Where did it go wrong Holla Forums?

where did it go wrong Holla Forums?

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there is literally nothing wrong with DPRK


Kim Jong Il

This tbh

Myers argues that they inherited their crazy ideology from colonial Japan right? I haven't read this book but I thought other comrades might be interested: gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=96A1905EA3D05B1E5BCECDE971EAA51A

I'm reading this piece on them rn: ciml.250x.com/to/down_with_korean_revisionism_24_7_2013.pdf
Which seems to be a little "muh revisionism" for even my taste but maybe its warranted since Korean socialism is pretty damn revisionist from what I can tell.

I've heard stories that they no longer consider themselves Leninist and are pretty ignorant about Marxism generally.

It never did. It is the greatest country on earth, no contest.

Both good things

Why do ML's still say "revisionism" like this unironically? It has this weird cultish overtone like "we must preserve original authorial intent of the Founder in permanent, crystalline spergatory or the bourgeois interlopers will trick us with their mind riddles again".

You mean you don't believe that the bourgeoisie distort Marxism in order to conceal its revolutionary essence and make it safe?

And anyway, with all the bitching non-MLs do about the potential for things to go to shit after the revolution, are you saying you don't want to be led by fundamentalist Marxist-Autists who aren't going to stop till will we get to communism?

I do yes but it's complicated. I'd ask you where do they keep popping up from after you've changed the material basis and autistically Cheka'd them all, reeducated and socialized everyone, etc.?

Yes, the theory is insufficient, this is pretty well established, though I like when you effortpost, Grover




It's an unindustrialised authoritarian shithole, I'd say that's pretty fucking wrong

Either after the Paris Commune got crushed, or after the German Revolution did.

In 1991 when they lost all USSR support and a famine broke out. It could have been okay-ish had Kim Il-Sung also not given control of it to his insane son.

The greatest revision of Marx is, ironically, Marxism-Leninism itself.