Why aren't you accelerationists?

Why aren't you accelerationists?

Because like Nick Land if you go accelerationist you'll end up fascist

yeah I kinda did but the thing is….it's right

Accelerationism does not create fascism.

Fyodorov and Bookchin, not Moldbug and Land, Ok. a fully conscious Humanity could realise the full potential of itself and of the natural world while capital can only burn blindly through the cosmos in endless pursuit of profits.

Land is surely only showing the absurdity of capitalism. He can't actually want these things to happen.

If you're a leftist, especially a Marxist, accelerationism simply means accelerating the processes by which capitalism will destroy itself and lead into socialism and communism.

Nick Land's ideas are complete fantasy.

Human consciousness is pathetic and limited compared to the upper limits of machine intelligence though

We should build machine children to reach the true potential of consciousness and intelligence

This. If you want to contribute to accelerationism, start working on eliminating jobs through automation.

He actually believes in race science now

race science is correct and most transhumanists accept it

that doesn't mean they want to discriminate on the basis of race though

it doesn't make much sense though. capitalism is bound for crisis either way. the more important thing is that we have a vanguard to lead by example and inject consciousness into the proletarian class

Transhumanism is the belief that we should use technology to transcend biological limitations, not a specific claim about how that can be done.

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No, it is quite possible in many ways. You have no idea what you are talking about because you are a moron.

stopped reading at no capitalist need for it. google and other companies are alreayd working on it now moron, and the reasons are obvious. google "google calico" and then come back in ten years when you aren't an idiot

Yep, there is some evidence for genetic variations between geographically isolated human populations, but no reason why that should translate into discrimination.

Because what's the point?

If Nick Land is not completely out of his fucking mind, then all the things he theorizes will come to pass whether you try to help them along or not. In fact, you can't really help Gnon, it would be like trying to "help" gravity by holding down objects already resting on the ground.
It's just as asinine as Deep Ecology, really. If you don't place a special value on human life, then there is no reason for ecology, since humanity will render its own existence untennable long before they render the earth unlivable for prokaryotes, which will eventually recreate life on Earth.

There is no point in believing in things that are totally ambivalent to your actions.

I haven't read his works, but individuals can influence things if they're sufficiently well educated. All the work on automation is being done by a relatively small number of people.

Not quite, capitalism may be stopped by something like nuclear war and so on. He would also say you should want to benefit from understanding these realities, and for your own society to benefit.

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Education can be given to anyone, and the stock of suitably intelligent people in a population of 7 billion and rising is sufficient to have people working on AI.
It's just like a casino or lottery, really, if enough people play, the results as far as winners and losers are predictable.

The big thing here, and it is the problem with Land, is that he assumes there is only the straight line with no deviations. Marxism, which heavily informs Land's work, says that the train can be derailed. The proletariat can overcome the power of capital and create a future for themselves. My favorite way to explain this is in terms of Less Wrongers. Anyone who has read the paranoid scribblings of Big Yud or their ilk, and has read Marx and Weiner, will instantly recognize the Paperclipper as Capitalism and understand that the already existing human social relations are machine enough.

Land, on the other hand, says that it can't, there is one future and every civilization ends there. I guess the big split that makes Neo-Land different from Land is that Neo-Land believes the Great Filter (dude literally sites Reddit in one of his novellas, which are pretty good if you like Lovecraft) is the alertantive. Either we go hardcore right-wing and bow down to the fascist bourgeois with their face tentacles or we all die

Still, the overwhelming fatalism is pointless. We are all gonna die, says Land, and so who fucking cares, says everyone else.