up coming off as more of a defense of anime than of PIC but it's the same principle I guess. The only difference is that PIC takes a largely romantic trope and removes it from that themeing and retains only the aesthetic characteristics. Because, y'know, it's a cartoon, and for various design reasons things tend to look better when they've got a trait to set them apart from humans and remind you that they're not human so any small error in the art can be glossed over by the brain more quickly and they can look less uncanny overall. They also look cuter and cartoons tend to like looking cute. It doesn't mean anything about real women and how they should be as cute as cartoons. It's light-hearted art designed to mock reality by distorting it, and making this abundantly clear at even the surface level by not starring humans. Like you could pretend everyone in PIC is human and it wouldn't make a bit of a difference. Y'know, I wonder how these guys feel about furries.
Furthermore, the moderators of this sub do what so many Baby's First Activists on Tumblr do where they refuse to realize that language is 100% context based. In English "negra" is a slur/term. In Spanish it's a color. It would be ludicrous to ban me for typing the letters N-E-G-R-A while having a conversation in Spanish because that's not what I meant to say. Just like that, I think it's stupid to ban people for talking like they do every day without disabled people even coming to mind. Encourage people who don't want to see it to use browser extensions or something. Maybe hand out a few nicely-worded warnings. Quite frankly, as someone with PTSD, the vocal minority the mods love to point at and play vanguard with usually just need to grow up and adapt to situations that they will have to deal with in life. Socialist spaces should not, must not, can not, and will not become a place where people who wouldn't be able to handle an actual revolution never have that aspect of them challenged. Imagine trying to take arms against fascists while one or two people keep egging the leaders on to making dumber and dumber rules. No explosive weapons because they offend Japanese comrades. No AK-47s because they're a Russian stereotype. You're just going to have to suck it up, buttercup, and all this sub is doing is letting you put it off while you drag the sub down.
On Holla Forums, contrary to popular belief, calling people slurs is not a national pastime, we just consider a person's vernacular before immediately having a kneejerk reaction and banning them. It's a waste of time to try and ban everyone who says a word you don't like. I don't know where this popular perception among the mods came from. I guess they saw one person call someone else an African or a Semite obviously as a joke and nobody responded to them. You have to see that imageboards don't have downvoting and the culture has always been only to ban people who are openly and intentionally being a disruption in the community, not whoever commits wrong-think. It comes back to intent.
Inb4 mods and mod apologists come flooding in whining about how "of course it's Holla Forums!". Yeah I only went there after being alienated from here and they can ban me if they so wish I'll just come back on another account. Of course it's CWI rape apologists is how I see it. (Not sure how I feel about SAlt, but for now I see them as fairly detached from all that, the problem seems to be in the original Militant organizations.)

Fantastic wall of text. I read it all.


Here's a ceddit link so you can view deleted comments:

should've posted it in the old thread. making a new thread is just asking to be banned, especially since the mods made it clear "catgirls are obviously banned and will be banned forever"


Isn't it rokkudu?
maybe there are other mods? I haven't read the thread too closely.

Are you me?

This was the point where I became 100% sure a ban and deletion were unavoidable.

Describe the snow. How heavy is it? Do you have warm clothing on or blankets nearby? What do you have to do today?

I'm trying to imagine your level of comfyness.


The roastage makes it worth it.

Oh shit, yep, just got banned for "leftypol user".

Deleted at +3 karma, so at least someone saw and upvoted it.

They're lurking the thread.

I don't think so. You've got something to be grateful for

Or you could go to #Burgersandfries on Rizon's IRC server…

I'm tempted to just keep making new accounts and reuploading the same thread over and over.

I never asked you to take my flag away, Holla Forums

Should I? Also fuck it this thing is eating my trip.

I think it's just doing that

huge if true

Still not high and/or sleeping, but okay.

That's asking for a site-wide IP ban.


Do you still have any friends, at least?

It's happening to everyone, with names/tripcodes too apparently. I just stopped bothering with the flag.

Shitty idea. Would be better if once or twice a week you dropped a thread with an image of all the mods misdeeds including the fact they're rapists.

Ah, damn. Sucks, man. Haven't smoked in quite a while.

Snowflakes are pretty big. Coming down very fast. It actually looked more like rain when I woke up. My room is generally pretty warm und I have a thick blanket in my bed to keep me warm as well. Don't really have anything to do today.

A couple, but I never see and rarely hear from them anymore since we're in totally different cities.

So what's to position of the mods on the whole false rape accusation thing? Because given how absurd they've been, maybe they're the "it never happens ever" type. How would they respond if they faced public rape accusations?


fucking hate /r/socialism so much

They should ban themselves then

I'm fairly certain their only position is to delete any mention of it and pretend it never happened.

delet this right now They're lurking the thread possibly


sounds very cozy. I left the window open tonight because it was too warm in my room. Earlier this week it was in the teens, yesterday 70.

I shouldn't be assuming anything, sorry comrades. I think I have a bit of an inferiority complex .

Is there a twitter associated with the sub? Because otherwise the only thing I know of to be done with the rape information is to post it on a different relevant sub. I'm not that familiar with reddit, so I don't know where that would be, something like /r/subredditdrama?

Post it to the drama subreddit threads. It should cause a massive shitfit,

How did being in a organization that is part of the same international that had another organization face rape accusations turn into them being rapist?

"Turn women into domesticated animals"

Just heard about this. I remember the """outrage""" over the poster of xmen where Mystique was getting held up by the throat.
The only person who complained about the poster was, surprise surprise, a feminist. Every other normal person was seeing one of the good mutants being held up by the bad mutant.

Holla Forums sees a black and white couple on television; they think it's a jewish conspiracy to destroy the white race.
Feminists see a man having their hand around their girlfriend; they think it's a form of "ownership".
The point I'm making is NOBODY FUCKING THINKS THE WAY YOU DO. Seriously, it's like they're trained to see some aspect of sexism in almost everything. Not to mention if we were all gay and the comics were cat men instead they wouldn't bat an eye.

I was exaggerating. They're covering up rape within an organization they're apart of and it triggers them massively.

70 during winter? Fucking hell.

Link when you're done so we can stick it in the new thread.

No prob. Honestly my life isn't that bad (not starving or dying of preventable disease or anything that heavy), save for my inability to improve it. Just shitposting about it or shitposting in general helps me feel a little better. Thanks for reading my shitposts, comrade.

It's the same here. Snowed one day and shortly after it's warm out. Weather is completely fucked.

I don't have a reddit account, but here's the post in question where allegations were made.

Where I am we got at least half a foot of snow followed by weather well below freezing (in the teens Farenheit) but then a few days later it's extremely pleasant.

Well they are very literally trained to do this in university.

new thread

It snowed like a week ago and stayed on the ground up until the day before yesterday, then poof. Springtime, bitches.

I've never seen one of these trot parties face up to these accusations. People bring it up a lot by the way.


Don't they use a bot to detect anyone who's been banned from DoublePlusGood subs/posts in CrimeThink subs, and automatically ban them, without any human intervention?

They have bots for all kinds of shit, that would not be surprising.

What the fuck happened?


People here started advertising and reddit mods being massive faggots pushed a lot of user here. I'm not terribly thrilled by it, but I guess I can't expect an /a/ mentality on Holla Forums.

It was the election wasn't it? Goddamn I left hoping that things would go back to normal after the burgers had their dog and pony show. Fuck.

This is how it's been for the past 5 years:

Catgirl thing itself is, whatever. You could write an argument that it is sexist, you could even make that argument against Holla Forums too, sure. But banning people from your political group for just associating with our liking those things? Yeah, that's where I say eat shit, fascists-in-disguise.

You're posting on a Chan this is literally always going to be the case

You could say a thousand things wrong with the board, but you had to resort to lies.
Kill yourself, retard.

Yeah, who would ever find minmaxing and competitive play fun huh, fucking nerds.

4/v/ is complete trash. Every problem with video games is blamed on sjws, black characters being seen as one of these problems. The front page right now is almost entirely console games, and I bet 8/v/ is even worse.
I just checked.
It is.

Glorious. They've made made their core users.

Holy shit, went to bed and woke up and thr SRD thread has 4000 upvotes.


underrated post

Nothing you can say will ever redeem you, underaged lying faggot.

Name one thing I said that's untrue, you can't, you don't even use 4/v/.